Cherry Picking Science: Chicago Tribune's Shotgun Journalism Strikes with Another Shoddy Hit Piece
Vaccine Induced Abortion Reports

Mainstream Media to Autism Families: Let Your Children Burn.

Fire teddy bears By Kim Stagliano

Your pretty red house is on fire. You're on the second floor with your kids.  The stairs are gone. You call the fire department. They tell you they don't go to red houses. They assure you that your house is not on fire, it's just your imagination.  They hang up on you. Then they disconnect your phone lines. Smoke is choking your children, flames licking their feet. Do you throw them out the 2nd story window or let them burn to death having been told your house is not on fire? You may choose to let your kids burn to death. Good on ya. Get out of my way, though. I'm throwing my girls to safety.

That's my response to the Chicago Tribune accusing us of performing "uncontrolled studies" on our kids.  (Our medical doctors are thorough and safe, by the way.) The AAP and mainstream medical doctors have abandoned our sick kids. They offer us nothing. Do they really expect us to let our children suffer? And why does it bother journalists like Trine Tsouderos and Pat Callahan that some of us are improving our children's lives?

Who on earth would tear down progress for so many kids and moreover, why?

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.


Anna Lee

Jamie - your comments are cruel. It never fails that when I drift over to this site for a little moral support I find a judgmental, over-opinionated parent that shoots off his/her mouth in an inappropriate manner. There are indeed parents who have tried everything (your "sure" is unnecessary) and have not succeeded in helping their children. They have to sit on the sidelines and watch Jenny McCarthy be called a "hero" when she is doing nothing more than what many of us tried 10 years ago. We want to know why it did not work for our children. We are looking for science to tell us why it worked for some and not for others. Ten years ago, Jeff Bradstreet pushed me to do IVIG on my daughter. I resisted. Why? Not because some mainstream doc told me it was voodoo. I was warned off it by Jane E-Dahr, the immunologist that has her name on the IVIG paper published by Bradstreet. She told me the IVIG was not precise enough an instrument for what my daughter needed. You see, Bradstreet was copying the work of Sudhir Gupta for many years - experimenting with it, altering it, trying to figure out what would work. Then after all those years, he claims the neuroinflammation study at Johns-Hopkins justifies the IVIG. The authors of the Johns-Hopkins paper have every right to defend their science and say it is being misinterpreted. The Chicago Tribune has every freedom to act as a "consumer reports" in a medical issue. Instead of attacking all parties and accusing hard-working parents who have the added stress of doing all and not getting the glory as "losers", perhaps you can produce the science that tells me why these treatments have not helped my daughter?


Does your child ever have fevers - unexplained fevers that the doctors says oh, it a virus, but in your gut you worry it is more???? Does he go to bed for longer than you think he should to get over it? During this time is he very sensitive to light? Does he (if verbal) complain of headaches?

To me that is a flare of an inflammatory disease. That the doctors are letting it just go. To me that is allowing a slow brain injury. To me that is the most helpless feeling in the world.

If we could get a doctor to take a SED rate during these times, and see that a flare is occuring would it not be great to have an IVIG administered. Just like they do for those with very acute Kawasaki's with temperature of 105. But make no mistake just as Kawasaki's could be damaging the heart these episodes for our kids could be affecting the brain, each and every time.

So do a little diet, take some cucumin, be thankful you have a doctor that will do chelation, fall on your knees to God in thankfulness if during this time you have a doctor wise enough, compassionate enough to do an IVIG.



I wish your child all the best. My child first? No problem, dude. My completely non-verbal 3.6 year old child started talking in 2-3 word phrases 6 weeks after starting chelation with DMSA. Oh, I bet that was just a coincidence after he had been getting ST, OT and DT since he was 18 months old. Total, total coincidence.

His stimming and toe-walking and arm-flapping disappeared after going on a GFCF diet. More coincidences.

You and the Tribune are free to stick your heads back in the sand together. It's a shame you are not willing to try.


Chelation, IVIG, brain inflamation? My son has severe ASD and uncontrollable stimming. Outside of that he is developing and showing progress without IVIG, chelation, and anti immune drugs. I am with the Tribune, and will play it safe and avoid doing any more damage than what has already been done. Your kid first.

