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Tales from the Pharma-Free Autism Crypt: Autism and GI Solutions

CDC Study Expected to Announce 1 in 100 Autism Rate—A Startling 50% Jump in Just Two Years. Evidence Points to an Environmental Trigger.

Safeminds CDC Study Expected to Announce 1 in 100 Autism Rate—A Startling 50% Jump in Just Two Years. Evidence Points to an Environmental Trigger. SafeMinds calls for more targeted environmental research and vaccine safety studies to begin immediately.

Atlanta, GA – Researchers report that autism has risen to an epidemic rate of 1 in 100 children in a study to be released on Friday by the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network office of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), This rate represents a 50% increase between the two birth cohort years of 1994 and 1996 and mirrors a recent study released by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which found a rate of 1 in 91 children, 1 in 58 boys.

In 2007, the ADDM released a similar study conducted in 2002 examining children born in 1994 that found the autism rate to be 1 in 150. In the study to be released Friday, the CDC looked at children born in 1996 (8 years old in 2004) and determined that there was a substantial increase of 50% between those two birth years.

This study and other recently published research clearly indicate that autism cannot solely be caused by genetic differences because it is impossible for genetic diseases to increase at such astronomical rates. It also cannot be explained by better diagnosing, changes in diagnostic criteria or migration patterns. It is clearly triggered by the environment. It’s well past time that CDC and NIH treat the autism epidemic with the national emergency status it deserves and act with crisis level response.

Though alarming, researchers MUST acknowledge the obvious trend and its connection to the environment to help children. This conclusion is supported by an NIH funded study released earlier this year by the UC Davis M.I.N.D, Institute which “found that the seven- to eight-fold increase in the number children born in California with autism since 1990 cannot be explained by either changes in how the condition is diagnosed or counted — and the trend shows no sign of abating.” The study’s lead investigator, Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto , a professor of environmental and occupational health and epidemiology and an internationally respected autism researcher, added, “It’s time to start looking for the environmental culprits responsible for the remarkable increase in the rate of autism in California.”

The two ADDM reports from 1994 and 1996 birth years provide autism researchers a significant investigative clue by narrowing the years needed to investigate what changed in the environment to trigger such an increase in autism in such a short time frame.

The skyrocketing increase in autism in the 1990’s and 2000’s came at a time when mercury emissions have been increasing worldwide, the content of mercury in infant vaccines more than tripled, and the number of vaccines given to children went from 18 shots to 36 shots today. Now, it is determined that autism increased at an incredible 50% between 1994 and 1996 at the same time that the uptake rate of the Hepatitis B vaccine among infants accelerated immensely. This vaccine series added 62.5 more micrograms of mercury to babies, putting them over the the dose considered safe by the EPA for an average weight infant.

The Hepatitis B vaccine at birth has also received sharp criticism from advocates after a recent study by Laura Hewitson, University of Pittsburgh, which found that infant macaques given the Hep B birth dose, adjusted for macaque weight, showed statistically significant developmental delays.

SafeMinds calls on the CDC and the National Institutes of Health Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) to close vaccine safety research gaps identified by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) in an independent and transparent manner. We ask that the government appropriate money immediately to compare ALL health outcomes among fully vaccinated children with those of unvaccinated children. Incredibly, such a study has never been done for any single vaccine nor the entire vaccine schedule collectively and has now been officially identified as a vaccine safety gap by NIH’s own scientific advisory committee, the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC).

The US government has spent billions on a failed H1N1 vaccination program, and to date, the CDC has yet to respond to the NVAC's Recommendations to the to improve vaccine safety. These recommendations for greater vaccine safety were echoed in an Institute of Medicine (IOM) report released Friday (11th).

They stated that the United States needs to establish a permanent group that advises the government on vaccine safety and substantially increase research monies to improve vaccine safety and address public concern. “How many more scientific advisory reports need to be issued before the government chooses to protect vulnerable populations from vaccine injury?”, asked Theresa Wrangham, President of SafeMinds.

