H1N1 Virus Found in US Hogs David Kirby Reports on HuffPo
Disingenuous CDC Study Confirms Danger of Chicken-pox Vaccine

Shelley Hendrix Reynolds on HuffPo: A Decade of Questioning Harm and the Autism Vaccine Connection.

At what price For over a decade, I've relentlessly searched for answers to the connections I believe exist between my son's autism and vaccines he received. Historically, autism has been considered a genetic condition so I am constantly told I just imagined things. Surely his autism was always there...always evident...from birth. Liam must not have been engaged the way that I remember prior to that summer when he received his MMR. He didn't really play peek-a-boo with me. He didn't really talk. He just disappeared at the same time he got his shots but the vaccines didn't do it.

It was coincidence. Coincidence is not the same as causation.

None of those people lived in my home. None of those people knew my child personally when he was a baby. None of those people saw my bright-eyed son disappear into the abyss of autism right before them.

Recently, I dusted off an old videotaped copy of a story that aired on CNN in October 1999 called "A Question of Harm?" - the first nationally televised piece linking a vaccine to autism. I hadn't watched it in a long time. It's painful for a number of reasons. But I took a deep breath and pressed play...

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Yes Sarah, that is the good news, that the truth eventually trickels through the roadblocks of denial. I just feel so bad that so many families didn't get the message, despite the fact that families like Shelley's were sounding the alarm for years. My kids were vaccine injured back in the late 90's too. Today I help new parents in my area find help. And I hear the same stories over and over again: that the families were scolded by their pediatricians that vaccines have no link, that trying special diets are a waste of time and possibley dangerous, that there is nothing that can be done besides ABA and speech therapy. In ten years the message has gotten even more aggressively negative from pediatricians. They are now positively livid when parents bring up the link between vaccines and autism. Many pediatricians are kicking families out of their practice for not vaccinating on their schedule.

Families are finding answers from other families. Not from the mainstream medical establishment. In that regard, things have gotten much worse in the last decade.

Maybe one day the mainstream pediatricians will look at their waiting rooms and wonder why they are empty?


Your words are beautifully written and speak for many of us. The video of your son brings back a lot of memories for me too. I will never forget my darling daughter place her hands over her ears and yell, "no sing" after her vaccines. I too watched Lorenzo's Oil and dedicated myself to my daughter's healing. Now she is in high school and doing beautifully. However, I still can't force myself to watch her baby videos.

Please continue to write such moving stories. More people than you know are starting to "get it" about the vaccines.
Never give up or shut up. We will overcome!


Just because the AAP, CDC, NIH and the mainstream media denies a connection doesn't mean people aren't getting the message...a recent poll said something like 40% of Americans are refusing the H1N1 shot citing lack of safety testing and concerns about autism as being among of the reasons.

So now we can stick our tongues out and say back "nah nah nah nah nah, the public doesn't trust you." Immature? yes, but it sure feels good.


I very much admire your tenacity and bravery in getting your family's story on the air.

From this 1999 video: "An estimated 1 in every 500 children in America today is diagnosed autistic, according to the National Institutes of Health."

It's a crime that 10 years later, it is now 1 in 91, and they *still* have "no idea" what's going on. LIARS.

Autism Grandma

Dear Shelley,

As you said, "Thank God for blogs" and Thank God for your amazing writing ability, and dedication to the Cause....not just your own personal cause for your son Liam, but your willingness to "Fight the Good Fight" for the rest of us. (And Thank God your son and my grandson are not still trapped in Zombie Mode)

"Maybe if the media attacks autism with the same sense of urgency that they have the Swine Flu now that 1:58 boys are being diagnosed with it, one day soon we will have the answers we seek as to what happened to our children."

We already know "what happened to our children", but it's the rest of the world that needs to know for the sake of all of our innocent children.

You already have ten years under your belt and you amaze me at how strong you are....it is made apparent by your writing. I only have two years under my belt and am already exhausted, even though I do have faith that God will enable me and my daughter to Keep Fighting the Good Fight. Our survival mode comes from God's direction and "Finding the Silver Linings in the Clouds".....

I just read an article which made me think about my grandson's future, and my hopes for his continual recovery like your own son. I pray that he recovers fully, but I certainly would not want him drafted into military service 15 years from now. We have had enough Warfare and Murder in our lives already. I can only hope that the prophecy at Isaiah 2:4 will be fullfilled by the time my grandson is 18. "And they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not rise up against nation, neither will they learn war anymore." [Carved into the Isaiah Wall at United Nations Plaza]

Another result of the Vaccine Poisoned Generation: 75% of men age 17 through 24 are "unfit for military duty" because they "can't pass entrance exams, have dropped out of high school or had run ins with the law." The military is calling for "early childhood education to combat the insidious effects of junk food and inadequate education". Maybe if the Military figures out the INSIDIOUS EFFECTS OF VACCINES, they will at least quit using the soldiers for vaccine guinea pigs, or maybe at least remove the Mercury and Aluminum from the military vaccines so that the soldiers brains will function normally. (We can only Hope)

75 Percent of Young Americans Are Unfit for Military Duty


The latest Army statistics show a stunning 75 percent of military-age youth are ineligible to join the military because they are overweight, can't pass entrance exams, have dropped out of high school or had run-ins with the law.

So many young people between the prime recruiting ages of 17 and 24 cannot meet minimum standards that a group of retired military leaders is calling for more investment in early childhood education to combat the insidious effects of junk food and inadequate education.

