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And Liberty for All. Immigrant Gardasil Mandate Dropped.

Paul Offit GARDASIL fREE FOR ALL Liberté pour Tous or Pharma Free-for-All? The CDC Relents on Mandatory HPV Vaccine Requirement for Immigrant Girls and Shingles Vaccine for Immigrants Over 60 But Retains Remaining Mandates

By Adriana Gamondes

As reported by the Alliance for Human Research Protection (HERE), the activist collective of scientists, researchers and reform physicians may have had a hand in influencing the CDC’s decision to back down from the requirement that immigrant girls receive a mandatory HPV vaccine series before being granted citizenship to the US. The CDC announced it was also rescinding the Zoster “shingles” vaccine mandate for immigrants over age 60. 

Along with the AHRP’s interventions and the vaccine injury movement’s rallying and injury tallying (as of summer, 2009, 15,000 adverse events from Gardasil, 3,000 injuries and 48 deaths have been reported, (HERE), we can be sure the general public’s recent skepticism over the H1N1 flu vaccine “free-for-all” brought pressure to bear on the CDC as well.
We’ll have to see what happens to both standard and immigrant vaccine requirements if and when the proposed new vaccine for Chlamydia ever becomes a reality (HERE). At least young, female, eventually child-bearing immigrants are being required to get one less this year. All the same, the CDC doesn’t appear to be rethinking the fifteen (and counting) remaining shots, including rotavirus and influenza— and all untested in combination—required for citizenship (HERE).

Guillain–Barré—that’s French, right? I suppose a good cure for homesickness would be if, upon getting their green cards and battery of vaccines, French-speaking immigrants find themselves diagnosed in their own language. New arrivals from Japan might be able to kindle thoughts of the old country if their children develop Kawasaki disease following HepB or Rotateq; those of Greek origin can revisit their mother tongue pronouncing new diagnoses (also Greek!) of epilepsy or encephalitis; Russians might be warmed by the “roulette” aspect of the whole thing. And then Alzheimer’s—with all the aluminum in the mandated shots, German émigrés could eventually feel right at home in their diseased state. Those from Latin-language countries won’t need to feel left out either—there’s always dystonia, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis…and autism. 

It’s all as funny as amputation or a heart attack, but hopefully Mark Twain was right when he wrote that tyranny (humbug) can be blown to “rags and atoms” in one blast only by laughter. With my father dead from flu shots last year and my family’s lives and resources consumed in caring for two vaccine-injured children, gallows humor is about all some of us have left in our arsenals. Fortunately, the issue also has courageous scientists and serious thinkers on its side.

When I attended the National Autism Association’s extraordinary conference this month, I heard Dr. Andrew Wakefield speak about the shockingly high and unprecedented rate of autism among the children of certain recent immigrants, particularly the 1/28 incidence of autism among the Somali—most of whom had never encountered a single child with autism before coming to the U.S. Aside from the possible mitigating factor of vitamin D deficiencies among certain émigrés to the U.S., Dr. Wakefield pointed out that the Somali had survived for centuries in a tremendously harsh environment and circumstances and proposed a potentially staggering irony. If I understand correctly, he was  hypothesizing whether there might be something about the way certain people from traditionally unforgiving environments evolved genes for ruggedness—something good, strong, hard-won and enduring about them, in other words— that somehow leaves them more susceptible to toxic assault from hypervaccination.

To try to understand the implications of this, I think of Delilah cutting Samson’s hair and compare it to a demented kind of man-made Darwinism. If there’s any truth to the theory, then the modern medical “Delilah” of rampant vaccine marketing may, in the end, be wiping out survival genes which took millions of years to evolve, leaving humanity’s gene pool weaker, poorer and less able to survive as a result—not to mention the threat of devastation to entire susceptible populations and perhaps, in turn, everyone.

Willkomen, bienvenue, welcome to America. Vive la liberté (de l’information) and caveat emptor.

Adriana Gamondes lives in Massachusetts with her husband and is the mother of twins who are currently recovering from vaccine-induced GI disorders.



Grammaknows...I always love your observations. "Amazing*, isn't it?

