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The "Green Our Vaccines" Initiative for Autism

Mrsmith Managing Editor's Note: We'd like you to know that the parent volunteers of Generation Rescue are donating $50,000 to this ballot initiative effort. We are seeking additional donations, large and small, every dollar counts.  You can donate by clicking HERE. When you get to the donation page, click that you want to make the donation in honor of somebody, then during Step 2 you can make a personal note at the final field to enter information, please place the word "Ballot" in the personal note section so your donation can be directed to this cause.  Thank you.

By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I'd hoped the Special Masters of the Vaccine Court would put an end to the vaccine/autism catastrophe.  Nobody was more surprised than me by the decisions earlier this year in the cases of Cedillo, Hazlehurst, and Snyder.   

As an attorney I have great respect for the judicial system but the decisions struck me as terribly flawed.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.  The Vaccine Court isn't really part of the traditional legal system.  It was a creation of the pharmaceutical companies to shield themselves from liability.  Why else would a plaintiff be unable to force a defendant to produce a single document or witness without the permission of the Special Master? These companies and the U. S. government know they have something to hide.

The Vaccine Court also anticipated a small number of claims.  With conservative estimates of 670,000 children with autism and a rate which has gone from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 100 over the course of about two decades it’s probably difficult for those in the medical and legal systems to comprehend the extent of the damage they've caused.

Kept out of the regular court system, ignored by the media who view our questions as “fringe” and “irresponsible”, and shunned by most medical professionals, we need a new plan.

I have one.  I hope you'll join me in making it a reality.

The parent volunteers of Generation Rescue are spearheading a ballot initiative focused on vaccines and neurological disorders.  It will be called the "Green Vaccines" initiative.  The effort is also endorsed by Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) who urge their members to support this plan.  In addition, I've recruited some of the best political talent in the country to make it happen.  Although the effort will initially be in Oregon it will create a national dialog about this issue and serve as a model for future efforts in other states.

I believe this plan will not only put us on an equal footing in the marketplace of ideas, but also allow future generations to avoid this problem, as well as assist those of us currently struggling with children who need even better therapies than are currently available.  It's also a process we control.  Politicians who can be swayed by pharma money don't make the decisions.  We do.  Success or failure is in our hands.

Let me tell you how this all came to pass.

Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate to have a great one-on-one aide working with my daughter.  The aide was also one of the regional leaders in the California ballot initiative which became known as the “Farm Bill”, legislating better conditions for farm animals.  Previously she’d never believed in democracy.  The initiative process, though, had shown her that people can make change happen.  I began to think about how this strategy might be applied to autism.

Using some of her contacts I eventually ended up talking to the country’s premier political consultants on ballot measures.  They said the key to developing a successful ballot measure was a poll testing process in which many proposals were presented to potential voters to see which measures stood the best chance of success and discover what additional information a voter might need to make up his mind.

I was also inspired by the story of the Stem Cell Initiative in California.  In 2004, parents of children with diabetes banded together and passed a bond measure to provide critical funding for stem cell research that was blocked at the federal level.  In the beginning they faced long odds, but they took matters into their own hands-and they won.

The consultants thought the campaign I was suggesting was similar to the stem cell campaign in California.  The key to the success of that campaign was an intensive poll testing process in which many proposals were presented to potential voters to see which measures stood the best chance of success.  Additional market research was conducted to determine what supplemental information a voter might need to make up his mind. 

J. B. Handley and I did a great deal of brain-storming on what proposals should be poll-tested, along with receiving invaluable input from Age of Autism editors, Dan Olmsted, Kim Stagliano, and Mark Blaxill.  Additional suggestions were made by autism advocates Julie Obradovic and Angela Warner.  Eventually we came up with 27 different ideas which could conceivably be put together in a “Green Vaccines” ballot initiative.

I had initially wanted California since it’s where I live, but such an effort would cost somewhere between 10 to 40 million dollars.  J. B. thought Oregon might provide a better venue due to its smaller size and political demographics.  An effort in Oregon would also be less expensive, costing somewhere between 2 to 5 million dollars.

