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The "Green Vaccines" Initiative

Game changer By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I hope you'll forgive me if I talk about this idea for the next couple weeks.  I think it's the game-changer for which everybody in our community has been hoping and praying.

The legal system is rigged against us.  The dying traditional media is begging for advertising dollars from pharmaceutical companies in this economic crisis.  And the politicians have their hands open for pharma dollars.

All these doors are closed.  We won't get them to help us by playing nice.  As somebody once said, "if all the doors are closed, find a window."

The "Green Vaccines Initiative" is our window.  Consider how we might change the course of autism and other neurological conditions with this single effort.  Here are what I think are the three most compelling reasons to support this initiative:

1.  If we make this a political fight, then the media has certain additional legal protections.  It's my opinion that a good deal of the media fears giving us too much of a voice because they'll be looking down the barrel of a lawsuit like the 100 million dollar claim made against Oprah Winfrey by the cattle industry for going after beef.  (I know she won it, but how many of the media companies have the money of Oprah Winfrey?  Come to think of it, only Oprah has that kind of money!)  If it's a political fight, the media is obligated to cover both sides, and their LEGAL protections are just about invulnerable.  They could run an entire issue on what we say and the pharmaceutical companies couldn't lay a finger on them.  Do you know how many young reporters must be itching to do this story and make a name for themselves?  This gives the press the opportunity to do the job it should have been doing for the last fifteen years.

2.  It means the medical community has to come out of hiding to defend themselves.  Have you noticed how lately when our community goes on television that all we get from the CDC or some other medical group is a damned written statement?  Where are the flesh-and-blood doctors willing to defend vaccines?  How do you think that's going to look in the context of a political debate?  Will they be able to defend the theft of data from the Vaccine Safety Data-link?  What about the complete absence of studies of the neurological health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children?  If they show up they lose on the facts.  If they don't show up, they lose because they public will see them as cowards.

3.  It takes us out of the shadows.  How many of you would like to tell the story of what happened to your child either after a vaccination or bio-medical interventions?  Is the press running to your door?  No.  But let your child be kidnapped, or God forbid, come down with the swine flu, and they'd be rushing to your door.  If this measure gets hot they will be rushing to tell our stories.

I think that the Green Vaccines Initiative can become the hot-button issue of 2010.  The pharmaceutical companies have tried to prevent this from becoming a public debate for more than 25 years.  A public debate on vaccines is their WORST NIGHTMARE.  This insures it will become one.  And we'll have friends.  Look at Bill Maher's recent comments in the Huffington Post for confirmation that something in people's opinions is changing HERE.

The Green Vaccines Initiative is a mighty sword which can be taken up on behalf of our children, but I can't lift it alone.  We need your help.  With some people worried about 2012 as the end of the world, wouldn't it be nice for 2010 to be the beginning of a new one for our children.  I don't care if all you can contribute is $10, the price of a movie ticket in most places, but now is the time to make your voice heard.

You can donate by clicking HERE. When you get to the donation page for Generation Rescue, click that you want to make the donation in honor of somebody, then during Step 2 you can make a personal note at the final field to enter information, please place the word "Ballot" in the personal note section so your donation can be directed to this effort.

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor of Age of Autism


CT teacher

I, too, have difficulty with the concept of green vaccines. I don't believe it is possible. I think vaccines have been causing harm to humans since the inception of mass vaccination programs....we just didn't know it. I believe we should be pushing for vaccination choice rather than green vaccines. That, at least, is within the realm of possibility, and it would negate the need for all of the stipulations ( banning ingredients, timing of shots, etc.,etc.).

Robin Nemeth


Thanks for the advice. Looking back, I wish I’d skipped those ‘well-baby’ visits. I have a pretty hard and fast rule now—if you’re not in pain you don’t need to see a Doctor. (If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!) If I decide to see a Doctor again, unless I need major surgery for something, I’m probably going to seek out a homeopathic or some other kind of alternative medicine doctor. I don’t care if the insurance doesn’t cover that. I haven’t seen a doctor covered under our health insurance plan in a long time anyway who was much help to me.