Elizabeth Hensley

It isn't just the mercury in the vaccines it's the glutamate and now the aluminum. Maybe other things too in allergic kids, and overstressed immune systems. It may even been Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the shot experience itself. We are very sensitive. The military knows now PTSD is REAL brain damage that can cause real problems functioning and in Toddlers and school aged kids that may be much more disabling. I do know I had PTSD from the experiences and there was no relief from them. They kept happening over and over again for years. At least a solider would have known his time of deliverance was coming. That could have been at least part of the factor. It did cost me my trust relationship with my mother and cause serious behavior problems. Of that I have no doubt. I registered it as abuse with all the long term emotional trauma abuse has, with nightmares and fear of falling asleep and no more trust in anyone anymore. My website down below lists FDA and AMA ways to make it not hurt that doctors and nurses and health departments could have been doing for 20 years but they can't be bothered. Like dark age torturers they get used to their little patient's very real pain and terror and it no longer bothers them. Even we Autists have to have needle sticks. It is is self made site. So bare with it. But there is more to it than that. I didn't start having melt downs until they started adding MSG to everything and there is glutamate in ever live virus shot. Unfortunately I didn't make the connection until I was 52 years old because the FDA allows it to hide in foods under 40 different names. Now that I know to avoid MSG the only melt down I had when when I ate some food that had some in i one day due to having no choice that or go hungry. I now take a glutamate blocking medication too and that is also helping me sleep. But at least I was avoiding all melt downs just avoiding the MSG. Vaccines do not cause autism. Vaccines turn potential Teslas and Einsteins into Rainmen and speechless spinners who pound their heads against the walls to distract themselves from the pain. We have always been around inventing most of what was worth inventing and coming up with most worthwhile scientific and theological concepts. We do not have an Autism epidemic. We have an epidemic of sick Autists. Neurotypicals have a choice. They can green the vaccines, get rid of live virus vaccines and make them not hurt to cut down on the trauma and we will deflect those pesky killer asteroids for you and invent you a faster than light star ship engine and your neurotypical aggressiveness can take you to the stars. (That is why God made both kinds of us) Or you can start building LOTS of institutions and voting for lots of disability money. Your choice. Elizabeth Hensley note 3 s's.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Vicious attacks in the media? We must be on the right track. The opposition has its back to the wall and is desperate. They will go to their graves denying vaccine damage.
Poor indoctrinated soul in a white coat- Im sorry that there are only 365 days in a year, because in all those days there is still no time for you to read the stacks of scientific research which tell us that mercury in vaccines is the abomination of our time-
And there is not even a minute in those 365 days for you to think, when you see an autistic child in your clinic- There, but for the grace of God go I. (If I had been born post 1985 )


I personally think the parents that argue against vaccine damage and biomed are utter failures themselves. They either are too damn lazy to even bother trying to give their children the biomedical intervention that is crucial or they claim "we tried that" (sure) and it didn't work or my all time favorite, "my BCBA, ABA therapist/specialist, or Pediatrician told me that is all voodoo science." The part that gets me are when these very parents defend the Pharma. companies and screwballs like Leitch and others. And there are plenty of these types of parents. They just accept their kids as "genetic gifts from God" and look for what residential placement their kids can be dumped into asap. Total nutjobs!

kelly milazzo

Kim, well put! And my response to the Chicago Tribune through the eyes of a playwright, Hamlet Act 3, scene 2, 222–230:

how like you this play?


Friends, I can only think that the Chicago Tribune signifies we must be getting VERY close to a breakthrough! ;-) ~Kelly

Erik Nanstiel

Hi Kim, the pharmadiverse crowd at Kev Leitch's blog is weighing in on this post. Apparently, your devastating analogy hit a nerve with them! Their response gave me a good laugh.

Those are EXACTLY the sort of people who deny the house is on fire. They hate our children and they will do ANYTHING to protect the vaccine industry and try to confound our efforts to push research FORWARD into the clinics to help our kids. But it warms my heart that their aim is terrible and their guns are filled with blanks.

we shall overcome

Great post, Kim. I would add Julie's smoke alarm directly underneath. You guys are geniuses.


It is truly sick how I would have to always try to convince my son's ped that he could be helped/cured (the hair would stand up on his arm with this word). My son has autism and seizures. I finally got angry and left him. He gave me the "why do we get cancer" line. And made it well known that he considers my son's condition as permanent. He never even gave him real check ups when I would go. Then I seek out the neurologists who almost kill my son due to their relentless love affair with seizure meds. The last one told me that my son feels no pain and lives in Narnia.

The thing is that these people all think we are crazy and desperate. I think they do this out of guilt. What is that oath Docs take? They should all be ashamed of themselves. They give a lower standard of care to our children than typical ones. Worse yet, most of the time they give no care.