The market research stage will cost approximately $200,000 dollars and probably take about two months.  In these types of campaigns there are usually a few high-dollar donors, but we don’t have that at this time.  Too many of us are shelling out what little money we have trying to help our kids recover.  The consultants suggested we might want to make an alliance of somewhere between 5-7 autism organizations, with each one pledging to raise 25-50K from its members.  That would give us the “seed money” necessary to start this plan.  (But if there are any high-net worth individuals who think this is a worthy cause, this would be the time to let me know!)

Another benefit of starting in a single, smaller state is that we’ll develop a model which can be replicated in other states.  I also believe a ballot measure in Oregon will generate a national debate about vaccines which helps everybody.  The media will have a much more difficult time ignoring us.

When we get to $150,000 the consultants will be given their marching orders to start the market research stage.  If that happens in a short period of time then we should have some answers by January, spend about a month or two getting the initial 1,000 signatures to qualify the measure, then a few more months getting the 80,000 signatures necessary to put it on the ballot.  Then starting in late spring and early summer of 2010 the battle for the future of our children will really begin.  I believe we can not only win this battle, but generate a fair and honest national debate about what the current vaccination program is doing to a generation of children.

Below, please read the list of ideas to be included in the market research stage of a potential ballot initiative.

Proposal Ideas and Areas for Inclusion in Green Vaccine Bill

1.    Research/Testing

a.    Opening the Vaccine Safety Database to Independent Researchers - Compel the   state of Oregon to petition the federal government to assist in the return of the records of the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) files concerning childhood vaccination records from private industry and to make them available to independent researchers to determine the     possible links between increased vaccinations and autism and other neurological disorders.  (Background:  In approximately 2004 the CDC turned over the VSD developed     at taxpayer expense to a private agency, America’s Health Insurance Plans, which has denied access to medical researchers.)
b.    Unvaccinated Children – Oregon Department of Health must conduct an independent     study of unvaccinated children in Oregon and compare their rates of ASD, asthma,   diabetes, and food allergies to vaccinated children.

c.    Aluminum Research – Oregon Department of Health must study the safety of using aluminum in vaccines (presuming mercury now banned) and either certify its safety or         warn parents through disclosure of any ongoing safety issues.  (Aluminum was   “grandfathered” into vaccines and has never undergone safety testing.)

2.    Disclosure/Informed Consent
a.    Comparison of CDC recommended schedules to vaccines required to attend school in     Oregon.
b.    Comparison of CDC, Oregon vaccine schedules with schedules from first world countries in Western Europe, as well as a comparison of child mortality and rates of autism and other neurological disorders among the differing groups.

c.    Explanation of philosophical, religious, and medical exemptions to vaccinations.

d.    Explanation of “Vaccine Precautionary Principles” for pediatricians and parents to consider in administering vaccines.

e.    Disclosure of any and all toxic ingredients in vaccines, including aluminum and mercury, as well as levels and comparison to EPA/FDA safety standards, and whether such safety testing has been done or the ingredient has been “grandfathered” into the vaccine, which means full safety testing has not been done.

f.    Disclosure of death rates from vaccine-preventable diseases.

3.    Banning
a.    Thimerosal Ban for Children and Pregnant Women - Vaccines given to Oregon children and pregnant women must be 100% free from Thimerosal (a mercury-based preservative also used in manufacturing) with absolutely no exceptions.  This includes a ban on the use of thimerosal in manufacturing of the vaccines.

b.    Flu Shot Ban for Pregnant Women - Flu shots have NOT been safety-tested or
approved by the FDA for use in pregnant women.  Oregon must abide by this lack of   approval from the FDA and ban the flu shot for pregnant women.

c.    Simultaneous Administration Ban - Vaccines have never been tested or approved by the FDA to be co-administered.  The new law will allow only one vaccine to be administered per pediatric visit.  A minimum of one week must be observed between vaccines. 

d.    Premature Birth Vaccine Ban - Vaccines have not been safety-tested for premature   infants.  Any child born premature may not receive a vaccine until they reach a minimum     age of 6 months.

e.    Infant Vaccine Ban – An Oregon child may not receive any vaccines until they reach a minimum age of 3 months.

f.  Thimerosal ban in all Vaccines - Vaccines give to all Oregon citizens must be free of thimerosal as a preservative or in the manufacturing process.

