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Generation Rescue Supports Desiree Jennings, Washington Redskin Cheerleader Disabled by Flu Shot

Desiree Los Angeles, CA: The parents of Generation Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and reversing autism, wish to express their hope and prayers for the complete recovery of Desiree Jennings from the injuries she suffered after receiving a flu shot.
Desiree’s tragic story has become a national sensation, with multiple news stories and more than 5 million viewings of her heart-wrenching journey on YouTube. We’re grateful that Ms. Jennings has had the courage to share her story with the world, and we’re hopeful that even more Americans will wake up to the reality that vaccines can prevent disease, but also have side effects. For certain more sensitive individuals, and as evidenced through Desiree Jennings’ experience, these side effects can sometimes be devastating.

Many parents of children with autism would not be surprised to see that the vaccine makers have mounted a response to Ms. Jenning’s heart-wrenching story. We’ve seen doctors on TV, who have never examined Ms. Jennings themselves, speculate that her injury is all in her head, a “psychogenic” disorder. This is an astonishing breakdown in medical ethics and reminds many of us in the autism world of the days when we were told that autism was caused by “cold” mothers. Today, the same denialism exists when a child recovers from autism – the talking heads appear to pontificate that the autism must have never existed.
Few Americans realize that our government maintains a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and a fund to pay for vaccine injury, which so far has paid out nearly $2 billion to compensate the families of the vaccine-injured, which includes more than 11,000 injuries and 1,000 deaths. Do vaccines save lives? Absolutely. Can they also cause harm? Our government certainly thinks so.
According to media reports, Ms. Jennings was suffering from a medical condition known as dystonia. Contrary to reports from doctors on TV who claim that a vaccine could never cause dystonia, the condition dystonia is listed in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System as a possible side effect from vaccines and there are 67 reports of dystonia in the system (HERE). Any journalist could validate these 67 reports.
Ms. Jennings experience, in many ways, parallels the experience of our children, who many of us watched regress into autism after the administration of multiple vaccines. Unlike our children, Ms. Jennings can speak and share her experience with the world. We have been pleased to learn that Ms. Jennings is being treated by medical doctors who are experts in dealing with vaccine injury, that her symptoms have measurably improved, and that the hopes of her family that she makes a full recovery are stronger than ever.
We have no doubt that Ms. Jennings will, on a timeframe that allows for her recovery and works for her, tell her story to the world. This is Ms. Jennings’ story, and we eagerly await a positive outcome. Our prayers are with her and her family.


Theresa O

Daniel, I see you have chosen not to respond to my actual point. I majored in English at Harvard (another college-educated white woman!). I know what a colloquialism is. My point about "you guys" is that the posters on Age of Autism do not represent a monolithic point of view, and that my disagreement with Colton is my personal opinion, based on what has been reported about this story, and is not part of some set of talking points given to me by, I don't know, the anti-vaccine Mafia. Saying "you guys" is just a lazy way of trying to associate one person with a set of ideas, rather than taking issue with something specific that that person said. I you can't argue with the facts that I presented (that the DMRF is a small, non-profit group whose main purpose is raising money to support dystonia research and services, and that no one from the DMRF examined Ms. Jennings), then just keep your opinions to yourself. Look up "polite" and "intelligent" in the dictionary.


Daniel like Orac is upset that Desiree has chosen not to accept the diagnosis of INCURABLE, and chose to go the route of natural medicine... Her cure is a big threat to his well conditioned world view.

Daniel Richardson

Hi Theresa,

While you are looking up confirmation bias, you might also want to look up false analogy and colloquialism. Thanks.

Theresa O

Hi, Daniel Richardson...

If I said I had cancer, and the American Cancer Society said that I didn't, after NEVER MEETING ME, would you believe them? What if the American Cancer Society were a group of maybe a dozen people, only a few of whom even had medical degrees?

Also, I'm not "you guys." Thanks.

Daniel Richardson

"Anyway, I'm not sure why we should take the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation's opinion seriously in this case."

I don't know, maybe because they are experts in dystonia?

No, you're right. We should really trust you guys since you don't seem to have an agenda at all.

Totally off topic, but is anyone here familiar with confirmation bias? Just curious.


Thanks to DR Buttar, it looks as if Desiree is indeed improving..But the medical profession cant allow this to go on, as it shames them, so they are not out tom destroy Dr Buttar:

Got it people?! Here is Desiree speaking post treatment:

NOW if you try to google: Desiree Jennings' that link WONT come up...not that i could find. Maybe its buried on page 25 or 30...but its not near the top.

Kathy Blanco

Hearing the Dr Buttar is treating her, removing metals, IV's with minerals and vitamins, apparently she is taking a turn for the better... God Bless Dr Buttar.

