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Age of Autism Contest: Lori Bakes Gluten Free Cookbooks

Loribakes%20background2 Congrats to Cheryl, Allisa D., DT  and Michelle M.  I've sent you each an email. The contest is closed.

Just in time for the holidays, we gave away two copies of two different cookbooks from Lori Karavolis. Check out her site Lori Bakes to see all of her cookbooks!

"Lori Bakes Gluten and Casein Free for Kids:" A collection of over 250 recipes geared towards children. All recipes are gluten and casein free bound into a soft cover kid friendly cookbook. All recipes taste tested and approved by Lori Bake's four children. Guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Includes a BONUS recipe bookmarker for Twinkles and Filling

Lori Bakes "Snacks and Sweets:" Finally, in one cookbook a collection of over 200 recipes for the most sought after, favorite desserts and sweets made gluten free. This book includes all of the basic, classic recipes you will need for any type of dessert. The book includes 1-2-3-4 yellow, white, chocolate, angel food and spice cake, brownies, blondies and even a simple pie crust! They taste just like their wheat counterparts so everyone can eat the dessert whether GF or not. The best thing is the recipes use readily available ingredients and by being able to make the recipes at home, they are less expensive than having to buy a mix!

The contest is closed.



I think I missed the contest but I'll post just in case - I could really use some more recipe ideas for my picky gfcf eater!


My boy walked into our local In N Out yesterday and told them, "Chef Joey, here to help!". Looks like a great cookbook!


I hope this is still open. I just saw the article and really would like a chance to win. We really need more working recipes! Thanks!


Thanks for the chance to win, hope I do. =)

Janine A.

Would love to win this book.


This would be great!

Allisa Disbro

I would love to have the cook book. My 2 yr old is autistic, feeding disorder, adhd,sensory plus more. The book would help me with his meals.


My daughter LOVES baking. Would love to get my hands on these books!


Thanks for the opportunity to win a cookbook.....I had trouble cooking before the diet, now I could use any help I can get :-)

Chrissy Weber

Please enter me to win!


my son is hungry!


Love to bake and I am always looking for good GFCF cook books. Hope to win. Peggy


i have no tried these recipes but would love to he is 5 and on the severe range autism,add me up to win,

Melissa D

Lori makes wonderful baked goods! Maybe if we win the cookbook we can replicate a few of them...


Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks!
Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Teresa Conrick

I never win,,,,,wait, I just did so I must be on a lucky streak!

Bring on the ultimate gf/cf chocolate chips!

Isaacs Grandma

I would love this book for my daughter!
She recently started the GFCF diet and supplements for Isaac. We have already noticed a difference in him! I know that she would love to have several kid friendly recepies to try!


Would love the book

Kristin Kucia-Stauder

Bring on the awesome GFCF food! Love to win these cookbooks.

Sandy Raitt

My daughter Susan would love this gift.


I worry about finding tasty gluten free recipes as gluten has been linked to autism and I prefer to just avoid it all together. I’ve tried tons of different recipes and expensive “organic foods” from the stores but I recently came across this website . Rose Cole who is the nutritionist behind the site puts up all these great gluten free recipes in her Holiday Cookbook that are easy and affordable. I think I’m actually looking forward to cooking on the holidays for once. Lol


I just found this cute video at the bottom of this page with a great video:


My son is autistic and finding food that he can enjoy during the holidays has always been a nightmare. After a recommendation from someone in one of my support groups, I found out about a Nutrition Coach named Rose Cole, I went to her site and found loads of great gluten free recipes. Please make sure to check it out!


I’m allergic to gluten and finding tasty dishes that are easy to make for the

holidays have been hard to come by. Going off of a recommendation of a vegan

family member, I looking into a site run by Rose Cole (Certified Nutrition

Coach). The site is and trust me these

holiday recipes are AMAZING!

Stephanie Weiss

Fantastic, would love some new ideas, so easy to get stuck in the "it's easier cause they'll eat it without a fuss" rut!

Alaina Jensen

We have been GFCF for 2 years now, and still a lot of what I make is mediocre, I could really use some kid friendly recipes that are easy to make and don't taste like diet food!

d t

My kids are too picky with food.
It makes me want to say something rude.
I got this cool book,
That helps me to cook,
Now the family is in a good mood!


Lisa Brown

These both look awesome!

Chicago Trib sucks, send Trina 6 of our kids for a week

I could use some inspiration these days, honest!


I could use something that really works for getting my son to eat gluten free. Thanks for the opportunity.


I could definitely use a new cookbook! Thanks for the opportunity!


I would love to win one of these cookbooks!


This would be a great help!


Lori has helped me out so many times and just recently with a recipe. I need new recipes and I love cook-books. My guy could benefit from new recipes. He is a very skinny lil guy and I am always looking for new recipes for him to eat and gain some weight. Thank you, for your consideration

Holly D

Thanks Age of Autism. I'd love to win this.

Holly, Ohio

Maria M.

Mmm... Sounds yummy. Please enter me too please. :)

Lindy Smith

I am looking into going gf/cf for my son. It would be great to have some new recipes to try out for my son. My son has serious sensory issues regarding foods and I need help getting him out of his rut.


I could use ANY help in the cooking department;)


a comment


I would love some extra inspiration!


My son loves to help me bake. Enter me to win


Please let me win this!!!! I never win ANYTHING!!! Riley (and the rest of my family) will be so grateful of I win this. I think they're getting tired of chicken every night! No, I know they are!

Alison Davis

I NEED new recipes!


Those cookbooks look great!!


Always looking for new recipes for my huband to make - yes, he is the cook!


Cool, Lori helped me years ago with some really cool desserts for my nieces and nephews. Would love to win the cookbook.


I love to cook so new recipes would be great to try. I'm always looking for a good bread recipe.

Michelle M

With a set of autistic twins and mom who has Ceilac's, this would be wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity! (=


I could always use another cookbook. Count me in, and thanks!

Maurine Meleck

This book would be great. I really need to expand Joshua's diet and this could help.


My recovering daughter loves to cook and bake--it engages her in a way no other activity does. We'd love to win this one!


As the appointed baker for a very large blended family, these books sound fab!


Count me in!



ME me me me me! Please choose me! I'd love to win!



Looks great! We could use a new cook book in our house.

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