4.    Changes to Existing Law
a.    Addition of Philosophical Exemption to Vaccination - The addition to Oregon law of a philosophical exemption to vaccination as currently allowed in Arizona, Arkansas,                 California, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.

b.    Reduction in Required Vaccines – Reduce the number of required vaccines in Oregon     to attend school to the following list: DTaP, polio, MMR, and HiB.

c.    Future Vaccine Addition Threshold – No future vaccines may be added to the   required list by the Oregon Department of Health unless at least 50% of the 30 countries     in the first world (see attached list) have added the vaccine to their country’s schedule first.

d.    “Precautionary Principles” Guidelines - The Oregon Department of Health will develop     a list of precautionary principle guidelines for safe vaccine administration to be shared         with all healthcare professionals and to be disclosed to all Oregon parents.  The   guidelines from Japan can serve as a helpful example.
e.    Restriction of National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986 to Strict     Liability for Unavoidably Unsafe Products – The state of Oregon and the Oregon Attorney General will take the position that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation         Act of 1986 (NCVICA) does not preempt design defect claims and that those who claim vaccine injury due to design defects can bring their case in the traditional civil court system and be accorded the rights of full discovery against all parties, including pharmaceutical companies and the federal government.  The state of Oregon will take  the position that plaintiffs need only bring their action under NCVICA if the injurious side-effects of the particular vaccine were unavoidably unsafe under the meaning of strict liability as found in Section 402A, comment k of the Restatement (Second) of Torts.  The state of Oregon and the Oregon Attorney General will actively assist Oregon plaintiffs in these efforts.  (For further explanation of what’s intended, please refer to the unanimous decision of the Georgia Supreme Court in American Home Products Corporation v. Ferrari, 284 Ga. 384, 668 S.E.2d 236, 2008 WL 4452358 (Ga.))

f.    Vaccinations and Military Personnel - Given that a recently released 452 page Congressional report found that approximately 25% of U.S. Gulf War veterans (173,000 service members) suffer from  Gulf War Syndrome and the illness resulted from some combination of chemicals, anti-nerve gas vaccinations, and possibly multiple vaccinations given in a short period of time, the state of Oregon will urge the federal government to allow citizens of Oregon serving in the United States military/Reserve United States Military/Oregon Guard and their families to either decline vaccination or choose an alternative vaccination schedule. 

5.    Consumer/Parental Choice
a.    Choice of Aluminum and Formaldehyde Free Vaccines – Parents will have the option of getting aluminum and formaldehyde free vaccines for their children for an additional         cost.

b.    Choice of a Different Vaccination Schedule from First World Countries – Parents will  be given the option of choosing a different vaccination schedule from the top 20
industrialized countries after examining their rates of child mortality and neurological   disorders.

c.    Choice of Getting a Titer check before Vaccination - Prior to giving a booster shot for the MMR and Varicella vaccines, titers must be checked by a pediatrician to see if   immunity has already been achieved.

 d.    Choice of a Test Screening for Mitochondrial Disorders before Vaccination - Prior to a first vaccination, children must be screened for mitochondrial disorders.  If any are   present, an alternative vaccination schedule must be developed with the doctor and parent/guardian.

e.    Choice of Dividing the MMR Vaccination into Individual Doses – The state of Oregon will demand of the pharmaceutical companies that they give parents a choice of breaking     the MMR shot into individual shots (measles, mumps, rubella) so they can be given over a     period of time, in addition to the single MMR shot.

Remember, this is an exhaustive list.  The purpose of the political consultants is to help us refine this list to something that is attainable through the ballot initiative process.

I’d like you to think seriously about what I'm proposing and read the list of ideas to be included in a potential ballot initiative.  With all that's going on in my life I know I can comfortably give $1,000.  To help us get things started, I'm also pleased to tell you that Generation Rescue has agreed to donate the first $50,000 of our $200,000 dollar goal.  If we are able to raise more than the amount needed for the initial phase it will be set aside for Phase 2.

The parent volunteers of Generation Rescue have made it possible for you to donate directly to this cause by clicking HERE. When you get to the donation page, click that you want to make a donation in honor of somebody, then during Step 2 you can make a personal note as the final field to enter information, please place the word "Ballot" in the personal note section so your donation can be directed to this cause. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll join me in this fight.

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor for Age of Autism.


