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Larry King Live Tonight on H1N1 Includes Guest Dr. Jay Gordon

Dr. jay gordon and baby Read the transcript from CNN: HERE   

Nineteen children dead from the H1N1 virus last week alone! As the death toll rises, why some doctors are saying "no" to vaccinations! What you need to know to protect your loved ones -- now!

Dr. Jay Gordon is a featured guest on Larry King Live tonight as they discuss H1N1. HERE to email your questions. Check your local CNN listing for time.


Jay Gordon

Denise, well said.

Thank you.



Mr. Gordon,

I appreciate your heart-felt post here on Age of Autism. However, I watched the Larry King episode and was disappointed at how the H1N1 vaccine was said to be "safe" and not a "dangerous vaccine" by both you and the other physician. You also said that President Obama shouldn't declare a national emergency unless there is enough vaccine available. These types of statements only continue to promote the urgency to vaccinate and that vaccination is the only way to prevent this terrible "disease".

I like your even handed approach and appreciate your perspective but blanket statements about the safety of the H1N1 shot without including a discussion of the risks and controversial ingredients, including thimersol, completely defeats the purpose of the parents in our community whose children who have been vaccine injured. Parents are absolutely entitled to "informed consent". Every parent is entitled to the risks as well as the benefits. We also would like parents to hear the alternatives they have including more nutritious diet, multivitamin supplements and rest and fluids during illness.

As you said "I also thought I'd have time to explain that the danger invoIves mainly secondary bacterial infections, not H1N1)" This is a critical piece of information that is not being mentioned in mainstream media. Children and adults are not "dying" of H1N1. They are getting secondary bacterial infections.

I don't expect you to be anti-vaccine in your appearances but I hope in the future you will find the time to talk about alternatives to the vaccine and the potential risks.



Dr. Gordon,
Thank you for showing that it doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach.

Those in our community must realize that not everyone (especially those who do not have vaccine injured kids)want to give up on vaccines completely. The best approach to "greening" and slowing down our vaccine process is to speak to the mainstream with something they can understand and hold on to. My sister cannot relate to not vaccinating a child, but she can relate to things like, "hold off" "one at a time" "not high risk". Would I give my kids the flu vaccine? No way, but I applaud Dr. Jay Gordon for respecting those of us who decline them for our kids.

Craig Willoughby

Dr. Jay,
I, for one, truly appreciate your voice of reason among the pediatricians. Your approach is reasonable, and I can tell that you truly care about your patients.

Additionally, I wanted to thank you for coming to my defense the other day against the hate-filled mumblings of the Oraccolytes. You are a friend in my book.

Thank you.

John Stone

One of the things which we do need, which on this side of the argument has so often been denied to us is tolerant discussion, so we should be grateful to Jay Gordon for trying to keep channels open.

I do, however, see three problems with his position here.

1) Vaccines are inadequately tested in general, and usually only on healthy people. Then they are rolled out for people health issues, and he is even saying people with health issues should be the ones targetted. But for these people there will surely not be any trial data whatsoever.

2) The circumstances surrounding the swine flu operation are particularly unsatisfactory. Both the extent and the dangers seem to have been deliberately hyped by governments and the WHO, and it is not only fringe sources that are saying this. Meanwhile, vaccines have been rushed out in very unsatisfactory circumstances, completely unprecedented in modern times and have ingredients which give legitimate grounds for concern. For people who have campaigned a decade to get mercury out of vaccines it is very upsetting to see any pretext for sneaking it back in (with experts regularly making false claims about safety in the media). Really, we are left wondering about their motives.

3) The usefulness of flu vaccines is hotly disputed even within manistream science, particularly for children - notably by the Cochrane Collaboration. There really is no scientific consensus that this would be a useful intervention even if the products looked a lot safer than they do.

I didn't see Larry King but it would also be good if Jay could address some of the difficulties that we have with this episode. And I would point to highly reasoned documents by Marc Girard and Russell Blaylock:

There are here some very difficult questions.


My sister's son, my 3 year old nephew has had some respiratory problems since birth and wanted to give her son the shot. She is an extremely intelligent woman and questioned whether or not to do it. She actually called to ask me what I thought was best. I told her if I was her I'd vaccinate him. I just couldn't say no.

On the other hand my pregnant sister-in-law wants the shot and we send her email after email with reasons not to.

