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The Bah Humbug Moments of Autism

CDC Reports "True Increase in Autism Risk Can Not Be Ruled Out"

Breaking news From CDC, read: Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders --- Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, United States, 2006

...Although some of the increases are due to better detection, a true increase in risk cannot be ruled out. Increased concern in the communities, continued demand for services, and recent prevalence estimates underscore the need for a coordinated and serious response to improve the lives of people with ASDs. The CDC considers ASDs to be an urgent public health concern.

We ran two press releases from SafeMinds about this CDC report on autism prevalence:

1) CDC Brings Bad Tidings: 40,000 Children Diagnosed With Autism In This Year Alone

2) CDC Study Expected to Announce 1 in 100 Autism Rate—A Startling 50% Jump in Just Two Years. Evidence Points to an Environmental Trigger.


Types Of Autism

The report from the CDC which is worried one based on the keep more on concentration over the autism cure and prevention.


So the autism rate has had a "Startling 50% Jump in Just Two Years." and "Evidence Points to an Environmental Trigger."

Have we had a 50% increase in the vaccines we're giving people that matches with that jump?

Kathy Blanco

The CDC wouldn't know truth, let alone decency if it bit them in the butt....enough said...


Beni said: "They should also look at the increase in childhood cancer and autoimmune diseases"

I totally agree Beni... There are two little girls at my sons school one has a malignant brain tumor and will be lucky if she makes it to Christmas and the other has some form of leukemia.. my neighbors granddaughter is in remission after having been treated for leukemia.

Beyond autism... there are just too many sick children. Wake up CDC!!!


What the crap is wrong with these people? It's not just autism. Our kids are SICK like never before.

Yesterday a neighbor stopped by my house and mentioned his little 4 year old had "his surgery" yesterday.... "got those tubes in his ears...." like it was NOTHING. Since when is having ear tube surgery as a 4 year old so common nobody blinks? I guess his kids are sick year round with allergies.


Fed Up

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz - you heard it here first


Baltimore Sun accepting comments:,0,4274752.story

also Philadelphia Inquirer


Somewhat confused on the NBC clip tonight.

They stated all the children in the study were 8 years old, which was AFTER Thimerosal was removed from the vaccines.

WHEN will they state that Thimerosal has been in damn near EVERY flu vaccine for decades ?? ... That the BEG the public to take every damn year.

THE DAMN CDC program for 2009 is 2/ H1N1's and 2/ seasonal flu shots to age NINE.

That provides 100 micrograms of mercury for the toddler generation they want to trash this year.

Once again no one from the "other side" was allowed to speak.

How old was the clip of Mr. Wright in the piece ??

[Editor's note: actually, the latest results cover children born in 1998, well before thimerosal was removed from some childhood vaccines]


Totally agree "READ FOR YOURSEVLES." Got to love the asshole ND type parents who preach, "still no known cause". What a bunch of idiots. At what point to these types see that vaccines play a huge role in the increase of autism? Never because they are too busy raising funds for those great genetic research projects. God do I hate these waste of space parents.


Autism Called Urgent Public Health Concern; 1 in 100 Children Affected

Autism Called Urgent Public Health Concern; 1 in 100 Children Affected

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By Nancy Shute

Posted: December 18, 2009

Almost 1 percent of 8-year-olds have been diagnosed with autism and related disorders, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That number is not a huge surprise; the same figure was reported in another autism study in October. But it's not every day that the CDC labels a developmental disorder "an urgent public-health concern." Language like that could provide more momentum for much-needed research into the causes of autism and more funding to test and develop autism treatments. It's high time; parents seeking help for their children find many treatments and cures promoted but few that have been rigorously tested.

It's not clear why the number of children diagnosed with autism has increased so much. CDC data from a 2002 survey pegged the number at 1 in 150 children, while today's report, based on a 2006 survey, found 1 in 110 children affected. Four to five times as many boys are diagnosed, with 1 in 70 boys and 1 in 315 girls diagnosed with autism, according to the CDC's new numbers.

The increase in autism diagnoses could be a result of better understanding of the autism spectrum as distinct from other developmental disorders. The rise also could have something to do with the tendency of doctors, parents, and school districts to choose diagnoses where therapy and special education is more likely to be state-funded. That might also account for the big variations in autism diagnoses from state to state, with three times as many cases of autism reported in Arizona and Missouri as in Florida and Alabama. But "a true increase cannot be ruled out," Catherine Rice, a behavioral health scientist at the CDC's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, said at a press conference this afternoon. Parents have been clamoring for more help from the big guns in medical research and pharma for years, but researchers used to look at autism not as a glamorous research topic but as a career-killer. That's slowly changing; in July, Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, said it was going to work on developing autism treatments.

Parents seeking autism treatment face a bewildering array of choices, from chelation to hyperbaric oxygen chambers, none of which have been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy. Treatments touted earlier as cures have failed to measure up: one example is secretin, a hormone affecting liver and pancreas function that was popular until a 2003 trial found it did nothing to alleviate symptoms. And mainstream researchers have shied away from studying alternative treatments. Last year, the National Institutes of Health bailed on funding a study on the effectiveness of chelation therapy, saying it couldn't confirm that the practice is safe.

