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Dr. Nancy Snyderman: Danger! Married White Female!

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By Katie Wright

That’s right! Last week Dr. Nancy held up a pie chart illustrating the groups of people are most concerned about vaccine safety. You have seen these pie charts before, especially in the context of crime. Usually this type of visual aid communicates public problems like what % of women have been victims of a violent crimes or the % of men have committed crimes or are in jail, and so forth. Nice stuff.

While pointing to her pie chart, Dr. Snyderman angrily directs the viewer to the high % of “educated but misinformed white Moms” who have concerns about vaccine safety.  The gist of it we have been brainwashed by the internet and it is preposterous for us to question CDC safety standards. We have all heard Synderman’s rant before: these Moms are endangering children, Moms don’t know how to use the internet (appropriately!), health care workers (possibly married white Moms lurking in this category as well!) who refuse to get the swine flu vaccine are “selfish” and on and on.

Well, today I am admitting that Synderman has found us out. Yes, it IS a conspiracy! White college educated Moms of America are on a covert mission to ensure our vaccines are safe. We have secret gatherings at Banana Republic. Maybe you have seen us at Starbucks? We hold clandestine meetings at Whole Foods, because when we are not working on our evil plan to make vaccine safe we are buying organic food! Yes, Nancy it is all true! Our nefarious actions include reading and researching and using the internet (again, that dangerous tool!) to learn about vaccine safety issues.  Dr. Nancy apparently believes on she and select members of the medical community can properly use the internet and we should visit only their pre-approved sites? Dangerous white married Moms can also be found at Staples, buying supplies for our child’s home program. In short, we have infiltrated all of America!

Ours is not the monolithic movement you portray. African American, Latina and Asian American Moms are leaders in our community. We are sisters in safety. Sorry Dr. Nancy, our diverse cultural experiences have only made us stronger. And, yes, guilty as charged, many of us have attended college! I know education is a bad thing in the hands of the wrong people, but too late! Moms who want safer vaccines are well educated and comprised of all races and ethnicities.

Dr. Synderman accuses us of endangering the public. We are the same group of pesky “hijacking the message” Moms who support child size airbags in the backseat of cars, lead free toys and the enforcement of clean air standards. There is no end to our anti-social activities! Yes, these moms are able to think critically and make safe choices for their kids. Unlike Dr. Nancy we are not endlessly plugging our own book; we have not worked for vaccine makers and do not earn speaking fees giving friendly lectures to vaccine companies. We also have no financial or professional investments at stake in maintaining the status quo or in preventing independent vaccine research. The only thing dangerous about these Moms is their advocacy for safe vaccines and complete vaccine safety transparency. Apparently that scares a lot of people.

Katie Wright has two young boys. Her oldest son, Christian, is severely affected by autism. He developed normally; smiling, talking, walking; only to lose every skill and every word by the age of 2 and a half.  Upon the advice of medical professionals Katie and her husband were advised to pursue only high quality behavioral therapy, speech and OT for Christian. It had no meaningful impact on Christian until his parents sought help from DAN! doctors who treated the underlying causes of Christian's descent into autism. Christian has improved but still has far to go. He has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the measles virus in his gut and an immune system akin to a late stage AIDS patient. Christian does not have a psychiatric disorder. Before autism, Katie Wright was the Clinical Director of Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Stamford Connecticut. Katie is proud to serve on the Boards of NAA and SafeMinds.




It occurs to me that through out history Bullies or those in Power (gee, can that be the same thing?)... will often pick on the poor/uneducated/disadvantaged because they are soft targets.

If an Official/agency "looks" knowledeable,respectable, important, folks who do not have the resources or education to know what questions to ask, will often "trust" them. Modern culture has drummed into folks to "trust" Doctors/Public Health Officials/etc.

When people are educated,whether through University Degrees, or Self Education of Reading Research and such, they know what questions to ask. They know when an interpretation of the "facts" doesnt make sense. They really are a threat to those preferring "Soft Targets".


Has anyone checked out this "Doctor" credentials?
For example,
is she a Medical Doctor
Did she take any Science courses, Chemistry Courses in School/University? I have heard that some Medical Schools do not require a simple Chemistry Course.

she seems rather obsessive, and full of herself. what qualifications does SHE actually have? Can her qualifications come anywhere near to these Mothers above?


Cheryll Brunader

I'm a nurse, well, was a nurse. I'm a homeschooling mom whose son
responded well to a 40 hour per week ABA language based program.
I was a ped's nurse, which means I have very ambivalent feelings about vaccines. When my son was 5 I took him in for a flu shot. Flu shots come in multi-dose vials and thus still contain thimerisol as a preservative. Overnight my son lost ground on language and behavior (ABA charts goal progress for everything that the child does on a daily basis.) It took two to three months of hard work to catch up to where he had been. So I know J, now 11 yrs old, will not see a vaccination needle again.

But, don't laugh at me, my young teen daughter is now due for vaccine boosters. I was trained to believe in vaccines, and have seen some of the diseases in children that the vaccines are meant to prevent. Is my daughter safer with or without boosters? Opinions, please. Thanks.

Laurie Redmon

Well, I wonder how dangerous we SINGLE, UNMARRIED mothers of kids with autism are? We've already been accused of ruining our children's lives because we can't seem to keep the blessed family unit together. Then, add the intelligence, independence, and total toughness that it takes to raise a kid with autism (and his siblings) by yourself, and you'll have to come up with a brand new word that is even scarier than "dangerous"! And with the divorce rates as high as they are in the autism community, we have our own epidemic numbers!


When I began this fight for my son, my mother-in-law and her friend called me "Tiny Warrior." Now I think I'll start going by "dangerous, tiny warrior!"


That's right Nancy, we have started a club- the DMWF club. It's because I'm dangerous that my son is now well on his way to recovering from Autism.And LOOK OUT! I'm trying to get as many people to drink MY brand of kool-aid as I can. Not only am I dangerous, but I can't be silenced. And I'm loud. And I'm NOT going away!
Who knows, maybe someday I'll get to be president of the DMWF club! :)

Pharmaholics Anonymous

Transcript from a meeting of "White and Multi-Ethnic Married Educated Females Who Won't Get Offline or Shut Up and the Men Who Love Them":

Dude 1: It's like, I know I'm supposed feel bored, angry and neglected when she starts rattling off some list of toxic substances which induce cytokine disregulation from some science site but, I don't know man, it just DOES it for me. What's wrong with me?