Additionally, SafeMinds calls on the IACC and National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to initiate research using existing data from the CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) to facilitate the establishment of reference ranges for mercury and other developmental toxicants, especially for vulnerable subgroups like women of child-bearing age and young children. Such a study could look for associations between higher body burdens of toxicants and a range of childhood health outcomes could help to assess levels of exposure that are unsafe, and could help set research priorities for toxicants which have the greatest potential to diminish human health. This information would facilitate the type of cause and treatment oriented research that is so desperately needed.

SafeMinds is a charitable non-profit and leader in funding and advancing the science regarding mercury exposure as it relates to autism. Our expertise extends beyond mercury-related exposures to broader vaccine safety issues, as many of our Board Members hold government agency committee positions such as the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, various CDC Vaccine Committees, the Department of Defense Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Program and the National Vaccine Advisory Committee’s Vaccine Safety Working Group.



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Could the "Enviroment trigger" be in the hands of the AAP with their toddler H1N1 & flu vaccines? How soon will they update their "Autism is genetic" webpage?

Look for an emergency IACC meeting to attempt to quickly secure another billion to search for the "Autism gene."

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I'm worried about the number is not correct, worse... All the family education, the children in the school to lead them to more than 20 years after the dungeon/slopes of the outside world in the 21st day, children in three? I'm sure this is the source of most of the vaccine, however, I also think increase fluorine in our seas, drugs in waters, mutation, GMO food, monosodium glutamate food increases, more acrylamide Fried food, OB gynecologists deny cable clamp would not cause autism/birth drugs, and so on... Is a huge flow in children can't deal with the gene. We want to say now, green our vaccine or, more like green our world, our greed bastard medical organization green, green deceive us? How do you clean up such act of terror to our children when those stood in front of the jail, large-scale boycott and large-scale anarchy, namely gross national product industry? This is what we face is the people... These "approval", than you holy industry think they have we in the barrel... I think it is time to mass protests vaccination, food supply, water supply, air etc...

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1 in 100 Autism Rate—A Startling 50% Jump in Just Two Years

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how they release this type of info?


Josh Bolton
Poisoning is the best weapon a murderer can use and then get away with it.
Because there is the time facter.

But there are a few people out there whose bodies are a bit different and react immediately or reactions will esculate with each additional vaccine. .

That is my family's case - Perhaps we exist to point the way for mankind?

Without a few - we would be wondering about where a lot of this stuff is coming from .

And it is the vaccines.

GMO food with a pesticide grown right in it doesn't sound very healthy but it is the vaccines that all of mine reacted too immedicately.

Corn syrup that my grandmother had on the table way back in the 50s??? Oh that was a time that our metabolism could handle foods with quick released carbs. But perhaps even at that time things were secretely changing within us ---I was perhaps the second generation of those receiving multiple vaccines.

but it is the vaccines.

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Perhaps the Cochrane Collaboration.

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Why not add some shag carpeting and make everyone grow mustaches?

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It is the genetic transmutation of genes based on GMO's that is causing this and many other health problems in America today.

Note America. You don't see these rates in Europe that do not allow GMO products.


@ Sue - For the most part, I agree with your comment. I'm not sure where your harsh tone arises, with respect to homeopathy, however. The homeopaths are NOT your adversary. It's the allopaths we have to worry about. I have several concerns with your viewpoint. I'm not sure that we should collectively develop a case of "tunnel vision". Unless we are speaking with absolute certainty, it might be prudent to keep an open mind. If the cause can be attributed to one or more xenobiotics in the "environment", then the treatment could easily exist with homeopathy and restoration of balance.

Of course, putting mercury in the vaccine schedules is a horrific crime against humanity, or at the very least, sheer idiocy, if you don't wish to invoke actual malice. Of course, we desperately need comparative studies looking at the never vaccinated versus fully-vaccinated.

Even if we were to immediately eliminate all mercury from the vaccine schedules, the incidence of ASD will very likely not drop to ZERO. Then, what will the ASD-nay-sayers say? Will they say that we were wrong and that thimerosal does not cause ASD? Will they say that the "benefit" of leaving mercury in the vaccines outweighs the risk of ASD?

