School Children Receiving H1N1 Vax without Parental Consent
Larry King Live Tonight on H1N1 Includes Guest Dr. Jay Gordon

Desiree Jennings Vaccination Injury Video Goes Viral: Over 3,000,000 Views

You may recall the story of the Washington Redskins Cheerleader Desiree Jennings, who was neurologically impaired following a seasonl flu vaccination.Take a look at this video now at Video Viral Chart, which has gone "viral" and had over 3,209,962 views, 148 blog posts, 16,489 comments and 622 tweets.



'And we're just supposed to believe that he/she is actually a neurologist and just trust in his/her word.'

WEve seen all to many 'neurologists' behave like hooligans with regards to Desiree. Dont be swayed by their credentials. This is a powerful form of persuasion and is why the masses take the vaccines and other drugs...


'I hope all of your progeny die from easily preventable viral diseases". '

Eh? Thats one hell of a belief! Post vaccine 'complications' as desiree jennings has shown us make this belief laughable and dangerous.


All those DAN! doctors and Generation Rescue takes her instead to Dr Rashid Buttar--go figure! Buttar and his td-DMPS fell out of favor in the autism world some years ago and I always wondered what happened to him. I'm really intrigued by the fact that GR took her to him, though JB Handley was clearly a big fan in the old days. Did DAN! doctors not want to get embroiled in the mess? Were they not confident enough to take her on as a patient? If you listen to the interview, it is classic Buttar! Brash and self-confident, bordering on the arrogant. But good for him that he took the case and that he was so successful! Go, Dr Buttar!


Dr. Pissed you are are not a real physician at all. No real physician would ever declare "I hope all of your progeny die from easily preventable viral diseases". Should you continue to assert that you have the moral authority to question this persons veracity and treat patients with the same disdain as you have the simple bloggers here who only seek the truth about vaccines and their injurious nature to protect their children and loved ones then I will personally file a legal action as a physician and surgeon in California to be served on this blogg to have your named revealed so I can file a complaint against you at the medical board of whatever state you practice in as you clearly are mentally and emotionaly unstable and a danger to the public and everyone should be protected against you as you should not be left alone unmonitored with patients.
Should it turn out, as I suspect, that you truly are not a physician Califronia and federal law provide a remedy for that as well.

Craig Willoughby

So nice how he (or she) hides behind an anonymous nickname so we won't know who it is. And we're just supposed to believe that he/she is actually a neurologist and just trust in his/her word.

You know, it's so nice to hide behind the veneer of anonymity to avoid pesky little things like libel suits.

Randy, I think that he/she took the Hipocritic oath. Doctors like he/she and Gorski confuse that so easily.


"I hope you and all of your progeny die from otherwise easily preventable viral diseases."

Don't you just hate it when Dr. Proffitt loses big at the golf course? He gets so damn cranky.


So let's assume I own a company,
and let's also assume that I believe that her
condition was psychogenic, and lets furher
assume that she applies for a job at my

She wouldn't get it! This psychogenesis BS
is causing her real harm, and that's what
civil courts are for.


"I hope you and all of your progeny die from otherwise easily preventable viral diseases."

did they re-write the Hippocratic Oath at Dr Pissed's alma mater..?


Wow Dr. P*****.

Was it really necessary to be so ugly to make whatever point you were trying to make?

Rampant arrogance and incivility - a major reason that some people no longer trust the medical establishment.

Mark Blaxill

We often filter out trolls and insulting comments like this, but I thought this one was too choice not to share. Dr. Pissed is clearly still processing his God complex and hasn't learned many manners. Most interesting of all, here's a neurologist who see 100s of patients each year with severe symptoms of neurological dysfunction and declares them all hysterical. I wonder whether Desiree isn't representing a far larger group of injured cases than has been previously acknowledged.

But do we all get to say we've received a death threat now?


Jesus, you people are insane. I am a neurologist, sub-specializing in movement disorders such as dystonia. I can tell you with absolute certainty that this woman's symptoms are nothing like a true neurological disorder, and are exactly lie those of hundreds of neurotic (crazy) patients I see every year. Furthermore you idiots, she is now magically "cured" (it's a real pain in the ass to fake those ridiculous bizarre symptoms for too long) which simply does not happen in true cases of dystonia. Finally, the gross prostituion of her case to the press and to "causes" like yours will only serve to fuel myriads of whackjobs with newfound psychogenic symptoms, crowding out genuinely sick patients from our already overtaxed healthcare system. I hope you and all of your progeny die from otherwise easily preventable viral diseases.