Bumper stickers and tee-shirts are things that you can make yourself. Go to an office supply store where they sell printer paper and chances are they also sell bumper sticker paper. For ten bucks or so you can get a package of six or eight sheets. If you can print it on a piece of paper you can print it on bumper sticker paper. My brother was reluctant to use the stuff cause he thinks it'll harm his car paint, but I've been using them for years and haven't any trouble just so long as I don't try to remove them when it's really cold. Sometimes they’ll recommend spraying with a fixative to make them last longer; you can buy a can of that at an art or craft store. is a website that will allow you to create your own tee-shirts. You upload what you want on the shirt and they'll print your design on a tee or a sweater or whatever, and mail it to you. I'm sure there're other sites.

And of course you don't have to win the comment contest to get an AOA shirt :}, you can purchase one, that's what i did.

I find that there's so much information available online, but most people wouldn't ever think to look for it. They hear and see the T.V. and radio news programs because that's what's in their face while they're home getting dinner ready or whatever, or driving to work. For the vast majority of Americans the idea that they might want to question vaccines might not ever cross their mind. But if you or I or anyone puts that thought into their head with a bumper sticker or a tee shirt or whatever, the way I figure it all we have to do is tweak their suspicions and get them looking for information online and then the evidence speaks for itself.

Feel free to print up bumper stickers like the ones I have—you can find them here:

I don’t know that the evidence of a link between vaccines and alzheimers is anywhere near as strong as I believe it to be between vaccines and autism, but frankly I don’t care. If I think there’s any evidence at all (and I do), I will do what it takes to get people’s attention. Feel free to use my flyer if you like—it’s everything I think people oughta know about vaccines but might be afraid to ask: I don’t know if it prints up properly on other people’s printers or not, but give it a try or print out your own information and leave it in strategic locations for people to find (like those baby diaper changing tables in public rest rooms)

I rarely approach strangers and ask them if they’d like information, but lately I’m finding that when I do, they seem more suspicious of vaccines than they used to, and they’ll take a copy of my flier more often than they used to :}

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Robin, Just my advice- Dont lose any sleep over being afraid to see a doctor for your kids. When my kids were young, I had so little money that I avoided going to doctors unless it was essential- Turns out that was the best thing that could have happened to them. Spend your time, instead on reading health articles and giving your kids more natural foods. And by the way, could you please tell us where to get the nifty bumper stickers, T shirts, and other campaign materials that you seem to know about? thanks
PS- A small example- Here in India, there are a fair number of parents who rush to a doctor for very small cuts and abrasions of their kids- and guess what they get! - 25mcg ethylmercury in a tetanus toxoid ! Just like giving out candy.

Robin Nemeth

I was recently at an H1N1 clinic. I found a CDC information flyer on the ground there, that someone had dropped. I picked it up and when I read the flyer, both front and back (it was for the inactivated shot and titled ‘2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine, what you need to know’), there were nine main points, and I found it interesting that no where in the CDC flyer of information that they felt people should know about the vaccine was there any mention of this statement, which is to be found on the vaccine package insert and put there by the vaccine maker:

'It is not known whether these vaccines can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity'

There is also a statement to the effect of ‘should not be administered to pregnant women unless really necessary’, whatever that means.

It was my understanding that this is the vaccine that health officials and media keeps insisting is most important for pregnant women to receive.

Why isn’t the media mentioning things like these obvious contradictions? That’s one of the reasons I’ve felt so sure that parents who believe vaccines are harmful are probably right—the extensive contradictions that are seen whenever health officials speak about the issue.

The vaccine makers say one thing on their package insert, the CDC conspicuously leaves off this seemingly very important information from their information flyers. And the media, instead of reporting on this contradiction, has been doing nothing but beating the drumbeat ‘get your vaccines, get your vaccines, get your vaccines’.

