Oops. Flu Pandemic May Be The Mildest since Modern Medicine Began Tracking.
$300K to Banyan Communications from Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines?

Harvard and CNN Report on Lower than Expected H1N1 Vaccine Uptake

Dr. OFfit By Kim Stagliano

Dr. Offit, when 60% of Americans polled (see below) report that they are not certain they will get the H1N1 vaccine and 41% are certain they will not, your vaccine consumption message is not having the desired effect. Despite your use of ad campaigns, non-profit pharma groups, pretty movies stars, curvy pop singers, NPR, The Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, The New York Times, press releases, a new science-based autism organization, magazines, the book publishing industry, and more, the majority of Americans surveyed by The Harvard School of Public Health are not convinced of the safety or necessity of the H1N1 vaccine:

...About six in ten adults are not "absolutely certain" they will get the H1N1 vaccine for themselves, including 41% who say they will not get it, 6% who say they don't know if they will get it, and 11% who say they are planning to get it but may change their mind. About four in ten parents (44%) are not "absolutely certain" that they will get the vaccine for their children, including 21% who will not get it, 7% who don't know, and 16% who say they are planning to get it but may change their mind...

You are the self-annointed face of public health and vaccination in America, and your strong arm tactics are backfiring. I don't happen to think you can market a medical procedure like laundry soap or the latest movie release. Or bully people into taking a vaccine. (Remember the Gardasil push in Texas?)

You'll blame the "anti-vaxxers" for the public refusal of this vaccine.  Spare me. We are a cap gun compared to your nuclear bomb when it comes to the media. We're ragtag colonials hiding behind trees as you Red Coats march in military precision with fine weapons. How much money has your ally, the US government, spent on the H1N1 flu campaign. How many TV programs have been dedicated to promoting the vaccines? You had everyone including Elmo and Sid the Science Kid trying to convince Americans to get their shots.

Here's my real concern. What if there is an anthrax attack on American soil? Or a biological attack that could be thwarted with a vaccine? (You think if Ebola is killing my neighbors, I'm going to let my kids exsanguinate rather than vaccinate them? Think again. Vaccine safety advocates weigh risk and return, just like you businessmen.) If such an attack happens, will the nation hold you responsible for having diminished the public's trust in vaccines?  I think that's entirely possible. And dangerous. What a legacy.

Your brutal attacks on the the autism community as the source of all your ills is untoward and grossly out of synch with your message of protecting children.  Our children are human beings too. Yes, we have raised serious questions about their health as it relates to vaccine injury. And yes, we have questioned your livelihood by doing so. But a pediatrician is supposed to care for all children, not simply the ones whose parents agree to full vaccination sans questions.

Despite your full court press, CNN reports that 55% of Americans do not want the H1N1. vaccine (HERE)"The perception that the vaccine has dangerous side effects is the top reason," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "Roughly half of those who don't want a swine flu shot say that the possibility of side effects is one reason why they don't plan to get the vaccine. That works out to 28 percent of the adult population who don't plan to get inoculated due to the risk of dangerous side effects."

As much as I'd like to think that 28% of the American population reads Age of Autism  and visits our sponsors' sites, I can assure you that's not the case. Your message has failed. Think Shakespeare, Dr. Offit. Too much protest.

Click HERE for the full press release from the Harvard School of Public Health with lots of charts and bells and whistles.

Survey Finds Just 40% of Adults "Absolutely Certain" They Will Get H1N1 Vaccine
51% of Parents "Absolutely Certain" to Get It for Their Children.

Major Reasons People Saying "No" or "Maybe" to Vaccine Include Belief They Are at Low Risk of Illness and Concerns About Vaccine Safety.

Boston, MA--In a new survey, Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers found that just 40% of adults are "absolutely certain" they will get the H1N1 vaccine for themselves, and 51% of parents are "absolutely certain" that they will get the vaccine for their children. The survey examined the reasoning among those who said they would not get the vaccine or might not. This is the fourth in a series of surveys of public views concerning the H1N1 flu outbreak undertaken by the Harvard Opinion Research Program at HSPH. The polling was done September 14-20, 2009.

