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Fielding J. Hurst

I kept waiting for Santa to fall in or something to happen. I guess that's just the Age of Youtube.

we shall overcome

Merry Christmas, my fellow warriors.

Dan E. Burns

Merry Christmas from Ben Burns' family at


Merry Christmas, everyone! My husband's out trying to get a rink made and it's going a little better now. Freezing here (Calgary).

Jeff C.

Merry Cristmas and thanks to AoA and to the warrior moms and dads for your inspiration, hope and strength in 2009.

We just returned from the Christmas family get together, many of those there we had not seen since Easter. Last Easter was about two weeks after our four year-old son Joseph had been diagnosed as high-functioning ASD. Of course, we both knew something was wrong much earlier, but took our pediatrician at her word when she said he would grow out of it. He had been having a very difficult time lately, in hindsight we realized it got much worse right after his booster shots for school. If we only knew then what we know now.

I remember Easter like it was yesterday. The backyard was packed, and when it came time for the egg hunt, Joseph went into sensory overload and just stood there in a daze. His two year-old brother ran off and scooped up egg after egg, Joseph seemed entirely out of it. I started to get up to walk over to him as I knew a melt-down might be coming. Suddenly, his wonderful eight-year old niece Erica, set down her basket, took him by the hand, and led him around the yard for eggs. I think kids today are so used to being around other kids with neurological issues they often deal with it better than many adults.

Flash forward to today. After Joseph went GFCF in May, vitamin regimen and testing in June, aggressively attacked his dysbiosis in July, and began methyl B12 nasal spray in August, this was the first many had seen him in months. Erica’s mom told us he had progressed in “leaps and bounds”. My sister told me she was “blown away” at his progress. He was interactive and animated, made conversation, played with the other kids, and looked people right in the eye when he talked to them. He’s in Developmental Kindergarten, academically he’s at the top of his class, and emotionally he is about one year behind. Since last year we were dealing with hour-long tantrums at 2 AM, being only a year behind now is music to our ears.

I know others have had a difficult year and have not seen the gains we have seen. My wife and I pray for you, that God may continue to give you strength. Never give up. We pray that 2010 will be the year your child recovers.


Christmas music

Linus and Lucy.... on a red piano


Merry Christmas AoA, and thank you for all you give to my daughter and myself!


To everyone at AoA -- whether writers, readers, obnoxious bloggers, wonderful bloggers -- wishing you joy on this special day, and all the very best throughout the year.

Jake Crosby

Merry Christmas AoA!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

CHRISTMAS EVE IN NEW DELHI : Its Christmas Eve on a dirty busy road on the outskirts of New Delhi. Its nearly nine at night but the road is packed with impatient cars and would be very perilous for any human, big or small.On this road is moving an amazing sight- a bicycle with a cart at the back covered with water containers. Someone who has no running water near his or her dwelling is taking water home. No adult is on the cycle. The three children who are managing it all are all too small to ride it. The eldest , a girl steers the handle bars from the side and in the back two small boys push the cart enthusiastically. Clearly they are from a very poor family. On this cold winter night, its not even certain that they wear shoes ; the cart is probably pushed at least half a mile.They are so small- I am curious as to their ages, so I stop my car, candy in hand. "Whats your name" - Regina! Whats his name? Saket! Whats his name? - Sohail ! - In a country of caste and religious issues- the parents have given these three a Christian, a Hindu and a Muslim name ! "How old are you?!" Regina is twelve, but the height of an eight year old American girl. Both Saket and Sohail are very small. Saket says that he is 10 and Sohail is 5 , but of course, looks more like 3 or 4. Their dark brown eyes shine and off they go cheerfully into the night. No Santa for them, No Christmas tree, No gifts, but they have each other and like so many other very poor children, they have their bright little minds and tough bodies. God bless all children of the world and deliver them from evil.

Managing Editor

Merry Christmas, everyone!



Living in South Florida (we're actually running the AC today as it's going to be something like 85F), I really liked this video and can almost feel the warmth radiating from it (okay, it's just the warmth from my computer monitor, but I can pretend can't I?)

Thanks to all at AOA who give so much of themselves for so many!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Isaacs Grandma

Merry Christmas to all!
I just want to share that my Grandson Isaac (who just turned five) took me by the hand, made me sit down in the way he always does, climbed into my lap, wrapped his arms around me, held me tight....and for the first time...he said "I Love You."
I tried hard not to cry. I just held him close and I kept saying " I love you too Isaac!" He was whispering other things that I could not understand. He put his hand on my mouth and was trying to move it up and down as to say.." I know that you know what I am saying, so please just say the words for me."
Then he got up..and left me sitting there on the floor! LOL!!

It was the best Christmas Eve EVER!!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday, and I thank God for AOA, and the things that I have learned from all of you!

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