I can understand how it's a little harder on live and in color on LKL to offer that kind of advice.

Stagmom for Dr. Gordon

Dr. Gordon has been an advocate for our kids when other doctors wouldn't look at us twice. How soon we forget. Like Dr. Sears, he has put himself on the line by appearing on national television and writing about autism, vaccination and health. I have a friend whose child has Down Syndrome and a pacemaker - her choices for her daughter are very different from mine because of her child's health. A writing friend alerted one of my groups her son is in the ICU on a respirator with H1N1. Do I love mercury in a vaccine - hell no. Am I giving the shot to my kids - no no no. That doesn't mean parents who are desperate for even handed info, not Nancy Snydermans's doomsday panic, didn't learn a good deal from Dr. Gordon on LKL. Thanks, Dr. Gordon.


Jay Gordon

I had a point to make: Calm down.

I do happen to agree that I could have made a stronger case against giving the H1N1 vaccine to healthy children (and I sure as hell should have mentioned thimerosal) but I didn't want that to be the focus of my appearance.
(I also thought I'd have time to explain that the danger invoIves mainly secondary bacterial infections, not H1N1)

I really believe that there are certain high-risk children for whom the benefits of the vaccine might outweigh its risks. Not many, but some. You don't have to agree, just stop yelling at me, please.

I am tired of this being a polarized, nasty discussion.

Vaccines could be far safer than they are right now.

My thoughts have not changed:

Vaccines as they are now manufactured and administered can cause autism in susceptible children.

The "proof" offered to the contrary is unconvincing to me (and to you, I assume) but I refuse to pretend that I can prove my assertion to the satisfaction of either the medical community or anyone else.

I practice based on my experience and scientific evidence. Not proof, but enough evidence to have caused me to long ago abandon the usual vaccination schedule. The majority of children in my care have received no vaccines and I strongly support their parents' decision.

If you're looking for an extreme, so-called "anti-vaccine" pediatrician, I will disappoint you.



Margaret Diann

I appreciated Dr Gordon's comments. That unless there is a special lab test that cost approx $200 and takes awhile to be returned, you don't know whether or not it is the swine flu virus. That it is not necessary to take Tamiflu as a matter of course.

There is another cause of flu symptoms that is very serious. Exposure to glycol ether.

There would be blood in urine from the anemia that exposure to glycol ether causes: AIHA and there would be shortness of breath, rapid heart beat, abnormal body temperature, abnormal blood pressure, abnormal blood sugar (autoimmune hypothalamus). "The chills" is also often found and serious HEADACHES and memory loss. Body's immune system turns autoimmune & ignores the real job it is supposed to be doing. High white blood cells can show up as advanced anemia (not an infection per se). Whole blood transfusion can do wonders. In the extreme, however, organs can shut down.

Mr. T

These guys were really trying to hard sell this vaccine. They don't have any safety studies on this vaccine. Why doesn't Gupta talk about there is no recourse if you get injured? Very disappointed in Dr. Gordon.


Not quite sure who all the sponsers are for his show, but I am sure Larry's guests certainly cannot say things that would harm his revenue stream.

That, as is common with the rest of the "long ago bought out Free Press," determines how any given question would be answered.


Dr jay was very disappointing. He said it was a "good vaccine." WHAT? what about the thimerosal? i walked away after he said that...

david burd

I missed the King/Gordon telecast. However, going over Dr. Jay Gordon's web page, particularly his indexed topic of vaccinations, his own carefully chosen text written by him is instructive.

From reading Dr. Gordon, it seems he is 99% in the camp of the Vaccinate All Kids With Every Vaccine Camp, but his suave approach is to delay and spread shots out compared to the U.S. Child Vaccination Schedule, but still get all of them.

So, I am sorry I missed the King show and will try to retrieve it when available.

That being said, it seems Age of Autism has inadvertently put Dr. Gordon in a favorable light, when I think he is very dangerous and marches with the "vaccinate with every vaccine crowd."


I was disappointed in this segment too.

And I felt so sorry for the family who lost their healthy daughter to H1N1. It surprised me, though, when the Dad said he wouldn't have vaccinated her with the H1N1 vax if it had been offered sooner. I wish Larry would have let them talk about that a little more.


It is very dissapointing that Dr. Gordon did not mention anything about the thimerosal that is in the majority of H1N1 vaccines, and as we all know, is still in almost all injectable seasonal flu shots.

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