I particularly liked the way the newsman treated her and was moving with her to help as they talked and did not belittle or laugh but to the contrary kept it real for her. It was brave for her to be covered in the news this way. It was touching to see the caring positive reception to this tragedy. I hope that she is able to somehow recover. I do wish they had educated us more on this "very rare" disorder.


Ben, your comments and defense of the vicious David Gorski are really quite incredible.

To quote John Stone's point in response to a similar, less refined comment regarding Desiree's alleged lack of "trustworthiness" written by another compassionate "skeptic" like you,

"The warning exemplified by Boing Boing's comment to anyone reporting adverse vaccine reactions and their sequelae is that they will be subject to derision and bullying. This, of course, is how modern science is conducted, and we must be grateful to Boing Boing for showing how it is done."

You're a little more polished than "boing boing" but it's clear both you guys are bouncing off the same ping pong table.

Boing Boing:

"Yeah. Vaccination screwed up my friend too. The day he got his flu jab, he got drunk, drove his car and had accident. Ever since he drunk drove and crashed his car, his life has been a constant battle. And he thinks he drunk drove because of?? you guessed right, the bloody flu vaccine! What a logical thing to say, right?

Oh yeah, the day my aunt got the flu jab, she got laid off her work. Surely this is all because of the dreadful flu jab.

Just how these people make connection between what is most likely two completely separate events is beyond me. Aren't people stupid......"

Craig Willoughby


"What in the world makes her testimony not credible?"

It implicates vaccines. Part of the Oraccolyte commandments state that anything that implicates a vaccine should be treated as a lie and discredited in any way possible. Even if it means lying about it.

And yes, I agree with you 100%. It, and they, are repulsive.


Ben said "...The only other information we have is her testimony, which I am of the opinion is not trustworthy."

This is repulsive. Oh yes, she is just another lying, hysterical, psychotic crazy anti-vaccine nut. What in the world makes her testimony not credible? I guess it just like the THOUSANDS of parents out there who vaccinated their children and watched them deteriorate in front of their eyes. They are all crazies too, of course!

What madness.


Oh my God, I am so fearful for her when she stops running! This breaks my heart! The fact that she is better when she is running makes me think of that movie "Crank" where the guy has to keep his adrenaline up or he will die.

I wonder if that is some kind of clue for her. I really think when this happens, it is at a cellular level and that cells collapse and they need to be regenerated somehow. I bet Vit B6, magnesium and mito cocktail would help her too. I pray that she will be okay.

Concerned Professional

It is in her is called vaccine induced brain damage.She needs to be protected by family,to prevent DOUBLE VICTIMIZATION,like treating her as she is mentally ill after the adverse reaction.Her
symptoms are real and she is not faking it.
Different regions of the brain used when she is walking backwards or running.Pharma will try very hard to discredit her. Heavy metals,aluminum and detergents create an extremely powerful mixture and ingredients easily pass through the blood brain barrier. The game and lies will STOP, as the truth present itself.This what neuro-toxins do,people.
Desiree will save lot of people from paralysis,ALS,Parkinsons,dystonia,seizures
etc.because she has shared her story and created awareness.All the best to you Desiree.

Craig Willoughby

Madvocate, I seem to recall a certain "doctor" claiming that dental amalgams were perfectly safe. In fact, he used to repeatedly call people who had reactions to the mercury in the amalgams "amalgamists" (let's see if anyone can figure out who that is. It shouldn't be difficult at all). Yet another one of his dishonesties since he claims that new evidence will change his mind. Well, the evidence has been presented; have we heard an apology from him and his congregation?

He is everything that is wrong with science today, all wrapped up in one ugly, skinny little package.

michael framson

Re Gatogorra's point: The blurb below is about a surgeon with tourette's.

"At home, with his wife and children, he displayed the symptoms of full-blown Tourette's--motor tics, obsessive-compulsive rituals and uncontrolled, expletive-laden outbursts known as coprolalia."

