Rat On a Hot Tin Plate: New Evidence Shows Ethyl Mercury from Vaccines Causes Abnormal Brain Development in Infants
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Short Notice IACC Conference Call Today: Changes to "When Should I be Concerned?"

White rabbit last minute At the request of members of the IACC, the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) Scientific Workshop Panel 1 will be holding a conference call today from 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET, Tuesday, November 3, 2009 to discuss the updating of Question 1 of the 2009 IACC Strategic Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder Research.  (Details to call in below the jump.)
The agenda for the conference call will include a discussion of recommendations for line edit changes for Question 1of the IACC Strategic Plan – “When Should I Be Concerned?” which addresses ASD screening and diagnosis.  The draft line edits will be discussed at the November 10, 2009 meeting of the IACC full committee.

This phone call will be open to the public via conference call lines.  Members of the public who call-in will be able to listen, but will not be heard.

To access the conference call dial:
USA/Canada Phone Number: 1-888-455-2920
Access code: 4041850

The latest information about the call can be found at: http://iacc.hhs.gov/events/2009/iacc-scientific-workshop-conference-call-cont.shtml.

You received this announcement because you attended a previous meeting of the IACC or joined the IACC mailing list.  We apologize for duplicate notices. For more information on this meeting, or the IACC, please visit http://iacc.hhs.gov/

The IACC also can now be found on Twitter (www.twitter.com/IACC_Autism).

Please note: This meeting was scheduled at a short notice and is subject to change.


Katie Wright

OK- I listened to the whole nightmare

This is what you need to know

#1 Jennifer Johsnon, non parent and angry pediatrcian successfully fought off all efforts to make addditonal pediatrician autism traning mandatory

#2 Johnson basically argued that pediatricians are perfect, well trained and know everything about autism.

pause for laughter

#3 with the exception of Nancy Wiseman, parent to a recovered ASD girl who had PANDAS, there was ZERO sense of urgency to this meeting. Johnson was positively irritated and bored.

#4 Nancy actually had to fight hard to get Johnson to remove a statement saying that peds know that kids missing milestones in their first year will probably catch up the next year. Insane- let's all just wait, because waiting and doing nothing works out so well.

#5 Johnson and Yvette (there are no sick ASD kids) Janvier didin't understand what co morbid issues were.

#6 No one discuseed GI disease or mentioned the word regression.

Absolutely horrendous. Only 1 parent on the committee and it really, really showed.

Alison Davis

When Should I Be Concerned? How about:

When your son's pediatrician tells you not to worry about his strange behaviors, boys develop at a different rate than girls.

When your newborn is rushed to another hospital's neonatal intensive care unit after his first vaccination and the specialist says, "Kids- what can you do?"

When your child becomes terrifyingly ill after a round of shots lying in his crib very still, covered in a full body rash, temperatures ranging from very high to very low. So you rush him to the ER and they shrug their shoulders and say, it must have been a virus...

When your three very small children begin group projectile vomiting every day after eating. When you and your husband are constantly on your knees cleaning up their puke every day and the doctor says kids can be a little "urpy".

When, after rounds of genetic testings, you ask the experts how this happened to all three children, and they still don't know...

Jim Thompson

That comment addressed the section “What caused this to happen?”

Now tomorrow, at 1-888-455-2920, Access code: 1050786, one gets to listen to the following regarding the section “When should I be concerned?”:

IACC Recommended Budget: $33,300,000 over 5 years”

“Develop at least five measures of behavioral and/or biological heterogeneity…
IACC Recommended Budget: $71,100,000 over 5 years.”

Comment: Provide $104,400,000.00 funding for public warnings for children and pregnant women on the risks of mercury from the flu shots and zero funding for these charlatans.

To access the conference call dial:
USA/Canada Phone Number: 1-888-455-2920
Access code: 1050786

To access your US Representative or Senator go to:
Access code: campaign contribution

Jim Thompson

The following comment was sent to the IACC and our US Senator on September 30,2008 with no response and no change made in the draft:

“One list showing vaccines that contain mercury is found at http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/thi-table.htm.

I call your attention to the fact that people, including expectant mothers, after receiving 25 micrograms of mercury in one of these vaccines, would exceed the USEPA mercury reference dose. The USEPA established the level of “0.0001 mg/kg/d based on developmental neurologic abnormalities in human infants.”
That means that a clear and present risk is presented to both to the mother and the child by the act of receiving these levels of mercury injected into their bloodsteams.

Also, according to the USEPA, “mercury compounds to prevent bacterial and fungal growth” for latex paint were discontinued after 1990. See http://www.epa.gov/ttn/atw/hlthef/mercury.html .

In view of these facts, it is intolerable that the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) continues a policy that studies the practice of injecting this toxic heavy metal into human beings without first warning the public of the risks.

It is with great concern that I therefore request that the IACC include warnings in the strategic plan, under “SECTION III. WHAT CAUSED THIS TO HAPPEN AND CAN THIS BE PREVENTED?” Until further studies warrant otherwise, the warnings should clearly state that no person should receive any vaccinations with mercury containing preservatives.