Even use of the word autism or ASD may actually limit the effectiveness of our argument. The vaccine schedules are responsible for MANY vaccine-associated diseases. Autism or ASD is likely not the only vaccine-associated brain injury. ASD is the prototypical, quintessential, vaccine-associated brain injury.

I’m not saying that a “single-minded” or nuanced approach to vaccine safety is necessarily the wrong approach to take. But, let’s try to think this thru. A nuanced strategy seems to ignore OTHER environmental sources of mercury poisoning, e.g. from amalgam dentistry. A nuanced strategy seems to ignore the concept of toxic synergy between the mercury in the vaccine schedules and the hundreds of other toxins in the vaccine schedules. A nuanced strategy seems to ignore the completely unknown risk of biotech-enhanced adventitious presence of biologic recombinants and horizontal transfers of DNA between species. Personally, I think that ALL vaccines are dangerous.

Certainly, complete elimination of mercury is a positive step in the right direction, but what about all of the aluminum adjuvants, squalene, and saponin, "super adjuvants"? Look at what happened with pharma's innovative new flu inoculations in Australia in 2010.

The Law of Unintended Consequences probably applies to this discussion. We're running out of time. There's simply not enough time to take a nuanced approach to vaccine safety, even if one of them was actually safe. There are too many “suspect” vaccines on the schedules.

Let's do the vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies. In animals, first, then in humans. It's got to be done. It is unethical to NOT do these studies. These studies should have been done long ago. It is unethical to hope that vaccines are safe, while dutifully “administering” them. It is criminal to pretend that they are safe, when it's known that they are not.

Büyü Nasıl Yapılır

But if not, then think about your child's mother. Mercury fillings? Flu shot every year? Been exposed to smoke from forest fires a lot? (Or smoke from other fires?)

Loved sushi and ate lots of it? Loved tuna and ate tuna for lunch almost every day that she was pregnant?

Is she from gold mining area of California? The legacy of the '49ers lives on; mercury in streambeds and in the sands that line the banks.

Putting mercury into vaccines is inexcusable, intolerable, irreedemable.

Büyü Nasıl Yapılır

Did your child receive the hepatitis shot with a day or two of being born? And did your child seem to be autistic 'from birth'?

Don't discount the possibility that the hep vaccine your child received might have contained almost ALL of the mercury from a multi-dose vial.

In that case, no other trigger or cause needs to be looked for. For sharing :)

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In the real world, this rate is still too low. From my reality, the rate is more like 1 in 20 boys.

Sevgi Büyüsü

I thought the number was declared 1 in 91 some months ago???

kathy blanco

Mercury may be more than we think as trigger. Teresa Binstock posted this this morning...
- - -

Studies find remarkably high levels of flame retardants in California's children. 3 May 2010
Two new studies show remarkably high levels of PBDE flame retardants in the bodies of California children. PBDE body burden levels in two separate populations of California children were 10 to 1,000 times higher than European children, 2 to 10 times higher than other U.S. children and adults, and approached levels measured in occupationally-exposed adults.
more…- - - -

1. Preliminary evidence of the in vitro effects of BDE-47 on innate immune responses in children with autism spectrum disorders.
Ashwood P, Schauer J, Pessah IN, Van de Water J.
J Neuroimmunol. 2009 Mar 31;208(1-2):130-5.

2. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers: neurobehavioral effects following developmental exposure.
Branchi I, Capone F, Alleva E, Costa LG.
Neurotoxicology. 2003 Jun;24(3):449-62.

3. Endocrine disrupting polyhalogenated organic pollutants interfere with thyroid hormone signalling in the developing brain.
Darras VM.
Cerebellum. 2008;7(1):26-37.