Harry Hofherr

Well said, Kim. Excellent.

Harry H.

Autism Grandma

Hey Kim you made the perfect analogy!!!

I used to have this exact nightmare over and over again: the house was on fire but the firemen never showed up, or the phone got disconnected when I tried to call them for help, or they would just hang up on I ran around like a crazy woman trying to put the fires out all by myself. I would always wake up shaking in a cold sweat, and then one day I finally realized that the nightmare was about me because I had been poisoned by a toxic solvent exposure and could not get any help from the medical system.

Finally I was driven by desperation to search for answers in natural medicine, and I found answers one by one with the help of Divine Guidance. Those nightmares stopped finally, and I never had another one until my grandson was pushed over the cliff into autism by vaccines...and the nightmares started all over again...but guess what these nightmares are gone again as he has been progressively improving with Defeat Autism Now protocols, Essential Oils and Homeopathy. The big difference this time around with our second family member POISONED, was that I knew better than to waste valuable time asking the medical system for help. Thank God that I was poisoned into oblivion myself or we would have unknowingly begged the medical doctors for help and tried every drug out there just like I did myself before God led me to the Light.

Our innocent children are being victimized by our Profit Driven medical system which is controlled by the Pharmaceutical Industry. First they poison them with the vaccines, and then as the myriad of health problems are revealed... Autism, Asthma, ADD, Cancer, Diabetes, Neurological disorders,++++, then they drive people like sheep into the slaugher house to finish them off with toxic drugs.

Kathy Blanco's post is a great example of the Bigger Picture: "In the mainstream medical system there is no treatment for viral immune conditions. The only treatment ever offered is radical treatment like interferon therapy, given only to the most chronic hepatitis patients. Even in these cases it is elective since the therapy has been known to drive people to suicide."

My ex-boyfriend developed Hepatitis C and fell for all the propaganda about Interferon so called "therapy". When I saw what this did to him I almost fainted it was so shocking: He lost 60 pounds, his thick black curley hair was falling out, and eventually turned pure white and straight (what was left of it by the time he gave up believing in this B.S.) His entire personality changed into an angry confused depressed lost soul and he was on the verge of death. Six years ago they gave him maximum 6 months to live, and I told him "Yeah you won't even make it that long if you keep putting that poison into your veins"... But he wouldn't listen, he was thoroughly deceived until finally one day he was in the waiting room at the clinical trial office and overheard a conversation between two nurses: "I am leaving this job, I can't take it anymore." "Why?" "All these Hep C patients are dropping like flies on this program and I can no longer support this because it is killing them." Thank God for that nurse because she saved his life. 6 years later he is still alive thanks to discontinuing the medical approach and switching to natural medicine.

So our children are just one small part of this HUGE picture of people being poisoned over and over again by Big Pharma's toxic concoctions and they have the stamp of approval by all of these "genius" doctors. Then the media ends up supporting all of this and claiming that natural therapies don't work, it's just a scam perpetrated by a bunch of quacks. Why don't these journalists do their homework before they write this SH*T??!!! Which ones are just plain stupid and which ones are in the pocket of Big Pharma? These doctors are the responsible parties that are supposed to be the Firemen who save our children from the flames, but NOOOOOO....instead they pour gasoline on them and make a BONFIRE...while meanwhile the media pretends that this huge fire doesn't exist....and then when REAL Firemen show up on the scene and actually start getting these fires put out, these so called "news reporters" claim that these firemen aren't qualified and they aren't really putting out any fires anyway. According to them, we just imagined the fires to begin with. Do any of these people have a CONSCIENCE????


I will be forever grateful that a certain woman named Jenny introduced me to DAN via the Oprah Show, and we too saved our "burning" child. Our peditrician told us to get a good speech therapist for our child's medical problems and is useless as they come. Do ST's fix constipation these days? This medical advice IS the equivilant of "let your child burn."

To all the jackasses running around loving this Trib article - you will never quiet these parents. We are never going away.

