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Citizens Demanding Vaccination Choice Carry Chris Christie to NJ Governorship

Life health choices logo November 3, 2009, Middletown, NJ – In an unprecedented and historic move, Chris Christie put pen to paper last week and made an official campaign promise to citizens of New Jersey in support of vaccination choice. He further cemented his position on live radio with Don Imus, by becoming the first gubernatorial candidate to utter the words vaccines, autism and parental choice in the same sentence. Vaccine choice supporters showed up in record numbers tonight to cast their vote for Christie.
“Tonight, vaccine choice advocates in New Jersey are proud to announce that vaccination choice is officially a voting block,” says Life Health Choices Founder, Louise Kuo Habakus, who met with campaign leaders last December and kept the lines of communication open. “This election is a wake-up call to politicians nationwide. Vaccine choice belongs in the parents’ house, not the Statehouse or the White House.”

After receipt of the official Christie campaign promise on Friday, vaccination choice and autism advocates mobilized in force on the internet. They alerted tens of thousands of supporters, who in turn took to Facebook, Twitter, and their own support group networks to reach hundreds of thousands more. News of Christie’s now famous statement spread like wildfire through the state and across the country:

“I stand by them now, and will stand with them as their governor in their fight for greater parental involvement in vaccination decisions that affect their children… Ending waste in government in order to improve care and services for these unique children and adults, as well as giving parents the choice they deserve in their children’s health care decisions, will be top priorities.”

Anger towards Governor Corzine has been building. It is well known that New Jersey, Autism Capital of the world, is also Ground Zero for mandated shots for school. Many parents and grandparents blame environmental causes, including the state’s ultra-aggressive vaccine schedule. The “Freedom of Choice” rally in Trenton last fall garnered national media attention and catapulted this issue into the mainstream dialogue. On the heels of Corzine’s 2008 decision to add four additional vaccine mandates to the state’s already crowded schedule, thousands of parents have lined up to attend vaccination choice seminars and protests across the state.

In August, Christie and running mate, Monmouth County Sheriff Kim Guagdano, met with parents and received an unvarnished assessment of New Jersey’s position on this issue from Habakus: “Fifty percent of Americans in 18 U.S. states including the highly populous, corridor states of California and Texas have vaccination choice. We deserve it here, in the state that leads the nation in autism incidence and the number of mandated shots for school attendance.”

“We look forward to Governor-elect Christie’s leadership and working with the new administration,” says Habakus.

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nj voter

'He wants to loosen all the environmental laws in NJ too.'

Not true. Google -Chris Christie environmental endorsements- for accurate information, including:

Citing a string of broken promises from Gov. Jon Corzine, New Jersey's largest environmental group today backed former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie for Governor - the first time the organization has endorsed a statewide Republican since its inception...


WHOOT WHOOT!!! Best news of the day! Thanks Louise, Claudine and Jersey! May other states, legislators and Reps follow suit. THIS could be the beginning of something BEAUTFUL.


I'll believe it when I see it. Too many politicians have made promises but then they
come up against the drug companies. When these companies threaten jobs will Christ have the backbone to stand up to them? He wants to loosen all the environmental laws in NJ too. Time will tell.

Stephen Becker

The single most important political issue is not Democratic or Republican, it's FREEDOM! Politicians that are for individual freedom, freedom from government, will increasingly win elections. This is just the first salvo.


A while back I got curious as to why NJ has such austere, anti-choice vaccine requirements, well beyond what any other state requires. Well, I some looking around and found that NJ is home to two drug company headquarters that make vaccines and another across the river in NY. Boy, I'd love to see the campaign contribution records around the time those laws were passed. Maybe there's nothing there, I don't know, but I'd love to see them. And, isn't NJ slated for 4 more mandatory vaccines...again, we need to take a look.

Do drug companies do like the auto-companies where Toyota owns a certain % of Ford? If so, it may not matter if the headquartered companies make the vaccines in question or not if that company owns stock in the one that does. I am brainstorming here and not accusing anyone of anything...yet.


Part of the beauty of this win is that in Monmouth County, NJ, Christie votes outnumbered Corzine votes 2-to-1. That is pretty impressive, I must say. We voters for vaccination choice came out in force to the polls. Louise rocks!!!


How tragic that the silver lining to the explosive numbers of vaccine damage is that 'enough' have been injured to comprise a large 'enough' voting block to get the attention of politicians.

Bob Moffitt

I wholeheartedly agree...CONGRATULATIONS LOUISE AND NJ!!!

Hopefully...potential candidates around the country will recognize our community is not just well informed...WE ARE POLITICALLY ACTIVE TOO!!


God bless Chris Christie for having the courage to speak OUT on this issue! To even address it is dangerous for candidates. The pharma money moves quickly to clamp down and squelch these voices.

I am thrilled that he won - wouldn't care which party he was from.

Tanners Dad

Congratulations Louise & NJ!

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