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Autism Research Institute on Chelation Therapy Studies for Individuals with Autism

ARI new logo The Autism Research Institute   calls for further investigations into the use of chelation therapy for individuals with autism

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Two studies published by theSouthwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in the October issue of BMC Clinical Pharmacology investigated the use of oral dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA), a prescription medicine approved by the FDA for treating lead poisoning, and used off-label in these studies for treating heavy metal toxicity in children with autism. 

In the investigations, DMSA was given to 65 children with autism (ages 3 -8years) to determine its effects.  The researchers found that DMSA dramatically increased excretion of several toxic metals, including a 10-fold increase in excretion of lead.  In terms of safety, the study found that there was no adverse effect on standard safety tests, including no effect on kidney or liver function. 

Of greatest interest was a surprising finding that DMSA therapy had a dramatic effect on glutathione levels.  Glutathione is the body's primary defense against toxic metals, and it was very abnormal in children with autism.  Treatment with DMSA for only 3 days normalized glutathione levels for at least 1-2 months in almost all children.

DMSA therapy also had promising effects on possibly reducing some of the symptoms of autism, including improvements in language, cognition, and sociability.  However, a formal randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study is needed to confirm those results.

The study was led by Matthew Baral, N.D., Chair of the Department of Pediatric Medicine and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) and James B. Adams, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor in the Division of Clinical Sciences at SCNM and Science Director for the Autism Research Institute.

"Toxic metals are a common problem in autism, and I have personally observed that many of my patients with autism have greatly benefited from DMSA therapy.  I hope this data answers the question that many physicians have:  whether chelation is safe and effective, and clearly it's both," says Dr. Matthew Baral.  "This study shows that DMSA therapy is safe and effective, and should be considered as a possible treatment for children with autism who have significant body burden of toxic metals," says Prof. James Adams.

This study was funded, in part, by the Autism Research Institute.   To access the studies go to:

SOURCE  Autism Research Institute

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Gitanjali Sarkar

I have started chelation with dmsa suppositories ,my son is completely non verbal,will he improve in speech and cognition after this .I would appreciate all feedback who have gained success?


Can you please list the protocol you administered with your son treating him with DMSA suppositories? I have a 5 year old boy, 40 lbs. So, I assume it will be closer.


one Voice

Mary,there is a possibility that the lead came from the vaccine.I did find a case in (wwwdotmedalertsdotorg)where
the mercury and lead levels were elevated.Now this is the hpv vaccine,the 26 year old completed all the 3 series of shots and suffered heavy metal poisoning.Lead and elevated murcury was found in her lab results.Boric acid does contain
heavy metals,and after 3 dosages the damage was done. I know your child had received a different vaccine,but only the manufacturer knows all the ingredients in the vaccines.
I gave you this information as to see that maybe the vaccine (one of the ingredients) is the cause of the elevated lead levels.(type in vaers number:328348 to find this info.)


Didn't one of the major networks do a story interviewing James Adams on the chelation study he was performing a few years back? Is this that study? I remember them promising to report on the results when it was completed.


I would like to comment here that there is another form of this treatment, known as DMPS; and is in the form of a cream. Moreso this treatment is stated to be more effective than DMSA, and in removing heavy metals from the brain. Dr. Buttar is very knowlegeable in toxicology. That is the problem, they have no toxicology experts involved in approving these vaccines to begin with. I would invite you to view his information, if you haven't.

In this link here below, his 5 year old autism recovered son, testifies before congress. Pretty cool stuff. Many children have since been helped with this protocol.

This is my site:


No, I don't think the lead was in vaccines. I think it was somewhere else in her environment (though paint is not an obvious source for us since our house was built in 1998) and the vaccines cut off her methylation, which then made it very easy for her body to accumulate metals. I know the vaccines were involved because she had a major, major regression right after her 12-month shots. She got vaccines against seven different diseases that day, including four live viruses (measles, mumps, rubella and varicella). That was the beginning of the downhill slide for us. As for where she got the lead exposure, the short answer is "Dunno." How I wish I did know!

Concerned Professional

Re: Arsenic Please take two minutes to look
at VAERS-ID #333341 27mcg/L arsenic found in her blood after immunization with HPV/
Gardasil/Merck vaccine. Boric acid contains low level of heavy metals:lead,mercury,arsenic.

Paul Shapiro

I really donot understand why I never see any of the work or a reference to the successes treating mercury overloaded children and adults with protocols developed by Andy Cutler, Ph.D, mention on this blog, Cure AGE OF AUTISUM?????

Google On: Andy Cutler


Arsenic is in chicken feed, and though they tell us it's there to keep pathogens at bay, the truth is that arsenic is in chicken feed for a very different reason.