Kathy Blanco

Our healthcare insurance model in well suited to deal with acute problems like broken bones, traumas, and illnesses that have a straight forward diagnosis and treatment. It is ill-suited to help those with chronic conditions like autism. Once a condition becomes chronic patients get "thrown from the train," so to speak, left with "untreatable labels mystery labels" that gives all future doctors the right to say, "there is nothing that can be done, it's genetic, accept it."
In the mainstream medical system there is no treatment for viral immune conditions. The only treatment ever offered is radical treatment like interferon therapy, given only to the most chronic hepatitis patients. Even in these cases it is elective since the therapy has been known to drive people to suicide. And so, they think we are nuts to say, the paradigm is just as important for autism...we need a radical therapy for a radical disease.
There is "no separation of systems" in our body, yet we have created a hierarchy of specialists who look at individual body systems as if they function in isolation. Most doctors learn the body in chapters so they get a false idea that the body is a bunch of compartments. Unfortanately, many health problems aren't neat and discrete. Too many doctors have blinders on. They lose sight of the big picture -- how the immune system, the hormone system, the nervous system, digestive system, and others -- are ALL tied together. You have to look at ALL of them at once. Unfortunately, no doctor is going to look at our kids that way, unless they had specific training...and or, have had to respecialize their practice such as ACAM, or holistic or DAN!...otherwise, they are just hack jobs on our kids...and us...and we as a population will never receive the news how our bodies work in consortium to our environment. What we eat, what we ingest, what we put on our bodies...all matters. And for our kids, what infections were loaded on them in childhood at key developmental times. Unfortunately, our kids were sitting ducks, because they had set ups to that vaccine injury, known as predispositions...and unfortunately again, those don't mean diddly squat to our medical associations...sigh...the point I am trying to belabor is...that until they find the antecedents of autism, they won't cure autism for will be left in the category of genetic, we can't do anything, it's all in your genes...and then mock us for trying SOMETHING to help things along...and to be truthful, some of what we do is a shot in the dark's all conjecture and theory, but I see a lot of conjecture and theory walking around without a diagnosis of autism after losing it to biomeds, so who am I suppose to believe? The white coats, or the moms? Who are the ones with the REAL vested interests?

deb in il

I initiated the search for someone to put out the fire thanks to Jenny M. The fire is just some smoke right now that I will figure out how to get it out soon with the help of AofA, yahoo groups, our DAN! and all the wonderful internet friends that are my support group.

I like the analogy that "they" recommend putting out the fire with oil (or gasoline), when something as natural as suffocating the fire (eliminating the toxins) and water (organic whole diet and supplements) will do a much better job.

This will be a good way to talk to family during the holidays about our situation. We are not victims! We are taking control of the situation and fighting for our kids - stay out of my way!

Ted Van Oosbree

Standard medicines given at approved doses kill over 100,000 Americans per year. The tender concern shown by the mainstream press for the safety of autistics subjected to relatively innocuous treatments is ludicrous in this context.

Angela Warner

Ut Oh... I can't wait for tonight if you're gonna shave the foam off Kim. Whatcha got up your sleeve now??? I know - we're gonna have to wait LOL.

What a bunch of little pissants they are. The quacks honestly, never cease to amaze me with their blatent stupidity and willful ignorance.

I guess they'll finally realize that ignorance is not bliss when they have all the country's burn units filled, huh?


I kept asking for help and answers when my house was just a little smokey. Then, there was no help (from those who gave an oath) when my house was a 3 alarm fire. Instead, my husband and I decided save the burning children inside ourselves. We no longer trust those who we thought were supposed to take care of our fire.
Awesome article, Kim!!


Foam? Good, I need to shave my legs tonight and that will come in handy. K

Craig Willoughby

I must say, you must be doing something right, Kim. The Quackosphere is practically foaming at the mouth about this article. Anything to piss off those nitwits is a job well done.

December Courtwright

Wow-way to put it! They are like High Schoolers who go around telling lies about someone they NEVER EVEN TALK TO. More losers dwelling on Planet Nincompoop.

Kathy Blanco

Why? Because it strikes against the thought pattern that you have ingrained imbreeded genetic flaws...and that you are an acceptible loss..your just lost...and your DNA is faulty, damaged, and desstined...move on, nothing to see here...

Why, even every illness we have today would be questioned to etiology...and what would that do? A questioning public is a threatenous one...which threatens the national security of our country, our belief systems, that people are out to get some form or another....and that you should not change or try to change the status quo. Dumb down the masses...the second story on our five oclock local news is about a pumpkin shortage? Why is that newsworthy?

Look at the many products on our the FDA looks away from aspartame, stevia, etc. Look how the vaccine manufacturers add to the schedule, put more neurotoxins in, insert retroviruses in the population? Look at the insecticides, the fluorides, the pesticides that are found in our food, water, are nothing but an insect, a blithe on the grand scale of things.

Look how they handle diseases, band aid them, not cure them...this is all are under control.
Wake up Autism are NOTHING to the global elite. NOTHING....your like the non emotional report you hear on the news of another death of our soldiers, another blip on the screen of how messed up our world is. All that is required is that we remain silent, unmoved, and workable.


