Age of Autism Comment of the Week: 11/14
H1N1: Fact or Fiction By Barbara Loe Fisher

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Is Pfizer's Neurontin Effective at All?

Snow-White-Mirror Editor's Note: Just when you think the drug companies can't look any worse, along comes a new analysis showing Pfizer played fast and loose with studies to make Neurontin look like it worked way better than it did. Pfizer just paid $2.3 billion, including an unprecedented $1.2 billion criminal fine, for overhyping other blockbuster drugs. Maybe Pfizer should be spending some research money on how to treat self-inflicted black eyes (it will probably turn out that a piece of raw steak is still the best treatment, but they'll fix the results to show some new wonder drug works twice as fast, unless it makes you blind).-- Dan Olmsted

Read the story from MSNBC HERE.



Try 5-HTP .. magnesium B12 supplement or lots of kiwifruits. .i threw away my Gabapantin/neurotin..exercise..think positive..put God in control of my thoughts n am better.

Craig Willoughby

That is really interesting. Nate was having difficulty sleeping for about 3 days before his seizure. He'd go to sleep around 8, but was up around midnight and wouldn't go back to sleep.

Now, I can't help but think it might be related.


Talkative, better mood, some what hyper starved to death, my son too!
He also had this feeling that was some what spiritual. Driving home and passing the other cars he said he felt like he was connected to the people in the those cars, like he knew them, could feel them.
I also noticed that weeks after he had the seizure he was some times mixed up in events preceeding the seizure.
It is not good for the brain, so do not think that now he is talkative is a good sign. I have heard people say that days before their child's seizure their child was in a horrible mood and then after the seizure they were in the nicest mood. But a seizure is a crisis for the brain. That is why I can not understand how they denied my son had seizures, and purposly denied?
But this Atkins diet - Just came out to the public (me) last year.

Craig Willoughby

Thanks so much, Benedetta, Gatagorra and Michael. Right now, I'm just doing the research thing. Trying to get as much info as I can. I've already read up on some of the drugs they use, and the side effects of those drugs are downright freaky. I read up a little on the Ketogenic diet, and it looked interesting. I wasn't aware that the Atkins diet was similar, so I'll definitely look that up.

What's interesting, though, was that after he got back from the ER, he slept. When he woke up, it was almost like he was a new child. He was very communicative (he hardly says a word...but not yesterday) and calm.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for the advice. I will most certainly look into all of them.


I will never prescribe neurontin again, no matter who makes it, it is all a fraud and they know it is fraud and yet no one goes to jail? Someone had to approve this fraud and that person has to go to jail it is that simple. As parents we are going to have to do something more than just write about our children we have to try and get more help for them and these people have to pay for it


I'm reading "Drug Induced Dementia: The Perfect Crime" by Grace Jackson, MD. So for it seems to a forensic analysis of drug research fraud, a sort of (more like 600 studies) for psychopharmaceuticals. My favorite parts are the descriptions of drug-induced cellular damage which almost precisely mimic vaccine induced cellular damage...and that this is the MOST true for the drugs being recommended for vaccine-injured kids.


Craig-- I'm so sorry to hear this. I just spent four days at NAA discussing seizures with other parents. If you can, please ask this question on the Yahoo group ASD-Enviro. It's a vaccine injury and seizure list.

The AEDs can be pretty terrifying. None are ideal, some are downright dangerous. For starters, try to stay away from Depakote (it's a rare but known cause of autism-- not the cause of the epidemic but it has overlapping effects with vaccine and mercury-induced cellular damage).

michael framson


You probably already know this, but keep in the fore-front of your mind, that a seizure is a "symptom" of the problem....not the problem. Unfortunately, Western (conventional) medicine goes after treating (suppressing)the symptoms opposed to addressing the underlying problem. While this is philosophical, you're still looking for what will safely, and effectively benefit your son, i.e. treat the problem.

If at all possible, I would put anti-seizure medication at the end of the line as opposed to being the first chosen.

I would give some thought to homeopathy. It can work in powerful ways.


Cathy Jameson-
I know the feeling. I pass the Pearl River one regularly. Even have a relative that works there...


When my son was younger I was tempted and did start the ketogenic diet many times. But I was unsure if he had seizures, doctors kept telling me he did not. Plus I was scared I was not doing it right! It was rough, I had to measure his food, and he out right revolted when I cut his liquids. Impossible diet to do on your own and I was on my own.
BUT With the ketogenic diet there is a 30 percent cure rate (cure!!!!). Then add the MCT oil on top of that, raised the percentage of cure rates to 39 percent.

