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MSNBC Reports Teen Boy Contracted Neurological Disorder Hours After H1N1 Vaccine

Guillain barre slide Read the full article at MSNBC HERE. A 14-year-old Virginia boy is weak and struggling to walk after coming down with a reported case of Guillain-Barre syndrome within hours after receiving the H1N1 vaccine for swine flu.

Jordan McFarland, a high school athlete from Alexandria, Va., left Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children Tuesday night in a wheelchair nearly a week after developing severe headaches, muscle spasms and weakness in his legs following a swine flu shot. He will likely need the assistance of a walker for four to six weeks, plus extensive physical therapy...

...Jordan's parents said doctors diagnosed the teen with GBS, a rare muscle disorder that develops when a person’s own immune system attacks the nerves, causing muscle weakness, difficulty walking and sometimes paralysis and death.

Hospital officials didn't dispute that the boy had GBS, but refused to comment on the boy's condition or treatment, even after his family granted permission.

“They don’t want to create a fear or panic in the community,” said Jordan's stepmother, Connin.

If Jordan had eaten a sandwich with tainted meat, would the hospital have declined to comment for fear of causing a panic in the meat eating community? 



Here is another story on Jordan:,2933,574910,00.html

Maybe the risk of one flu shot is similar to the risk of receiving two at a time or several annually, but to me this really underscores the need for research on the cummulative effects of our annual flu shot (now flu shots--plural) programs.

Autism Grandma

To Jen Brown,

You are a brave warrior to fight for your nephew. I will send you my account of what happened to my grandson, although for legal reasons at this time I cannot sign my last name to this. (You will understand why when you read the account) However I need your email address and so does anyone else who wishes to contribute to your cause so please post this info or maybe Kim will forward the messages to you?

Besides the various accounts of autism occurring in relation to vaccines it would also be wise to go into court armed to the teeth with a barrage of statistics, facts, research sources etc. because the courts have been influenced by the vaccine industry propaganda and you really need to "give it to 'em with both barrels" in order to counteract all those lies.

Autism Grandma

Dear Sheldon,

It is very hard for a parent to make a decision about vaccines without sufficient information and research. However, since you won't have 2 years to stay up late every night researching like I have, here is a post I wrote awhile back on another forum that I hope will open your eyes to the reality of Vaccines. Although this post was written with those in mind whose children do not have autism [yet], the major points regarding vaccines still apply:

What Would Happen if We Stopped Giving Vaccines?

"In time you too will develop an acquaintance with truth."
Mar 10, 2009 12:13 PM PDT
Autism Grandma says:

I will share the best way to "develop an acquaintance with truth"....

Trust your doctor to assure you that "Vaccines are Safe" and that "Vaccines do not cause Autism".

Do not do independent research on your own.

When your child or grandchild spirals into the lost world of autism due to the heavy metals and many other toxins in vaccines, then panic and stay up until 3AM researching for an entire year and ahalf like I did. Then you will have your questions answered the hard way, but none the less your trust in the medical system will be shattered by the truth. Or you can simply ignore the mountain of evidence that has accumulated to the size of Mt. Everest, and continue to believe the pharmaceutical propaganda and continue to play Russian Roulette with your precious children.... until they finally go over the cliff from the toxic overdose and end up with Autism or ADD or Asthma or Diabetes or Cancer or take your pick of the many other diseases that have been shown to be connected to vaccines.

And be sure to ignore the obvious facts in that Autism is non-existant in the large Amish communities due to their refusal of vaccines, or that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome dropped to zero in Japan when they discontinued vaccines until age 2, or that the countries with the least amount of vaccines also have the least amount of Autism. And ignore the obvious fact that when there were but a few vaccines Autism was 1 in 25,000, then a few more vaccines and Autism was 1 in 10,000, then a vaccine schedule that dramatically increased to 48 doses given by age six, and now Autism is 1 in 100. Also ignore the many thousands of family members who have witnessed autism emerge as a direct result of vaccines. In our legal system, eye witness testimony is considered valid evidence, but not in our medical system? No, here eye witness testimony is categorized as "anectdotal", so if you see anything happen right before your very eyes, it is not considered "evidence". Only "studies" that have been conducted and financed by the vaccine industry are considered valid? So called studies which have been altered and manipulated to produce the desired outcome are "scientific evidence"? What about all of the other independent studies regarding vaccine damages that testify to the exact opposite reality?

