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France 24's Face-off: Dramatic Debate on Swine Flu Vaccination

France 24 “In the medieval age, when there was an epidemic, people burned Jews. That was a way of doing something.”

From the English language service of French TV, Dr Marc Girard slugs it out with Dr Jean-Jacques Zambrowski, criticising the authorities for intervening in a primitive and senseless way to the swine flu threat. Click HERE to watch the debate on France 24's Face-Off.

Girard also reveals that in the preliminary tests for GSK’s Pandemrix vaccine (a mock-up using the H5N1 avian flu strain) there were seven unexplained deaths (p.57 HERE).

Marc Girard is a consultant in drug monitoring and pharmacoepidemiology. His book about the swine flu episode was published in October (HERE.)



"If true, I can't help thinking that this is child abuse. How can an infant possibly understand why it is being jammed with painful needles over and over?"

Especially when one takes a look at the vaccine site maps from the CDC showing how to give all the doses at one visit.

The idea of course is to "save trips" to the doctor's and to keep the child "up to date". Makes you think you're carrying out a mere bureaucratic box-ticking exercise rather than the execution of an irreversible medical procedure.


A little off subject but some good video on oxidative stress and heavy metals here. Parts one and two.

Evelyn Pringle

A little off subject, but I have been wondering if vaccines are all still administered by sticking needles in infants and toddlers.

If true, I can't help thinking that this is child abuse. How can an infant possibly understand why it is being jammed with painful needles over and over?

Sean Rushforth

A UK drugs company have launched an investigation into 170,000 swine flu
vaccines that caused patients to suffer side effects.

Swine Flu Vaccine


Very interesting debate!


Girard is excellent.

Funny that the opposing expert wasn't nearly as defensive about the perfect safety of flu shots as American and British propagandists, so that the two were nearly in agreement over the facts, just not on how to interpret them. The French are known to be an entirely different viewing audience and more skeptical of government initiatives than in English speaking countries and one feels the pro-vax guest was constrained by this.

All the pro-vax guy could say was that 5% of the public might be out of work for a while from the flu. He couldn't even say that the people hospitalized for the flu would not recover.

Another thing that was interesting about the broadcast-- going out on a kooky philosophical limb here-- was watching the difference in body language between Americans and some Europeans. Of course the guests were struggling to speak in English, but from having lived in France as a student, I know that more people tend to use their whole bodies to speak than in the US. Here there's a kind of "inquisitorial consciousness" of appearing "blandly normal" and trying to sit very still lest we get slapped with armchair diagnoses of something or other. But in France, even the host had the wiggles.

And is that one of the reasons that Americans and the British are so terrified of disease that we have the most over-the-top vaccination schedules in the world? This kind of sterile terror of bugs and human-ness? The irony being that pharma has now actualized an epidemic of behavior disorders which just increases people's consciousness of not wanting to be thrown into that diagnostic pail and we try even harder to appear like androids. Hmmm. Okay, end of weird digression...


Wow... 15min well spent.

Gets really great about halfway through. Where Girard not only discusses the 7 deaths (out of n=2,000 test), but the unexplained autoimmune cases and the unknown consequences in pregnancies. Teaser alert: I will NOT paraphrase the government hack's response. You'll just have to watch yourself to see. Hint: as weak as a reason as to why we need the chickenpox vaccination.

Of course, all the background tv views of needles going into people's arms was making me sick. I still have a visceral reaction to this sight.

And, Twyla, very funny re: "V"


A bit off topic (except related to TV and to flu shots)... Last night we were watching the abc TV show "V". Three of the main characters discovered a warehouse where the evil aliens had put some kind of mysterious noxious substance into a large supply of flu shots which were soon to be distributed to the unsuspecting public. One of the characters said something like, "It's a brilliant plan because we're so predictable! Instigate fears of a pandemic and then everyone will run out and get the vaccine!" Then they blew up the warehouse along with all of the contaminated flu shots. Interesting...

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