Moderator: It's okay, it's okay. That's what we're all here for. We're in this together.

Dude 2: It does it for me too, I know what you mean!

Moderator: Remember, no cross-talk brothers.

Dude 2: Sorry man.

Dude 3: I'll just speak from the heart. I feel like I'm not a real man. I liked my NPR and Wired Magazine. These things were ME, my identity! Now I don't know who I am anymore or what to think. Every time we're in the car and I just want to find out what I think from Talk of the Nation and Neil Conan even mentions something pharmaceutical...which he does kind of a lot, come to think of it... she starts screaming at the radio. And Wired-- I just want to know about the new gadgets and read about alpha male Russian arms dealers with five o'oclock shadows having sex with punk groupies in Vladivostok-- but then she grabs my precious Wired, waves it in my face and starts howling about all the vaccine-autism propaganda in every issue. You'd think I'd be mad, right? [starts to cry]. I'm so ashamed. I know I shouldn't, but I...actually listen.'s so wrong [receives a hug from moderator]...but she starts making sense! And then it's just never the same when I turn on NPR! I can't just soak it in anymore, I start...thinking critically! [wails] I can't get it out of my head that...NPR is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and that Johnson & Johnson doesn't just make sweet, harmless baby shampoo in the familiar bland bottle...

Moderator: It's alright, man. It's alright. We've all been there...

Dude 3: And the worst part...and this is what really kills me is that...the post-listening-to-her sex is...really good. I'm totally hooked now. I may never break free. And now I'm listening all the time and I...I've been going online myself...I've really started to believe that huge corporations might not have our best interests at heart at all times...

Dude 4: [Gasps] No! I thought I was the only one...

Moderator: No cross talk, brothers.

Mayer Eisenstein

Awesome Katie. Please don't tell Dr Nancy about the happly married white grandfathers who are concerened about there children. Maybe we will be the next target of her unscientific rants. I would relish the opportunity to debate her and on TV.

we shall overcome

Great article, Katie. And Amen to Kevin Barry commenting below.

"We know history will look on Snyderman and Offit as fools. Years from now, the medical textbooks will mock injecting infants with mercury, they will be puzzled as to why it was a good idea (for the child) to give six shots in one day to a two month old, and they will wonder why the public did not realize that flushing toilets, clean water, proper nutrition, and refrigerated food are the best defenses against infectious disease."

In my own history of medicine books (a passion of mine) you can see the present fiasco reoccurring time and again in the past, for example, in the decades it took to convince most doctors of the benefits of hygiene that they kept making fun of for years, and refusing to adopt even longer. Unbiased and not glorified medical history SHOULD be mandatory reading to all medical practitioners to try to prevent that horrible God complex most doctors have.

Now, Why am I dangerous? Not only do I refuse to vaccinate my youngest son because the CDC assurance on vaccine safety just can't be trusted if you have half a brain, but I am also a former cronic sufferer of gastric acid reflux and took Prilosec (omeprazole) for years to eliminate my horrible heartburn. After its increasingly worse side effects and the certainty that blocking acid production can't be good (it's there for a reason), I took the advice of a commenter on Huffington Post. This well docummented person affirmed that the problem for most of us is not with the relaxed stomach entry but it occurs mainly by the failure of the stomach exit (the pylorus) to let the food out in due time. It turns out that the pylorus is activated by the increasing ph in the stomach due to raised acid production as we eat, which some of us do not make in enough quantity to signal the pylorus that it's time for the food to move on. Following his suggestion, I threw away my omeprazole and started drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in water after meals several months ago and I haven't had a problem since. After you drink the vinegar (65 cents per bottle, lasts for a month) the pylorus opens up and you feel immediate relief. Welcome naturally ph raising vinegar and goodbye horrible $15-a-box omeprazole for life. Spread the word...

Cathy M

Katie - Thank you for this article. I, too, am a DMWF. I turn off the TV as soon as the Today show announces that Miss Nancy will be on an upcoming segment. I think this is just part of her big build-up so she can get huge media coverage when she suddenly changes her position and announces that she has single-handedly revealed a huge cover-up by vaccine manufacturers and the CDC regarding autism. Book tour forthcoming...stay tuned (or not)!


Well, I guess that "useless" history degree finally served some purpose. If there's one thing I got out of my education, it's that you always go to the original sources. So no, I'm not going to blindly accept what Nancy says just because she's on TV. I bypass the CDC's website and go right to the studies. I'm another one who actually reads the study, not just the abstract. What do I do if I come across a word or term I don't understand? I LOOK IT UP! I think I learned that back in elementary school, although now we have that dangerous internet which makes things so much easier.

You know what's really dangerous, Nancy? Word is getting out. My very intelligent, inquisitive, savvy, but NOT college-educated hairdresser has already decided she won't vaccinate her children. She sees autism all around her. For some reason all these highly educated doctors just learned how to diagnose it, hence the increase in numbers, but my hairdresser has recognised it for years. She also uses the internet and talks to other moms. Can we put dangerous hairdressers up on that pie chart?


Dr Nancy you are right, if not stopped this dangerous White Educated Female (WEF) virus could soon reach epidemic proportions, permanently harming our society.

I suggest creating an anti-WEF vaccine. Ideally a recombinant multiple antigen one. To be successful, this vaccine must include surface proteins such as information-gathering-ability, data-processing and evaluation, critical-thinking, and newly-acquired-knowledge dissemination (a recently discovered protein with highly conserved surface domains that plays a crucial role in ability of this virus to disseminate digitally).

To help us steer the immune reaction to these antigens in the right direction, I suggest adding several adjuvants such as threat-of-public-name-calling, or even the more powerful and oil based fear-of-excommunication one. To save us time and money we could add in a preservative such as the trusted old Respect-For-Authority, or that even cheaper but slightly controversial Dogma.

To offer maximum protection, this vaccine should be administered around the time, or simultaneously to, cervical-cancer protection vaccine. In any case it is crucial that the protection is achieved before white female population enters the high-risk area of higher education.

