Autism Awareness Week at Brandeis
New Jersey Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Christie Addresses Both Autism & Vaccination Choice

NIH's Dr. Francis Collins Gives the Game Away on Autism.

Tilt By John Stone

In October, in an amended report of the fall-out of Story Landis affair (HERE) David Kirby threw in a remarkable piece of information at the end: that the new Director of the National Institutes of Health and architect of the Human Genome project, Dr Francis Collins, had told a Senate committee nearly three and half years ago that the rise in autism was due to “changes in the environment” (See

“Genes alone do not tell the whole story. Recent increases in chronic diseases like diabetes, childhood asthma, obesity or autism cannot be due to major shifts in the human gene pool as those changes take much more time to occur. They must be due to changes in the environment, including diet and physical activity, which may produce disease in genetically predisposed persons."

So, in fact we have here not just one, but two startling admissions – not only that environmental factors are the cause of the rise in autism, but that autism is rising at all! Despite this parents are still fighting with the Institutes and other agencies for any recognition of either fact, exemplified by Katie Wright’s latest dispiriting report from the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (HERE). Indeed, just last month with the publication of the new autism figures Kathleen Sebelius, US Health and Human Services Secretary, was still uncertain whether autism was really rising and had no idea what might be causing it (HERE). Almost simultaneously a UK government agency was making false and fraudulent claims that the autism rates amongst adults and children were identical (HERE).
And so an interesting question arises. If Dr Collins knew three and a half years ago that the rise in autism was real - and that its causes were not genetic – and told a US Senate committee this, why has nothing at all been done in the interim by government agencies but prevaricate? Why is it so hard to address this simple issue?

While they are generally quick to deny the vaccine connection, they are not exactly hot on the heels of any other environmental cause. Or is it just that Collins, Sebelius and Thomas Insel, Chair of the IACC, have not got the guts to come and talk to the countless parents who remember adverse vaccine events happening prior to their children’s disability – pre-empting also the result by not collecting the data?

As things are they do not have a consistent story and are not serving the public. A little humility would be in order.

See also ChildHealthSafety, ‘Autism Increase Environmental Not Genetic – Says New Director of USA’s $30.5 Billion Health Budget’, (HERE.)

John Stone is UK Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



Last night I caught part of a Collins interview on CSPAN with Brian Lamb. I believe this was a re-broadcast from Feb. 28, 2013. When I tuned in, Collins and Lamb were talking about Christopher Hitchens and Collins' conversion to Christianity. They went on to talk about Collins' education, his personal weight loss program, diabetes, cancer, the Human Genome project, mapping the active brain, the tragedy of salaries topping out at $300K. If they talked about the autism epidemic, it was before I tuned in. I don't think I'm going out on a limb if I say that
Collins is not interested in autism. Nobody should expect anything from him on this front.

Collins comes across as a nice old duffer, very satisfied with himself. I found myself liking him...except that occasionally something in his expression gave me the creeps. I wouldn't be entirely surprised to find out he has a dungeon in his basement.


Where is the media coverage? This is a BIG DEAL!! Oh, wait....they are too busy scaring people with H1N1!! Pardon me for thinking that autism is more important than the flu.

John Stone


"But meanwhile, I did write him to tell him just how long this has been going on."

Yes, a very good idea.


Robin Rowlands

A of A,
Whilst I disapprove of drugs such as ecstacy and where they lead i am also aware that rewriting scientific reports also leads us into trouble.
It is official - UK
Scientific advice and advisors whose research and reports clash with Governments other needs or broader view are to have their reports and research suppressed or rewritten and consider themselves obliged to withdraw from the broader scientific discussion and not share their knowledge with their peers or the public.
David Kelly died for nothing. Those bloated politicians Neo Labour and Neo Conservative want us all under the heel.
You will notice the BBC article raises questions over how BSE has been handled.
A of A

Confirm that my letter is being suppressed.
Confirm the panic in both the British Parliament and US Congress over the letter.
Tell of the pressure brought to bear against the media both UK and USA over the letter.
Do not publish the letter yourselves you are too vulnerable for that.

Rupert Murdock likes to think his empire can be the guardian of the worlds Democracies and replace / supplant the BBC.
The Murdock media empire should stand up or shut up?

