BREAKING NEWS: Julie Gerberding, former CDC Director, to become President of Merck's vaccine business
David Kirby Reports Leading Federal Official Says Environmental Exposures Are Factor in Autism Rise

Dr. Bob Sears Demands Autism Epidemic Response from his AAP Colleagues

Dr. Bob Sears Thank you, Dr. Bob Sears  for writing the HuffPo post: Wake up Medical Establishment: There's an Autism Epidemic!  Please click into Huffington Post to comment.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study last week that reveals a dramatic increase in the incidence of autism over just a four-year period.

In this brand new study of children born in 1998, 1 in 110 were found to be on the autism spectrum. This finding correlates with a recent study in Pediatrics that found the autism rate for children born in the 90s and early 2000s is 1 in 91. Obvious to anyone confronted by these studies, autism is a huge problem, and it's getting worse.

Previous studies conducted by the CDC have reported that 1 in 150 children born in 1994 were diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.

But let me tell you what I continue to hear from my colleagues in the pediatric community: "There's been no increase in autism - we're just better at recognizing it." I just attended a pediatric lecture, and the speaker, a local pediatrician, stated this very clearly.

I just don't get it. How long will pediatricians continue to deny that autism is truly on the rise? I guess as long as autism isn't a problem, we don't have to work very hard to find what's causing it...? 

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James A. Kinney, Esq.

My son Luke was born naturally and developed completely "normal" ~ even acquiring a vocabulary of roughly 120 words or so by the age of 14 months! Pretty advanced and amazing by most standards. After receiving the DPT and MMR vaccinations at age 14 months, Luke regressed practically "overnight", losing all speech, beginning to tantrum severely, exhibiting seizure activity, etc. Eventually he was diagnosed with classical autism. Go figure?

So tell me once more, via government studies; there is no link between childhood immunizations, the ingrdeients therein, or the proximity with which these innoculations are given and autism? ~ I believe there is, especially after having spoken to literally THOUSANDS of parents of children with autism who tell me an almost IDENTICAL story of regression.

James A. Kinney, Esq.

"Autism: Hope, Healing and Understanding"



Yep, you're probably 1 in 10,000.

Merle Morrigan

hum. . .here I am, autistic and I never got the vaccines in my youth (1950's parents objected due to religious grounds) Wonder if I am just a 'natural', eh?


At least a pediatrician who cares most of them said no vaccines nooooooo , GFCF is empric is not stated .....


I dropped him a comment - but not before noticing the usual trolls (paid by the word perhaps?).


Kevin thanks for your insight.
However, I have never let my children's peds off the hook for the guilt. Even though we moved cross the country and state I still take the time to give them a report every now and then on just how my kids are doing.

I made sure that during the time that we were having seizure problems, breaking his nose - changing medicines and how he was reacting to those medicines that I took the time to write a letter or even a Christmas Card full of Christmas cheer!

Opps - it is getting close to Christmas and I have yet to mail the care out telling about my latest visit to our lawyer last Friday - trying to ISS. Oh and I guess I need to tell them about that teacher at the college who refused to let my son into diesel electronics classs with no good explaination.

Kevin Barry

Thank you Dr. Sears! This country needs more pediatricians like you to take the lead to improve health outcomes for American children. Good doctors are out there ~ more of them need to speak up!

Mark Blaxill and Barbara Loe Fisher described the problem well below. Pediatricians like Dr. Sears are part of the solution.

"Pediatricians. One consequence of the cost squeeze in health insurance has been that pediatricians, like most primary care physicians, have become captives of a new economic model of primary care delivery: high volume, low touch, and increasingly structured around compensation rules for specific diagnosis codes rather than time spent with children. Most pediatricians enter the field of pediatric medicine out of a desire to serve children.

Increasingly, they are becoming captives of the compensation rules regarding allowable services. One of these allowable routines is the well child visit, a repeatable and tightly defined procedure that is little more than a tollgate for vaccine administration. The economics of pediatric practice have become increasingly dependent on these tolls, and the well child toll has become a critical component of a pediatrician's annual income.

By contrast, as the front line of vaccine adverse effect reporting, pediatricians have incentives to avoid adverse event reporting. When faced with a possible vaccine adverse event, each pediatrician has discretion in associating the event with the vaccine, although the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act obligated the pediatrician simply to report the event and not make a causation determination at the provider level. Pediatricians have a personal stake in the success of the vaccine program and, more important, an emotional stake in the absence of causal relationship between vaccination and injured children. No pediatrician wants to believe that their personal interventions have caused harm to their young patients.

At the same time, the report of an adverse event takes time and effort while also causing the pediatrician to fear litigious behavior on the part of parents, even though the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act protected pediatricians from most vaccine injury lawsuits. For all these reasons, pediatricians view reporting vaccine reactions as a risk rather than a benefit. Not surprisingly, the groups that represent pediatricians seek to minimize the concerns over adverse events and preserve the confidence of parents in the childhood immunization program and its associated well child visit.

mary podlesak

My biostatistician friend at Yale in 2003, confirmed similar information to me. As I said recently to my mother, these doctors and academics are more helpless in many ways than we the parents of autistic children are. They are constantly looking over their shoulders making sure they can still make a living. Fear silences the most knowledgable among us.

Kathy Blanco

When will we get it? Vaccines purposely have chemicals that destroy and effect the DNA level. 2 of my doctors told me off the record vaccines are total garbage, 100% bad, corrupt, phony, dangerous on purpose. They said vaccines cause even more diseases than we are aware of, and they permanently cripple immunity and increase cancer risks 300%. These are suppressed Harvard studies, they also proved that autism risk is increased by 800%! Vaccines, never been proven to protect against ANYTHING, any indo saying otherwise is fairy tale big pharma propaganda. Really deceptive stuff. They want us to take this shady Swine flu jab REAL bad, gee I wonder if it's couldn't be any clearer they are trying to inject us with harmful stuff that is NOT for our benefit, it is for our DEMISE. Even the brain-dead, blind sheep have to connect the dots now.

It's rather obvious that they are attempting depopulation, how 99% of the sheep can't see this is disturbing and quite blind.

To those who still believe...I say, and how is that going for you?

Lisa @ TACA

Thanks Dr Bob!

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