Negative reactions to this vaccine are extremely unlikely, but possible. As this is a live attenuated vaccine, there is a small possibility of the virus avoiding the immune system and establishing permanency in the host. The symptoms could range from a mild and hardly noticeable inclination to ask undesirable questions from those in position of authority, to a severe and permanent multisystem disorder that leaves those vulnerable genetically-predisposed females with a lifelong need for questioning, gathering information, critical thinking, knowledge dissemination etc. Some may even get loud and attempt a public awareness campaign of their condition, thus undermining the vaccine programme. In order to avoid this, their condition can be pronounced psychosomatic and part of the good old female hysteria. As long as their numbers stay around 1:91 there is no need for immediate concern.

Riding on the guaranteed success of this vaccination programme, new vaccines should be developed for related emerging viruses, for which incidence is comparatively low but rising, such as newly isolated multiethnic educated female (MEF), as well as still-relatively harmless but highly mutagenic male viruses.


Debunking the Internet is so 2005.

Angela Warner

Oh I'm dangerous, and I have no problem admitting it either. I like it. Screw them and their ilk.

I've said the same to a few people regarding a TEAM and working together. Amazing how things "work" out.

I have a friend who has a friend that decided it was a good thing to get the H1N1 vaccine. Guess what? One of the clinics that I fired regarding my kids care, conceded that this kid came down with the swine flu after getting the LIVE VIRUS vaccine. This child spiked a fever of 104 within hours of getting the mist and now her older sister who has asthma is at double risk... shedding...


I'd love to take them out for awhile, the same as I would another mom, who told me her kids were as challenging mine.

Can I drop an F BOMB? Or Two or Three!

Kevin Barry

Good article Katie!

You've got to understand the pressure Snyderman is under. It's hard to be infallible. It's certainly hard for those who promote the perfection of the vaccine program like Snyderman etc. to admit mistakes. The doctrine is, "we don't make mistakes."

New information and new ways to communicate have transformed the past twenty years in a similar way discovery and the printing press transformed the early 1500's. Someone forgot to tell Snyderman that we can read the safety studies ourselves, and that Latin mass is over.

Copernicus first published his view that the Sun, and
not the Earth, was the center of the universe anonymously in 1512. He did not want to be burned at the stake for challenging doctrine. He didn't put his name to the final draft until he was an old man, @ 25 years later. The Church/Scripture could not be wrong. Both were infallible. Scientists had to be careful with new truths if they wanted to survive. To challenge Church doctrine in 1500 was ACTUAL suicide. (Challenging vaccine doctrine in 2009 is only career suicide.)

In 1522, one of the ships from Magellan's circumnavigation made it back to Portugal, putting to rest once and for all that the Earth was round. The Church was scared that a round Earth might hurt their central narrative of heaven = up, and hell = down.

One of the men on Magellan's ship kept a daily log. When they returned, the ships log said it was a different date than the date in Portugal. They couldn't explain it, so they locked the sailor with the daily log in the tower, and the Vatican locked the log up FOR 300 YEARS, releasing it in 1822!!! (Both stories from the very good William Manchester book, "A World Lit Only by Fire".)

There is a lot of pressure that comes with infallibility. Snyderman and Offit are certainly feeling it. We are beginning to see the cracks. We know history will look on Snyderman and Offit as fools. Years from now, the medical textbooks will mock injecting infants with mercury, they will be puzzled as to why it was a good idea (for the child) to give six shots in one day to a two month old, and they will wonder why the public did not realize that flushing toilets, clean water, proper nutrition, and refrigerated food are the best defenses against infectious disease.



Dangerous white female here. My hubby like me that way. ; ~) So does my son with autism, 'cause thanks to his internet searching, autism parent friending mom (and daddy that supports her in her endeavors), he's getting better. What's not to like?

As always, thanks Katie!

Becky H-A

I wish we could have pasted our graduate school diplomas to our dangerous bods and went trick or treating at Nancy's to give her the biggest scare of her MD career.

Oh, and Nancy, I TA’d 3 years of med student labs at a top 20 med school while completing my PhD. Don’t get me wrong, the med students’ abilities to memorize and regurgitate was phenomenal. But have them examine their lab results and then provide them a multiple choice question with an answer in direct conflict to what they saw? Lets just say, each year I was astounded how many failed in the observation/extrapolation department. Its no wonder the Dr's have a hard time identifying the vaccine injury symptoms after the vaccines--their text books didn't contain this information.

Stephen Becker

According to Dr. Nancy, I am a dangerous person because I have been ardently opposed to vaccines for over forty years.

Let me return the compliment. The most dangerous people on the planet are the vaccine enthusiasts.

I give out four sided cards of vaccine ingredients and other disturbing information to anyone and everyone willing to think about the vaccine issue. If any readers want a dozen cards (you can also make copies) please email me from the link at my website (

Cathy R.

Last time they blamed educated women for a health crisis, was the first time vaccines, oops - I mean autism started showing up.


"...Yes, it IS a conspiracy! White college educated Moms of America are on a covert mission to ensure our vaccines are safe. We have secret gatherings at Banana Republic. Maybe you have seen us at Starbucks?..."

See you all for our secret meeting at Starbucks tomorrow! :)

Katie - you crack me up. Thank you.


I have to confess, I am a dangerous woman. It's true! On the internet, I learned how to fix my own washing machine. I downloaded schematics, tested circuits, ordered and replaced an electronic motor control board. On the internet, I learned how to cure my kid's autism! I attend conferences! Yes, I am a dangerous woman! I am an Adobe Acrobat! I download! And I'm educated! Degrees from a better journalism school than Sniderman! A minor in psychology that included coursework in biochemistry of the brain! Be afraid! Be very afraid! Because I share everything I know with anyone who asks, and some who don't, especially pregnant women! With references!

Tracy McDermott

Well when I saw her fit of "hijacking the message" I was just so elated that I finally knew she has read my countless emails I send to her whenever she self combusts on live TV over vaccines!
Once again, dear Nancy, you are transparent.. and all your fuss is the best advocacy we have to lean on the educated viewer, as I know whenever I see a report on the news that gets the reporter's goat, my ears instantly perk up - which means we are hitting home to that many more. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sounds of fingers hitting the keyboard on the internet ~ knowledge is power! I bet that really pisses off our Ms Synderman!