And why do we continually hear "news reports" that "vaccines are safe"? Big Pharma owns the news media, or haven't you noticed by all of the drug advertising. Big Pharma spends Big Bucks to influence our news media, congressional leaders, and the FDA as well anyone else that serves their purpose. It's all over the online news information, so if you love your children do your homework regarding the vaccine dangers, and for the rest of your family you might want to also learn the truth about the myriad of other toxic drugs that have killed and permanently injured so many hundreds of thousands of people per year. Why would it be any different with the toxic vaccines? With a 650 Billion Dollar per year Pharmaceutical Industry running the show, why wouldn't they continually Lie, Deny and Deceive to keep the Almighty Dollar as their priority over people's lives.

It would be wise to educate ourselves if we "prefer reality", because otherwise the preferred reality will demonstrate itself in the damaged health of our children.... And I can promise you that you will not prefer the reality of your child developing Autism. When that time comes, you will have no time to do any research, nor much of anything else other than taking care of your very sick daughter has zero time for research now, but maybe your mother will invest thousands of hours in taking on that job for you like I have gladly done for the sake of my daughter and grandson. But just in case, you might want to consider doing the research NOW before it's too late because "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure".

Jen in TX

"Shills also like to have nonvaccinated kids with autism in their stories to try to plant a seed and create doubt. I have NEVER met an unvaccinated kid with autism."

Oh, I see. Anyone who claims to have an unvaccinated child with autism is a pharma shill! Lovely. You'd probably see more parents of unvaccinated autistic children posting here, if some of you didn't chase them away by accusing them of lying. Shame on you.

Jen, mom to 2 autistic boys, one vaccinated and one NOT VACCINATED.


Cynical Me,

Being cynical is not something foreign to me, and you may be wise to be adverse to sharing personal information (if that is what you are concerned about), but I have to point out that Bernard Rimland both said his son was not vaccinated and that he absolutely believed that thimerosal/vaccination (among other things) causes autism.


For Cynical Me:

I am the parent of two vaccine injured children - one recovering from autism and the other with active enterocolitis (the kind the American Gastroenterology Association does not recognize) just as a preface.

Last February at a biomed conference in my home state, I met the parents of a 5 year old boy with autism who was not vaccinated - at all. He did, however, have some unusual and chronic viral infections preceding his diagnosis.

At this conference, there were two prominent DAN! doctors who both shared that they each have a "handful" of non-vaccinated patients with autism.

I just wanted you to know that it does, in fact, happen. My intention is not to be confrontational. On the contrary, I believe our side should be as educated and open to possibility - whatever it may be.
The only way for us to win the war for our kids is through education, research and, of course, how we present ourselves. Well, and I suppose our ever-exploding numbers too!

Angela Warner

Cynical Me - I know three children who are unvaccinated and all have autism. Two brothers and their sister. The boys are quite severe. It does happen.

Cynical Me

Call me cynical but I heard this same story that "aunt Jen" told from 3 different pediatricians in 3 different practices. All of whom, thought mistakenly, that my husband was not on board with not vaccinating and were trying to pressure me to vaccinate or my husband would take action against me. Must be in the shill handbook. Shills also like to have nonvaccinated kids with autism in their stories to try to plant a seed and create doubt. I have NEVER met an unvaccinated kid with autism. I didn't buy this story when the MD's told it and I'm not buying it here either. Sorry "aunt Jen."

JenB for Sheldon

This is another article that you may feel worth reading. It is about a study released earlier this year. My personal take on this is that the immune manipulation &/or stress from the vaccine actually increases the risk of infection for some children.

I want to add I've seen three family members get ill immediately following the flu vaccine (given at different times). My sister said she "got more sick than she had ever been in her life" when she tried the vaccine, so personally I have more faith in attempting to support/nourish the immune system.


Aunt, Jen, I wrote, "You can also ask here for my Lyme disease doctor referrals." I meant to write "more" Lyme disease doctor referrals.


Aunt Jen, I really hope you will look into the Lyme-autism connection. For some reason, so many people blow off the possibility of Lyme disease.

My unvaccinated children were delayed, and it turns out they were both born with Lyme disease. I had no idea I had it. In fact, I felt very healthy and never went to the doctor. I know that if they had additional insults to the body, such as mercury exposure during gestation if I had amalgam fillings or ate fish, they probably would be autistic. I know for sure that they would be autistic if I had vaccinated them.


Aunt Jen, I just thought of something else. You should get Tyler's blood tested for immunity (titers) to every vaccine preventable disease possible. There's a chance that he is immune to some of them, and then, if the worst case happens, he could skip those vaccines. This should also be done as soon as possible. I'm thinking maybe you should take him to a different doctor than his regular pediatrician for the tests, so you can keep the results confidential from the x-husband if you want.


