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Mark Blaxill on Fox News Re: CDC Autism Numbers

Going up Click HERE to read the full story on Fox News, featuring Mark Blaxill's comments toward the end.

Close to 1 percent or an average of 1 out of every 110 8-year-olds in the U.S. has an autism spectrum disorder, according to a study released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Friday.

The results of the 2006 study, reported in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, represent a 57 percent increase in the number of children identified with some form of autism since a similar study was conducted in 2002.

It’s estimated that 40,000 new cases of autism were diagnosed in this year alone. Catherine Rice, a behavioral health scientist with the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, called the problem “an urgent health concern,” during a CDC media briefing Friday.

Rice said the rate of increase of autism disorders in children is 4 to 5 percent higher in boys than it is in girls.

She said the CDC is currently studying risk factors both during the mother’s pregnancy and the first few years of a child’s life. Rice added that there are multiple causes of autism spectrum disorders and that a single cause will not be identified. She also said that some of the increase is due to better diagnosing of the disorder.

“A simple explanation is not apparant," she said. "We know that there are multiple complex genetic and environmental factors that cause autism...”


quiet in the south

Just returned from grocery store. Observed 2 obviously autistic boys around 8, some wild ADD boys and some college boys loading up on booze. I see so many of my sons friends in college failing because they can't focus and just party. It only gets worse as they get younger and as they received more shots and were born to moms more nutritionally deficient. SOOOO Sad we are losing a generation or more of boys. Does the world not recognize what is happening to the boys it is not a phase these children are not going to become independent functioning adults, good fathers and husbands. My daughter took at sociology class this semester and they talked about the emergence of the "man child" boys that never grow up. My daughter has even verbalized she doesn't think she will marry and have kids because she is so afraid of what she sees. WOW!!!
Like i said its only going to get worse from here.


I'm shocked the CDC released the figures from this study at all! I'm surprised they did not kill it completely. But step back and look at the bigger picture: 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced in the United States in the past 50 years. Most of these chemicals have not been tested for human toxicity. They are everywhere: in food, clothing, computers, upholstery, cars, water, and so on. Vaccines and drugs are a small, but important part of this picture. The CDC is made up of doctors, whose practices are partly (but not fully) responsible for this increase in autism. Of course they will cling to anything that lets them off the hook, e.g. the "genetic" and "better diagnosis" b.s. explanations. But they are not stupid people. Clearly, they can see the truth. But who shall stand up and point the finger at the gigantic food and chemical industries, as well as the medical industry? Neither the CDC, the AMA, the AAP, nor any politicians, including Obama, will stand up to these giant industries because they are too powerful. Individuals must fight with our dollars, and with our collective political power. We must clean up our environment: food, air, water, all the products we use daily, including computers, cell phones, carpeting, fabrics, and we must stop depending upon pharmaceuticals to make us well, when our environment and food and the homes we live in are making us, our children in particular, sick. Placing the blame on antibiotics and vaccines for the enormous increase in autism does not tell the whole story. These things are likely triggers, but the underlying lack of health in our polluted world is most likely to blame. Address this, CDC!


There, there Angie. In order to get the real numbers for today’s kids... well they first have to get really supergood at diagnosing autism. Not just be very good at it, like they were in 2006. But even better.

Someone will one day claim that from 2006 onwards lots of new-breed superbrainy professionals were recruited to spot and diagnose autism… during that period they all had lots of additional supertraining at superacademies, so they got even more damn good at diagnosing the disorder. So when the 2009 figures are finally figured out and compared to 2006 figures, the increases will be explained by this new superbreed of superefficient, superobservant superpsychologists, who never let anyone fall through their net. No need to panic.


This autism speaks link is Geri Dawson of autism speaks, looking so excited to be in the spotlight, talking about the new autism rates. She says, "We need answers."

Is she talking to herself for goodness sake?! She makes the huge money(!) to make statements like this to urge her own org, THE biggest autism org, to do something. Am I in bizarro world or who is supposed to be finding the answers.

Anne Dachel

And the ball's in their court.
How long can they continue to say that they don't know the cause? How long can they claim that's it may just be better diagnosing---based on the addition of Asperger's in 1994.
How bad do the numbers have to get?
I've been reading that Catherine Rice of the CDC is admitting that there might, maybe, perhaps be environmental factors, but of course it'll take years to figure out what they might be.
And what will the rate be by then?
The people with everything to hide should have nothing to do with this disaster.
Anne Dachel


Oh this just ticks me off! Seriously, WE have been SCREAMING and FIGHTING to tell these stats for EVER!...And NOW, its starting to get out?
And seriously, why has every article (except here at AoA) not even MENTIONED the date of the study and what that means for TODAYS kids, NOT 8 year olds from 2007! The numbers, if they reported the REAL numbers of TODAY, which, really, our kids are ages 3,5 and 6, and our 5 and 6 yr olds have Autism..and as we all know here, that the rates are higher still...