Public Mixed on Getting Vaccine, but Interest May Jump If Outbreak Is Severe

About six in ten adults are not "absolutely certain" they will get the H1N1 vaccine for themselves, including 41% who say they will not get it, 6% who say they don't know if they will get it, and 11% who say they are planning to get it but may change their mind. About four in ten parents (44%) are not "absolutely certain" that they will get the vaccine for their children, including 21% who will not get it, 7% who don't know, and 16% who say they are planning to get it but may change their mind.

If there were people in their community who were sick or dying from H1N1, roughly six in ten adults (59%) who say they do not think they'll get the vaccine would change their mind and get it for themselves. About the same percentage of parents (60%) who say they do not think they'll get the vaccine for their children would change their minds if H1N1 was causing sickness or death in their community.

"These findings suggest that public health officials need to be prepared for a surge in demand for the H1N1 vaccine if the H1N1 flu becomes more severe," said Robert J. Blendon, Professor of Health Policy and Political Analysis at HSPH.

Major Reasons for Not Getting Vaccine or Being Unsure

Those who were not "absolutely certain" they will get the H1N1 vaccine cited the following as the top "major" reasons for their thinking: (1) they are concerned about getting side effects from the vaccine (30%); (2) they don't think they are at risk of getting a serious case of the illness (28%); and (3) they think they could get medication to treat H1N1 if they do get sick (26%). The top "major" reasons cited by parents who are not "absolutely sure" they will get the vaccine are that (1) they are concerned about side effects of the vaccine (38%); (2) they are concerned that their children could get other illnesses from the vaccine (33%); and (3) they do not trust public health officials to provide correct information about the safety of the vaccine (31%).

"There's still a lot of uncertainty about what people will ultimately do in terms of getting the vaccine. If public health officials want to encourage a larger number of people to get vaccinated this fall, they will need to address the public's concerns in the coming weeks," said Blendon.

Safety Concerns

At this point in time, only about a third (33%) of the public sees the H1N1 vaccine as very safe "generally for most people to take." By comparison, the figure is 57% for the seasonal flu vaccine. A smaller fraction of the public thinks the H1N1 vaccine is very safe for particular groups to take, including children ages 6 months to 2 years (18%) and pregnant women (13%). The Centers for Disease Control is encouraging these groups, among others, to get the vaccine as early as possible.

Concerns About Outbreak on the Rise

Public concern about a fall or winter outbreak of H1N1 has risen since June. Roughly three-quarters of the public (76%) believe there will be widespread cases of H1N1 this fall or winter with people getting very sick, which is an increase from June when only 59% felt the same way. More people are also now concerned that they or someone in their immediate family will get sick from H1N1 during the next 12 months (52% in later September, as compared to 38% in June). Roughly two-thirds of people (64%) think that public health officials' concerns about a possible outbreak have been justified, while one third (31%) think that they have been overblown.

This poll is part of a series of polls about the way that Americans and their institutions are responding to the H1N1 flu outbreak. The first three focus on the American public, and the fourth focuses on views of businesses across the United States.

The first survey was released May 1, 2009.

The second survey was released May 8, 2009.

The third survey was released on July 15, 2009.

The fourth survey was released September 9, 2009


This poll is part of an on-going series of surveys focused on the public and biological security by the Harvard Opinion Research Program (HORP) at Harvard School of Public Health. The study was designed and analyzed by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). The project director is Robert J. Blendon of the Harvard School of Public Health. The research team also includes Gillian K. SteelFisher, John M. Benson, and Kathleen J. Weldon of the Harvard School of Public Health, and Melissa J. Herrmann of SSRS/ICR. Fieldwork was conducted via telephone (including both landline and cell phone) for HORP by SSRS/ICR of Media (PA) September 14-20, 2009.