Read Full Article Here: http://www.sphere.com/2009/11/03/70-percent-of-young-americans-are-unfit-for-military-duty/?icid=main|htmlws-main-n|dl1|link3|http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sphere.com%2F2009%2F11%2F03%2F70-percent-of-young-americans-are-unfit-for-military-duty%2F


So heartbreaking. I wish I had seen this 1999 CNN report, and remembered it! I was so clueless about vaccines a few years ago, and yet the information was out there. Very strange how the more the general public becomes aware of the vaccine-autism connection, the more the media censors itself.

Victor Hugo said "You can resist an invading army; you can not resist an idea whose time has come". I think we are close to the tipping point, at a terrible cost.


What a beautifully written piece! I don't know how anyone can read something like this and not question the status quo.
We need strong voices like Shelley, Ginger, JB, David Kirby, Jenny, Katie, etc to keep rattling the cage. It is working more than you think!!


Yes Angela, it is very frustrating to hear all of the pro-vax crowds silly sneering at us. They are like children with their thumbs in their ears waving their hands back and forth saying "nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, you can't PROVE it!" It is ridiculous coming from anonymous bloggers, but unfortunetly those are the same answers we get from the AAP, CDC, NIH, WHO and our doctors.

It is pathetic, a disgrace not only to science, but to the most basic tenets of morality.


10 years!
Have not gone far enough!
There are even duster news cast probably on reels instead of video tapes

Try 25 years or heck! 30. That is how long it has been for Barbara Fisher, and me.

Barbara has more to show for it than me. I I have is a stack of criply written form letters returned to me, and a foggy memory of who all I have emailed and talked to.

Robin Nemeth

Oh sure you can tell yourself as you watch the NBC nightly news that it’s merely coincidence that the camera shot of the thimerosal bottle doesn’t show the skull and crossbones that is predominant there on the bottle’s label. Who really needs to know that there’s a skull and crossbones on the label of a bottle of thimerosal bottle, anyway?

Oh sure you can tell yourself that it’s merely coincidence that Dr. Harper, a lead researcher in the development of the Gardasil vaccine, speaks out against the use of this vaccine in our pre-teens and says that she has tried to make known her concerns about this but the print media won’t touch it and neither will the television networks and she can in fact only be heard when she speaks in person in public, or when she makes her views known on the internet. After all she’s just one more tin foil hat uneducated lunatic isn’t she? Much like Dr. Healy, former head of the National Institute of Health, or the former head of the british equivalent of the NIH who spoke similar views.

You can tell yourself that it means nothing when, in between pharma ads, your news programs pretend that there isn’t a respected credentialed or sane Doctor or scientist or public health official anywhere to be found on the planet who supports these parents who say their child was fine until vaccinated. No doctor Wakefield, no Thomas Burbacher, no Dr. Jay Gordon, no Bernadine Healy, no Bryan Jepson, no Jon Poling, no Jill James. I could go on and on.

Tell yourself that your newspaper, when it printed the entire AP story by Alicia Chang entitled ‘Study fails to link chemicals, brain woes’-- well all except for the very last sentence which acknowledged that one person involved with the study questioned it’s legitimacy--you tell yourself that the reason they chose to print everything but the one sentence that doesn’t tow the pharma line was because well they were just running out of space for the column.

When Michael Savage gets on your radio and interviews an ‘expert’ on autism who informs his listeners that there isn’t any longer any mercury in flu vaccines, you tell yourself that it was just an honest mistake.

When you turn on C-Span and hear Dr. Beth Bell of the CDC answering a caller’s question about “just what is in those swine flu vaccines, anyway?”, and she goes on about viruses live or dead, and “well just a lot of other stuff, most of it doesn’t matter much…”, but oops, forgets to mention the MERCURY which is present at twice the concentrations as it is in the regular flu vaccine, you can tell yourself that it doesn’t matter. Who really needs to know about the mercury anyway? It’s not as though anyone who’s mattered has ever had legitimate concerns.

How long are you going to keep on lying to yourself? The main stream cable and broadcast television news organizations, as well as the print news media in the US, has been complicit in what is nothing less than genocide.

Do you want to put a stop to it? Call your cable provider and tell them you will no longer pay to have their lies brought into your home and tell them why. Call your newspaper and cancel your subscription and tell them why. Every time you pay your cable television bill you help support genocide.

Boycott stores which continue to have flu clinics where they administer flu shots with twenty five micrograms per dose of thimerosal. Tell them why.

I have a daughter who is attending Ohio State University. I just found out that the free newspapers that are made available to them in the residence hall lobby (USA Today, Columbus Dispatch, New York Times, and I think the Wall Street Journal and possibly some others) are paid for out of the housing department’s operating budget. Same holds true for the cable television service. It disturbs the heck out of me to find out that newspapers I wouldn’t have in my home and cable programs I wouldn’t have in my home are being paid for by my tax money as an Ohio resident, and by the tuition we pay for my daughter’s ‘education’. The housing department at my daughter’s school has heard from me and will hear from me again.

If you want it to stop, stop helping support the people who are doing it.


Doesn't it get old seeing the same old hyper-vax nuts on HuffPo?

No compassion, no anything except stupid generalizations and demands for "proof" (of course a that's a goal post which never stops moving).

Thank you for the post Shelley - you touch more people than you know.

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