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From SafeMinds: Confusion Ensues as IACC Adopts Vaccine Research Objective



I cheers all who work to find out causes, solutions etc...- But there are still way too many families out there who have no help, no progress, and frustration to no end. More needs to be done, we need to start helping those who can't afford or don't have the know how to help their children.


Thank you all.

Unfortunately if I included all the names I know of that belonged in that video, I would have needed at least a 30 minute song. So I'll put some more here....

Arranga, Ed & Teri
Bachman, Stan
Buckley, Julie
Carson, Amy
Corby, Laura Lum
Cutler, Andy
Daschel, Anne
Debbaudt, Dennis
Dehart, Judy
Faiella, Daniel
Fournier, Wendy
Geier, Dr.
Halim, Cindy
Heckenlively, Kent
Israel, Alan
Linderman, Curt
Medlin, Angela
Moulden, Dr. Anfrew
Nanstiel, Erik
Neubrander, James
Neubrander, Rick
Obradovic, Julie
Poling, Dr.
Redwood, Lyn
Rinicella, Honey
Sell, Jeff
Shreffler, Rita
Soucy, Diane
Taylor, Ginger
Tenpenny, Sheri
Warner, Angela
Weed, Leslie
Wright, Katy

....I could seriously type for hours, but you get the picture. Do feel free to add to that list, I know I missed several.

I appreciate not only the things these people have accomplished for others in the autism community, but I also appreciate what their deeds have done to inspire others to do the same.



Great job!
I needed this today, its a 'bad Autism day' around here, and just as I am willing to 'shut down and give up' I end up coming here to AoA and get a big dose of reality, comfort, and support, from ALL of you! There are certainly many more heros out there, and THANK GOD for that! When you see them all placed together like this, as well as start rattling off all of the names that could be/should be on the video list, it surely makes me feel better, because we are NOT a minority anymore, that more and more are seeing our truths and trying to help our families, we need to keep up the fight, and soon, I feel it, SOON there will be change...

Again, AoA, you have brought me back from my own 'bad day' and refreshed me...gave me my hope again today when I thought it was just not worth the energy today...THANK YOU!

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


I was today at Kirkman lab and it founder is another one to add to the list... (with so many more out there in the woods, fighting...)

Thank you all!!!


Beautiful video! How many more can you name? Bradstreet, Rossignol, Buckley, Dachel, Beauvais, Heckenlively, Jepson/Wakefield, Jill James, Katie Wright, Obradovic, all the girls at NAA, Lugene and Alan Clark, EVERY PARENT out there and so so so many more doctors, health food store owners, compounding pharmacists, scientists, integrative practitioners, we are everywhere! Thank you so much to you all!


Beautiful tribute. Amen to the heroes!

randy Short

It is a nice tribute. I am very certain all of our kids deserve to be in there alos. Imagine how they spend days hours weeks and even years to learn to do a simple thing. Our son Donald Had stem cell therapy done in Germany 2 1/2 months ago and he is showing remarkable improvement. We are in the process of inviting the doctor here that did the procedure and getting the researcher that developed it to speek to the people in the autism community that have an interest. There are not moral issues with these stem cells. If you want to attend a conference such as this write [email protected] MD Woeller has also shown an interest.

Tanners Dad

I saw an interview on CNN Reliable sources today in which they were talking to Sir Harold Evans who was involved in reporting & exposing the Thalidomide story. The Host made the comment off script..."It's Not the In thing To do" I guess he was revealing the fact that Journalists today do not have the balls to take on big Pharma. Well this group should give us all the strength to say Autism Answers must be the "In Thing"

Barry S.

Very well done. I love the highlighted heroes!

Brent Remington

We have been liveing with AUTISM for thirty two years.I am sorry to see so many haveing to come up against the powers that be.but we are thankful for these individuals. beautiful video.


Just want to say thanks back! Let me add that no matter what stance we take on the cause and treatment, we all have the same vision -- that autism is preventable and reversible. We will do our part to make this happen!

Teresa Conrick

Nice job! Thanks!


yes,, very well done. A Thanksgiving presentation to be sure, it points out our blessing to have such wonderful people fighting most needed cause in all the world!

jen, hiding one stupid magazine at a time



Well done!


Inspiring and beautiful - thank you AofA!

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