The survey was conducted with a representative national sample of 1,042 adults age 18 and over, including oversamples of non-Hispanic African Americans and Hispanics. Altogether, 144 non-Hispanic African Americans and 126 Hispanics were interviewed. In the overall results, these groups were weighted to their actual proportion of the total adult population.

The margin of error for the total sample is plus or minus 3.7 percentage points. Possible sources of non-sampling error include non-response bias, as well as question wording and ordering effects. Non-response in telephone surveys produces some known biases in survey-derived estimates because participation tends to vary for different subgroups of the population. To compensate for these known biases, sample data are weighted to the most recent Census data available from the Current Population Survey for gender, age, race, education, region, and number of adults in the household. Other techniques, including random-digit dialing, replicate subsamples, and systematic respondent selection within households, are used to ensure that the sample is representative.


This Harvard School of Public Health series is funded under a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The award enables HORP to provide technical assistance to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as to other national and state government health officials in order to support two critical goals: (1) to better understand the general public's response to public health emergencies, including biological threats and natural disasters; and (2) to improve related public health communications.

For more information:


Harvard School of Public Health ( http://www.hsph.harvard.edu ) is dedicated to advancing the public's health through learning, discovery, and communication. More than 400 faculty members are engaged in teaching and training the 1,000-plus student body in a broad spectrum of disciplines crucial to the health and well being of individuals and populations around the world. Programs and projects range from the molecular biology of AIDS vaccines to the epidemiology of cancer; from risk analysis to violence prevention; from maternal and children's health to quality of care measurement; from health care management to international health and human rights. For more information on the school visit: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism..


Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Julie- I actually do worry about future epidemics- because it seems that it is only a matter of time till one is entirely cooked up,and then my kids and grandkids will likely be coerced into some new dangerous vaccine or treatment. Some of you may recall that at the time of the anthrax "attack" in the US, one hypothesis for which there was some evidence was that some person wanted the US govt to pay more attention to biological warfare. And what is all this about a Czech journalist suing the Baxter company and the WHO for deliberating disseminating flu viruses? Does anyone here have info on that ?
So I suppose that if Big Pharma wants to win back the public trust in vaccines, they will find a way !

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Kristina, That poor lady's nervous tics are very definitely due to the flu vaccine:Recently I was told by a parent of my school that her friends child had developed 3 nervous tics- one being that he opened his eyes wide. We spent some time discussing the possiblity of bullying and then I recalled that nervous tics have been connected to mercury. So I said, "Ask her if he had any vaccines about 2 months back" I really didnt expect anything to come of this because the child is age 6 and most 6 year olds arent getting a lot of vaccines(at least that is what I thought!) The next day the answer came back- two rabies vaccines 3 months ago (and he was not even touched by any animal- just another PRECAUTION !) Even after that I thought I could possibly be wrong, until someone at AOA mentioned a report in a Chinese medical journal about a 7 year old boy who developed 3 nervous tics after being given a herbal medicine with mercury in it. They thought it was the first case of mercury poisoning with only tics as symptoms. Sadly- It is probably extremely common- just that doctors do not recognize it. The latest news is that the boy is slowly but surely improving. I dont know if you can do it, but this person needs to be warned not to eat fish or get dental work done involving placing or removing amalgam fillings- so that the mercury has a chance to leave her body. She could even try an oral chelator to hasten the process.
Please try to inform her- We desperately need more people to spread the word of how terrible it is to inject mercury into people. For every one person who understands that he has been harmed by mercury- there are probably another 10 or 20 who have no clue . There was an example in my school recently- A new mother came with a 2 year old that showed some signs of early autism. She said that she had to come back to India because her son did not like New Zealand ! She knew this because he started banging his head !(head banging is a common mercury symptom in kids) No doubt he was given a flu vaccine in New Zealand, a country that has been much concerned with swine flu

Autism Grandma

Re Post by DebinIL: "Kim - you crack me up! You should be a professional writer :)"

I agree!!! And I have often wondered how do you do all this??!! Thank you for standing up to Offit and his mafia cohorts, and thank you for posting this survey which demonstrates that the American public is wising up to the vaccine risks.