Kristina: you made my day! What can be better than driving Nancy Snyderman? Being part of a movement that has helped a mom make informed decisions so that she doesn't have to see her kids succumb to autism.

You ROCK! Thanks so much for posting!


Post here and then post on Nance's Twitter and Facebook. I always have more fun that way!!


Nancy better be scared of me. I pray nightly that the truth comes out about vaccines. And we all know what side of the truth good ol Nancy is on. :)
Nancy, as we say in the South, bless your heart honey because when the shit hits the fan - you and your other outspoken buddies will be first in line.


Hey, I'm educated enough that I not only use the internet, I also get information from an even more dangerous place: public libraries! (gasp) I can't help it. I inherited that behavior from my mother, a professional librarian.

And then my behavior was encouraged further by all those professors I had while getting my advanced degrees in biology - they helped me discover the scientific literature shelved away in university and government libraries.

Now it's a habit. I admit it. I can't stop myself from reading books and journal articles, and asking questions, and looking at all available sources of information about any topic I really want to understand. And then I also weigh my firsthand observations and experiences versus the information I read, as I try to determine what actually makes sense versus what doesn't.

And yeah, I'm married and shop at Whole Foods (and other places organic food and vitamins are sold). I have also stopped taking my kids to ANY pediatrician. And that's only partly because, oddly (TIC), they almost never get sick anymore.

P.S. Nancy Snyderman is one source of information I pay no attention to--I rarely watch tv. I bet that really makes Nancy mad.


Nancy, you should be ashamed of yourself, devoting time to creating pie charts of pesky people who get in the way of the almighty vaccine schedule. You should be devoting time to reading studies that show evidence of harm (Hewitsons, some Warsaw studies, Cochrane Reviews, U. of Manitoba re. dpt and asthma etc. etc.- I'm sure more are coming!); you know, studies that actually show there's reason for pause.
You could also be blowing the whistle (as a doctor/science person) on how poorly done the studies "exhonerating" the vaccine link to autism.
It's funny but yesterday I made a vow to myself to tell one person each day about the issue of over-vaccination, thimerosal, adjuvant, multiple shots at one visit, the uselessness of hep b to babies etc. you know, the stuff that is debilitating our children left and right. Today I got to talking to the medical technician (who was pregnant and deciding on a flu shot-she's trying to wait at least for an adjuvant-free one but may not get one at all. I gave her Russell Blaylock's name to help her decide. I also told her that I work with kids with autism and why I think the vaccines are a huge piece of the puzzle. All that, Nancy, and I was picturing your face and that stupid pie chart while I was doing it.
This piece of pie is stoked!!
Oh yeah, did I mention that you really ought to be ashamed of yourself for so knowingly putting American children at risk??? I hope the money is worth it for you.

Teresa Conrick

Thanks, Katie for a hearty laugh at how absurd this woman... this doctor is. Her freaking out just shows how nervous and concerned she is about the fact that thousands of moms AND dads are well educated about the human body and saw their child become ill and disabled after vaccination.

Our lab tests are proof to the correlation-causation nonsense and that might be a nice next move if Dr. Snyderman continues to deny vaccine damage, then we may need to send her proof by faxing her the labs, titers, OATS, porphyrin tests, comp digestive stool analyses, ASO Strep tests, Clostridia counts, amino acid abnormalities,mitochondria markers,GI labs, pill cam pictures etc, etc.

She is ignorant and needs a good education given in an appropriate and dignified fashion by us - something that she, herself is incapable of doing.

Me....I am the Terminator when it comes to spreading the truth about autism and vaccines. I love the historical research and dr. Snyderman is a small bump in my road.

If needed, a fax/phone campaign on her rude and inappropriate comments might make her bosses take notice. Power in numbers guys.


c'mon. I have to agree with Nancy. Well informed moms are a dime a dozen in a pediatricians office. However - you should see the doctors face when a well informed dad shows up with his own list of vaccines and brands he is willing to let his child get.

The truth is not that internet has created a deluded cult of false experts as some articles related to Ms. Wallace's story have suggested. The truth is that a diligent person who has been educated in research 101 and critical thinking is now able to become a micro topic expert and be better informed then highly paid professionals in almost any field. You can't even make a phone call these days without someone googling the information you are given in real time and getting to primary sources. So, yes, professionals have their backs up these days, but they better get used to it and adapt rather then try and pull some dark ages all knowing BS like Snyderman is dishing out. Vaccines , overall, are wonderfully good. But the cult of people claiming they are unquestionably 100% good are the deluded ones, and in sacrificing the whole truth to simplify their message, they have sacrificed their claim to the high ground in what could have been an easy win.


Craig / Kelli - you guys are killing me

the man-song, the "murse",... the horror....

now, if you're holding your wife's purse - AND - her purse is one of these...

now that's a real man (or parts thereof...)

going to lay down under the mini-van's real wheel now...


My dear uncle tells me God picked me for this cause because I don't know how to take "no" for an answer.

What he means is that I am a "type A" personality and yes educated and upper middle class. A mom whose child has been harmed; who knows how to ask questions and what sources to trust in the answers; who doesn't want to see any more children harmed in the same manner as her own; who is happy to give hours of my time in the hopes that it might save one child.

I am a Mom who will tell a pediatrician that it is ultimately "my decision" as to whether or not my children receive vaccines and who will tell the dentist I don't care how safe he might think amalgams are.."you are not filling my child's tooth with an unnecessary dose of mercury when there are other perfectly viable options."

Yes, I ask questions, read and require informed consent. The truth is, I'm not dangerous. I am just a pain in the ass to the status quo. UNACCEPTABLE!

Kelli Ann Davis To Craig....

Now ain't that a nice trip down memory lane....where's the link to the "man" video??? Where's Randy when ya need him??

And yeah, I actually got "scary smart guy" to hold it in the Summer of 08 so that must be saying something, right??

"I am WOMAN hear me ROAR" (think Helen Reddy which of course is another trip down memory lane).

Craig Willoughby

To Kelli,

You gotta remember that it's these dangerous educated women that somehow get men to hold purses.