No I’m sorry but I really think you’ve got your work cut out for you if you believe you can somehow get the main stream media to start treating this issue fairly.

Robin Nemeth

I’m having some trouble understanding this—what it is and why it suddenly brings the main stream media around to presenting fairly our side of things.

I guess I just see this as a more systemic problem than merely thimerosal. The whole Special Vaccine Court thing has always disturbed me a lot. And lately I’m deathly afraid to visit a Doctor for ANY reason, or to have my children see one. I’m not sure what a green vaccine would look like and I’m not sure why I should suddenly trust my health care system just because an initiative for one was put on a ballot. I will admit to not having a clue how one goes about doing it—getting something put on a ballot.

I got an email from a nurse who said she cringes every time she has to give someone a vaccine because she truly believes they cause a great deal more harm than good. But she’s afraid to speak her mind on the job because she’s afraid she’ll lose her job.

How did we get to the point where health care providers are doing ANYTHING against their own better judgment, for fear of losing their job if they don’t do as they’re told? I’m not sure how a green vaccine initiative would address that. I continue to believe that the best approach is to try somehow to do an end run around the main stream media. Until you have the MONEY to persuade them to present the public with our side (and that means more money than pharma), I’m skeptical.


I'm in too. Let's make it happen.


Thanks for the clarification, Kent. I get it. I think. I'm in.

Kara Zor-El

There's a new biotech company in Washington that is trying to create new safe, ethical vaccines...more in response to religious concerns over fetal tissue cells. Wonder if they would get on board with this initiative?

Kent Heckenlively


I agree. Hydrolyzed gelatin gets added to the mix. That's what I love about this process. We've done some work, and now we're taking it out to you for your wonderful ideas before all of this really gets started. Love the ideas!

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively

michael framson

I'm having trouble with "Green Vaccines", but for the moment, I don't want to get hung up on that. For me, and most of us, we really never gave truly "informed consent" for this invasive medical procedure. The vaccination information sheets are inadequate to poor, which has been deliberate from the get go. The CDC wants just enough information to get you to vaccinate, but not enough to make an informed decision.

The principle of informed consent is the ethical premise for almost all medical procedures and I think it so fundamental, that those who may be zealously protective of vaccinations, would look foolish trying to publicly argue against "informed consent". For example: No one should be injecting mercury and they have been able to get away it by using the weight of medical associations, endorsements, IOM positions, holding up sloppy studies, but never had to defend against the studies themselves.

People who had the flu thimerosal vaccinations should have been given all we know about mercury, not the minimized mercury risks that are handed out.

In my mind, informed consent needs to be "visible" at the core of this effort.

It is ethical, principled, supported by medical institutions, oversight boards for research; It just seems essential.

Thanks Kent! and I haven't read everything written so far, if someone else has already made this point.


Craig - the last noteworthy breakthrough coming out of Jackson NJ involved an escaped pet tiger. NJ has some impressive hot spots of scientific research and discovery. Jackson is not one of them by a Pine Barrens mile, but who knows. Great Adventure isn't the only thing raising 6 flags here.

Kent Heckenlively


Here's how the media reports more fairly on us. The initiative gets put on the ballot. Fliers and commercials go out with our message on them. Our information goes out unfiltered. We make a lot of the "media" in the information that goes out to people. If the numbers track the way people are staying away from the swine flu vaccine we start to pull ahead in polling. The polls show us winning. The media needs to talk to us because of the huge unanswered question, WHY ARE PEOPLE SUPPORTING THIS MEASURE?

If they do, our message gets out. If they don't, then the people start to lose faith in the media's reporting because of what they've learned from OUR sources.

Hope that answers the question.

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively


Our family is behind this 100%. Excellent idea - and timing. I have lots of facebook friends who are in the Autism community and I have invited them to also take action. I'd love support for this to go viral somehow, that would be the best.