Regarding all of the posts relating to Swine Flu vaccine reactions, a woman at Home Depot told me about her friend's son in the Marines who went into COMA immediately after his second shot--according to her exact words he was as "healthy as a horse" prior to this. Another woman who is a customer service rep. told me that her children attend a private school which has refused to administer these vaccines, so if the parents want them for their children they have to go elsewhere because the administration and PTA have voted against it. Even a Russian immigrant that can barely speak English told me "Nyet!!! Do NOT get these vaccines." He works in the computer industry and said that everyone he works with is refusing swine flu vaccines. This sounds logical based on the fact that computer workers are more likely to be exposed to online information which counteracts the B.S. in the news media. However, considering how many American's own computers it is disheartening that more people don't do their homework online researching vaccine issues. In France and Germany surveys are showing 87% refusing vaccines, although they do not allow pharmaceutical advertising in these countries. The U.S. is one of only 2 countries in the world that allow this, however Big Pharma is still putting their "expert doctors" on the television all over the world to convince the public to accept these vaccines. But in spite of all this, the majority of people are not falling for the propaganda. YES!!!

There does appear to be alot of outbreaks of some kind of flu going around, although highly questionable as to this actually being "Swine Flu" due to no lab testing being done to verify this. Everyone around here is coming down with something, but within my own circle of friends and family, we have all been taking Silver and using essential oils, so we are all out of the woods within a few days, although with SILVER and other natural antibiotic remedies, it is really necessary to keep taking these after improvement happens due to killing off all of the bugs. (Just like with antibiotic drugs, necessary to take for 10 days, although natural remedies don't wipe out the healthy intestinal flora like antibiotic medications do) Also, SILVER has been tested and proven to destroy all kinds of virus, fungus and bacteria, whereas drug antibiotics can only be effective with bacterial infections, and then only if that strain of bacteria is not antibiotic resistant. (And there are still many other risks with antibiotic drugs including allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock which are life threatening)

I have been using Silver for the last 15 years and it has never failed me. I discovered angstrom silver which has a nano molecular size 10,000 times smaller than colloidal silver, and therefore can be used daily without any risk of accumulation, so we have given this to my grandson daily for the last 2 years due to the vaccine fiasco and his lab testing shows no bacterial, viral or fungal issues now. Quoting from the website at www.ewater.com:
"Since silver kills only bacteria that is anaerobic (nitrogen-breathing), the friendly bacteria in the digestive
tract are immune to it because they are aerobic (oxygen-breathing)"

Search under Angstrom Minerals for "Cil-ver". Not only is this the best kind of silver on the market, this product is half as much money as competitors. $24.65 for 8 ounces. We call Angstrom Silver and Essential Oils our Emergency Room in a Bottle.


Know what I think was the biggest nail in the pandemic coffin? Repeated news coverage of healthcare workers - the very people who administer shots - protesting against mandatory shots. Like a car salesman who rides to work on a horse for fear a car engine will explode. Does not inspire confidence!!

C. Professional

One more of those flu ads and I will throw out the tv and the radio.

Julia C.

I actually really like that picture of P.O. It really portrays him as the smug, wild-eyed pschycopath that he is.

Jenny W

You mean Nancy Snyderman saying, "Just get the damn shot" wasn't an effective campaign?

I. Am. Shocked.


When and where do they start to hold the meetings to pick out the new viruses to include for next years vaccine ??

Will they have the new viruses created in the lab in time ???

Craig Willoughby

Hey guys...apparently, Orac is sad and upset about Kim's post. Waaaaaaahhh!

