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Anita Antrim

Awesome video! My kids' schools are offering the (swine) flu shots for free, and I said "No, Thank you!"

Hey, Hey Hey!!!

Anita, mother to 2 children, one vaccine injured.

Theresa O

That was WAY funnier than Jon Stewart!


the link again:
from Jen re. the Manitoba vaccine reactions:


Manitoba- a few deaths have occurred shortly after H1N1 vaccines, batch may be pulled. But, of course, "it's in the expected range of reactions."


My brother-in-law always jokes, now that I live in Canada, that I have joined the Fifth Column.

He was really referring to all the Canadian newsreaders, comedians, writers, etc. I'm sure the anti-universal healthcare Amercians would say the same, on a different side of my brother-in-laws coin.

Wouldn't that be nice if it were true (Canada really being the Fifth Column - but the Firth Column of good, justice and humour). Sadly, if I read some of the other Canadian posts below. Our country really is as scary as the rest.

Look at this from the World Health Organization (I'm sure Health Canada were willing participants in this BS). How would you feel if you were in the family of the 41 individuals?

Simply, if THEY say it isn't true (vaccine injury), it isn't true. I'm going to vomit.

Elizabeth Gillespie

Hi everyone from the place downunder (Australia)

I have emailed this Youtube video to our Health Minister in Parliament, The Hon Nicola Roxon MP.

It will be interesting to see what our Prime Minister will make of it. I shall keep you informed.

You have to hand it to the Canadians, they do have a sense of humour, pity our country doesn't do the same.

Mum to 7 year old, non-verbal, autistic son trying to recover and has been on the Biomedical Treatment since 1st June 2007.

His health has improved.


I always wondered if one of the reasons that Kids in the Hall was so hilarious was that they had the freedom to be. This confirms it-- there's no TV comedy group in the US that would do anything even close to this.

One of the reasons I don't watch SNL is that it's become so canned. It didn't surprise me a lot to learn that SNL was bashing the safer-vax movement at one point-- my expectations weren't high.

C. Professional

It is sad and funny at the same time.People need to pay attention to the ingredients
and truly understand that you
can NOT create health by injecting toxins into the body.Top of that the nurses
put the needles in 10 times
to remove one dose and probably contaminate the bottle content.God help us all.

Autism Grandma

I noticed that one man clearly stated that he was "going on blind faith" not having any knowledge of the vaccine ingredients, and really this is what is going on with most of the population. This video is a great one to send out to everyone in our email because Humor often makes the point when serious statistical info fails. And after all "Laughter is the Best Medicine":)


This from the Globe and Mail:

"British Columbia Centre for Disease Control said it is probing why residents suffered anaphylaxis at a higher rate compared with the previous five seasonal-flu-vaccination programs, suggesting it could be because some people received H1N1 and the seasonal flu shot simultaneously."


just heard from a source that in Halifax there have been a few deaths from anaphalactic reactions to a certain bad batch of vaccines (H1N1). Will wait and see if this is true.


The video clip is a few years old and that is why it doesn't address the adjuvant issue.
What makes it even funnier is that AirFarce was a government (read taxpayer) funded program on a government owned television channel.
Funny as well is that, only 20% of Canadians are said to have had the flu vax, and yet that makes us the most vaccinated country for H1N1? Unfortunately they won't do swabs but I wonder how many people have had the H1N1 flu by now? I just had it and I am pretty sure my children had it earlier in the summer.

Jeff C.

This is an amazing video, not because it is particularly funny, but that it exists at all. These guys wouldn't bother spoofing the whole vaccine mandate/informed consent controversy if the issue wasn't high in the public consciousness. For example, you don't see Saturday Night Live poking fun at some obscure issue regarding international boundaries established at the Treaty of Versailles. Nobody cares, no one would get it, and no one would laugh. Listen to the audience reaction at the end of the clip. They get it.

Take heart, the public is listening, and they are considering our message in making their medical decisions. This becomes more apparent everyday with the medical establishment's ramped-up shrill denunciations. They are in panic mode for good reason; the public doesn't blindly trust them anymore. The H1N1 fizzle is only the latest nail in that coffin. No wonder polls show that half of the public has no intent to get the vaccine despite the constant hand-wringing of the media and CDC.

Heartfelt thanks to AoA, SafeMinds, NVIC and all the others that have worked so hard on this issue. It is paying off. Children will be spared what our children have endured due to your hard work.


When something is really funny,(and this is, I even laughed out loud) there is some truth behind the humor.


that's so funny! What a great way to start my morning. The only ingredient they forgot to talk about was the "surprise" ingredient, the adjuvant. The other day David Butler-Jones was just so happy that Canada was one of the most vaccinated countries for H1N1 now. The WHO "proclaims" the H1N1 vacc (adjuvanted or not) safe.I guess they'll still be proclaiming that when there are more cases of alzheimers and rheumatoid arthritis, too. That whole, "we don't have enough vaccine" strategy really worked well for the pharma people. You gotta give them that. On the other hand, the former Minister of Health thinks this has been the biggest waste of public health spending ever and thinks it's been hyped as being much more dangerous than it really is.

mary podlesak

Only through humor could the absurdity of current vaccine practice and by extension vaccine research be brought to public awareness. God bless the Canadians.

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