Flame retardants are in everything, even our kids pajamas and mattresses. I believe a child may have a predisposition to injury, such as mast cell activation (damaging blood brain barriers/mastocytosis), XMRV which hides in T and B cells and awoken by a challenge of T and B lymphocytes (see YouTube, XMRV Dr Mikovitz), aka, vaccines, damaged blood brain barriers by low blood volume via immediate cord clamping, and generally a very weak SOD system (ability to make enough glutathione and methylation-even the DOWNS society knew that mercury could damage the brain see Autism One lecture, fascinating). Thusly why some kids fair "ok" with vaccines, but some others are toast. If mother had an infection with resultant immune malfunction in utero, like lyme, or strep, or HHV6/CMV, another dimension of the problem, as her immune system has basically subverted/changed brain tissue/mapping and development. Autoimmunity in families, even depression in moms set up shop for autism (does she have an infection or toxins like amalgam fillings seeping mercury into her 24 7 as baby chelates it), or the use of antipyretics used and approved by ACIP as a "safe" way to control fevers after a vaccine. Levels of antioxidants is far more important than we think it is...eating right AKA....not exposing yourself to chemicals, pesticides and pharmaceuticals (abx's only for lyme positive only), I not only blame vaccines, I blame the set up for the perfect storm. Celiac in moms untreated/unrecognized, sets up autism in baby. MSG diets, another...the list goes on, they are very common to our world, practices, suggestions...the believing sheeple will pay the price, and the ones who "know" what is going on, won't...sadly, this will be a continuing maiming/knowingly experimenting project on us as citizens, to make sure we don't have developing babies who will question these practices and change policy. Welcome to the elitist agenda. Welcome to a world which blames genes on autism, and neuroimmune disorders, when in reality, they are either generational infections as in infectious to placenta/STD, toxic soups, american food, and recommendations that injure the brain. Oh, and less I forget, no one cares once your kid is damaged...and why should they acknowledge what they have done? We are talking national product industries, defence and it's protection of defence intelligence, and lastly but not leastly, power and greed and "we surely don't want to live our lives out in jail" type of people. Our economy, will be strken by all of us coming to bare what mandates were injuring our kids, and they know that...they know, but we know...that they actually pay out more money in the LIFETIME of caring for our children, then compensating us over their lifespans. Something, has got to give, the truth must come out. Right now, it's a slow leak, and mostly on the internet. The powers that be who control our media, who are often planted by EIS officials from the CDC, are controlling the strings of this puppet show. It's time, that we fund an unvaccinated vaccinated population, it's time we found out how toxic we are, and what infections, (probably from contaminated vaccines by the way, aka retroviruses), are in our bodies and treat them, and lastly, stop trusting our media and their helpful "sound bites" of what health is.


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Hmm. The last three posts suggest to me that the quackosphere skeptic society deniers of reason have a new approach. If you can't beat em, join em--and try to confuse and divide them.

I would suggest that people not allow the EMR, EMF, weather modification and GMO crop posts to distract attention from mercury and/or vaccines. Vaccine administration is the event that a great number of parents report was a turning point in their child's development of symptoms. Mercury is the neurotoxin that was injected directly into our kids.

There is evidence that autism rates are higher closer to sources of mercury pollution. There is a strong similarity between symptoms of mercury toxicity and many "autism" symptoms. There is evidence that kids diagnosed with autism tend to have higher body burden's of mercury and possibly be less able to excrete it. Treatments that increase excretion of this element (and other heavy metals) appear to improve the health and behaviors of a significant portion of those with "autism" symptoms. Ergo, regardless of how many other "suspects" are out there (and there may be 80,000 some untested manmade chemicals), very clear, transparent, invivo tests (on monkeys) need to be done on to test the hypothesis about the primary suspects BEFORE diverting attention to any other potential cause. I am fully with J.B. Handley on this. Show me the monkeys!

In addition, I want to see real vaccinated vs never vaccinated studies by unbiased researchers. If the results of the above research clearly shows that mercury and/or vaccines do not cause health and behavior problems in developing monkeys or children, then it will be time to examine alternative hypotheses and to pursue less obvious "environmental" suspects.