The measure of how dangerous they are is how quick they can get a man to hold their purse.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Proud - fearless - dangerous , the moms are happy to be. Now- Doctors of America its your turn. Throw off your Pharma shackles Bid adieu to the Church of the Immaculate Vaccination. Leave the darkness and emerge into the light. Abandon your evil masters and the years of brain washing. Love science, truth and small children.


Hey! Dr. Nancy is scared of me!

This makes my day. Maybe we need to come up with our own pie-chart graph, one that shows what the "average" egocentric, arrogant, lying, manipulative, greedy, pharma-bought-and-paid-for American doctor looks like these days.


It is because of you "dangerous women" that my children are perfectly healthy and NT. I learned from you before I got pregnant, so my kids never needed recovering. (Other than being treated for gestational Lyme disease), and I'm convinced they would be autistic if I had vaccinated them.

I am interested in autism because I see it everywhere, and I want to help people prevent it like you helped me!


Once again Katie, you nailed it with humor.
signed: College educated white female, internet user, research writer, and Mom to two spectrum young men, the younger multi- vaccine damaged, resulting in loss of all physical skills causing cerebral palsy, complete speech loss, many health issues, oh and autism.

But what do I know..I just lived it.

Kelli Ann Davis Laughing Out Loud....

Katie and Kim:

Oh my gosh! This is hysterical!!!

We haven't had that kind of "pic" on here since the "boob study"....



God bless all the dangerous moms out there!
I'm extremely proud to be married to one.
Through all the tough times, the tears and fears, you keep fighting for our children.

The courage of your convictions and your perseverance will be rewarded.. maybe in not such obvious ways .. but in ways such as influencing other moms to take a more cautious approach to vaccinations, which could result in who knows how many children being allowed to live out a healthy life.

If we're living in some sort of hell in our daily struggles with autism, the Snyderman's and the Offitt's of the world will surely be condemned to their own hell at some future point in time.

Keep fighting the fight!

Deb O.

Since the late 70's, I've had a little resin statue sitting on my desk. It is a woman wearing a hard hat, holding a metal lunch box in one had and a hammer in the other.

At her feet it says: "The best man for a job is often a woman."

I am a dangerous woman and "the little lady" as some like to call her, is my role model.

JB Handley

In Amy Wallace's heartfelt butt-schmooze of Paul Offit in Wired magazine this month, she refers to the notion of middle and upper income, college educated parents shunning vaccines as "counter-intuitive." I think that she, Offit, and Snyderman may be the only 3 Americans who find that fact to be "counterintuitive."

Some things I find to be counter-intuitive:

- That Dr. Nancy is still allowed on TV
- That NBC hasn't connected to the fact that many (most) of Americans are skeptical of the swine flu shot

I also love the attempts of health officials to demonize the Internet. It's a great way to get people to instantly distrust you.



I think it's time Dr. Nancy looked at the trends. Why does she think people are flocking to shop at their "organic markets" and Whole Foods (fastest growing grocery chain), buying low phosphate products, insist on no VOC paints? Why, because we no longer trust the government to protect us from manufacturers, big corporations, and BIG Pharma... We're OVER IT! The green movement is about more then just hybrid vehicles. It is about cleaning up our TOXIC WORLD and saving our children along with the planet. We've all become granola & tree hugging because we just can't trust anyone these days. We learned from the Tabacco industry who even had doctors recommend to our moms to smoke so they could have a smaller baby. How smart was that. I wish I had opened my eyes before I had my son instead of after he became autistic.
I didn't roll over when I was told there was nothing you could do about autism, and I'm not going to roll over now because of Dr. Nancy. If I can save ONE family from the pain, suffering, and expense of having a child on the spectrum I will SCREAM it from mountains until the day I am dead.

I am so proud of the young parents I meet in the health food stores proudly showing off their ORGANIC, NON-Vaccinated children. They didn't need the wake up call of Autism to figure this out. We need to acknowledge them for coming into the fold and learning from our mistakes!

When my son was diagnosed with Autism, I didn't pray to God to fix him, I prayed to God for knowledge on how to help him. That's what he gave me and that's what I use every day to help anyone who wants it. We're not the "Lunatic Fringe" we're now "Informed Consumers". What they fear most is we vote with our wallets and don't keep our mouths shut about it. Dr. Nancy shoud fear us!


Wow! Great post! I'm another dangerous mom who spends a good deal of time on my various Autism biomed lists, reading about the experiences of others and the latest scientific articles posted. It's amazing how my brain will allow me to, gasp, filter this information and figure out what things sound promising for my children, what things still need more research, and what I shouldn't give my children -- hint, mercury-filled flu shots. I'm so dangerous I passed up the chance to get injected with my very own H1N1 vax, because I don't feel it's been appropriately tested in healthy adults, let alone the pregnant woman and children it's being pushed on.

My children are currently sick with flu, but guess what? Their immune systems are responding appropriately -- fever and cough. They are getting lots of fluids, sleep, vitamins and some homeopathic medicine to help them fight it off, and so far they're doing great, though they aren't exactly enjoying the coughing.

Fortunately, I'm able to stay home with them and do more dangerous READING. Bwahaha!

Gregorio Cortez

There is a conspiracy.

My wife and I were once a team of spies. However, we are now retired. Even my weird brother was involved, his code name was "Machete." Eventually our children became sick and we were forced to retire. Several years ago (before our children got sick) our last assignment was a covert mission to make sure that ALL college educated women (not just white women) were made aware of vaccines and their dangerous adjuvants. We even manipulated a well known search engine that would enable them to find this information quickly and in great detail.

Just recently my old agency partner (a microbiologist)came clean and warned that there would be a pandemic in the Ukraine caused by Baxter and was taken away by some other agency. Thats all I can tell you.

This message will self destruct in 10 seconds.

Jack's mom

Our fight will prevail, let us not let ignorance bother us....let's keep moving....
Love all the comments...proud to be in this fight...we will prevail.