"It is used to kill parasites and to promote growth."

*Promote growth*

Yep, there you have it. Chickens fed arsenic grow so fast that many die from circulatory collapse...there hearts can't pump blood to their rapidly growing tissue, and they keel over dead.
Ever buy a chicken & discover it's leg is broken? They grow so fast, their bones can't support their weight.

Baby chick + arsenic = profit.

Sucks, huh?


Thanks Chrissie, thanks Penny.


Other sources of exposure for arsenic are pressure-treated wood and pesticides. We believe our son's exposure came from our own backyard - swing set, deck, lawn chemicals. We had renovated our 60 year old house when our son was 2, all new walls, windows (the basement windows were original, soldered with lead), appliances, wiring and plumbing. We lived in the house during most of the reno, exposing us all to loads of lead (and who knows what else). Jack turned 2 during this time, got a bunch of vaccines at his birthday, and within a few weeks his previously functioning auditory processing was gone. He was living in toxin hell. In the funny way that shitty things sometimes work out to your advantage, 2 days after our reno was complete (just 2 weeks after Jack's diagnosis) our house burnt down, along with everything we owned. During the period of replacing and rebuilding our home is when we discovered DAN! and all of its implications. Our new house was built with as little toxic materials as we could, our new lawn has only seen organic fertilizer, etc. It's impossible to completely avoid the things our kids can't shed, but starting from scratch did make it a hell of a lot easier.


I can add our DMSA success story. My son was non-verbal at the age of 3.6 years old, and after chelating with DMSA suppositories for 6 weeks he was talking in two and three word phrases. He pulled a 64 on his first UTM of lead and it literally poured out of him.

Our #1 intervention, by a landslide. It makes me extremely angry that so-called "modern" medicine dimisses chelation therapy for the kids that need it desperately.


We are getting ready to do a trial of chelation. Our mainstream ABA therapist has even admitted that he has seen it work.


The arsenic would come from chicken which is in their feed to keep parasites away. Not all heavy metal poisoning comes from vaccines although that is usually the tipping point that starts the descent into hell, I mean autism.

Also, they put all kinds of crap in vaccines that make no sense so those two in their wouldn't surprise me either!

Robin Rowlands

Andrew Neil's Blog
BBC - This Week
At 20:59 pm on 7 Nov 2009, mrrobinrowlands wrote:


BBC Moderator - Please remember that all blocked blogs are Snapshot and kept as proof of the non existent DA Notice to be posted in the land of the free and the brave as and when I choose.


Remember you did invite me - and I take it I am now allowed to mention the DA Notice on my letter - or should I stick to USA sites such as 'Age of Autism' and 'Stephen Fry' for that.


What can I say every Titanic has its Iceberg - God's to blame.


Robin Rowlands
(open sesame).


Mary are you thinking that the lead was in a vaccine?

Have any of you had labs done for any type of sed rates, or any test that will show inflammation?

Where would the Ur come from?????
Where would the arsenic come from????? Any ideas? Surely they would not put these in vaccines?


Our story is the same as Chrissie's. As of mid-April, before beginning DMSA, our daughter, then almost 4, was speaking in single words, with most of them prompted and produced with great effort. Enter DMSA--and within weeks of a massive lead dump, she was speaking in sentences with ease! Scripting, a behavior that she had displayed since her last round of vaccinations at 20 months, disappeared within three weeks of beginning DMSA. It's just like Chrissie said: the more the garbage comes out, the more the kids can talk! It really is that simple.


We have been chelating our son for 14 months. We will probably still be doing so for another 6 months. Our little boy excretes aluminum. mercury, lead, arsenic and uranium (among other things) at incredibly toxic levels, and has been for the past 12 months. The more of this garbage that comes out of him, the more he can talk. It is that simple. The other day a speech therapist from our school district approached me to ask about chelation. She and I went to elementary school together, we are facebook friends (but not real friends), and she had been reading about our son's progress, which I readily attribute to chelation. She explained that our district's speech department had been discussing my son at their last meeting, saying his abilities today do not reconcile with who he was last year, his evals and diagnosis. She said "We don't understand how he is making such progress, it is uncommon in kids like him. Can you help us explain it?" My answer: "It is easily explained - he was a very sick boy. Medical treatment makes him better. It's that simple." This led to a conversation about Jack's treatments (many of which she has read about on my fb page), and the reasons for them. She told me that all she had ever heard about chelation was that it was something the "desperate" parents did, it could kill a child, and it doesn't work. This seems to be the prevailing attitude in our special ed department. Looks like our educators need to be educated.


Been saying the same thing since 2002. Good to know I wasn't some crackpot. Lol.

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