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Student Assaulted by Teachers for Handing out Fliers on Vaccine Risks

Age of Autism Comment of the Week: 12/18

AOAFKarin is our winner. Please email me at [email protected] with your T-shirt size (M-XL) and mailing address. She commented on, Autism Speaks GI Symposium by Katie Wright.

This might sound cold, but I am sick of hearing about doctors who "want to help but don't know what to do." This is B.S.- if parents with backgrounds/careers in law, plumbing, culinary arts, finance, marketing, orthinology, social work, teaching, history, accounting, computers, art, etc, etc, etc can learn about all of this, then surely medical doctors who specialize in children and/or GI issues should be able to locate this "Top Secret" information as well!!

I am not implying that training isn't needed and/or that info doesn't need to be widely does!!! But I also don't buy into the "Woe is me...can't figure out what to do about these kids w/ ASD and GI issues- wah!" If WE can figure it out, THEY can figure ot out.

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John Kirton

Once again it's very apparent that WE, the parents, have to take care of everything. But hey! That's OK we're used to it.

I think what the Dr.'s are trying to say is.
"They want suck all the money out of you but they don't know how." Oh, wait they do.


Sorry Nicole forgot to take off your name from yesterday.


Upper grades of the schools for a long time now have not been the centers of free/creative ideas, for which they were orginally designed.
They have instead become just training centers for conformity, run by tyrants.

for Nicole Willoughby

That was indeed a great comment! After all they are the ones getting paid the big bucks.

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