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Dr. David Gorski Jumps the Shark over Desiree Jennings Case

David Kirby on HuffPo: The Future of Factory Farming and the Obama Administration

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Part 1 - Campaign Pledges

Today, most Americans get their meat, dairy and eggs from hyper-productive, industrialized, anonymous "confined animal feeding operations" (CAFOs) located hundreds or thousands of miles away from their home. Will it always be this way?

No one can predict the future -- especially when it comes to such a complex, emotional and volatile issue as how our food is produced. No one can know exactly what the typical American animal farm will look like in 10 or 20 years: Whether we will have all-CAFOs, all-the-time; a complete return to small, diversified, localized food production; or some type of patchwork hybrid in between.

Many of the people profiled in my upcoming book, Animal Factory -- from which this article was adapted -- would like to see CAFOs fade away entirely, in the obsolete manner of the 8-track tape player, ditto machine, or other clunky, outdated technologies we used to consider indispensable. But I am not convinced that is going to happen any time soon...

Click HERE to read the full post and comment at HuffPo.


Casey Ohlsson

Pre-ordered! But I don't want to wait until March to read. I can't wait!!

THANKS MR. KIRBY!! (ps I can't decide who I have a bigger crush on, you, JB, Dan, Mark, Robert Kennedy Jr, or Kim!!!)

(OK Kim it's more like I wanna be like her..not so much a crush...)


I expect to see the same recurring themes in David Kirby's "Animal Factory" that framed "Evidence of Harm" -- corporate greed, health-ruining toxins, corrupt government officials, and an apathetic public. How can we put an end to this lethal combination?

Kathy Blanco

Tell me how you make a vaccine safe? I'd like to see anyone try?

Teresa Conrick

My comment over at HuffPo:

Go get em DK! Safe vaccines ( your "Evidence of Harm") and safe food ("Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Hog, Dairy and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment") - who wouldn't want that?

Familiar and parallel issues with good guys and bad guys, too. I pre-ordered your book back in Oct - can't wait, and I'm guessing part 2 of this HuffPo is showing some of those campaign pledges not being upheld. How come these Industry folks (food-vaccine) have so much power?

Muckraking them is just what is needed!

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