Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Flu Vaccines
Age of Autism Comment of the Week: 11/14


Lisa in Texas

I am in! The Green Our Vaccines rally was great but the next one will be even better...because NOW we have Facebook and Twitter! ha ha


Thank you "Waiting with bells on" for posting those RFK videos!


I was so fortunate to be at the last rally - - I happened to be "sent" to DC for work and probably broke a world record for getting from the pentagon to the capitol just in time to see and hear RFK's speech. I know Wednesday was a really hard day for a lot of people to get there, maybe a Friday or Monday this time? Also, we marched in Apr 06 the day before a DAN! conference in DC - - if we could combine a march with a conference, more people will make the sacrifice (just a suggestion)! Can't wait...

Lisa Adams

@Waiting with bells on, Thank You So Much for the link to RFK speech at the rally! The only thing I ever saw on the news about it was a quick clip of the marchers. I'm glad to see now that the videos are being spread around.


Please tell me we are doing it again!


If there is another march on Washington THIS time I'm going come hell or high water!!!


Saw Barbara Loe Fisher speak this morning at NAC and fired up! Can't wait for the news on Monday.


Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cavalry is a comin'.

Cathy Jameson

Ohhhhh, what a tease! Can't wait til Monday for more info.

Waiting with bells on

These are the RFK videos from the rally that have been going viral 'round the Net lately. The videos are getting more and more regular folks to especially question whether they should be taking the flu vaccines this year.

Waiting with bells on

Good! I was just thinking about what effect the rally had, and the videos of RFK's speech have been going viral lately on many Internet sites. People are waking up to the many dangers of vaccines and the corruption within Big Pharma and the government!!!

Casey Ohlsson

Oh my Gosh! Do we get to go again!! I am SO there!! I can't wait to hear what is coming!!!....

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