I wrote a post about his idiocy. You guys can come over to my new blog and comment, if you wish. Hope to see you there!


Hi Kim, I am going to disagree with you a little bit. If the general public ever loses faith in any and all vaccines, that would be the best thing for all our futures. I'd like to see people lose faith in mainstream medicine too, although that might leave me without a job.

I'm not worried about some hypothetical Ebola attack. The bioterrorism has already happened, it's happening every day, and our kids are the victims. Bioterrorism perpetrated by the pharma cartel, aided and abetted by our government and the medical establishment. Talk about a license to kill.

Can't wait to see what "pandemic" they'll come up with next year, since H1N1 was such a flop.

David M.

GREAT story, Kim. The people are voting with their arms and not falling for the hype. I think in this case, the pro-vaccine block has lost.

Please take a minute and consider just how hard the CDC, the government, the healthcare industry and the media pushed all the stories about H1N1 and how it was a pandemic...how it would cause major death and destruction...and how getting a vaccine was the best course of action...They even had Elmo doing PSA's...and with all that hype, 40-50 percent of Americans are still not getting the H1N1 vaccine because of safety concerns with the vaccine.

This is a huge victory for those who think the healthcare industry and the government are being led by big pharma. They have lost this battle - big time.

Already we are seeing media stories in top outlets on how this H1N1 pandemic was over-hyped. Big companies and the government will lose money on all this and eventually, you will see congressional hearings. That is when advocates like Tom Harkin and others on The Hill need to jump into action and ask these vaccines makers and CDC and NIH executives, while they are under oath, some serious questions about vaccines overall and their serious side effects.

That is when you will really see some fireworks.

Schoolteacher in NYC

I see no reason to even believe these numbers. In polls people inevitably over-represent themselves as doing the "virtuous thing".

No, the most recent numbers I saw were around 20 mil vaxed and 80 mil doses made available. And the per cent will only drop with the latest news. Though CDC will probably push it on schoolkids to the bitter end to raise the numbers.

Maybe we should start a betting pool. I put my money on 18 per cent participatiom rate when all is said and done.


There's a mom at my daughter's school who is pro-vax all the way. She couldn't wait for the H1N1 vaccine to be available. She got both seasonal and H1N1 shots this year. Shortly after the H1N1 vaccine was available in our community, I saw her at a school function. She could not stop opening and tightly closing her eyes over and over again, and grimacing. It was a strange sight, and very sad. I didn't ask her about it because I've never spoken to her before. I just know about her vaccine views because I couldn't help but overhear her being so excited about the vaccine. Of course her symptoms could be unrelated, but it certianly was suspicious.

I'm not going to let myself feel guilty for not warning her. For one thing, someone that pro-vaccine would probably not have listened to me. Also, I give lots of vaccine information anonymously, online, which is what I feel comfortable doing. And people have told me online that they have been influenced by the information I provided.


The trust is broken pure and simple.

For years they've been stonewalling, dictating the direction of autism research, downplaying the risks of vaccines, denying any link, silencing the parents, blocking news reports about vaccine adverse reactions and underreporting or spreading disinformation about the increase in autism in the news media...

what they don't seem to understand is the numbers don't lie... 1 in 58 boys has autism. Just about everyone knows a kid with autism. The public deserves answers.

If the public is refusing the shot, they have only themselves to blame for not being honest and up front about the autism crisis.


OK, a wave of paranoia rushed over me for a second. Please don't give them any ideas about anthrax or other biological weapons. People do crazy things when they are desperate. Not that I think they'll get that desperate anytime soon. (I wish).


"As much as I'd like to think that 28% of the American population reads Age of Autism" LOL. And yet you know we'll be the ones he will blame. Too funny.


Here in Florida they are saying that now the H1N1 vaccine is available for all those who did not quailify for round one. They said on the news, that now the only thing missing are people who want the vaccine. Some health official said that it was b/c they just didn't know where to go to get it. I highly doubt that is the reason!! People are starting to think for themselves. Good for you people!!!