Christy Tyler

First, in full disclosure, I am a mom of two "healthy" boys. Lucky, I guess, given the recent statistics. I have to say that one thing I have learned as a mother is that knowledge is key. I welcome the opportunity to gain insight and education on a topic not that familiar in order to help me and others make informed decisions. I really hope that your ballot measure does well and that one day here in California we may have the same disclosure available when we are at our doctors visits as well. My doctor flat out refuses to split vaccines and I follow an alternative schedule which definitely fluffs his feathers. Good luck with your measure and good luck with your fundraising efforts. Thought you may want to know that your efforts effect all of us as well as all of you. We are in this together and just want the best for our children.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Im with MB, - Please be careful about adding new invasive medical procedures. That is precisely what we need to make noise about- Invasive medical procedures should never be mandated . Our "free" nation is simply becomming Communism #2. Also, try to avoid points that just "sound crazy" to someone who knows little about this subject. Thats just giving the opposition a stick to beat you with. But whatever you decide- Im certainly in with the money, tho I cant donate till next May when Im in the US.


Yes, good idea. BUT I think that they would be required to log on that computer and report the health of the child six to eight weeks after the vaccination. - Not right after or a day after.

Ray Hausler

I am an Oregonian whose grandson, William Mead,is about number 7 in line within the Omnibus Auism case inn Vaccine Court

I think the idea of an Oregon ballot initiative promoting vaccine safety is a great idea, with many positive aspects.

Having said that, I would suggest that the planned initiative be drafted in a very focused, very "Oregon-ized" way if it is to have any chance of passage. Also, Oregon
voters not part of the Autism family will be very insistent on knowing WHY this kind of ballot measure is needed for our state.
I would suggest focusing on young children and pregnant women; also using Oregon case studies as demonstrations of why the ballot of measure is needed for safety.

Ray Hausler


What about an initiative to make vaccine adverse event reporting mandatory and create an easy to use state-run database that could be accessed by researchers, practitioners and the public (with privacy protections, of course)? Literally, every time vaccines are given, someone would have to log on and choose from a dropdown list of potential AEs, or choose "No Adverse Event". Reporting could be correlated with vaccine supply distribution, and penalties for not reporting could be used to help defray the ongoing costs of maintaining the database.



There is an article discussing how 75% of youth today are unfit for military duty. I don't how much of that has anything to do with vaccination, but it screams for the need for change, and in general, our affected children are part of that 75%. Maybe there will be incentive to be flexible on military vaccination requirements in the future, especially if the science begins to show that aggressive vaccination threatens national security, among other things.



Item 4f, as it stands, is frankly ludicrous, as SecDef requirements will never be waived for the military registered in one state.

Also, there are no 'anti nerve gas vaccinations'.

What is needed is research into links between vaccines against biological warfare agents (those currently in use are for anthrax and small pox) and autoimmune disorders, and multi symptom illnesses (Gulf War Syndrome). Further studies into adverse reactions to the combination of multiple vaccines rapidly administered to troops prior to deployment are also viable. Studies of military vaccine reactions are potentially extremely valuable, as the recipients are mostly young adults in previously good health that has been documented; every serviceman has a physical exam both before and after deploying. What power the state of Oregon has to gain access to data from within the DoD, for Oregon residents within the National Guard or regular forces, I have no idea, but it seems worth a try.

Item 4c should be deleted, as Americans have not looked to the outside world for guidance and leadership since the 18th century.

In general, I think pushing vaccine research is a good and realistic goal. Changes to policies should be limited to the most essential, at least initially, as they will encounter very harsh resistance.

I hope you view this as constructive criticism, as your line of approach is a very good one.

d t

We will need some kind of protection. If the things in this article I saw in the news today are going to happen, it really sounds like the floodgates of vaccines are about to open up.

From the article:

"Malaria. Tuberculosis. Alzheimer's disease. AIDS. Pandemic flu. Genital herpes. Urinary tract infections. Grass allergies. Traveler's diarrhea. You name it, the pharmaceutical industry is working on a vaccine to prevent it.

Many could be on the market in five years or less."



I realize this is intended to be an exhaustive list, but the more I reread it, the more troubled I am. I think you are handing ammunition to those who call AofA and Generation Rescue "anti-vaccine".

I think you are on dangerous ground with some of these items that would have the effect of either limiting access to vaccines for those who want them or increasing health care costs (e.g., titers must be checked; mitochondrial disorders must be ruled out; separate pediatric appointment for each vaccine). I'm also not comfortable relying on the vaccine schedules of other countries without reviewing the science on which those schedules were based. A number of the items seem to presuppose facts that have not yet been scientifically proven (although scientific evidence of harm may be emerging).