Aunt Jen, usually when there is an unvaccinated autistic child, it is because of Lyme disease. Most people with Lyme disease never noticed a rash, and ticks are tiny and easy to miss. The child also could have been born with Lyme disease. It transfers from mother to fetus. I see you are in NJ, which has a ton of Lyme disease. There is a pediatric Lyme disease specialist named Charles Ray Jones. Just Google him for contact info. Call right away because he has a long waiting list. If you explain the situation I wonder if he could get you in sooner. You need a doctor on your side.

You can also ask here for my Lyme disease doctor referrals.

Kathy Blanco

More of this will happen soon...I can almost bet on it.


What is so infuriating is the circular logic- GBS occurs all the time in society, doesn't mean it is related to the shot. OK then, death occurs all the time in society (45th in infant mortality after all)- doesn't mean it's from the flu, right? Hurts doesn't it?


We are currently not vaccinating either. Our doctor has said that when my son's body heals she will start him on vaccinations, not until then. Also, she will not allow the multiple injections at one time.
If you haven't read, Dr. Bock's Healing the New Childhood Epidemics, pick up a copy. I found this book to be a tremendous resource, that tied everything we have tried to do with my son together. Hang in there. Best wishes in your fight.



Jen - please get Tyler's web site going so people can figure out how to help if they want to do so.

Thank you and good luck to your sister, and most of all - Tyler.

Jen Brown

I am writing as an Aunt of an Autistic 7 year child named Tyler. My sister's x-husband is suing her to have him fully vaccinated and caught up to schedule. He currently is not vaccinated, at least this is what we think, unsure about first Hep B shot; but..his fathers current wife wants him vaccinated, and doesn'r allow him near their 1 year daughter. She is pregnant again with their second.
We have pushed the court date back, to Jan 22nd, however; we need help. My sister is a single mom, her x has already cut their child support in half and is afraid to fight it with the hopes that he "may" still be persuaded to drop this case.
I am asking for your stories. I want to hear and see your stories. What happened to your children after they were vaccinated, what schedule did you use? I plan to get as many stories of Autistic parents and use them in our court case. I will need your first name (last name is optional) and your state. At the bottom of your email please write I attest this is true with your name and initial or last name.
I am starting a grassroots campaign to save Tyler. I plan to start a website called This is a life or death situation for him He is one of the few children with Autism and is unvaccinated. If we were to instill toxins in his system he would not survive. his father is willing to play russian roulette with this boys life. I am not. I am an RN and we live in NJ. My sister Tara has used Religious Exemption for Tyler for school and do date, other than his PDD diagnosis at 22 mos he is "healthy" No allergies, no Asthma, no Excema.
His life is being toyed with. His new step mom is not a nice woman. She is evil and s the manipulator behind all of this. It is sad and scraey for so many parents that have chosen not to vaccinate and then based on a new marriage or a divorce, then the one parent has the right to manke a decision on their owm, where is your right as a parent. This is much bigger than just my nephew.
As we know divorce and Autism go hand in hand. As a united couple, you can decide no shots, but as a divorce couple the parent that chooses vaccination wins....something needs to change and I need help. I am not only asking for your stories, but your connections as well. I need attorneys, willing to fight this fight for the rights of Autistic children. One parent shouldn't have the right to take back their decision because of a new parents fear. This is a huge issue and as more nad more Autisitc Children are affected by this and as more and more information is brought to light about vaccines and their affects, thanks to amazing people like Louise Habakus here in NJ, more divorce will ensue.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me save Tyler and help me save those that are going through the same thing

XXX Tys Aunt Jen

JenB for Sheldon

For Sheldon:

Much of the details in this article have helped me feel like I'm better informed about H1N1 and the vaccine than I would be from only what the mainstream media and governmental officials are telling the public:

C. Estes

Please I beg you. Do NOT allow your daughter to be vaccinated with H1N1. Instead, cut back on sugar, make sure you both get lots of sunshine everyday (vitamin D) and make handwashing a priority.
Mrs. Estes


I Do not reccommend any vaccines for any patients at this time for anything. The Phd's are simply not smart enough, the doctors not ethically strong enough, the politicians not constituent committed and courageous enough, and the companies and their attorneys and the FDA are not honest enough for me to believe that they have a viable and safe prodouct with some real tangible benefit to anyone.


really good point Stacie!

Sheldon Hackl

I am a concerned father of my 5 year old daughter who has fragile x syndrome(autism).I am wondering if it is wise to go ahead and get this H1N1 vaccine administerd to my little girl who God knows has already gone through enough.Is anyone out there that can help me in my decision.