Josh Bolton

Correct it is environmental
Incorrect it is mercury

In 1990 GMO [genetically modified high fructose corn syrup which is every processed food] hit the store shelves.

We see a spike in Autism in 1994-1996 which is when almost all of our process food contained GMO corn products.

It is the genetic transmutation of genes based on GMO's that is causing this and many other health problems in America today.

Note America. You don't see these rates in Europe that do not allow GMO products.


Cordless Phones guys. Trust me. Is there any one here who has a autistic child, who didn't use cordless phone in the pregnant year and in the year afterward.

david ehm

Unknown to most of us the military is constantly spraying the skies with aluminum and barium to facilitate weather modification programs and microwave weapons functions. those long plumes that linger for hours in the skies have immune destroying materials in them. Increase in asthma is directly related to these programs as well as alzheimer's since they began in the 1990's. Check website: carnicom dot com

Martin Weatherall

I agree that mercury is a terrible substance to be injecting into children. I believe that it is part of the autism problem but, I think you are missing the most significant cause - cell phones, DECT cordless phones, WiFi,DECT baby monitors, wireless devices, broadcasting antennas and other emmiters of electro magnetic radiation (EMR).

Mercury has been used widely for many years but the increase in autism has only occurred during the time that electro magnetic radiation has increased (by millions of times higher), during the last thirty years!

If you look at the Bio Initiative Report - you will see many scientific reports linking serious adverse health effects to EMR exposure.

Some autistic children react to electro magnetic radiation in a way that indicates they are upset by that exposure.

The health effects of microwave radiation have been known for sixty years. You will be shocked if you learn what has been hidden from you.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Stan, Im right there with P Jennings- After studying about mercury for the last 10 years, I have discovered that the mercury situation for one child is never the same as for another. There are dozens of variables. There are dozens of sources of mercury for both mother and child.
While we should not take genetics off the table, we all expect that in the end it will come down to something like this: Some kids are genetically unable or partially unable to excrete mercury from their bodies. Which simply takes us back to " Why the hell is it injected into them in the first place, when it is no secret that mercury is a poison?" Who would believe that in a world full of grand universities and granite floored hospitals, in a world of Nobel laureates - we carry on this despicable practise and there are still doctors who defend it. Are they doctors or lemmings?


When you want to bury something - you always release it Friday afternoon after all the news is done, certainly won't get any play during the weekend and by Monday, it's old news....


Could the "Enviroment trigger" be in the hands of the AAP with their toddler H1N1 & flu vaccines? How soon will they update their "Autism is genetic" webpage?

Look for an emergency IACC meeting to attempt to quickly secure another billion to search for the "Autism gene."

we shall overcome

The fact that these bad news are being embargoed and given in slow-release caplet form tells a lot about the intent to missinform and confuse the population. In contrast, stories about the latest H1N1 somewhat related death is published on first page on Monday if need to be.

At the end you can try to put an embargo around that mountain but that won't hide it. It's not only that 1 out of 100 kids has autism, the story is much worse. On a hypothetical american classroom with 100 kids showing normal averages for certain conditions (text in parenthesis comes from different "official" websites, not from "hysterical parent" blogs):

1 kid would have autism (as per CDC)

9 would have ADD/ADHD

9 would have asthma (prevalence of asthma increased 75% from 1980-1994. Asthma rates in children under the age of five have increased more than 160% from 1980-1994 - source American academy of allergy, asthma and immunology)

4 kids would have food allergies (according to the CDC, more children than ever are being diagnosed with allergies. It has been reported that about 3 million children in the U.S. have a food or digestive allergy, which represents an 18% increase over the past 10 years)

1 kid would have diabetes (The Centers for Disease Control report that diabetes is ranked as one of the leading chronic illnesses for younger children and teens. Normally when children get diabetes, it is Type 1, also called juvenile diabetes. Yet in the past 20 years, this has been changing. Type 2 diabetes, traditionally called adult-onset diabetes, is increasing in incidence in the United States).