Concerned Professional

Well,Rene Najera because of your really bad attitude I did some more digging. I'd found two other cases for you to review: VAERS-ID 334018 - a 32 years old female,Flu vaccine(Sanofi Pasteur)
two days after vaccination had developed dystonia.The second one VAERS-ID 95341 Flu
vac.((Wyeth)developed dystonia with speech
and swallowing difficulty.There are many,as much as 40 I had reviewed.There is such a thing as "vaccine induced dystonia". I give you a few more cases,as a starter you need to see it to believe it. Vaers: 339652,316058 -HPV/Merck -dystonia
#238612 -31 year old male
#253344 - fine tremors ,vomiting
#213972 - anthrax
#231272- poisoned w/thimerosal in wheelchair
#350817 and on ,and on about 40 cases;
So, just because you do not know,it does not mean that it psychogenic.Open your eyes.
See the truth,be honest.That is all I ask.

John Stone

Rene is just such an inspiring example of government official at work - we will remain forever in her debt.

It doesn't matter what it is they will walk away.

Craig Willoughby

I do love how Orac and his merry band of sycophants base their conclusions, saying that it is entirely psychogenic, without looking at ALL of the evidence. You know, like the reports from the doctors that treated her and gave her the diagnosis. I know, I guess that's too difficult. That would be too scientific, I suppose.

Mark Blaxill

I was curious about this and went to the link that Rene claims proves Desiree's symptoms are "psychogenic all the way." I challenge any rational human being to read this and reach that conclusion. All this shows is that the admitting neurologist had no idea what was going on and "felt that there was a strong psychogenic component."

Feelings, huh. Pretty strong evidence there, Rene. I guess Desiree was just acting. We won't miss you. The rest of you should read this, it's horrifying.

Sore throat, nasal congestions, followed by fever, body aches, chills, and headache.10/8/08 Medical records received, Dates of Service 10/2-10/3/09. Diagnosis: Weakness. Pt. experienced sore throat, congestion, body aches, chills, headache, fatigue and fever 3 days after receiving the influenza vaccine. The fatigue continued for almost 2 weeks during which the patient continued to work, but on 9/12/09 she presented to the ED with generalized weakness, lightheadedness and an episode of syncopy that was accompanied by generalized convulsions. Admitted to the hospital from 9/12-9/14/09. CK and LFT's were noted to be significantly elevated. Returned to work on 9/17/09 and continued to experience nausea and syncope with all over trembling and was readmitted to the hospital overnight. On 9/21 her PCP told her she had a positive ANA and lupus. Pt. began experiencing chest pain, for which steroids were prescribed. She saw an Infectious Disease MD on 9/22 and had a lumbar puncture which was normal. Pt. began experiencing difficulty walking, chills, sweats, tremors and vivid dreams with difficulty sleeping. She began having headaches described as a ""cold spot"" on the back of her head, had subsequently developed a stutter, but was able to speak clearly if she whispered. Her symptoms persisted and progressed to erratic movements of the toe, intermittent uncontrolled blinking, difficulty focusing, uncontrolled shaking, cold feet and sharp pains in the legs. Upon this admission the plan was to rule out GBS, MS, malignancy, Lyme and MG. Pt. noted to have dystonia, speech dysfunction, gait dysfunction, anxiety, SOB, photophobia, tinnitus in the left ear, and increase in appetite, a 2 lb. weight loss. It was also noted that the symptoms were worsened by warm water, especially at the knees. The admitting neurologist felt that there was a strong psychogenic component to the symptomology, and made a final diagnosis of weakness. 10/13/09 Medical records received from dates 10/2/09-10/4/09 Presented to for eval of p (REDACTED)"

Managing Editor for Rene

Rene, last comment from you love duck... Dr. Healy is right - science has backed away from the autism/vaccine safety issue lock, stock (market) and barrel. The science is not complete. There are many studies which show vaccination safety problems. Now go back to work, I'm sure you've much to accomplish. A quick Google search of your name turns up that you are an epidemiologist with the MD department of mental health. I give you credit for using your name - many commenters do not. We do not encourage vaccine injury deniers at Age of Autism, however. We allowed you to state your opinion.

Au revoir.


Rene Najera

You can disagree with me all you want. I have the evidence, you don't. In fact, you don't have a shred of it. You are posting information based on anecdotal information, innuendo, conspiracy theories, etc. I only post the scientific, duplicated, hard facts. So, until you present a peer-reviewed article of a randomized controlled clinical trial where vaccines are found to cause all these things you claim they cause... Well, until then... Guess who is right?