Now they have come up with the Atkins diet of only 15 grams of carbs a day. Atkins is not hard to follow like the Ketogenic. You don't really need the approval or more importantly the help of a medical doctor to go on that diet!
I just thought it was important to mention this too. That is what Dr. Poling has Hannah on.


Craig, I am so very sorry!
I wonder if they purposely put off dignosis so they do not have to give any epileptic medicine. I can not see how they could dismiss my son as much as they did unless they were deliberatly doing so.

There are lots of list of drugs on the epileptic foundation forum.

Our personal experience is with:
Dilantin; Worked great, no difference in mood, I actually found out that my son was very smart. first time he did good in school. However, it is the first drug ever invented. It takes calcium from bones and teeth. It will eventually lead to osterposis. It also causes gums to swell, and it can and will coarsen the features if left on it to long. That is the first thing we went on untill we could decide what to do next. It was becoming dangerous not to be on something because he was haveing seizures right next to the top of the staircase. Plus I refused the Depokote (valporic acid) out right.

Zonnegran; Caused him to loss lots and lots of weight, caused severe depression, and very irritable. We tried this off and on between dilantin and this for four years before we gave up.

Lamictal: Best of the best of the best. He felt great! He was in a good mood. He was my old son. He loved it untill one morning after taking it his neck and ears became bright red. It is known to be highly allergy causeing and can put them in the hospital or kill them.
So back on Dilantin and then on to a new drug.
Keppra; just as we were half changed over from Dilantin to Keppra he started haveing little mini seizures. God was with me all I know, because instead of thinking it was not working, I thought instead that it was the combination of the two. So I hurried and changed over to the Keppra. It causes him to be somewhat irritable if he is tired. sometimes if he is not tired but we can live with it.

That is our experience anyway.


This was not an easy book for me to read (the book is well written, but I found much of the content painful to absorb): Mad In America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and The Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill by Robert Whitaker.

The final chapters on "anti-psycotics" and the "science" (or more like politics, institutional convenience, and profit) that was driving/justifying their use, demonstrate how substances that don't work better than placebo, that probably in reality diminish an individual's chance for recovery have become the U.S. "standard treatment" for the mentally ill, while some more successful treatment methods (mainly outside the realm of what most consider medicine) fell victim to financial/political suffocation.

Cathy Jameson


Nope, farther south in Lee County, NC. We pass it on our way to ABA, the fantastic speech sessions that our insurance won't cover and to endless doctor's appointments where mainstream docs stare at us and scratch their heads. I try not to look when we pass the facility but I find myself shaking my head sadly each and every time I go by.



Remember the Pinto? Seems some could draw some correlations between the Ford Company's stance on the Pinto and Merck et al. stance on vaccines.

"Critics argued that the vehicle's lack of a true rear bumper as well as any reinforcing structure between the rear panel and the tank meant that in certain collisions, the tank would be thrust forward into the differential, which had a number of protruding bolts that could puncture the tank. This, and the fact that the doors could potentially jam during an accident (due to poor reinforcing) allegedly made the car less safe than its contemporaries.

Ford allegedly was aware of this design flaw but refused to pay for a redesign. Instead, it was argued, Ford decided it would be cheaper to pay off possible lawsuits for resulting deaths. Mother Jones magazine obtained the cost-benefit analysis that it said Ford had used to compare the cost of an $11 ($56 today, allowing for inflation) repair against the monetary value of a human life, in what became known as the Ford Pinto memo. The characterization of Ford's design decision as gross disregard for human lives in favor of profits led to significant lawsuits. While Ford was acquitted of criminal charges, it lost several million dollars and gained a reputation for manufacturing "the barbecue that seats four." Nevertheless, as a result of this identified problem, Ford initiated a callback which provided a dealer installable "safety kit" that installed some plastic protective material over the offending sharp objects, negating the risk of tank puncture."

The most famous Ford Pinto product liability case resulted in a judicial opinion that is a staple of remedies courses in American law schools. In 1981 in Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Co., the California Court of Appeal for the Fourth Appellate District reviewed Ford's conduct, and upheld compensatory damages of $2.5 million ($5.86 million today) and punitive damages of $3.5 million ($8.2 million today) against Ford. It also upheld the judge's reduction of the punitive damages from the jury's original verdict of $125 million ($293 million today). Of the two plaintiffs, one was killed in the collision that caused her Pinto to explode, and her passenger, 13-year old Richard Grimshaw, was badly burned and scarred for life.