Parents have said loud and clear that they want more research now (if not yesterday) into the causes and treatment of autism. "It's about freaking time to get yourselves in gear," said one of the 290 people who filed public comments on what the federal government should do about autism research to the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee earlier this year. "DO THE RIGHT THING!" wrote another. "Autism is rampant, and can't be caused by genetics alone. Don't waste more money on genetic research—start looking at the environmental triggers causing this horrific epidemic."

And I've copied this mom's comment in its entirety, because she cuts to the heart of how autism creates medical, emotional and economic challenges that threaten the survival of entire families:

"It is my opinion that the parents need more help. Many communities don't have enough support for the children and families. Many move to areas where more help is available which then puts stress on that community that may already be serving more children than they can afford. There should never be a waiting list, a waiting list is time lost for the child, and in a many cases it makes it impossible for the child to catch up or progress. I feel that immediately after your child receives this diagnosis every option should be readily available to them. I also believe that parents like myself should be offered some kind of mental health support or financial support as autism changes the entire life of the family. I am a single Mom raising a son with autism who is nonverbal well as a son with Asperger's. I have been financially and emotionally devastated and those are both difficult to overcome without appropriate help. We must study the affects this has on the parents and help them."

If 1 in 100 American children were diagnosed with cancer, I have no doubt that Congress and the White House would be scrambling to fund a Manhattan Project to investigate causes and develop new treatments. What does it take for the 1 in 100 children diagnosed with autism to get the same respect?

Bob Moffitt

From the CDC report:

Public Health Actions: "continued monitoring" is a higher priority than "research to identify children at risk."

Just like the CDC.

The Titanic is sinking and the CDC wants to "continue monitoring" the situation before sending urgent warnings to other boats to be wary of icebergs in the area.


I don't agree that shots should be spaced apart, they should be eliminated altogether. Vaccinations are a uselsss and dangerous procedure with NO value at all. I know that there a lot of people posing as parents talking about cell phones or maternal infections crap causing autism. It's all lies meant to confuse parents. It's the vaccines or they wouldn't be trying to avoid the research so badly.

I went on a field trip today with my son's class and holy crap some of these kids are REALLY bad off. Who do they think they're kidding? These kids stick out like a sore thumb.

I warm everybody I know about the vaccines and his evil brother antibiotics.


This came as no surprise to me. They should also look at the increase in childhood cancer and autoimmune diseases. They are also increasing at high numbers. The link to them all is very clear, not sure why people are still falling for it all.

As parents, we can not look for guidance from the CDC or any other government agency as they are not the best and the brightest in their fields. Let’s face it, most of the top notch experts don’t take government jobs, the ones that do are mostly the rejects and the lazy.

Parents need to do the research and trust their guts. Do NOT vaccinate your children until they are at least 2 so their brains and bodies have a chance to develop properly. The child’s immune system also needs a chance to develop. It is an amazing system and the vaccines only hinder or sometimes stop the immune systems natural development. Vaccines are developed to help us not be inconvenienced by a short term illness and in return they cause long term illnesses. This is typical of you can expect from our government officials in the first place. Save now and pay a LOT MORE latter.

At an age when children have had a chance to develop and have their natural immune systems develop they really only need a couple of vaccines if any at all, not the entire schedule the CDC publishes. Unfortunately most parents trust the CDC and end up asking why autism happened to their child.


How can scientist be so blind or so bought and so evil to let this continue? It is obvious that boys get it 4.5 times more than girls. Their blood brain barrier is not develop as fast as girls. The MMR is the culprit. The mumps opens the barrier and lets the measles and rubella ravage the brain. There is no fever because they are "attenuated", but they are live. Months later you get regressions. Keep adding more vaccines with more toxins and its just doubling the effect. To add to this, parents expect schools and TV to better their kids. That is why earlier treatment helps Autistic spectrum kids. Treatment is what? attention and constantly educating the kid. Something parents should do. But the most important thing is to stop the guinea pig lines. Space vaccination, separate multiple dosages not combined them. Babies get 4 shots in one day, thats savage. They should be spaced. It drives me crazy when doctors say they dont know what drives autism. Wake up you morons, stop reading what the Pharma gives you to read. Do your own research!!!!!


no shit Sherlock.
BULLETIN: go to Huffpost now (living section) and see the article on MS surgery treatments being blocked by big pharma and the major news media. You guys have a lot in common with the MS patients.

mary podlesak

I just commented on the NYT article on the conflicts of interest of medical expert advisors to the CDC on vaccine safety. While the the CDC is admittng the obvious, that is, there must be a genuine non-genetically caused increase in autism, their admission is a far cry from our genuine societal need, that is a cessation of all vaccination until the side effects of these things is examined in depth, and specifically, their relationship to the etiology of autism. If the origins, study and agenda for use of vaccination were not corrupt, we would have seen such reexamination many years ago. Calling for appropriate behavioral therapy for diagnosed children is laudable, but completely misses the mark of parental concerns, particularly when our government is advertising in all the media a phony vaccine cure for a phony virsus which will produce more customers for "behavioral therapy". The corrupt CDC, NIH and FDA must be dissolved.

David M.

If a company, politician, government agency wants to release news that really makes them look bad, they release it on a Friday.

If an agency like the CDC has extremely bad news that makes everyone their advisers on vaccines are crooked and bought off by big pharma (see NYT story today) and that the health issue they say just magically appears in kids right around the time of their big vaccines now impacts 1 in 100 release it the Friday before Christmas.

What a total joke...the CDC just put out both these stories and shut down until 2010...and by then the media will have moved on to Tiger's latest girlfriend.

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