The EU which was set up to protect Europe from the likes of the Nazi's and New Labour has failed.
I have informed the BBC World Service who of course can't report it that I shall be formally submiiting my letter to all the other EU leaders via their London ambassadors.
Needless to say most of them are already aware of the letter and preparing for the fallout on its publication


House of Commons Live

Mr. T

Intersting observations from Dr. Collins 3 1/2 years ago. The vaccine court special masters told everybody autism is genetic and scoffed at the parents.


John Stone,
I will always take your council. Yes, he needs more than two months.
So I will wait before writing, and calling for him to resign.

But meanwhile, I did write him to tell him just how long this has been going on.

John Stone

PS I would like to thank everyone for their appreciative comments. This was not of course my sleuthing or my discovery: for that everyone has to thank DK. But I did think it was important to get it up the agenda.

John Stone


Francis Collins has only been in post a couple of months. I think we need to wait a little longer to see whether their are any signs of movement. I agree that there are little general grounds for patience. We have had a decade of prevarication and bureaucratic manouevering, while the vaccine programme is still expanding and projected to expand at a reckless rate. Every opportunity is used to sneak mercury back on to the schedule, and we have official pronouncements everywhere that it is perfectly safe for which there is no evidence or justification at all.

And now, above all we have the swine flu scare, hi-jacking the public agenda. It is very depressing to see politicians and officials flexing their muscles over this while the public gets daily more sceptical.

All this is profoundly disgraceful but I think we should first of all look to Dr Collins for change since he has so succinctly identified the problem - or at least key elements of it which continue to be officially denied.



I have thought on this since last night!
Some body please direct me to the NIH website. I am going to ask for Collin's resignation right along with Tom Insel's.


that's how they justify the charade Natasa...some perceived fear that all will collapse if we learn the truth.. well if the system is fraught with flaws and built on lies inevitably it will collapse under it's own weight.. I think that's starting to happen and, for most of us, that's a very healthy thing.

I watched Sebellius on 60 Minutes talking about the H1N1 vaccine last night and she looked worried and not all that confident.. 40% Americans are refusing this shot which shows that they don't trust what the gov't is saying about vaccines. People are finally wising up.

Kathy Blanco

For some reason, I feel like we all live in the same age where they denied that unwashed hands in surgeries don't present a problem to the patient. Or, the one that H pylori has nothing to do with acid reflux. I can't remember a time in my fifty year history, that medical science has stepped back and let corporate america be the experts. We have little Bernia Madoffs all over corporate america..and they are willing to take or deplete away our health, as much as our wealth, so that THEY make sure, that next quarter their companies make a profit, over children. Truly, sick, world...

And our government entities are not much better, who are never regulated for their conflicts of interests...since when has vaccines been pushed by the deparment of health and human services? What makes them the expert...they are only told the lies from CDC and NIH and their bedfellows the corporate pharma schills and then swallow it for their consumption. Talk about an inscestious relationship...

My guess is if there were no profit in making vaccines for millions, then would they say there were safe? Nah, I don't think so...


Now let me appeal to your patience here --you parents are letting your emotions get out of control.

Please now - let us be reasonable!
Take a breath!
Step back, Yes you all need to step back.

Step back another 20 or 30 years, and be reasonable.

Roger Kulp

Think of the ripple effect here.If there is a general consensus that autism is not completely genetic,and that autism has other factors that contribute directly to its severity,two of the many big lies that support neurodiversity are gone.

There are some things as bad or worse than vaccines.Neurodiversity is one of them.

Teresa Conrick

Right on, John! These people are "in the know" and choose to ignore. We are not dealing with educating anybody, as they know, but it is a bigger task we have.

We have to show the lies, the facade of ignorance, the diabolical personalities, the real evidence vs the smokescreen, the historical connection of the dots, and always >>>>follow the money for as much as it seems we are up against a million hypochondriacs, the reality is that many could care less about health and disease. It is a tangled web of money and power and a resume would need to include narcissism ie, inability to have empathy, compassion, or a shred of integrity.

The genes R us folks will fight this tooth and nail but facts are facts and they are sweating more each day. They have taken money KNOWING that it is a dead end and we should demand that money back for research on something ...for example, suggested over 3 years ago..."Therefore, GEI will also invest in innovative new technologies/sensors to measure environmental toxins (insert Teresa's choices ;)- vaccines, "medicinal"/environmental mercury), dietary intake and physical activity, and using new tools of genomics, proteomics, and understanding metabolism rates to determine an individual's biological response to those influences."