However, a 1991 law review paper by Gary Schwartz claimed the case against the Pinto was less clear-cut than commonly supposed. The number who died in Pinto rear-impact fires, according to Schwartz, was well below the hundreds cited in contemporary news reports and closer to the twenty-seven recorded by a limited National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database. Given the Pinto's production figures (over 2 million built), this was not substantially worse than typical for the time. Schwartz argued that the car was no more fire-prone than other cars of the time, that its fatality rates were lower than comparably sized imported automobiles.


to Cathy Jameson:
Are you talking about the Pearl River, NY facility?

K Fuller Yuba City

The fines are not consequence enough. This is fraud, and fraud is a felony. Jail time and loss of income and lifestyle for the liars. Our children have a life sentence.
Most people have become so used to liars that we just expect it. Enough!


The FDA approved the drug as a supplemental medication in treating epilepsy in 1993. Pfizer took in $2.27 billion from sales of Neurontin in 2002(bloomberg).

So after many years of blockbuster status, they were fined for 1 years worth of revenues. they will take these odds every time.

Craig Willoughby

Something that really confuses me about the Oraccolytes is their tendency to just let stuff like this go. They wonder why we don't trust the Pharmaceutical industry and refuse to believe everything that said industry tells us. And since almost all of these studies that supposedly vindicate vaccines are funded by the Pharma industry...we're just supposed to believe them? Especially when it is so very easy to point out the flaws in these studies? And knowing the corruption and ghost writing done on their products? Aren't they supposed to be skeptics?

Benedetta, I'm curious. What did they give your son for his seizures. Are you treating it with drugs? I ask this because my son had his very first seizure last night (since his vaccine reaction 6 years ago). My wife just got back from the ER, where they couldn't find what was wrong with him. In fact, they said the seizures were febrile. She laughed at them...he hasn't been running a fever. We have to bring him to a neurologist, and I wanted to brush up on some of the treatment drugs that they use.

Anne Dachel


Personally I hope the $2.3 billion paid by Pfizer is going to be banked somewhere. It'll come in handy paying for the generation of vaccine-damaged kids pharma has left us with.
Anne Dachel


Pfizer just had to lay off a huge (HUGE) number of researchers!

I wonder why? I know the econmony is bad but the drug and medical people so far have been insulated from it all?

I know my son was dignosed with epilepsy at 17 years old (always had it, just kept getting worse). I researched like crazy to find out the most saftest drug. Good thing too because Depokote would have killed him just like it did poor Jett Travolta.
The second reason I researched was because I did not want the drug company that supplied my son's vaccine to get my continous bussiness from an epilepic drug.

That turned out to be hard to do since drug companies continously sell, buy each other, and change their names.

The national vaccine Information Center did the best job on tracking these guys. If any of you get a chance you might read through some of it.

Cathy Jameson

Pfizer just took over the Weyeth facility up the road from me. I drive by it when I take Ronan to his fantastic ABA therapy. I also cringe every single time I pass by this place. It's a constant reminder of how a lack of ethics, safety and 'do no harm' brought so many kids down the same path my son is walking. Grrrrr to adverse reactions to vaccines and greedy bastards.

Teresa Conrick

Working in psychiatric care for many years, I saw Neurontin used off-label way too much. Now seeing that the studies for it were fudged, it makes me so angry that children and teens were given this, especially with the severe side effects.

I was going to say,'unbelievable" but the sneaky, illegal, and immoral behavior from these companies is very believable -- what is unbelievable is that it is now known, it's in the news AND "Pfizer was fined a record $2.3 billion — including an unprecedented $1.2 billion criminal fine — for illegally marketing other blockbuster drugs."

"Unprecedented" means -- FINALLY somebody is turning these dishonest and morally bankrupt people and companies in and that is a very good thing!

Wonder where all this fined money goes?


I saw this story too . . . and have read numerous others like it in the mainstream media.

Yet we're supposed to believe that vaccines are perfectly safe? Huh?

At least you can sue in civil court for a bad drug - with a vaccine you're looking at a whole different track of "justice" (and I use that term loosely).

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