There are a few items on this list that I"m not sure I agree with, or I'm not sure are within the power of a state government (e.g., forcing a private company to offer aluminum-free vaccines or breaking up the MMR; compelling the federal government to do anything). I would feel much more comfortable financially supporting a ballot initiative that is limited to 1) funding a vaxed/unvaxed study and basic research on the toxicity of vaccine ingredients, and 2) passage of a philosophical exemption. Those things would go a long way to addressing vaccine safety and choice.


Taximom, the individual M, M, and R are still live vaccines, and thus, cannot contain thimerosal. It would kill the virus.

Package inserts for proof:

Measles http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM123788.pdf

Rubella http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM142553.pdf


You have my attention...and my $$$....


I think this is a great idea....and yet another reason to move to Oregan.

I think one thing to look out for is that none of the initiatives would limit the availability of certain vaccines. If industry can reply that such a measure means they can't supply vaccine at all the public will view this a dangerous interference to their ability to get medical treatment of their chosing.

Currently for many vaccines aluminum-free isn't an option. I'm big believer in aluminum's potential harm, but unlike mercury, aluminum actually serves a function in the vaccine (even though no one knows how). It will be hard to get rid of. Without aluminum some vaccines may need 10 times more antigen to generate a sufficient immune response or may simply never work at all. Which means more costs and more capacity issues. To build facilities to make this much more would take a decade.

I think to make this work you need to allow timelines for some of these things to be at all feasable.

Maybe it would be a good idea when lining up consultants to include some people from industry to try and talk about what is feasable and what the industry claims (both valid and invalid) might be.

If they can paint this as a legitimate threat to supply we get crushed.


I would like to help and I will surely donate for this good cause.I just read your post.Thank you very much for informing to us.Keep up the good work.


I think this is a great idea! I am curious to know how the mercury ban would work in practice. As you probably know, CA passed a law in July 2006 banning mercury vaccines for pregnant women and children 3 and under, but that law has been quietly suspended every year due to lack of supply of mercury-free vaccines. I remember someone (Tim Kasomodel?) writing about the way that vaccine is actually procured, and how little the states have to do with it; that the ordering is done centrally by CDC and the small amount of mercury-free vaccine is parceled out across the states, not just to those who mandate for it. Maybe I'm misremembering all that, but if the state doesn't have control over the vaccine supply, and they can suspend the law any time they want to due to a lack of supply (as in CA), will the ballot measure accomplish its goals? Is there a way to take a lesson from the CA law and add language that prohibits suspension, prohibits the state from accepting mercury-containing vaccine, allows the state to order directly from the manufacturers, or ensures that any suspension is accompanied by an equal duration suspension of all vaccine mandates for employment, school and daycare entry?


Please remember that breaking the MMR into separate components is absolutely WORTHLESS if the individual vaccines contain thimerosal (which, last time I checked, the DO). (Gee, think Merck did that on purpose? "Yeah, we'll show those anti-vaccine idiots--we'll substitute three autism-causing vaccines for the single one!)


BULLETIN: go to Huffington Post and read Bill Maher's piece on vaccines. Over 1200 entries!! Sorry, I didn't give link. Someone did one the H1N1 article here at AoA with B.L.Fisher.

Barbara Bucknam

How about, "Come Clean with our Vaccines" as a different name for this campaign?

Autism Grandma

This is fantastically exciting, and so wonderful to have such experienced qualified people in charge of this (although it is disheartening to realize the extreme costs of getting something on the ballot.)

Re: "The new law will allow only one vaccine to be administered per pediatric visit. A minimum of one week must be observed between vaccines."

Please consider this: "one vaccine" today means quite often a triple dose such as MMR, or even more in combination. My grandson was given nine at once, combo of 5 in one, and combo of 4 in the other, totalling "two vaccines". Please require that one = only one dose of anything!!! Please try your best to get all of these vaccine combinations stopped.

I am no medical expert but I do not believe that a one week interval between vaccines is enough to allow these little babies to recover fully before being whammed again with another vaccine. I would prefer one MONTH, however then the medical system could only administer a maximum of 12 doses of vaccines per year. (Oh gee wouldn't that just be too bad)

Also I strongly believe that Hep B should be outlawed altogether because there is no justifiable purpose for this, but that is probably asking for the moon. This being given at birth is just INSANE so I hope you can get this delayed at least.