I wish I had the words for excited I am about this new initiative. Fantastic!


Autism Grandma

Re: Posted by Ray Gallup
"Getting vaccinated is like Russian can pull the trigger and nothing happens with the gun to your head on the first try. The next time you spin the chamber and pull the trigger you can wind up blowing your brains out."

AMEN BROTHER RAY!!! Yes,this is absolutely true, in an ideal world most of us here would prefer NO vaccines whatsoever, but since this is not possible we must at least propose the "Lesser of two evils", that being to reduce the vaccines, spread them out, and get the heavy metals removed for the sake of the 4 million children born every year that are going to be looking down the barrel of this vaccine gun.

Re: Posted by J.B. Handley
"It's unlikely a ballot initiative to ban vaccines altogether would pass in too many states, if that is what you are implying from your comment...which is why reducing the number of shots given and when and how they are given beat the living hell out of the status quo, and would likely reduce the number of kids knocked off the cliff."

I believe that we have no choice but to save as many children as possible from going over the cliff, and this is a huge step in the right direction because otherwise nothing about the vaccines are going to improve, but instead will only get worse. I do believe that the press coverage will eventually come around to this issue based on the political aspects of this initiative. Big Pharma is always going to run interference, but that does not mean that it is not possible to make it over the goal line, and once that goal is achieved in one state, there will be more to follow.

This can indeed become the stimulus for a "grass roots movement" that gets all of us organized to educate the public, even if we have to stand outside of Walmart, sports stadiums and other high volume traffic areas to hand out flyers because we have to do whatever it takes for the sake of all of these innocent children who also have no voice just as our own children with autism have no voice except for our own. The more people whose eyes are opened to the truth, the more people will resist these horrific vaccines and will support our cause.

Re: Comment by Kent Heckenlively
"I don't care if all you can contribute is $10, the price of a movie ticket in most places, but now is the time to make your voice heard."

Thank you for saying this because so many of us are just hanging on by a thread, but I will commit to $10 per month because that is all that I can do. I am on a very limited disability income and my daughter's business is sinking like a stone due to the collapse of the economy now, but I will find that $10 every month for this cause.

Thank God for all of you wonderful people here at Age of Autism.


I've happily donated, and will continue to do so for each upcoming pay period. But, it looks like hydrolyzed gelatin needs to be added to the research list for greening the vaccines. I see it as an ingrediant in MMR, varicella, H1N1, and DTAP, among others. Do these particular vaccines sound "dangerously" familiar to anyone? Re: this particular think tank: notwithstanding what appears to be amazing information, the man obviously made a chunk of money from Johnson & Johnson, and the site outright says that the nutritional supplements, etc, that so many people are using to help cure their children will need to be monitored and controlled just like pharmaceuticals (in other words, by the pharmas). So it is very possibly a way into the market and to eliminate competition, further eroding the average citizen's choice about what foods and vitamins we choose to put in our mouths. This could be the ultimate trojan horse staring at us in the face . . .

But hey, I don't know why I feel so distrustful . . .


If I recall correctly, Jenny Mccarthy agreed to do several interviews on the condition that representatives of the pro vaccine opinion were not present.

Kathy Blanco

JB, I get that...but I also get this...that many years ago, this was said. I don't think you can green vaccines, or satisfy anyone with this argument. Let's get philo exemptions...and then work from there.

I have no faith in vaccination; nay, I look upon it with the greatest possible disgust, and firmly believe that it is often the medium of conveying many filthy and loathsome diseases from one child to another, and no protection whatever against small pox. Indeed, I consider we are now living in the JENNERIAN epoch for the slaughter of innocents, and the unthinking portion of the adult population

Robin Rowlands

If I can I will still be there for you somehow


"If it's a political fight, the media is obligated to cover both sides,... "

Maybe so but these days the media does not really present "both sides" fairly. Most viewpoints are framed with a narrative or talking points and/or "balance" is usually s weak pundit who "supposedly" represents the other viewpoint side.