Kari Buxton

Hey fellow fierce moms and dads:
There is truth in the saying:
"Well-behaved women, rarely make history".
This means women of all races, creeds, and disabilities. I am sitting here, with the sounds of John Cougar MellenCamp, echoing in my head..."The wall, comes crumbling down..the wall, comes tumbling, down".
The wall is tumbling down, Dr. Snyderman, because of ALL the free-thinking people who can sift through the facts and see that we have been misled and lied to and our precious children are suffering for it.

It is not just the autism community either. How can we explain the increased incidents of childhood diabetes, rheumotoid arthritis, asthma, ADHD, and Sensory processing disorder? Not to mention Alzeheimers. Care to weigh in on those diseases too, Dr. Snyderman?


“If bullshit was music, that fellow would be a brass band.” Paddy Crosbie

Play on, Snyderman. Nobody's listening...

Thank you, Katie!! I'm proud to be 'dangerous'!!!


Is there a link to the Dr. Nancy pie chart show ?

I'll bet she does not even make her own pie charts...

Craig Willoughby

"OMG! I have shoes on! I'm not in my kitchen! And I'm NOT PREGNANT! Mark! Hurry up and meet me at the dishwasher!!!!!! And bring my Uggs, won't you?"

Damnit, co-workers are looking at me like I'm crazy now since I'm over here cackling uncontrollably, and my monitor is now covered in Mountain Dew. Funniest comment I've read all day.

Susan Cranmer

Quote of the day "Well behaved women rarely make history" Go get em ladies!! And you men who are strong enough to stand with us and behind us.


Corporations hate when being held accountable for their actions. It makes them spend more money on lobbyists and media whores.


Of course, another category that Nancy forgot is all those over educated health care workers,physicians and RNs who did NOT want to be mandated to get a flu vaccine.
Wonder why she did not mention that demographic?
And it appears Nancy is perhaps one of them??


OMG! I have shoes on! I'm not in my kitchen! And I'm NOT PREGNANT! Mark! Hurry up and meet me at the dishwasher!!!!!! And bring my Uggs, won't you?

Amy in Idaho

I've always thought of myself as "fierce" rather than "dangerous". If being dangerous puts me in the same category as: Susan B. Anthony, Molly Brown, Marian Wright Edelman, Betty Friedan, Katharine Graham, Mother Jones, Harriet Beecher Stowe and numerous others, than I consider that an honor.

Not only is Ms. Snyderman's comment mysogynistic, it's also racist because I know plenty of women of color who are also "dangerous" in their ability to think for themselves in regards to the current medical model and how it negatively affects their families.

Women throughout history have been labeled as trouble-makers when they think critically about issues and speak up. Attempting to "blame" uppity women for the public backlash against Pharma, the CDC, the AAP etc. is a classic deflection tactic. When it's being used, you know you're hitting the sweet spot!!

alison macneil

I feel so honored to be part of this 'dangerous' collective of parents - male, female, all races. We were duped into hurting our children with vaccination. Yeah, we're mad and no, we aren't going to take medical suggestions ever again without a phenomenal amount of thought. When I finally absorbed the full brunt of what had happened to my sweet boy it was a stunning and powerful moment. It was crystal clear to me that the rules had changed. I was in charge of my childrens health now and no one would bully or coerce me into doing anything that went against my instincts or research or values as a parent. So, Nancy and all the rest of you, who think that you can denigrate and belittle me for utilizing my power to make wise and personal medical choices for my family. Be terrified of me. I'm not going away, I will not shut up, and I have no respect for you. Our movement was formed from the love of our children and we continue to speak out for the love of all children, children not yet harmed. Movements that are led with love at their center, with such pure intentions always prevail.

Guggie Daly

Well Nancy better be pissed off at me. Every morning I get a glass of orange juice and sit at the computer while nursing my infant. (That makes it even worse, huh?) I spend a good hour combing any relevant research, another hour perusing journal articles pertaining to the research and another hour compiling the data.

My word documents are so huge that I have to export them and store them.

I bet she can't stand people like me, who read the ENTIRE study, not just the abstract. Gee, imagine that!

As for my husband, I didn't marry him because he is a push over, but because he is smarter than me. So Nancy can put that in her pipe and smoke it. He survived a vaccine reaction including encephalitis and a 3 month hospital stay in the ICU. He understands the need for actual, scientific research. And guess what? He can read the studies, too!

And as I just said on my facebook page:

"Whenever hubby asks me why I'm trying to be a Clinical Psychologist, MD, JD and get an MPH, I tell him it's so I can tell people to COUNT THE LETTERS AFTER MY NAME and eat it!

:) Have fun handing it to them, fellow overeducated, suspicious mommies!

Offit's colleague- NOT!

Mainstream MD here, proud of what I do. And by mainstream, I mean, I read the science, not the corporate-funded epidemiology touted by media whores like Dr. Nancy, who must have asleep at the switch when the rest of her class recited the Hippocratic Oath.

What makes me powerful, as already mentioned, is not my degree, but the fearlessness that comes with having my child mortally wounded by an ignorant pediatrician and a corporate culture that values fat cat paychecks more than the very lives of children.

Lisa in Texas

Guilty. I am an overly educated, overly ambitious, knowledge-seeking advocate and mother for my son and for my ENTIRE circle of family and friends. When anyone in my immediate circle of 1000+ people needs advice on home and environmental toxins, safer toys (preferably NOT made in China), safer vaccination schedule for humans and pets, safe and healthy food choices, and recovery from illness they email and call me. I have two graduate degrees and twenty years in the corporate world, Dr. Nancy, but that is not how I became so knowledgeable. It has been through my own research since my son's diagnosis with autism that has made me a subject matter expert. I live this every day, which is more than you can say.


I remember sneaking Evidence of Harm into the infant book section at many bookstores when EOH first came out.. And I've been known to bring a Sharpie to the ped office and write "25mcg mercury FREE with every shot!" on the flu reminders. Just call me Daphne Danger!