"But in the operating room, hovering over a patient, a different person emerged, one with a focused gaze and steady hands."

There are obviously some powerful forces working in the brain.


Here's another young woman who developed dystonia from mercury exposure. After amalgam fillings were removed from 15 of her teeth, her symptoms began to improve. There's hope for Desiree...


If Global warming (of a few degrees) has been caused by mankind in the last 50 years,

it would stand to reason

that the 100 fold increase in Autism could be caused by some really, really, stupid people of mankind in only 20 years...

Teresa Conrick-ben and Orac are wrong

Just wanted to pass this on to our readers, though we all believe Desiree. It is really for those in the psychogenic camp who continue to deny that vaccines and their toxic components can cause injury.

Orac stated:

"I had never heard of a case of dystonia that looked anything like the above, particularly the part where walking backwards reversed (if you'll excuse my word choice) her jerky motions or where she could run but not walk."

So for ben, Orac, and Dr.Stephen Novella (how does a neurologist not read up on these things?):

Dystonia symptoms By Mayo Clinic staff:

* Begin in a single region, such as your foot or hand.
* Occur with a specific action. For example, you may experience involuntary contractions in one leg when walking forward, but not when running forward or walking backward.
* Worsen with stress, fatigue or anxiety.
* Plateau within a few years.

Symptoms commonly begin with a specific action, that is, the abnormal movements appear with a specific action, and are not present at rest. For example, if it begins in one leg, the symptoms may be present only when walking and disappear when the child runs or walks backwards.

In generalised dystonia that begins in the arm, symptoms may be task-specific, apparent only during the act of writing or playing a musical instrument. If the disorder progresses, the symptoms of arm dystonia may appear when another part of the body is engaged in voluntary motor activity. If the dystonia spreads to involve parts of the body other than the limb of onset, it will first move to adjacent segments of the body, and then more distally.

Dystonia is usually present continually throughout the day whenever the affected body part is in use and may disappear with sleep.
"Herbert: The body just wants to do what it wants to do, when it wants to do it. This can be very, inconvenient."

On a typical morning, she and her fiancé, Luke, head out of their Manhattan apartment for breakfast. Since a casual stroll to the coffee shop, or anywhere else, is out of the question, Laura relies on a tricycle to get around the neighborhood.

Unfazed by New York City’s traffic, she pedals to her job at a cable television network. She enters work by the back door. It's closer to the elevator, and allows her to hide from the unwanted stares she often gets as she heads to her office, in reverse. Laura's dystonia makes walking a painful task; she actually finds it easier going backwards.

For all its striking symptoms, many doctors remain unfamiliar with dystonia. In fact, Laura was misdiagnosed for ten years. Doctors and even her parents believed her physical symptoms were all in her head."


You didn't answer my question "Ben".Because you can't. Are you and your bosses saying that vaccines can never damage a human being? That's just stupid.

Forget it. The cat's out of the bag, and it's just a matter of time.

Stephen Becker

Much confusion is evident in this thread because of two mistakes in perception. One, disease entities are fictions. Symptoms exist. Suffering exists. But diseases are fictional entities.

Desiree's disability is not one in a million but one among a spectrum of neurological disorders that are epidemic. One in nine children has asthma. One in 65 boys autism. Autism, allergies, asthma, even GI disorders are all linked by a common neuro-immuno malfunction.

Two, a single person does not a proof of vaccine damage make. For proof we need millions of people and a calculation of the entire spectrum of neurological disorders from 1960, the beginning of Universal Immunizations, until today. The chart lines are straight up. From this analysis, there is no doubt. It's the vaccines!

Teresa Conrick


He clearly states that he thinks her condition is psychogenic-- ie - hysterical:

"whether her dystonia is psychogenic (by far the most likely possibility) or not (far less likely based on the videos of her movements that have been circulating on television and online), whether it was caused by vaccines (incredibly unlikely) or not (the most likely scenario)."

There's a book looming in your horizon ben being written by Mark and Dan from right here at AoA. What is happening to Desiree by people like you and Orac has been happening throughout history -- denialists to toxic injury and blaming the victim - the unwelcome entrance of psychiatry. Their book is a must read for you and your buddy Orac as you're both showing quite a bit of ignorance. It happens still, this denial of true injury by little DSM numbers but we are moving mountains to stop it.