I am so exstatic to hear that the autism community is taking matters into it's own hands because our congress has always been controlled by the Pharmaceutical Industry's big bucks, so this is the only way that any positive changes are going to be made.

Any congressman or politician who opposes this should really be horsewhipped, but since that is impossible I just hope that there will be a way to keep the public informed about who is doing what so that the offending parties can be voted out of office. That way we can start getting rid of the Wolves at the state level in Oregon and then maybe those in the Wolf Packs in other states will get the message that we do not want the Wolves in charge of the Sheep.

Kent Heckenlively


A complete thimerosal ban for ALL Oregon residents is now idea 3(f). Thanks for the donation.

All the best,


I just donated. Thanks for correcting the Thimerosal oversight as well as for launching this terrific initiative.

Please develop and test multiple taglines -- I still don't think Green our Vaccines is a home run. There's a lot riding on that line.


until this most excellent initiative is going, I am still having fun with some small acts of civil disobedince like hiding "Wired" magazines at my local stores. Some went behind "Victoria" magazine the other day. I love Victoria magazine.

Kent Heckenlively


Those are great ideas. Want to help me contact those organizations? Those you named were those I had thought of as potential allies.

To Madvocate, I agree on getting thimerosal out of all vaccines. Please forgive me for that oversight. I will fix that in the list.

All the best,

P.S. - Can I get a donation, now?


I agree with madvocate...on all points.

Alison MacNeil

I love you Kent for two reasons, first you are incredibly funny and second you get sh*t done! I'm on board and will donate whatever we can and this year will ask in lew of XMAS gifts family members do this instead. I mean does Nick really need another truck? I'm terrible at asking people for money, the only job I've ever been fired from was fundraising for the Seattle Opera.But, I've got ideas. Any chance we could pull the attention of some major environmental groups? What about national organizations of chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Cranio Sacral therapists? Homeopaths? Does Thoughtfulhouse have a little they could throw our way? HBOT Associations? Should we make a t-shirt or bumperstickers and sell them to raise cash. I'm all in only wish I could write a big check with a lot of zero's myself.

Kent Heckenlively

I want to thank everybody for a GREAT LAUNCH! There have been some extremely generous donations, great ideas, and requests for more information to go to possible high net-worth donors! I know this is a new idea and it's going to take people a while to wrap their minds around it, but you guys are just the BEST!

Kent Heckenlively

Cathy Jameson

Awesome! Count us in for a donation (but closer to Christmas if you can wait a couple of weeks). For our family, when we give to worthy causes it's usually to a group that has helped us help our son, 'all for the love of Ronan....' We would be honored to continue to give for other kids who need and deserve better.


Wow! Sounds like a great idea and really needed. I thought that this is what AS and others were doing, but I guess not.

I wish I had two dimes to rub together to contribute, but please know you have my families full backing. Maybe after the new year I'll have some $$$.

Lisa Adams

I agree with MB's comment on 3b. That is an excellent point. "...safer vaccines AND freedom of choice."


I agree with Madvocate. The word "green" is already overused and old. I also like "Vaccine Safety Initiative" or something like that.

5 a. Why in the world should parents have to pay extra for an aluminum and formaldehyde free shot? Are they even available, by the way?

5 e. The state cannot demand that a private company make a product. They can, however, take MMR off the required list for schools until the separate vaccines are available, if ever.

Kent Heckenlively

We just got a $2,000 donation!!! Keep it coming!!!!



Thanks for making this effort. I've made a donation, and hope I can add more in the future.

Just the reading of the above list may educate some to the need for reform in vaccination practices. I wonder how many parents know they are exposing their children to substances that were never evaluated for safety, especially in infant populations. I know I assumed much more testing had been done when I followed my doctor's advice, which was really the CDC's advice.

I also think the Generation Rescue ad comparing the current schedule to an older one is a good visual education tool. I think many people are unaware of the magnitude of the schedule change and think of "vaccinations" in terms of what they had or their children had.