This is like comparing a genetic autism to vaccine autism. My opinion is that "spectrum" is teh vaccine injury. Ms. Jennings may very well be in the same boat. Vaccine injury induced dystonia vs genetic dystonia.
My heart goes out to Desiree, it's a shame that anyone would choose to attack her. Her plate is already full.

Theresa O

Hi, Colton,

I think it's interesting how some people selectively choose to be skeptical about people who say that they've suffered a vaccine injury. If Desiree Jennings had eaten at a fast-food restaurant and then been stricken with horrible GI symptoms, not many people would be skeptical of her claims of food poisoning. Somehow, though, when someone gets vaccinated and then comes down with a disorder (GBS, dystonia, autism, what have you), it's OK to be "skeptical." Odd, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm not sure why we should take the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation's opinion seriously in this case. As far as I know, they didn't examine Ms. Jennings, and it's not even clear which member of the DMRF developed the statement you quoted. Was it President Claire Centrella, who is the owner of a Perkin's Restaurant ( Was it Co-VP of Science Deborah Kilpatrick, who works for a device maker and whose medical expertise is in heart disease (

We also have to ask ourselves about the reasons a non-profit organization looking for donations to fund its efforts might not want to offend the members of the lucrative pharmaceutical industry by acknowledging that some pharmaceutical products are harmful to some people... oh, wait, I guess we know why.

Maybe Ms. Jennings is delusional, or making it up, but I don't think anyone would be saying that if she were blaming a non-vaccine manufacturer for her condition. I also don't see where lying would get her--do you?

Nothing to sneeze at

VAERS report on seasonal flu and dystonia.

Concerned Professional

Big Pharma and the attackers had arrived full force.Protect Ms.Desiree Jennings.We disagree with you Rene Najera.Thank you for showing us how the attack is done. I knew you people will come out from the forest of
lies and denials.


Excuse me, but the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation has spoken out against this and I think it's highly suspicious that you chose to ignore them in this article. Dystonia is a debilitating disease and to disregard their statement and those who suffer from this condition is highly unethical. It only seems to support that you may be using this woman as a platform for your cause but have done no background research. There are many other stories out there to stand behind but this one is wrong. Don't use the popularity of this video to taint your cause as it will backfire.

Statement from the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation:

"There have been continuing inquiries and comments about the Maryland woman who reports developing dystonia as a result of getting a flu shot. The DMRF is not aware of any information or research showing that the seasonal flu vaccine causes dystonia.

Because of the concern of individuals with dystonia as to whether or not to get a flu shot because of this reported case, we have sought the opinion of dystonia experts on this case. Based on the footage that has been shared with the public, it is their unanimous consensus that this case does not appear to be dystonia."

Rene Najera

They apparently never looked at her VAERS report:

Psychogenic, all the way. I hope she gets the therapy she needs.

Erica in Alabama

This whole thing bothers me! I have had the same complaint over and over again....the CDC will do a MASSIVE large scale recall on Peanut Butter because it killed 9 people and made many others sick but NOBODY will do ANYTHING about 11,000 vaccine injuries and 1,000 deaths from vaccine injuries!!!!!!

Concerned Professional

You are an Angel,brought forward to educate people.Stay strong,keep fighting,keep running,get better.Only allow people to come
close to you- that you know and you can trust.All the best to you and I keep you in my prayers.


As for the talking heads from the American Academy of Pediatrics who get on the TV and talk about what does and does not work in treating Autism, let me remind you of this one fact: PEDIATRICIANS DON'T TREAT AUTISM. HOW CAN YOU CLAIM TO BE EXPERTS ON CONDITIONS YOU DON'T TREAT? THIS IS A JOKE. WE KNOW IT AND WE KNOW YOU KNOW IT.

Jake Crosby

I honestly can't see how anyone who watches her for more than two seconds can say her disorder is "in her head." Worst of all, it's people who are supposed to be "experts" and "advocates" saying this, not someone with an reputation for spewing garbage like Michael Savage who you'd at least expect this kind of neglect from.

Her behavior looks strikingly similar to old clips I've watched of people suffering from Minamata disease, which includes symptoms of dystonia in the hands and feet.


Stay strong, Desiree. You've got some good people on your side. You are believed.


It won't be a miracle that will help this poor girl. But rather the work of those in this very community who for years have spent endless hours researching for a way to recover our vaccine injured children.


Hang in there D we got your back!

Teresa Conrick


You are a warrior LEADER to so many! Your courage and strength is amazing!

Much hope and prayers for your recovery from this tragic injury.


Many prayers and thanks for Desiree coming out with her story. Knowing that thru this horrible injury, not only is there healing but warning to many who have watched this story unfold. It may have helped other's to seek more information about the vaccine risks.


Prayers for Desiree are continuing. Miracles do happen. Please keep us updated!

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