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From SafeMinds: Confusion Ensues as IACC Adopts Vaccine Research Objective

One way confusion By Theresa Wrangham

As someone who regularly listens and/or attends meetings of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC), I was stunned and confused by the statements made by IACC public member Alison Singer in the Autism Science Foundation’s recent press release regarding vaccine research adopted by the IACC on November 10th. While it is true that two vaccine objectives in the draft were rejected, it is more accurate to say that the two vaccine objectives were deleted and a new vaccine objective adopted. In terms of this research not being based on “good science” it is clear the Ms. Singer must have attended a different meeting from the one I attended.

The addition of language from the Institute’s of Medicine’s (IOM) 2004 report on vaccines and autism clarifies that the current body of epidemiological research is limited in detecting subpopulations genetic susceptibilities to vaccines. The focus of the new objective is to detect these subpopulations and identified vaccines as an area of possible investigation. This language also alludes to the same recommendations made by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC – an expert federal advisory committee) this past June with regard to investigation of subpopulations and conducting research via animal models and cell cultures. Ms. Singer would do well to familiarize herself with the recognized deficits in vaccine safety research noted by the IOM and the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC – a federal advisory committee of experts) and the “good science” needed as it applies to autism. Below are additional salient quotes from IOM 2004 that hold implications for the IACC’s strategic plan:

“The committee notes several factors that limit acceptance at this time of the hypothesis that vaccines cause autism… However, the experiments showing effects of thimerosal on biochemical pathways in cell culture systems and showing abnormalities in the immune system or metal metabolism in people with autism are provocative; the autism research community should consider the appropriate composition of the autism research portfolio with some of these new findings in mind...”

Please click HERE to read the full post and watch a video at the SafeMinds site.



When not meeting in the United States, the IACC helps another group in Iran who are trying to lay out a pathway of studies to determine if the Holocaust ever happened.

They hope to lay the preliminary groundwork for this effort by 2019.

Elizabeth Hensley

Vaccines do not cause Autism. Vaccines cause sick Autists. We very bright but environmentally vulnerable people would be here anyway. But we'd be doing useful things like Tesla and Einstein did instead of pounding our heads against the walls screaming in agony, etc. And it is not just the mercury harming us. Vaccines include many other harmful things. Such as glutamate. I am Autistic. The FDA also allows glutamate (as an MSG) to hide in foods under 40 different names which is why, tragically it took me to the age of 52 to figure out what was causing my Autistic melt downs. But now that I know, as long as I avoid glutamate, and it is not easy. (Google it) I have not had one melt down when successfully avoiding it. Melt downs cost me the love and respect of my Father and caused me to turn down 5 marriage proposals. I didn't dare get married! I might have harmed potential Children! ;( But justice will happen. Time/Space circles due to General Relativity. The people that allow this sorry situation; the inclusion of a brain cell destroying poison in our food supply and in so called "medicine" are certainly being watched by Who is already around the circle for real Science fulfills Faith. In the long term they will not get away with it.


I am so grateful all who are putting in the frustrating hours to continue fighting for vaccine-autism research and monitoring the workings of the IACC. Thank you so much, Theresa, for your advocacy and for keeping us informed.

Craig Willoughby

Interesting article.

I would like to see the entire study, though. If anyone can get a link to the full study, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Bob Moffitt

The IACC has been an absolute, shameful disaster, for anyone truly interested in determining if vaccines may be responsible for "causing" autism in a small-sub group of children.

I really do not understand why CONGRESS allows this sham committee to continue "hallowing out" the Combat Autism their "delay, deny and hope they die" agenda...obviously designed to thwart any meaningful research?


My tax dollars at work.
My tax dollars being wasted.
If it was genetic for certian populations then how come the rate is growing?

Tony Bateson

Well I suppose anything that moves the issue of vaccines and autism forward even if only very slightly is a good thing.

Except that I do not believe that 'good science or bad science' are relevant terms in this area. As a former career executive in the tobacco industry I am well aware that the term bad science was invented for ulterior purposes that are nothing to do with the quality of science.

In any event I do not believe that the autism/vaccines puzzle is one of science it is surely an arithmetical puzzle. Why in the UK in a population of over three millions unvaccinated with childhood vaccines are there no autistic people. I don't mean a small number I mean none!

I believe the cause of autism would have been identified many years ago had it not been for mandatory immunisation in the USA and some other western nations. The sharply aware US citizen would have spotted the disparity between vaccinated and unvaccinated outcomes and jumped upon the perpetrators very quickly. A possibly suppressed report published in the UK in late 2002 established that allergies, asthma and eczema were between ten times and fourteen times more prevalent in vaccinated children in Cumbria, UK. Since it was focussed upon 29,000 school age children it is strange that no one thought to include autism within its scope, wonder why?

Tony Bateson
Oxford, UK

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