As an example, check out "Teri Arranga on The Boy Who Caught Obsessive Compulsive Disorder":

Craig Willoughby

Oh, I know, Jake! It's only a coincidence that it happened right after her shot. I mean, come on, it's not like something like this has EVER happened to anyone else before, right?

How many coincidences will it take to wake these people up?


alright craig, I tried to be the bigger person and you are the one who called Orac snivling subhuman. However the evidence we both have is the same, and if an expert in motion disorders says one thing and this blog says another i am siding with the expert. The only other information we have is her testimony, which I am of the opinion is not trustworthy. Her doctors, due to confidentiality laws, cannot discuss this case so this is the best we can do.


When someone states that they "normally" try to refrain from making a "medical diagnosis" they represent themselves as an expert. He is pathetic and so are his defenders:(

Craig Willoughby

This is what I took from his post, Ben:

"I don't know what I'm talking about (snivel snivel), so I'll talk to my slightly more mature handler, Novella (whimper whimper) who has not looked at her medical history and is basing his assumptions off of looking at her video, and still thinks he knows more than the doctors who diagnosed her (whine whine). So, I'll just say that it wasn't the vaccine because we all know that vaccines are all safe and happy (chaching)."

My point stands. He doesn't know what he's talking about, and claiming that her reaction is psychogenic without looking at all of the evidence IS dishonest. Kind of like your defense of such a reprehensible "human" being.


What is too pathetic is that vaccine apologists have painted themselves into a corner where they must deny EVERY vaccine injury, always, and then claim to be defenders of "science". What drug or foreign substance is not capable of causing adverse reactions in some people?

Plenty of doctors and nurses I work with are passing on H1N1 and other flu vaccines this year. One of them is a neurosurgeon. He's anti-science too I suppose.

I hope Desiree finds her way to effective treatment before it's too late.


My oldest is in college and he said that this video is making an impact on the students at his school. They are questioning the safety of the H1N1 vaccine.

Dana C. Sturdivant

When will all the damage from these vaccines ever stop. It's so sad and heartbreaking to watch another beautiful person be destroyed by these damn vaccine's, I deal with a beautiful son on a daily basis...Lots of tears have been shed for you Desiree....God bless you, I hope someone can help her get better!


Craig, there is no way you can make those claims with an honest reading of his post.
Orac says this"I'm not a neurologist, which made me reluctant to take this on, but right from the beginning something didn't seem right. I had never heard of a case of dystonia that looked anything like the above, particularly the part where walking backwards reversed (if you'll excuse my word choice) her jerky motions or where she could run but not walk. Moreover, it seemed highly unlikely that a vaccine could cause such a problem. However, I didn't have the expertise to take this on; so I waited a while in the hope that someone who does have the expertise would do so eventually."

He definitely says he does not have expertise in this field. He defers to dr. Steven novella, who is a neurologist who specializes in movement disorders, and that means dr. novella does have expertise in this field.

The very title of the post is "Dystonia from a flu vaccine, almost certainly not" While this makes it clear he doesn't think the vaccine caused this syndrome, it also makes it clear he it not 100% sure.

He very very clearly both defers to someone with more expertise than himself. If you did not notice, just about every single expert consulted agrees with the psychogenic conclusion, including an organization whose goal is dystonia patient advocacy. Orac very clearly states that this is not an official diagnosis and that he cannot entirely rule out that this was a vaccine injury
"Don't get me wrong. I do feel sorry for Desiree Jennings, whether her dystonia is psychogenic (by far the most likely possibility) or not (far less likely based on the videos of her movements that have been circulating on television and online), whether it was caused by vaccines (incredibly unlikely) or not (the most likely scenario). "Psychogenic" does not mean she is crazy or mentally ill, and does not mean she is faking, although the anti-vaccine loons who point to her as "evidence" that the flu vaccine is harmful will almost certainly caricature this argument as a heartless dismissal of her symptoms as her "faking." It also does not mean that she can control her motions. The mind is very powerful, and she is likely not even consciously aware of what is going on. Moreover, I am not trying to diagnose her. I'm not a neurologist. However, as others have pointed out, she has placed herself in the public domain, and videos of her movements and interviews with her are being circulated far and wide to promote the idea that the flu vaccine is what caused her problem. What she has placed in the public domain and what others have said about her are fair game for discussion, as far as I'm concerned."