Dana Read

Guess what Dr. Nancy? We ARE dangerous and we ARE infiltrating ALL walks of life. I have people approaching me DAILY (those who I've never even shared my position on vaccine safety with) who are QUESTIONING the safety of vaccines and OPTING OUT of flu & H1N1 shots, not because I told them but because THEY (like hardened criminals) are secretly accesing the Internet inappropriately in the privacy of their own homes, READING books & magazine articles in their attics, and NOTICING the increase in the reports of vaccine side effects like dystonia, serious illness & seizures, and RECOGNIZING the fact that when they were kids, FLU wasn't such a big deal, kids weren't out of school 2+ wks at a whack and conditions like ADHD, autism, ashtma, allergies, fibromyalgia, MS and epilepsy were rare rather than commonplace. I am SOOOO dangerous that perhaps I just transmit my crazy thoughts telepathically to people in the grocery store, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods and Starbucks, even out my window and into unsuspecting people's cars sitting in traffic. MAYBE we are so dangerous that we are part of an alien-nation sent here to infiltrate and brainwash all to question the safety of vaccinations that are not subject to double-blind placebo studies.....Or maybe, just maybe the American public is smarter than the CDC & big pharma gives them credit for and they are tired of being lied to, manipulated and having the organic-cotton pulled over their eyes.


By the way, I'd like to salute an African American Autism Sister I know who is bringing the Gary Null movie to our district, and they are running it at the monthly support group. White (Jenny), Black (Holly Robinson Peete) Asian (Louise Kuo Habakus) we're all sisters, mothers, dangerous types under our beautiful multi-culti skin.


I can't help but see a liberal dose of misogyny in all this, especially in light of Desiree Jennings and how the old guard of the medical cartel is collectively denigrating her/ implying "hysterics." This whole ugly side of the push-back from the Nancies and Oracs and their ilk speaks volumes of how culturally backwards many of these medical elites are. It also shows how vehemently they are attached to their position, which is foundering fast thanks to the H1N1 fear-mongering, as demonstrated by what happened to Ms. Jennings and that their only real argument is to write her off as psychosomatic. With absolutely no evidence of that and toeing the line of libel and slander.

It's easy to blame a group like "white college educated moms." It's also revolting to employ a sociological scapegoat tactic like this in the year 2009. As Cindy already mentioned, what about the men and the dads? I can tell you what about them, according to Nancy's insinuations... we're being brainwashed by our wives and led astray, or we're simply being shut out, due largely to the Internet and its pool of "misinformation" and the support system that's arisen to embolden this so-called group of subversive, dangerous women.

What a reeking pile of bullshit.

Nancy is a tool and an idiot. I don't see how any critically thinking mind anchored in common sense would seriously take her medical "advise," or be fooled by this new ploy. It stinks of desperation and exasperation, and, mark my words, it WILL backfire, and it will backfire BIG time.


The last line says it all...

"The Weapon" Neil Peart

We've got nothing to fear...but fear itself?
Not pain, not failure, not fatal tragedy?
Not the faulty units in this mad machinery?
Not the broken contacts in emotional chemistry?

With an iron fist in a velvet glove
We are sheltered under the gun
In the glory game on the power train
Thy kingdom's will be done

And the things that we fear are a weapon to be held against us...

He's not afraid of your judgment
He knows of horrors worse than your Hell
He's a little bit afraid of dying
But he's a lot more afraid of your lying

And the things that he fears are a weapon to be held against him...

Can any part of life be larger than life?
Even love must be limited by time
And those who push us down that they might climb
Is any killer worth more than his crime?

Like a steely blade in a silken sheath
We don't see what they're made of
They shout about love, but when push comes to shove
They live for the things they're afraid of

And the knowledge that they fear is a weapon to be used against them...


Don't forget that Nancy said that she herself does not need the H1N1 vaccine. She's not at risk like the rest of us.. No she's too old, or at least that was her argument. She essentially said; I'm not getting it, don't need to, but the rest of you and your kids better or you'll be endangering the rest of us....HUH???

How am I dangerous??...I read pubmed everyday..SHAME..How dare I read the studies for myself???!!

Proud to be dangerous and practice independant thought!

Kathy Blanco

Oh God, if I have to hear her spuing one more lie on TV, I swear I am going to throw my TV through the window. The government and pharma are in cahoots to reduce the population by a couple of methods, vaccinations, excitotoxic food supply and toxins. We are low on the totem pole for infant mortality (and why is that in a highly developed "educated" society), and have more disabilities per capita than any other country. Do you think this is purposeful by now? I mean, come on really? It's true, that many of our kids may not recover, and they may not procreate. Why do you think they put SPERMACIDAL agents in the swine flu vaccine? (, or that mercury and aluminum are known abortificants? The media is also in cahoots with Sweden there have been deaths by this vaccine, but the media is told not to report these findings. Contractual thing. So, Nancy can take her swine flu and put in in her bum. Meanwhile, a HIGHLY EDUCATED group of women will refuse, and have healthy children. I think the goal here, is to make sure we don't have children with chronic brain inflammation. I'd like to think that we are more educated than our physicians, and oft suprise them with their non knowledge of these reactions, toxins, and infections, which are paramount to those who put WW2 Jewish prisoners in the oven, and said and did nothing but be silent. I am sure this vaccine is full of contaminants, retroviruses, mycoplasma, and I am sure, the autism rate will increase in two years, yet again, Chronic Fatigue, and unusual neuroimmune disorders. We also know that the years they started to give children and pregnant women flu vaccines, the flu started to become deadly. This flu is just the flu, and if you keep yourself healthy, let your children off of glutamate excitotoxic foods, off gluten, casein, and have a whole food diet, Vit D3, you will be unscathed, I want to promise you. But, that's just "heresay" and "internet fodder"....right....


I am dangerous because I AM FEARLESS now. Nothing will stop my family from getting real answers for cause and recovery. I have always been a strong, smart, powerful women. Then I had a child, and forgot that. I gave my power and my mind over to people who told me they knew everything about being a parent and I knew nothing. So, I did what any good girl does, I listened. Well, I know better know. I am taking control and the only ones I have to answer to are my child and my God. Doc, I gave you my trust once, you have failed me. Now you have to earn it.

Heidi "the dangerous mom" Roger

Jack Bauer called, he wants to be sure we all don't have any issues with him as Dr Nancy has him very alarmed now. Thanks for this article!


I just posted a blog about this. Please read.


Still hoping Dr. Nancy will take
FIVE H1N1 vaccines... in each arm... on live TV, to match the "toddler rate" of Thimerosal that "good pie chart women" will be giving to their children.