We HAVE had the local media come to us and do stories. Each time the reporter reports back to us that the local Children's Hospital gets angry with the station manager for running the stories and the last time the station ran the story as part of a lead at 6pm and was supposed to air more at 10pm but nothing aired at 10pm because of complaints from the hospital.

Robin Rowlands

Still Dancing


Kent, I had to read this a few times to get a clear(er) idea about how this could work. Are you thinking the media bias against "radical anti-vaccine protestors" could actually get equal time to make the case? I'm just remembering the march in Washington (Green Our Vaccines) where media sources reported "a few dozen" protestors, and ND bloggers made out like hardly anyone even noticed they were there. As I remember, the media wasn't too cooperative, either, especially when they were called out for their duplicity.
If sponsors/advertisers are offended by the message, these modern-day journalists have a way of looking the other way. And the 'cover story' has already been established: people who question vaccines are unscientific. How do we get journalists to even take the question seriously? I think it's accurate to say there are journalists who'd like to dig into this, but it seems they always have to answer to The Man...who always answers to Pharma.
I'm happy to donate bucks toward the effort, as with the effort toward vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study, but I'm confused about how, exactly, it will work. Can you help me?

Raymond Gallup


I agree with you. The only safe vaccine is the one not given. I was involved in a vaccine choice group in NJ sponsored by Sue Collins and all her kids and those not vaccinated were healthy. Those who were vaccinated had problems like our son, Eric and other families I met there that had been vaccinated. Mercury free vaccines and "greening vaccines" will not make safe vaccines.....that is a fact and guaranteed that anybody getting a mercury free vaccine or one that is greened (whatever that is and if it is even possible) has a chance to get an adverse reaction.

Getting vaccinated is like Russian can pull the trigger and nothing happens with the gun to your head on the first try. The next time you spin the chamber and pull the trigger you can wind up blowing your brains out.

Over 200,000 cases in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and 5,000+ vaccine/autism cases waiting to be judged in the Federal Court system. I wonder how many of the families involved in these cases think you can green a vaccine or that a vaccine without mercury is safe?????


JB Handley

Kathy: It's unlikely a ballot initiative to ban vaccines altogether would pass in too many states, if that is what you are implying from your comment...which is why reducing the number of shots given and when and how they are given beat the living hell out of the status quo, and would likely reduce the number of kids knocked off the cliff.

I'd rather see them start over and find a safer way to prevent deadly disease, which is a damn good goal. But, that's not the world we live in today and blogging about it just ain't getting it done. JB

Kathy Blanco

Another argument, at least for me, that just taking out mercury is not going to green a vaccine...point taken...and deposited in memory bank...


I just have to say this out loud:

"William Faul, a retired businessman, not a member of the scientific community," will SHARE his model/findings with SCIENTISTS. So, the SCIENTISTS may not be the ones to have found the solution. No surprise there!!! Most of them were never willing to look.


Holy cow, Craig, that's some interesting news. I wonder if that stabilizer is an ingredient in any of the other vaccines. I love it that they are going to share this news with the science community!


As there probably won't be a 60 Minutes episode on the Simpsonwood meeting in the near future... this would be great for some proper media coverage.

One big effort is needed in one state, but what would be the cost of at least starting an effort in other states ??

Craig Willoughby

Interesting article.

I wonder how legitimate it is?


I will send a money order to GR. Somethng sure has to change.


Keep talking, you got me this time.

I'm glad to see the comments from your previous post didn't dampen your enthusiasm. I really think they came from a place of excitement for the proposal and people wanting it to go as well as possible. I hope you didn't view it as just a bunch nay-sayers.


Done. Wish I could do more. Thanks for this Kent (and all involved), it's like you've thrown out a much needed life preserver of hope.

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