Katie Wright

Come on Dr. Collins, it is time to start paying attnetion to the biggest developmental disorder/ disease ever to affect American children.

What could be more important than that? Why isn't autism #1 on your list of priorities? Every day you refuse to listen to families and learn about our kids is another wasted day.

What are you doing that could possibly be more important than dealing with the massive crisis in confidence in the federal response to the autism epidemic? IACC is a non representative body of mainly federal cronies who took 2 YEARS to make a plan. If I had you job I would be ashamed of lack of accountability and spurred to action.


Here is what I imagine those in the know at the CDC tell themselves: "Well, it is unfortunate, but maybe some people have to be sacrificed to protect the whole. If we don't diseases will come back" Bull crap! These are the most inventive, scientificially advanced times in human history. Do they really think in the United States of America we couldn't figure out how to identify those who are genetically at risk for vaccine injury and still protect the rest of society with vaccination (Autism is 1%, doesn't it take 95% vaccine compliance to cover the herd?)? After all, they can figure out from which field an ecoli contaminated spinich leaf comes in 24 hours! No, I imagine these are the lies they tell each other to keep pangs of consciences at bay.


They also know that vaccines are not the main reason for the drop in infant mortality over the last 100 + years. This article is from the CDC and it says:
"The reduction in vaccine-preventable diseases (e.g., diphtheria, tetanus, measles, poliomyelitis, and Haemophilus influenzae type b meningitis) has reduced infant morbidity and has had a modest effect on infant mortality."

So why the insistence that children will be dying left, right and in the middle if the vaccine rate goes down by even a tiny bit?

Marvin Lewis

I just hope that you do not think that Autism is the only thing that is presented disengenuously.marv


"They are INTENTIONALLY misdirecting research for fear of the outcome."

Absolutely. Lets just imagine, visualise, one of them, say Insel, coming out and saying: "the rise is real, the epidemic is real, something in the environment is causing this, lets look at vaccines amongst other things. Here is the first 5million, please send your tenders"

Would the world come to an end? Would the government collapse? Would the economic system collapse? Would suddenly everyone stop vaccinating and children start dying in droves from measles? Would that individual lose their job, their worldly possesion, their children's college funds? Get sued or bullied by vaccine manufacturers? Would their governmental agency collapse due to lack of funds? Or would they just get criticised in public?

What is the worst case scenario here? What exactly are they afraid of? Is their fear real or imagined?

Robin Rowlands

Ordinary people are not cattle or slaves and should not be treated as such.
Confirm my D A Notice and what has been going on behind the scenes.
The hunt for the criminals in industry and government who knowingly allowed this to happen to a generation of kids can begin.
The decadent elite who lord over us, and treat ordinary decent people with contempt will argue that ordinary folk should be kept ignorant.
We dont beleive that do we?
Robin Rowlands


Thank you, John. Great-- and sad-- sleuthing. It's much worse when it turns out they actually know better than the front they're erecting.

I'm thinking of the type of language we might typically use for societies in the past which engaged in child sacrifice-- words like brutal, primitive, violent, senseless, corrupt, etc.

Anne Dachel

The lies have gone on for so long that I can't imagine whose reputation will be left in tact when the truth comes out.

Anne Dachel


Thanks. This confirms my worst fear about these individuals. They are not ignorant. They are heartless liars with their own agenda (protecting pharma and lining their pockets) and they are driving the bus on autism research and where the money is spent. They are INTENTIONALLY misdirecting research for fear of the outcome. We already knew it but it just underlines the fact that we are on our own folks. It is up to us, the parents, has always been up to us to help our children. You know what though, our kids are lucky to have us. We will never give up on them. We have a vested interest in their future. Maybe we should send them a message to lead, follow or get out of our way because we WILL recover our kids despite them not because of them!


I have written, called, emailed, for years and years and years!

I have not been alone in this!

Barbara and the National Vaccine Information Center has been at this for years and years and years.

So, they know and not just three years ago either, and if they don't know then they are --- well, how could they be that dumb and made it into a big government job, earning big bucks-can't be dumb?

And it is like you said: We don't see them looking at any other environmental cause either.

So let us just step back a little PLEASE, and that way we all can get by with another bunch of years and years and years!

Alli Edwards

Another blatant oversight......governments deliberately asleep at the wheel. Curious.

Well done John for highlighting this. Good work.

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