Dr. Bob Sears Demands Autism Epidemic Response from his AAP Colleagues
In the Autism World, Does Biggest Mean Best?


Lynn Bardsley

The number of children with ASD is much greater than reported. As an advocate for ASD children many, many parents do not want a label for their child. They will take them out of the public school system or just let it be and take what the public school system with offer. In the state of Washington the public school system does want these children identified because they might have to have a program. My son's doctor in Group Health told me than they do not have a "box" to identify high functioning ASD. Have we been counted?? I doubt it. The school district had to label my son correctly when we filed a lawsuit for an appropriate educational program. My grandson,11, has classic autism...the school district in those cases have no choice. Our family is a cluster! Three normal children in the 1970'S, then autism 1989(son) and 1998 (grandson), then normal (grand) children (without thimerosal).

Hans Raible

The idea of "clusters" is not new. Amish territory is such a cluster, a positive one.

There are positive clusters where autism is lower than normal, and negative clusters where autism is higher than normal.

In California, San Diego probably is a positive cluster since San Diego is getting a real lot of selenium by a whim of nature. Selenium is a kind of sleeping pill for most (if not all) viruses, so viral vaccines will just go to sleep in a San Diego child and can then be overwhelmed by the child's immune system.


Autism Grandma

Somehow no official can bring themselves to make that giant leap from "Environmental Exposures" to Vaccines. Everyone must abide by the 11th Commandment: "Thou shalt not mention the word Vaccines in the same sentence with Autism". They are going to be beating around the vaccine bush until the last possible minute when the inevitable time comes that it will be totally unavoidable and they will finally be forced to admit to the truth. The enviornmental exposures that are causing autism are primarily in the vaccines.

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