CT teacher

Don't forget us subversive grandmothers, too....anarchists to the core.


Excellent post, thank you for speaking out against this arrogant woman, Katie. She thinks she knows all there is to know and the conversation is over! It just makes it all the more sweet when a new mom comes to me, knowing full well that I've done all the research and asks what my opinion is on how she should vaccinate her new baby. Nancy, they've heard all your rhetoric before, now they want facts. You know, the stuff your NOT telling them.

Great song Kim, love the Cars! I'm a bad girl today!


I am dangerous because I have the ability to THINK for myself and not just follow someone else's word (CDC, NIH, AAP) I care what goes into my body, and the body of my child. I am a college-educated thinker. And they should be scared of me because I WON'T ever do what they tell me to do....just because THEY say it's what I should do.

Once upon a time, I DID do what they tell me to do, and now my child has autism.

Casey Ohlsson

Dr. Nancy is spreading the word, how insulting, to all parents not just autism parents. Thanks Nancy!
You bet I'm dangerous, I'm an M.Ed. and like JB once said, if you don't know what you are talking about, "I will kneecap you on your own stage."
I eat uninformed physicians for breakfast!

Stagmom for Jack

Jack, you'll find that not a single door at a single Children's Hospital will open for you as you approach. And a force field has been fitted over the entire city of Philadelphia to bar your wife's entrance. Sorry, Charlie! LOL!


Holy Cow, my wonderful wife must be the most dangerous woman on the planet....a master's degree in Epidemiology.

We're probably on a "watch list" that prevents us from flying.


I've never been considered dangerous before! How fun!! Considering that I'm barely over 5 feet tall and for the most part a non-confrontational person, I've never been called dangerous. I guess I am, though. Just last week I talked the deacon of our church out of vaccinating his future newborn with Hep B (the look on his face when I told him newborns are vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease was priceless - the outrage!). I just ran into his wife, who informed me they have decided to go with the 1986 schedule - thanks Generation Rescue! The same day brought a discussion with a speech therapist for our school district that had her looking at biomed in a whole new way (she was having trouble reconciling the little boy she saw in front of her with his diagnosis and evaluations). Not 10 minutes later my son's PT told me her dad was just diagnosed with Alzheimers. This, of course, led to a discussion of heavy metal toxicity, aluminum in particular. She had loads of smart, educated questions (she is an educated white woman - watch out!) and is now on the warpath against Alzheimer's. This was all before lunch. My "misinformation" seems to be striking a chord with the masses. Hopefully, in the next few years, the majority of parents will be as misinformed as I am. Utopia!!


I certainly am dangerous, especially to uninformed pediatricians, and I try as hard as I can to spread the word about vaccines and the other approaches to autism that are actively discouraged and misrepresented by the aforementioned.
I'm also one of those pesky 'educated' ones, I have a PhD in electrochemisty from Cambridge University.
I have 2 friends in the past few weeks who have children that have been diagnosed on the spectrum, as well as my own son 6 months ago (but he is doing great!).
Enough already. This has to stop.

David Troutman

WHEW,they missed me again. Keep it up nancy you are only helping the cause.Dave


Laughing...and proud to be a college educated white mom who can see the dangers and think for herself!

Cindy Waeltermann

Dear God,

You forgot to tell everyone about the White Males. Dr. John Poling:

* Johns Hopkins University, Department of Neurology/Neurosurgery, Neurology Resident 2001
* INOVA Fairfax Hospital/Georgetown Hospital, Transitional Intern 1998
* Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, DC - M.D./Ph.D. 1997
* Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole - MA, Neurobiology Course Summer 1995
* Boston University, Boston, MA - B.A. with Honors, Biology 1991 (cum undergrad GPA- 3.90) 1991

Should I keep going????

Craig Willoughby

Katie, don't forget us dangerous dads, too.

Hey, anyone else key on the "educated moms" part? It appears as if Sneerderman is afraid of educated people. Why is that? Is it because educated people question and uneducated people do what they're told?

claudine Liss

"women" typo


Susan, there's at least one Rhodes scholar from Arkansas and I don't think that man named Walton was a dumb bunny! You go!

claudine Liss

Great article. I love being part of this radical group of womem (lol), who are educated, read and can think for ourselves.
Get used to it Nancy, we ain't going away, in fact, we are growing in leaps and bounds. We might move a step forward, two back, three forward...but we are moving forward!

Susan Cranmer

I live in Arkansas-you know the state that has the reputation for not being all that smart and with it yet almost everyone I talk to is at least aware that there is probably a problem with vaccines and if they have young chidren are studying about it on that dangerous internet. Yes we are out there, we are growing stronger and someday we will win our battle.
to bensmyson, you made me cry- your wife and son are so blessed in you.


8 years Catholic school.
4 years prep/boarding school (and not the reform school kind...)
Tufts University - Dr. Offit's Alma Mater
Boston College
Ad agency exec at 21
Ad manager for major software company at 25
Top sales person by 30
Autism Mom by 32
Advocate since 1999


Yes, she has found us out! I am a proud married, educated, white mom who apparently doesn't know how to use the internet appropriately!! I mean, how silly for me to question vaccine safety. I should just take her word that they are all safe and any amount injected into a baby is fine. I'm sure it's the internet that convinced me that my son fell apart after every vaccine. I bet I made it up in my head that my son lost the few words he had and his eye contact after his nine (yup NINE) vaccines they gave him on one day to "catch him up".
I'll be at Whole Foods tomorrow for our next meeting. :)


I'm thinking of starting a local support group for us men that are in love with these "dangerous" women. You'd be surprised how many men like me there are out there and all of us are married to women that fit inside this pie chart, convinced something has injured their child, refusing to budge an inch, selfishly demanding explanations and accountability, yet when I look at my wife I don't see some threat to national security or a conspiring Jezebel I see a mother, a lover, a partner, a hero.... silly ain't it.

If loving you is wrong...
I don't want to be right
If being right means living without you
I'd rather live wrong than right

Lord help me Jesus, I can't help myself!


Dr Nancy may be unwittingly spreading the word. The viewer might wonder why so many educated women are worried about vaccines, and decide to do some research for him or herself. Keep ranting, Dr. Nancy.

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