Great post.

Industry can blame the vaccine injury movement and scientists who question the total safety of vaccines for the current polls, but we'd be self-flattering to accept the credit. That would be like claiming to have written Tolstoy's "War and Peace" because we know the way to the library and know how it ends.

Kathy Blanco

I can hardly look at that man without feeling so angry...

Yes, I talked to someone at church who recently got vaccinated with both. The conversation went there after we shared mutual interest in the fact that we are neighbors and both have MS/Lyme and children with neurological problems. I didn't want to tell her I told you so...but when she got those vaccines, all her MS symptoms came back in spades. How can anyone deny that vaccines either trigger illnesses, cause them or initiate them? She is quite angry...but again, did she listen to me?

Another one, a friend who has twins shot up last week, her arms is swollen up like a balloon and she said she can't think straight, and feels out of sorts...

Another one, found out that a family member partook, and now they can't shake a headache that won't go away, and that happened within hours of the vaccine.

Another one, friend of friend, has a child in the hospital having rapid heartbeat (this is a sign of vaccine injury) within hours of the shot.

Maybe it will take enough stories like this that when the next round of "epidemic scares" happen, people will get wise to this whole pharma schill outcries. It's time we just take care of ourselves, and not trust an injected poison to do our immune systems job.

H1N1 reaction

My nephew just was vaccinated for H1N1 in the military and is healthy, robust 27 year old male but has been very sick for two weeks following the vaccine and is on medical leave. This is not being reported to VAERS, and he was told to rest.


People have awakened to the fact that "evidence-based medicine" is biased, agenda-driven medicine that is too often based on falsified information. Marcia Angell's book helped get important facts out about that.

What folks are desperately seeking now is HONEST MEDICINE.

And they're not finding it offered by Western medical professionals who push expensive, liver-toxic chemical and biological compounds on people who don't need it. HepB at birth is a great example on the vaccine front.

Another thing affecting vax uptake is
the sustainability movement which has been called a megatrend.

Vaccines and other pharmaceutical products pollute the environment and contaminate drinking water.

People don't want to drink water laced with prozac, viagra, birth control pills or even thimerosal anymore.

Increasingly people are realizing that there are natural alternatives that are as effective or better than the toxic ones and this doesn't just apply to health and preventing and treating ailments - it goes for lightbulbs, hair coloring, toys, foods, fuels, etc. etc. etc.


"1) they are afraid of side effects."

Ya, the teacher I work with had the regular flu shot in one arm, H1N1 in the other. That was last Thursday. She still hasn't been back to work yet and is seeing a chiropractor and doctor today.


Kim - you crack me up! You should be a professional writer ;)


Brilliant, Kim!

I love this:
Your brutal attacks on the the autism community as the source of all your ills is untoward and grossly out of synch with your message of protecting children. Our children are human beings too. Yes, we have raised serious questions about their health as it relates to vaccine injury. And yes, we have questioned your livelihood by doing so. But a pediatrician is supposed to care for all children, not simply the ones whose parents agree to full vaccination sans questions.


WHERE are the studies that show HepB at BIRTH is safe?


HepB at birth (for the vast majority of infants born to HepB-negative mothers) is the big red flag in this government sanctioned scam.

When parents feel scammed they mistrust the entire system.


Wow. 31% of parents don't trust public health officials when it comes to safety. Wow. They've made this bed by the way they've treated us.

When 4 of 4 expectant mothers I know at my company (a biotech) are refusing the HepB vaccine at birth it isn't because I'm a lunatic anti-vaxer. It is because I've provided information and they've made a personal decision. When these Master's educated people are told their carefully researched decision was foolish do they then question the motives and the information of public health authorities? You bet your ass they do.

Their distrust isn't my fault, it's the CDC's, it's Offit's.

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