No kid would have leukemia but the increase in rates is worrying enough to parents (Over the past 20 years, there has been some increase in the incidence of children diagnosed with all forms of invasive cancer, from 11.5 cases per 100,000 children in 1975 to 14.8 per 100,000 children in 2004)

If you work for the CDC and you connect the dots, as I'm sure they have, you'd want to hide yourself too under the embargo. XXI century medical science is proving to be a crying shame. For the first time in history, you can safely say that at least with regards to children's health we were better off 40 years ago.


The introduction and mass distribution of genetically modified corn and genetically modified soy into our food supply occured in the mid-90s. What I understand, too, is that 70 percent of the food we consume contains this GMO corn and soy. And all those moms pregnant in the mid-90s through to today consume these GMOs, as well. We understand now that DIET is the key to relieving so many of those unbearable symptoms from which autistic children suffer. Maybe it was diet (i.e. GMOs consumed by the mother and infant) that caused the problem in the first place, later exacerbated by vaccines and other environmental toxins. I don't think it's a coincidence that that spike in autism rates occured during the same time genetically modified corn and soy were introduced into the food chain.


In the real world, this rate is still too low. From my reality, the rate is more like 1 in 20 boys.

Oh, the CDC cares. They are carefully monitoring their experiment.


at this rate there will be no intellectual leaders in US..our kids are being poisioned at a alarming rate..aap,cdc iom..dont care..candace



it's all down to tolerance threshold - genetics may be partly to blame but our very genes are being affected by the environment, for exemple the p53 gene which normally stops the growth of blood vessels in tumors ensuring these do not grow, can be damaged by poly aromatic hydrocarbons, hence contributing to increased cancer rates (I am not an autism mum but was a cancer mum)- but in the same environment, not necessarily everybody will get cancer or autism or diabetes or asthma. Just like it might take one smoker to get cancer from 10 cigarettes a day for 10 years and another one never with 20 a day. However, if you administer more and more multiple vaccines to already sensitized children, it's like throwing a wider and wider and more and more tightly knit net over these children, I fear few will escape.

I found this link of great interest as it explains what happens to the immune system when confronted by a poisonous environment

Kim Stagliano

Ana, the study is embargoed. We have not linked the study in keeping with the embargo. The news has been out for some time, here and elsewhere. This post alerts readers that the study is coming on Friday.

P Jennings


Did your child receive the hepatitis shot with a day or two of being born? And did your child seem to be autistic 'from birth'?

Don't discount the possibility that the hep vaccine your child received might have contained almost ALL of the mercury from a multi-dose vial.

In that case, no other trigger or cause needs to be looked for.

But if not, then think about your child's mother. Mercury fillings? Flu shot every year? Been exposed to smoke from forest fires a lot? (Or smoke from other fires?)

Loved sushi and ate lots of it? Loved tuna and ate tuna for lunch almost every day that she was pregnant?

Is she from gold mining area of California? The legacy of the '49ers lives on; mercury in streambeds and in the sands that line the banks.

Putting mercury into vaccines is inexcusable, intolerable, irreedemable.

But there are plenty of other sources of mercury in humans -- before anyone even looks for other 'environmental' problems.

The other environmental causes only add to, and complicate, the problem.

Smoke cigarettes? Live near a coal-fired power plant? Work in a factory? The list is very long.

Forget genetics. The answer is not there.


Perhaps the Cochrane Collaboration, the consortium that revisited the 10 Tamiflu studies ( and their own review of these studies), will next re-visit the 14 studies on vaccines.


I thought the number was declared 1 in 91 some months ago???

Anne Dachel

Excuse me? The CDC is just about to announce that officially, one in every 100 kids in America is autistic? So why have I been reading about it since Nov.? Just Google autism one 100 or autism one 91 and you can see the stories.

Seriously, the rate could be one in 10 and the CDC would be congratulating doctors for finally waking up to all the autistic kids hidden among us.