If the general population understood that vaccines contain ingredients that artificially stimulate the immune system and that immune dysfunction is involved in allergies (sounds obvious to me now, but I never made a connection), asthma, diabetes, etc., it would be a no-brainer to study this. If we could somehow also (visually maybe) represent the change in neurotoxin exposure, I think many would see the connection to the increase in learning disabilities as a no-brainer as well. Some might even go so far as to say we've already done the study in the current generation and we should reduce, delay, do whatever we can to minimize the schedule and the exposure to these things.


Item 3e: please chat with Kendal Stewart MD and Ana Hernando OT. Sensory integration is happening from womb until 2 for all babies; so no vaccines until 2. In a toxic world, you must do biomarkers for all moms and babies. Epigenetics affects methylation, detox, and immune system.
Be smarter next generation; know your phenotype. We're your canaries. And it's hell in the mine.

Royce Abrams

I would love to help. I'm in LA, an attorney, mom to a daughter with an ASD diagnosis...let me know what I can do.

A Mom

I totally agree about Thimerosal-mercury, Madvocate. I was actually depressed because of that after reading the proposal. For lack of a better sentence - it seemed to me to be providing some sort of loophole. But I know little about Oregon or state vs. state issues where this is concerned. All of the neurotoxins should be removed from vaccines.


4 b. Why require polio, since there hasn't been a natural (not caused by the vaccine) case in the U.S. since 1979? It is not a necessary vaccine. Why require Hib? That vaccine is not required in California for kids over 5 years old.

Theresa Cedillo

Excellent move Kent - So important in all of this is our right to choose and to make an educated choice. Thanks for spearheading this.


This sounds like a fantastic initiative, BUT, I don't see why removal of thimerosal from all vaccines is not on the list. Alzheimers is no more of a picnic than autism. Why in the world is mercury okay for adults? I would hesitate to contribute to an initiative that condones thimerosal in any shots. Doing so waters down our message and misleads adults into thinking it's safe to be injected with mercury.

One last point...I enthusiastically attended the GOV rally, but never did love the Green Our Vaccines slogan. It trivializes our issue, doesn't connect the problem to human health, and doesn't capture the urgency of the vaccine/autism catastrophe (as Kent so aptly put it). "Green" has become so overused, it's almost meaningless now. I would even prefer Vaccine Safety Initiative since it at least suggests vaccines are not safe. Vaccines not being "green" doesn't sound so terrible...like using paper plates. Big whoop. Please dump the tagline and give this initiative the importance it deserves.

I would love nothing more than to write a check and even do a fund raiser to support this ballot initiative, but I think you need to reconsider the thimerosal for adults issue as well as the all-important line.

Kent Heckenlively


I just donated $500 to this cause and will donate another $500 to the second phase. I truly believe this is an effort which can turn the tide.

All the best,

Barb Romkema

Hi Ken,

We are on the other end of this fight and our son is 29 and wanting to move out. However,we are having an impossible time finding a place for him since he is NOT mentally retarded but has significant physical needs. How about some work on providing state-of-the-art residential and training programs for these adults???

Places where they WON'T be required to get flu shots? That are non-toxic?


sounds good. I guess hep b shots could come under a few categories there. That one bugs me a lot. It's a dangerous shot at any age. In Canada I notice a lot of pre-teens being diagnosed with epilepsy soon after the hep b series given in grade 5 here. I guess that's the new normal here.
Interestingly someone wrote in "letters to the editor" (they must have been writing in response to an article on the supposed "safety" of mercury fillings). Anyways, he said after getting some mercury fillings in his early 30's, that around 5-10 years later, he started having seizures and exzema. Sound familiar?! He said he definitely believed the mercury was responsible and now after removal he is improving.
Thanks for doing this, Kent.


Done! I think funding autism science is important, and funding medical treatment is too, but our large community needs to put its weight into funding political solutions big time. Thanks, Kent and JB!


I think you may run into trouble with your point 3b. The goals here, IMO, should be safer vaccines AND freedom of choice. Just as the government should not have the power to force a medical procedure on me against my will, so too it should not have the power to prevent me from obtaining a medical procedure that I have freely chosen.

Pregnant women are not infants and toddlers who cannot exercise their own judgment about what goes into their bodies -- they are (mostly) adults who should have the freedom to make their own informed choice.

A. F.

A suggestion: when doing a comparison health study (see b above) include cancer and any auto-immune disorder.
Thank you.


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