In addition, I request that the IACC correct a serious omission in the draft plan. It states:

“Numerous epidemiological studies have found no relationship between ASD and vaccines containing the mercury based preservative, thimerosal (Immunization Safety Review Committee, 2004).”

Too often this incomplete statement regarding the scientific literature on Autism is quoted in press articles. It misleads the reading public into thinking that there are no other studies to the contrary.

For instance, Dr. Verstaeten stated “The CDC screening study of thimerosal-containing vaccines was perceived at first as a positive study that found an association between thimerosal and some neurodevelopmental outcomes. See http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/full/113/4/932 . He then states that since a second study on a different group of children didn’t show the same results then the totality of the two studies on different sets of children is neutral. This is not neutral. If ½ of the study for one set of children shows a risk of autism and the other ½ of the study for another set of children finds not risk then ½ plus zero equals ½, not zero, not null, and not “neutral.” None the less he did say “more study is required.”

The “half truth” of this draft Strategic Plan present wording on Autism studies is, as Alfred Lord Tennyson said in his poem The Grandmother, a “harder matter to fight.”

Therefore I request that the omission be corrected and all studies that have indicated risk of autism from Thimerosal be referenced and discussed.

Finally, before more study is conducted, it is urgency and diligence that require every effort to warn the public to not receive vaccines that contain any levels of mercury. And it is unconscionable that these vaccines are still administered to children and pregnant women.”


"When should I be concerned?" How in the world is the grammar subcommittee of the misdirection subcommittee of the slow-walking committee that doesn't believe GI and biomedical problems exist in autistic kids supposed to answer that question? To do so would imply that there is a timeline in which one who would theoretically consider becoming concerned would, in fact, actualize that theoretical possibility and thereby become concerned. But as we all know, the IACC exhibits no such temporal awareness of urgency. IACC stands for "I Am Considering Considering."


When should you be concerned?

Several years before conceiving.

Get treated for Lyme disease. Reduce the load of viruses and yeast in your body. Reduce heavy metals. Get amalgams removed by an IAOMT dentist http://www.iaomt.org Stop eating fish with high mercury content. Infrared saunas are a great way to reduce chemicals and metals in the body. Eat organic.

Don't get vaccines and don't vaccinate your kids.


When should I be concerned? We're from the Government and we're here to help you.
Need I say more?


Is there a time when I shouldn't be concerned? HELLO!?!?!? Obvioulsy these people have absolutley no understanding of autism at all whatsoever!! UGH! When should I be concerned........how much time have you got?


"When should I be concerned?" Whenever the IACC holds a meeting on short notice... Or maybe whenever they hold a meeting period.

I love it, that is comment of the week material :)

Theodore M. Van Oosbree

How about when your 2 1/2 year-old son stops talking and starts grinding his teeth and flapping his hands (developments that did NOT concern our then pediatrician who was also Chairman of the Dept. of Pediatrics)?


"...discuss the updating of Question 1..."

" 'When Should I Be Concerned?' "

"Members of the public who call-in will be able to listen, but will not be heard."

Seems to sum up the whole govermental approach to children's health or lack of quite succinctly.

Kathy Blanco

We should have been concerned decades ago that this disorder was on the rise...Now, with all the conflicts of interests, and the multiple etiologies to autism, how can anyone "clean up" what has been done? To do that we would have to sue every bloody bastard that did this to our children, to the vaccinator, to the pharmaceutical company, to the OB GYN/Pediatricians and their societies that have terrible recommendations, to the food makers, to the polluters? How are we going to stop this? Education. Honesty. Objective non biased Research and accountability, real acountability. Good luck with that...it never will happen, as long as "feign" concerned political action committee's are at the helm funded by undercuts and deals from pharma and greed and averice reign. How about a parent committee? I think there are plenty of professional parents who could accomplish more in a half hour, than years with this committee? And I agree with Kristine...before conception...what is going on with parents immune systems, infections, toxins...we are the incubators, what's wrong with us? (not to be a beat your chest moment)..but I have helped a researcher recently to gather multitues of moms with CFS who have children with autism to study the XMRV virus. One must ask, why are the moms sick? Why are PEOPLE sick, and why is our immune function declining? This, I feel, is the baseline of why we have autism at this number now. Excuse me to think, that most parents get that...but these people...have their heads up their.....he hemm's....


When should I be concerned:
You should be concerned if your child receives a Hep vaccine at birth or before age 14. If your baby cries inconsolably or demonstrates uncharacteristic lethargy within days of vaccination, ask your doctor to order the appropriate tests for ADEM.


"When should I be concerned?" Whenever the IACC holds a meeting on short notice... Or maybe whenever they hold a meeting period.


Let me summarize for parents:

Q: When should I be concerned that my child might have autism?

A: Before s/he is even conceived.

Moving right along to actual questions that can help "combat autism". I thought we were sooooo good at diagnosing now. Right?

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