When will there be a FULL REAL statment of the facts in mainstream media?

Oh, my blood is boiling! Time to go write my elected officials....

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


1996-1998 increase in rate is .666 at that rate...

...then those born in 2000 or 9 year olds the rate would be 1 in 43

those born in 2002 or 7 y.o.... 1 in 29 children on spectrum

2004/5 y.o./1 in 19

2006/3 y.o./1 in 12

2008/1 y.o./1 in 8

Although we have also seen increase in the rate so that .666... rate is probably higher since we don't know the cause so we (government) haven't done anything to change our environment.

I must be wrong. If this was true our government would act a little more alarmed, right?


Great work Mark.

On nearly a daily basis, I send Autism information and links to the three local news networks, and a few radio stations. (pregnant newscasters are the best...)

Sending it to "all the local competition" might bring some issues to air.

Sad we have to do this work for them, but the networks have other interests, such as what needless hype/ story will provide the most daily news viewers.

We are in a "Tiger news phase" at the moment.


Thank you as always, Mark. Well put-- we are outraged and they are burying it.


yeah, it's infuriating and obvious that they tried to bury this news BUT can you just see all their stupid little faces (Pauly, Nancy, Alison, Orac, Trina, etc. etc.) at this point? Reminds me of when the Grinch realized that he hadn't spoiled Christmas for the Who's. All their PR bullshit can't hide the fact that uptake of hep b series went up sharply between /94 babies and /96 babies and so did autism!!!! With this new statistic finally released I sense a good time for another PR blitz of our own, maybe even a march.

mary podlesak

In 1840's Vienna, Ignacc Semelweis could not convince the medical and political leadership of the largest Vienna maternity hospital, I believe it was called "The Laying in Hospital", to institute hand washing in the maternity wards, particularly after autopsy or student pathological examination of cadavers. He had shown by his own example that such hand washing would reduce the death rate of women in the maternity wards who were examined following such cadaveric examinations. In spite of his careful statistical analyses and comparisons to wards with lesser mortality and morbidity rates, his heroic efforts to mandate changes in sanitary practices in his own area of authority, and his advocacy with his own students and other physicians, the medical and political leadership remained a stone wall. Finally, he left Vienna to return to his home in Hungry where he successfully implemented his sanitary procedures in a hospital under his sole authority. The Austrian crown authorities and the medical leadership of Vienna had to have understood the consequences of the policy to allow unsanitary practices at that maternity hospital. Many of the women who sought to give birth there were poor, or prostitutes or unwed mothers. The negligence of the Austrian crown was nothing less than genocide. Semelweis despaired of ever convincing them to change. Our CDC in 2009 very likely has the same agenda as those Austrian crown authories - the genocide of "Life unworthy of living" via vaccination. Until vaccination is honestly objectively examined it must cease. Just as the Austrian medical and political leadership feigned ignorance of the causes of mounting mortality and mobidity of women who gave birth, we have the CDC feigning ignorance of the causes of a lighting speed increase in the rate of autism. The fate of the Austrian crown will be the fate of the CDC and the leadership of the United States if this problem is not forthrightly addressed.


Thanks, Mark for letting them know that the timing as usual and the overall effort from CDC and NIH are horrible.

How can any of these folk keep using the "better diagnosis" or just genes rationale? The questions now are what are these responsible agencies waiting for and when will we see appropriate action?


Thanks Mark. Very well stated, as usual! There are so many things wrong with established medicine. Especially, obstetrics and pediatrics. My son's birth and delivery was a clusterf*ck. He was barely breathing because they left him in the birth canal for 45 min. waiting for the Dr. to show up. THEN he goes to the NICU and they give him his Hep B shot!!!! Plus all the other vitamin K crap etc. etc.

OK, now I've worked myself into a lather again.. breath... breath...

Eileen Nicole Simon

Thanks as always for speaking out against the establishment stance. I wish AOA editors would also consider the dangers of the increasing obstetric practice of clamping off the umbilical cord immediately after birth, especially now that parents are being encouraged to bank their baby's umbilical cord blood.

Fetal circulation does not stop at the moment of birth. A period of transition with closure of valves in the heart (the foramen ovale and ductus arteriosus) takes place more slowly in some infants than others. A baby can have an Apgar score of 10, but at the expense of blood drained from the brain to the lungs.

Auditory nuclei in the midbrain (the inferior colliculi) are most susceptible to injury from sudden loss of blood flow to the brain. Impairment of auditory function is most likely responsible for developmental language disorder.

Vaccines given in the neonatal period will compound the effects of ischemic injury of auditory and other brainstem nuclei. More at

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