Just got our automated phone call from our school district. Looks like I'll be keeping my children home on Nov 19th. Portage Co HELLth department to the rescue. Also, does anyone have any ideas about what signs I can hold up outside the school at 8am? One's people can read as they're running me down with their cars to get to the H1N1 vaccine clinic?


actually, primate, I'll take your analogy, I think its spot on. less meat, less cholesterol (along with a host of other unhealthy side effects) - less H1N1 vaccine - less vaccine damage and better immune systems.
Perhaps you haven't yet read the fine print over on the CDC webpage? Or read how underwhelmingly mild the flu season was in the Southern Hemisphere (even without the H1N1 vaccine)....or how England and France officials are facing angry crowds who demand to know where all the danger is after proclaiming the end of the world - and why so much of the taxpayer money has been spent on vaccine for this bogus nondemic. Lots of info out there - just need to follow the pesky little '*'. Hint: the media isn't doing its job of reading the fine print.

Bob Moffitt

From the little information made available on this incident...we should not be surprised to learn the medical profession treating him...was at best...extremely tardy in reporting his GBS to proper oversight of vaccines authorities.

After all...the medical profession has already been forewarned that GBS, miscarriages and other serious events occur normally everyday and the fact some are going to closely follow H1N1 vaccine should not raise undue alarm.

I don't know how proper oversight of adverse reactions to H1N1 can be maintained unless the reporting of ALL reactions following H1N1 vaccinations are made MANDATORY throughout medical profession. Penalities for failing to report such events should also be MANDATORY.

Cathy Jameson

I wonder if we'll be hearing more about these stories (kids having adverse reactions) since more schools are hosting the vaccine clinics now. My county has the shot brigade out in the ready....


Quoting the MSNBC article "Out of about 40 million doses of H1N1 vaccine available to date, that’s a far lower rate of GBS than the 1 case that develops in every 1 million people who receive the regular flu vaccine."

Anyone else notice the bit of editorial trickery there???? 40 million doses AVAILABLE...not 40 million doses ADMINISTERED....AVAILABLE. Well that's a nice way to skew the numbers. Let's wait till they've all been given and reassess, shall we?

My stomach is churning.

Kathy Blanco

If I were his parent, I would have a major news conference, going down line by line, and sewing seeds of untrust in the whole vaccine paridigm...except I can say now without equivocation, that I would never subject my kids to this vaccine after what I experienced with their childhood ones.

Parents like this must really trust the white coats so much, that they can even lie about the etiology. Where have our brains gone? Where has our responsibility of parenthood gone? I will defend my kids right to voice, anyday.


Well, I hope that Jenny and Jim get hold of the parents and offer usable help like they did with Desiree.


Primate - you're taking my analogy too literally. Hospitals and public health officials are lightning fast when it comes to exposing sudden health threats whether from food, working conditions or environmental insults. But from a vaccine? No. No. No. Musn't raise panic. 15 people get sick from spinach leaves and the spinach farmer is sold down the river. A boy becomes ill following a gov't paid for/sponsored/recommended and perhaps school administered vaccine and we mustn't upset the apple cart. It's wrong. Thanks for commenting. Kim


"If Jordan had eaten a sandwich with tainted meat, would the hospital have declined to comment for fear of causing a panic in the meat eating community?"

Not exactly a great comparison - if the meat eating community became fearful of meat, the worst that would happen was their cholesterol levels would go down.

There is perhaps a greater weight of responsibility when commenting about the H1N1 vaccine.

Not an MD

We live in a world where we read articles about the "ethically disturbing" research studies done by pharmaceutical companies, who falsify data to make their drugs appear effective, when in fact they are not (reference the article, "Pfizer drug studies fudged, report says" from MSNBC on 11/11/09). We read about how pharmaceutical companies are heavily fined for illegally promoting off-label use of their FDA approved drugs for financial gain to the detriment of society. We also read from multiple media sources that vaccines, produced by these very same companies are completely safe and effective (despite reading about recalls due to to infant deaths - like Pfizer's Prevnar vaccine in the Netherlands), and that all parents who doubt the safety of vaccines manufactured by these very same pharmaceutical companies are crazy, and stupid, and dangerous to others. What is really crazy is that we live in a world where our public health authorities see it fit to mandate any medicine at all, vaccines or otherwise, considering the known track record across the entire pharmaceutical industry of dishonesty and harm caused. Profits trump safety, efficacy and integrity every time where vaccines are concerned. Wish there were a pill to make these valid concerns disappear. I won't be holding my breath waiting for one, though.

Casey Ohlsson

Poor kiddo. I wish I could say something like this is surprising. I hope he can get some recovering started. I'm also surprised it was even reported.

I'll be thinking about Jordan...

deb in il

Isn't one of the potential side effects GBS? Isn't it right there on the pamphlet with the drug?


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