In my experience the fire department was afraid of my Son's massive flames (seizures, tics, a couple different brain anomalies, sensory dysfunction, LD...). In a panic they grabbed the closest thing on the counter which unfortunately was several different types of oil.
On studying the effect of oil on my son's flames I decided the department I put in charge of my son's fire was panicking. When the oils were causing more fires I chose to find out what was causing the original fires and patiently put each one out myself.
SEIZURE AND DRUG FREE!!!...the two brain anomalies will always be there (actually there is a study that is showing promise that one anomaly can be treated and reduced- vit. D). He is recovered.



Well said.

Thank you,



If the AAP starts promoting biomedical autism treatments, the insurance companies will raise holy hell. Why aren't insurance companies recouping their financial losses from companies that inject poisons into infants, instead of denying claims from their fee-paying members?


Jules, I know a certain very handsome firefighter who will ALWAYS help our kids. And his chiropractor firefighting colleague. Phew! Is it hot in here? :)

Jules Boise

WOO HOO !!!!

Angela Warner

OMG! Kim The crowd is roaring!!!!!

Isn't it ironic tha tthe children who initially diagnosed with autism were those of educated parents, and now the ones most likely to refuse vaccines are educated parents.

Some vaccines we refused or the kids were too sick to take in. Not because I was especially educated, mostly because we were poor and were getting further education (college). Thank God.

Yeh... I got me some edumacation and I threw my kid under the bus after hours, and days, and weeks of extensive research. I enrolled him in a study. DBPC study.

Nathan's recovery story ran again on Sunday (nice Kim :D)

The fire Department would not let your house burn regardless of whether or not it was red, but (adjective I won't use even though it's not Sunday - insert your own)the CDC, FDA, and AAP could care less! They burned them and continue to let them burn.

Nice analogy and ironic for me personally.


Below is a list of drugs and autism medication commonly used to treat certain symptoms in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as provided by the National Institutes of Health. Use the search feature above to quickly find the autism medication you're looking for.

Children's Autism Medication Chart

Stimulant Medications
Adderall amphetamine 3 and older
Adderall XR amphetamine 6 and older
Concerta methylphenidate 6 and older
Cylert* pemoline 6 and older
Dexedrine dextroamphetamine 3 and older
Dextrostat dextroamphetamine 3 and older
Focalin dexmethylphenidate 6 and older
Metadate ER methylphenidate 6 and older
Ritalin methylphenidate 6 and older

Non-stimulant for ADHD
Strattera atomoxetine 6 and older
*Because of its potential for serious side effects affecting the liver, Cylert should not ordinarily be considered as first-line drug therapy for ADHD.

Antidepressant and Antianxiety Medications
Anafranil clomipramine 10 and older (for OCD)
BuSpar buspirone 18 and older
Effexor venlafaxine 18 and older
Luvox (SSRI) fluvoxamine 8 and older (for OCD)
Paxil (SSRI) paroxetine 18 and older
Prozac (SSRI) fluoxetine 18 and older
Serzone (SSRI) nefazodone 18 and older
Sinequan doxepin 12 and older
Tofranil imipramine 6 and older (for bedwetting)
Wellbutrin bupropion 18 and older
Zoloft (SSRI) sertraline 6 and older (for OCD)
*Antipsychotic Medications
Clozaril (atypical) clozapine 18 and older
Haldol haloperidol 3 and older
Risperdal* risperidone 18 and older
Seroquel quetiapine 18 and older
Mellaril thioridazine 2 and older
Zyprexa olanzapine 18 and older
Orap pimozide 12 and older (for Tourette's syndrome—Data for age 2 and older indicate similar safety profile)

Mood Stabilizing Medications
Cibalith-S lithium citrate 12 and older
Depakote valproic acid 2 and older (for seizures)
Eskalith lithium carbonate 12 and older
Lithobid lithium carbonate 12 and older
Tegretol carbamazepine any age (for seizures)

Just imagine if our children never have to use these drugs again!!!! Big Pharma will miss out on Millions upon Millions of dollars. They are depending on us parents to stop chelation and diet intervention.


My God that was brilliant, Kim. I think it's what we're all feeling after this rash of trash media over the weekend. You have your thumb on the pulse.

And Julie-- you're contribution was brilliant too. I'm going to go to sleep chanting "The smoke alarm caused the fire. The smoke alarm caused the fire". It did. What incredible madness.


