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Age of Autism Comment of the Week: 12/18

Age of Autism Contest: Win the Novel "600 Hours of Edward" Featuring Aspergian Main Character

600 hours craig lancaster Congrats to Michael McDonald who won a signed copy of Craig Lancaster's book, "600 Hours of Edward."

Edward Stanton, an Aspie who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, has managed to keep the world at arm's length. But in a 25-day slice of his life -- 600 hours -- the world turns the tables on him and crashes at his front door, forcing him to react. It's a story not just of Edward's accommodation of change but also of change's accommodation of him.
"600 Hours of Edward has some laugh-out-loud moments, some tender moments, and an ending that will probably bring you to tears." -- Sue Hart, PEN Award winner for syndicated fiction and 2007 WILLA Award winner for creative non-fiction.

Didn't win? Order a copy at Amazon now HERE! You can learn more at Craig's site: Craig Lancaster.


Kathleen Murphy

While I am absolutely certain that our biomed interventions are making life much better for the many Aspies in our family, they are undoubtedly Aspie for life, and that is, in the end, a good thing. I am all for curing the painful parts of Autism, and am equally fervent in my conviction that we should value the thinking of those on the spectrum. I would love to read this book!

Serena Dank

My father, my son, autism has always been a way of life for me. Rituals, meltdowns, and isolation has surrounded me and taught me about another side of life. Today I am an educator sharing the wealth of knowledge I painfully gained as a daughter and then a mother of an autistic son. I would love to read your book and share it with the parents of special needs students I work with daily.

Michael MacDonald

My little boy, Ryan, was diagnosed with Aspergers earlier this year. He's six years old, and probably the most fascinating person I've ever met. And the most frustrating. I'm trying my best to understand the world from his point of view. A book like this would probably help both of us.

Mary Lou

Looks like a great book. Would be a good read.

Dawn Gonzalez

I train school district personnel about ASD. I often recommend books for them to read so I try to read as many books written by people on the spectrum as I can. Then I know which ones to recommend. I am looking forward to reading "600 Hours of Edward". Thank you.

John Kirton

I'd be interested in that story! BTW, please watch my video, I need views of to win a car:


Excellent! We have two lovely boys on the autism spectrum!

Valerie Carlson

Would love the chance to read this book...and pass it on to my sister--in-law (who has 2 kids on the spectrum) and then make sure it gets to another sister-in-law who has a newly diagnosed son. Please enter me! thanks much!


Put my name in the pot please.

Sandra McCarthy

Lately, my emotons are packed away... guarded or frozen and I guess in need of some thawing...
I really need a good read I can
relate to...
so count me in...
Thanks Sandra

Ann O'Dell

Would love to win this book, i teach young children on the spectrum and have a friend with Asperger's !


Count me in!

Karen Thomason

I hope I win. I would really like to read this book! I have a 7 year old son with Asperger's syndrome.

Mary Ellen McCarthy

I would love to read this book. I am public school special ed instructor and I have many students who span the range. Thank you for writing your story.

Beatrice Shook

Sounds like a very interesting book!


It looks like a really interesting book. And any kind of insight into my son's mind is welcome.

Lisa Thompson

I would love to read this book.



Randy Heinz

Craig has written an outstanding book and I recommend it to anyone with autistic family members.


I would love this book for the teenage OCD, Aspergian in my life! Please enter me. Thanks.


Looks like a great book!

Gayle Vizioli

I would also like a chance to win! I have two sons, one with autism, and one with OCD!

Lisa in Texas

Oh! Pick me!


Please enter me to win it too! It sounds like a book I can relate since I have two Aspergers kids at my house. Thanks!


Enter me, please!

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