In my opinion, if you still feel the way you do after reading these quotes (which are long enough so that you can't accuse me of cherry picking) then I don't think you are being honest.


The Sunday 60 Minutes story ONCE AGAIN missed the whole DAMN point on the safety of the H1N1 vaccine.

Does anyone feel better that they have a "three billion dollar" facility to mix up batches of mercury that are 25 to 50 times beyond what your toddler should be exposed to ???

Kathy Sebeilus basically stated that they are making them with the same damn untested preservatives as they have for decades...

Seems the virus does not grow as well as they expected, that would be a GOOD thing I assume...

Craig Willoughby

Ben, no he doesn't.

He claims expertise along with his so-called experts without looking at her medical history or looking at the information presented to the people who diagnosed her. I love how he so arrogantly claims to definitively know that her symptoms are psychogenic, showing that he somehow knows more about her condition than the doctors who gave her the diagnosis. His narcisism knows no bounds.

He is completely and utterly pathetic.

ShannonH IS in her head. It's called NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE!!!!!


To the person who asked if cerebral palsy can be caused by vaccines-- the US govt. has conceded this in vaccine court cases.

Desirree is so innocent about demonstrating the features of the disorder, not really knowing or seeming to care that the "seeming discrepencies" might be latched onto be detractors to argue that she's faking. It makes you love her all the more. Someone faking obviously would have invented a much less labor-intensive activity than running and walking backwards to demonstrate the things that cause momentary relief, not to mention that a faker would have chosen a much less labor intensive way of showing the disorder than all-over body spasms.

The fact that running and walking backward seem to trick the signals from Desiree's brain into firing normally for short periods sort of reminded me of how fever normalizes some children with autism. It also reminded me how actors with stutters can "lose" them when singing or on stage and how those with spasmodic dysphonia-- the vocal condition that RFK Jr. has-- can sometimes do things to "trick" the disorder and speak normally for periods.


If you actually read the post by Orac on this topic, I think you will find he presents much evidence in the form of analysis from several sources (including several neurologists and a Dystonia awareness organization), expresses genuine sympathy for this girl, and in no way implies she not genuinely suffering or that she is faking this condition.

It's a damn shame it happened to her, but we all know if she was some chubby convenience store clerk NOBODY would care. (except maybe us) That is the sad reality that we live in.

Maybe THAT is the PSA we really need? A PSA with strikingly GOOD LOOKING kids that regressed into autism? Something like the Welch's commercials but for autism.

There also has to be some 18 and over people with autism that have the looks of models. Want awareness? Put them in swimsuits, and make a calendar. The pathetic, sex-obsessed American public will take notice, good and bad. Just put a bio under them with things like "I didn't talk til I was 14, I used to smear poop on my bedroom wall until I was 8, I couldn't tie my shoes until I was 10" etc. It would make national, if not international news.

Somebody should do it for our side before the vultures at Autism Speaks do it, and you know they will.


this is painful to watch.. Desiree seems like such a sweet unfair.. I hope this opens a lot of eyes.

I also hope she can track down the lab that shot originated from.

Craig Willoughby

Essentially, the Oraccolytes are saying that this is all in her head. With zero evidence. And he's saying that AoA and GR are using her condition for their own gain.

That "man" absolutely disgusts me.


I am so glad Desiree is telling her story. To think there are people evil enough to accuse her of faking. No one could fake that.

She moves like a person with cerebral palsy. Could vaccines be causing cerebral palsy, too?


Let me see:
From reading and watching ever educational show about brains and brain injuries I have never seen anything like this!

I have seen kids get a bump on the forehead and don't care for anyone, turning evil.
People getting an inflammatory brain disorder and developing a foreigh accent (not really - it is just their language timing is off)

But I have never read anything like her situation. She can not walk forward, but can still run normally and then speak normally as she runs, and she can walk backwards!

Some times I think that there are some evil scientists behind these vaccines and they are rubbing their hands together in glee as they carefully mix up some kind of concoction to just see what effect it is going to have on the brain?!!!


If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, it's the teens and adults that will blow this thing wide open.

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