Amen, Kim! I couldn't believe how one-sided that article was. But I'm just another nutter who would get my children out anyway I could.


Who on earth would tear down progress for so many kids and moreover, why?

Who? Corrupt media,politicians,medical and pharma officials

Why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Money Money


All I have to say is that when my non-verbal son was diagnosed at 3 - sick with acute GI disorder and a danger to himself - that I did not listen to idiots... I am mean experts like this.
I am so glad we got right on the "unproven" GFCF diet, supplements and chelation.
Or I would not have heard him say "Oops my bad!" when I corrected his Math this morning or hear his confession for stealing gum drops off the ginger bread house tonight. Every word like a symphony to me, thanks to Biomedical help.
Our lives are a a trillion times better.
These are self proclaimed experts looking to boot kick a population already struggling. Walk a mile in my would do the same. They ought to be ashamed! We don't have 30 years to wait on double blind placebo studies, we had to rush to viable treatment like the H1N1 vaccine producers rushed their vaccine through the FDA pipeline. Only we didn't stand to earn billions, we just wanted our kids back.
It was a matter of life and death for our family. We had a non-verbal kid running off, hiding under vehicles and a couple times nearly drowning.
So you can take your stupid Tribune article and file it at the bottom of the litter box!
Talk to the parent of a recovered kid.

Julie Obradovic


Because any acknowledgment of a successfully extinguished fire leads back to the cause, in this case, the smoke alarm mandated by law, installed and promoted by the fire department as the greatest way to prevent house fires, and studied for safety by the manufacturers and patent holders of the product itself.

Pretending there is no fire, or pretending to be ignorant of whether or not it is a fire, allows them to believe spontaneous combustion is coincidental, eerily similar but not the same, a mystery to behold that they do not know how to treat or even if they should.

It must be the structure of the home. Faulty wiring. Leaving appliances on too long. Matches. The fire place. Millions and millions of dollars later, we don't know what part of the house is causing these fires, we just know what part isn't.

Anything, anything, anything other than the smoke alarm. It can't be the very thing intended to protect them from fire, caused the fire. It's too much to contemplate.

And so those who implicate the smoke alarms, chose not to install them anymore, and warn others about specific brands and installation techniques are criticized as irresponsible pro-fire nut jobs who want to see everyone burn.

Smoke alarms save lives, people, they don't take them. Smoke alarms prevent fires, they don't cause them. The fire department, government, and manufactuers have repeatedly studied all houses with smoke alarms of 2 different kinds and say they've proven it.

Any attempt at using the bath water, the garden hose or even the toilet water is highly frowned upon given that we don't know how to treat the kind of spontaneous combustion you are experiencing, or even if you should. In the event you chose to try such methods, you will be ridiculed and ostracized. You are dangerous. Garden hoses don't put out fires well anyway, don't you know?

And, in the rare event it works partially or completely, you must know it was a lucky coincidence. You should be grateful you didn't hurt yourself or your family in the process. Leave the fire extinguishing to the professionals.

The ones who refuse to show up.

Nicole Willoughby

Ok its hard to give a standing ovation over the net so imagine the croud clapping and cheering right now...
That is the best explaination Ive ever heard about why we do what we do and keeping doing despite the ridicule, threats or child endangeremt and medical neglect, and on and on.
Thank you! Knowing there out others out there with me helps me to get up, brush the dirt off and go on once more.

Barbara Fischkin

You are absolutely right.
About the house being on fire and about the docs. They are the most thorough I have ever known.


If we find a way to heal our children, we just might find the root causes or triggers of autism. Vaccines are what caused my son's autism. I have pictures of him before and 5 days after his 12 month and 18 month shots. The pictures are shocking evidence. His stomach before and after the shots is living proof for only me.
How will the pharmaceutical companies make money if they can't drug our autistic children in to adulthood. The doctors have tried to perscribe my son antidepressants, antacids & steroids. I've worked in group homes with adults with autism. I'm amazed how many pills they are given a day.

deb in il

Perhaps you could have added biomedicine is handing you a ladder and a fire hose. Throwing your kids out the window can be taken out of context knowing those buffoons.


Well said, Kim. This kind of reporting is not only irresponsible on the part of the Chicago Tribune, but just smacks of corporatism behind door number 1,2,and 3...

1. being our medical review boards
2. being our unelected and elected officials
3. being our media

Such propaganda can only persuade people for so long before it just gets to the point where it is viewed for the nonsense that it is. Thank you for highlighting and responding to this latest infraction of burning homes.

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