I'm currently reading journalist Robert Whitaker's "Mad In America" and he takes on the New York Times' differential handling of antipsychotics: when used as a form of torture in the former Soviet Union against its political dissidents, the paper characterizes the drugs as unspeakable abuse and details the horrifying effects and side effects. But when the paper came out against the "mad rights" movement in the 70s and in defense of psychiatrists' power to force drugs on unwilling patients, the very same chemicals were back to being "safe and effective".

Cut to the present and the Times- Gardiner Harris in particular- is cracking down on psychopharm research fraud and regulatory corruption...but ignores the precise same brand of research fraud and regulatory corruption when it comes to vaccines. One thing you've got to say for them- they're consistent in their inconsistency.

Vera Sharav, who runs the AHRP blog and founded the org, seems to keep track of the contradictions and hypocrisies of the publications she makes fair use of: Whitaker counts her as one of the inspirations and resources for the book.

Could you remind me again why these big papers are failing? I forget.


Another great one Adriana! Thank goodness for the Alliance for Human Protection. We need 10,000 more like them. When will these Docs start thinking for themselves and grow some. These guys won't be happy until they wipe us all out.


For a truly bizarre walk through the Twilight Zone, click on the link for the Alliance for Human Research Protection again.

This time, read the article on Nursing Homes and Psychotropic drugs. Therein find an articla from the Chicago Tribune - another author - describing the horror of having elderly and disabled elderly patients drugged with the same drugs pushed on our kids, even though there is no diagnosis of psychosis, and for cause including the patient's behavior resulting from medical conditions, merely for the convenience of the staff. Merely for the doctors in charge to even avoid coming in contact with the patients. The psychiatric profession proves itself, again & again, to have no ethics at it's core or among its members. It apparently is SOP for the profession to choose to abuse. But what is most striking is the comparison between the two columnists, where one is horrified and the other gleefully pushes the agenda.


Thanks, Twyla. God bless America and its parody protection. ;-)


@Benedetta and others: Is an allergy to antibiotics (penicillin specifically) a sign of vaccine damage?

I am really curious about this because my son w/autism is allergic and I never made the connection. His allergy came on when he was 6 yrs old after many rounds of antibiotics through the years. I have since learned of the gut damage/autism connection.


Adriana, I assume the great artwork is yours?


The Gardisil gang will stop at nothing to pick up some fast money vaccinating immigrants who of course, have certainly no say or power in the matter.

Dr. nancy was talking about Gardisil for boys again the other day, she is always looking out for someone...


Jen-- thank you. Gallows humor = ha ha (wail).

Benedetta-- thank you also for sharing your family history. I'm sure many people here have similar stories. My husband is about an eighth to a quarter Amerindian. He's resistant to malaria. He had only three vaccines as a toddler-- polio, diphth and something else-- and was never seriously ill in his life like most educated, middle class South Americans. This is something we never hear about when the CDC bemoans the horrifying diseases in third world countries-- that good food and not having to drink sewage make most of the difference. My Finnish ancestors survived the howling tundra, gunshot wounds to the head, escaping the Kossacks. Back then you sent your two year old to the store with your four year old. Cut to the present and the current vaccination schedule and my children could barely survive alone by a puddle. It's wrong.


loved your gallows humour and the Mark Twain quote. Well, that's two less stupid vaccines for the poor immigrants. I suppose what does a lot of them in must be the "catch up" nature of the shots. There does seem to be something to that theory of ruggedness. A lot of the Gardasil girls most injured seemed to be the athletic ones. At least this is a little bit of good news.


My husband's last name is Stilwell. That is right, wonder how his family came up with this name. Sounds like they were the only ones in their village that survived -even florished after a disease sickened everyone else. Well they are the sickest bunch now that I could have ever married into. Two newphew with autism, one newphew with severe mental problems and hyperactivity, schziophrenia, early on set of dementia or alzieheimers and the list goes on and on.

But that is not really fair, I can trace most my ancestors on my side of the family and they for the most part were a mixture of very hardy French, English, Irish, Scotts, and Cherokees that crossed the Cumberland mountians, carved out the Wilderness Trail and settled the wilderness of Kentucky. Yet, I had a niece at six years old with rhuematoid arthritus, a mother with an GI inflammatory disease brought on by a flu shot, a grandmother allergic to antibiotics, a dead double cousin who succumbed to an antibiotic shot at age six. The whole family will never get over that death.

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