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Ginger Taylor at Adventures in Autism Called Gerberding Move Months Ago

Our colleague Ginger Taylor of Adventures in Autism called the Dr. Gerberding move almost a year ago, read the full post HERE.

Wow... Congratulations Julie! Who would have guessed that you would be the one person in the whole world  that Merck would want to head their vaccine division? Oh... that is right... we did.

Me, January 10, 2009:

"Anyone wanna start bets on where our friend Julie will land? Eli Lilly? Merck perhaps? "



I'm starting to think Ginger may be psychic, or at the very least highly perceptive :)


Bill Frist's family owns HCA Hospitals/Healthcare ... he is making money hand of Frist !!!

Right after this:

"In the late-1990s, after a merger with Louisville-based Columbia Hospital Corporation which formed Columbia/HCA, the company was investigated by the government for Medicare and Medicaid fraud and paid a settlement of $1.7 billion, the largest fraud settlement in US history at the time. "

...he became Senator and ultimately Senate Majority Leader... and thus indemnified Big Pharma from Autism Lawsuit. Paul Offitt is the Count Dracula of Autism, how Bill Frist gets a pass is beyond me...


What is her history and her contacts. Who is she that she got the CDC position and what did she do before that.. yes,, the Merk thing was a given, but I'm intrigued as to how she climbed her way to the top of the cash pile and who helped her.. or who is she related to.. these people are all related...


Why does this not surprise me? In JOKING mode Ginger hits the nail on the head on a regular basis. Truth in, truth out.
Any stock tips, Ginger? I mean other than Merck.

Ginger Taylor

I keep thinking of Kennedy's line from the speech...

"It's not even high quality fraud..."


But to the typical person just passing by, they do not seem the harm in this at all. You all do know this?

Only we looking in from the inside truly know the damage that is being caused. She (the head cop) was not protecting small children, but all along but dancing with the child abusers. She never did see them for what they were!

I do not even know how to begin to get through to my community, just how really bad this all is. They do not see the conflicts of interest here. Oh, sure she did work for the CDC and now she is out of a job so she scrambles around and find herself another job as the head of a big drug company, so what? We all have to make a living if we are able.


Ginger always nails it!


Good call Ginger.. I suppose it would have looked bad if Gerberding hadn't waited a year before going to Merck to keep up apprearances you know.

The gov't- Pharma revolving door is
an ongoing problem (see how bad it is in story below). Many US Senators have gone on to become lobbyist for the drug companies...the corporations are running the show from the inside now...the whole system is crooked.

Drug Lobby Second to None How the pharmaceutical industry gets its way in Washington

Jim Thompson


You are (and were) in good company. In 2008 when Bobby Kennedy Jr. spoke at the Green Our Vaccine rally in Washington, D.C., he talked about the Simpsonwood transcripts and the fact that our federal agencies are captured by the very pharmaceutical corporations that they are supposed to regulate. See .

But you predicted the actual company! Blessings to you and your family this Christmas.

Bob Moffitt

How about starting a "pool" to see who can guess where Sec of HHS Sebileius will land when she has opportunity to pass through that "golden revolving door"?

Does anyone know who employs former Senator Bill Frist? Does the Senator work for the same pharmaceutical company that now employs former Bush Administration Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson?

Someone bad as the "revolving door" employment route is a lot better than the "swivel chair" employment some presently enjoy while working within the public health bureaucracy.

After all, these "swivel chair" employees expect to be handsomely paid for "services already rendered" when they finally pass through the "revolving door" to receive their "just reward".


Ginger: Do you have any lottery numbers to share?

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