Anne Dachel


Yes, Jenny W. I'm sure it's now much more than 1 in 100. Out of the 9 kids on my street whom I know, 2 are autistic, and 2 have ADHD/sensory disorders. So on my street, autism is 2 in 9, or 1 in 4.5.


Answer to Stan question first; it's a gambling situation and your son's immune system unfortunately could not handle the avalanche of vaccines and poisons as mine child too. So, comparing your soon with the neighbor may not be the right one. Also, the genetics potential causes are still out there, but getting less and less attention these days because it is impossible that such increase in autism rates comes from parents genetics. Vaccine, medicine, food (GMO, processes food), plastics are killing all of us in some way. Then, wireless technology is everywhere etc. I have seen so many kids around that barely escaped Autism and other developmental problems, but the level of aggressiveness of almost entire children population is really staggering. We are victims of advanced technology and it will become even worst.


Don't discount pitocin inductions. With so many induced and augmented labors, babies get chemicals in their systems before they are even born.

And, there is the use of ultra sound prenatally, esp. early ultrasound. More and more is coming out about the effects of that on the developing neurological system of a fetus.


Email your local TV station and paper's health reporter letting them know this is coming out on Friday and you are available for an interview.


So if it's envioronmental causation that's behind the rapid expansion in the number of affected kids, how come my son developed autism symptoms while my neighbor's kid didn't? What's different about my child that renders him susceptible to the effects of an environmental trigger? Why doesn't my friend's daughter react to the trigger in the same way? What is the difference between these two kids (one with autism and one without)?
Try as you may, you can't take genetics off the table where autism research is concerned. We must investigate both environmental factors and genetics if we're to find the cause of autism.


Anyone tell the jerks at the AAP yet?

Jenny W

And why does it take so long? My son is 13. And NOW I know that when he "got" autism he was 1 in 100 (born late 96) NOT the 1 in 10,000 I was reading back then.

What people need to be thinking is, what is the number now?

They need to look at the 2004 birth cohort. My second child was born in 2004. He is not autistic... but a CRAP TON of his friend are.
History WILL show that autism rate in the 2004 cohort are in the 1 in 25 ball park.
Mark my words.


I guess it's really hard to act like you are on top of the greatest disabling childhood epidemic ever, when you are actually at the bottom of it.


Perhaps if the mainstream media had not become a publicity arm for the govt. they would not have been out-scooped by A of A again.


I love it Aof out-scooped the mainstream media again because they agree to creepy news embargos until the day the data is released.

Kathy Blanco

I fear this number is not correct, it's worse....what about all the home schoolers, the children in their twenties after schools boot them to the dungeon/slippery slope of the outside world at 21, and kids under three? I am sure much of this is vaccine origin, however, I also think the increase in fluoride in our waters, drugs in waters that are mutagenic, GMO foods, MSG foods increasing, more acrylamide fried foods, OB GYN denials that cord clamping doesn't cause autism/birth drugs , and so causing a giant flux of children unable to genetically handle this. Do we want to say now, green our vaccines, or more like green our world, green our greedy bastard medical organizations, green lying to us? How do you clean up such an act of terror on our children when what stands in front of this is jail time, massive boycotts and massive anarchy, aka gross national product industries? This is what we are up against people...these "sanctioned" and holier than thou industries think they have us under the barrel....I think it is high time to massively protest vaccinations, food supply, water supply, air, etc....

For the life of me, I don't know why we are not FIRING our pediatric/OB GYN doctors, and walking across the street to holistic minded ND's, ACAM doctors and the like? What's wrong with this picture? Do you think it's time to fire them? Not us? I think so....

Time to let go of the trust in these people...and as I have always said...autism is a TRUST disease...


I love how they release this type of info on Fridays. . .


nothing will change until a few of them are prosecuted and sent to jail where they belong.


God they'll have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the admittance that the "environmental trigger" is in fact, hep b vaccine and too many cumulative vaccines in general. Two MMR's is too much. I wonder if the stupid AAP will change their little website and autism information to include the new statistic. They are looking more imbecilic by the minute. Can you say, "jump ship?"

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