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An Autism Mom's Video Response to the Chicago Tribune Story

“This Too Shall Pass…..”

By Jacey Capurso

I sit here, banging away on my computer, as I continue to reverse the effects of my local hometown rag’s recent articles on biomedical interventions. Family, friends and foes have all emailed me the articles with “Have you seen this?” in the subject box. I have responded to each and every one of them. I reply with one line comprised of one link of one boy who conquered one disorder in the video below.

Living in the Chicago area last week had fired me up once again. Local biomed moms were more than prepared for the articles as emails and yahoo group posts flew around the Windy City. The news of the imminent publishing of, again, some crappy story on biomedical treatments for autism was the hot topic of the week. Honestly, I have resorted to not even justifying the articles as they are absolutely ludicrous. I believe some journal articles justify a healthy back and forth discussion about the treatments, but this series of reporting (if that is what they call it) was not even worth one breath.

Last Saturday night, with husband out of town and kids asleep, my furor continued to burn as I sat at my computer and awaited the “Sunday Paper” to be posted on the Chicago Tribune website. It was “the anger” I had not felt in a long time. In the past 2 years I have been living with some sense of peace as “the anger” was eating me alive. Don’t get me wrong, I am chronically disgusted with the snail’s pace of autism research and the continual run around from our government. I am regularly appalled at the comments from pediatricians and neurologists who have the nerve to look parents in the eye and say, “Find a happy place for you and him. By the time he is a teen, he will be institutionalized.” (An actual quote from a world-renowned epileptologist who diagnosed my son at age 3 with a seizure disorder.) How dare anyone give up hope on my child? Thus, despite my new leaf I have turned, my inner peace had given way to a fiery fit of rage.

However, in light of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, my grandmother’s words began to echo in my inflamed brain. “This too shall pass.” Jesus, was I really going to resort to some old fashion maxim when the world is tearing itself apart and destroying our children? Mimi died over 15 years ago when the autism rate was 1 in 10,000. I wondered if she would say this now.

Regardless, I exited out of my biomedical emails and autism yahoo pages. Scanning the screen, I found and clicked on my iMovie icon, which had sat quietly in the corner of my desktop ever since I bought this computer 3 years ago. It had never been touched, yet alone opened. And for the next 5 hours, I worked away at my rebuttal to whatever was coming out of the Chicago Tribune. I watched my final cut at 2 a.m. and had never felt better in my life. My son flickered before me in his You Tube debut and all the anger I had welt up and all the frustration I had harbored earlier that week all faded into a dim memory. I had just witnessed the last 6 years of my life flash before me. All the pain, struggle and sweat had paid off. All the therapy and medical interventions had worked. There is nothing you can say to me that will make me believe otherwise, especially not some flakey words on a piece of newspaper that arrived at my doorstep one morning. The effects of a printed page is nothing compared to my living, breathing recovered son….my recovered son from biomedical intervention.

Thus, remember this of the Chicago Tribune’s Chicago Tribune's articles, “this too shall pass.” Our children are the real story.

At Peace Once Again and Happy Thanksgiving

Jacey Capurso is a mother of a 7 year old son who is recovered from Autism and a 6 year daughter who is recovered from IBS using biomedical intervention. With the tenacity of some dedicated doctors, incredible therapists, and other warrior mothers who have gone before us, her children are incredibly healthy and happy. She now dedicates herself to those who continue to lead the way for real medical interventions for our sick kids....and cried like a baby when her son said the entire Lord's Prayer at the Thanksgiving feast."

Jacey's Quote: "I am tired of hearing how 'the road to recovery (from autism) is not a sprint. It is a marathon.' There is nothing further from the truth! There is no one long, straight, paved road to a finish line. Rather, the path to recovery from autism is more like scaling Mount Everest. It is a climb up a treacherous terrain with jagged edges and loose rocks. You will occasionally have to hold on with your fingertips or stumble back down a couple feet. You always have to look up and reach higher than you ever thought possible, never looking down. You will sweat; you will bleed; and you will scrape your knees along the way. But with others holding your rope, supporting your falls, and lending their hand, you can reach the summit!"




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Simply Amazing and Beautiful!

Alec is so lucky to have you. No matter what any doctors or professionals say...you are always the expert on your child! You know what works, what doesn't, and most importantly what he needs. Good for you for not listening to them...following your heart...and continuing the climb!! Alec is where he is today because of your strength, courage, hard work, and perseverance. Thank you for sharing Alec and your family's incredible journey. You are all truly an inspiration... and Alec is adorable!


One Indian fellow dr.M D vaidya innovated sucsess on treating any brain based probloms, Autisam, Mental retardation and it was proved practically with many thousands speciment topinnovations dot org in the web site. you can see the day by day image of pationts. there is no if and buts, only 100% sure in cure.

Lisa @ TACA

Jacey: SO wonderful. Thank you for taking the time and sending the message of HOPE out there!

Hugs & gratitude - Lisa


Like I just said on another post, this is the media acting just as they did during the March to War in 2002: unquestioning mouth pieces for the status quo position, which they later came to regret. It will happen with Autism too. I guess they don't realizing that by refusing to concern themselves with the thousands who have recovered or made significant gains through biomedical treatment that they are selling out children who might benefit from such information?

Diane Gallant

Crying here in Tennessee. Love, love, love the Mt. Everest analogy. Your story offers HOPE where the Chicago Trib tried to shatter it.


Excellent post! thank you for giving us the benefit of the pictures of your journey. I love the part where you say "Never doubt the power of a child". That neatly sums up what we know, and people on the outside don't know.

Paul Shapiro

Thank you so much for giving us a peek at the herculien efforts both physical and emotional you experienced.. It must have been very difficult on the family. Just a thought try give your beautiful daughter all the attention, nurturing and love that she needs and deserves and is entitled too..

The part that is the saddest of all, is that those paid by the tax payers dollars working for the FDA and CDC are our worst enemies, living in a world of denial and cover-up praying to reach the age of pension, together with most physicians that do not know their ass from their elbow, get paid to help making our children sick and then get paid to treat their symptoms without a clue about what autism is. And the worst of the bunch are the vaccine companies, spreading money around to get every decision to be made to break their way with a deaf ear to the parents.

I am very happy for your success and just keep on keeping on. you and your family are an inspiration to the rest of us

Teresa Conrick

Words cannot do justice - absolutely beautiful! And the post from bensmyson was equally moving.

Just another mom in IL

Love this!

Thanks for sharing.

I especially love your closing about the "marathon"


Thank you Jacey, I will watch this if I ever feel like giving up.

Alison Davis

Love it! Great post!! Best description of the Road to Recovery I have ever read!!!



bensmyson - loved your post . . . thank you.


Wonderful, thank you.

Barry S.

Jacey, no better response could be conceived. I have seen it more then once and it hits me the same everytime, HOPE! I will never give up until I have a computer filled with the same stories of my own!

Thank you once again.

Carla S.

You've done a beautiful job with your video--it tells a wonderful story. Thanks for taking the time to tell your story in such a moving way.

Jill Rubolino

Jacey, thanks for a beautiful piece! Nothing can change the fact that our kids ARE recovering...no doctor's words, newspaper articles, festering vaccine pusher, or disbelieving relative.


I too went back in my history this Thanksgiving, trying to find a blessing or two to be thankful for, trying to reach into the ancient words of scripture that was carried across the ocean on the Mayflower by my ancestor Stephen Hopkins, looking for the hope and encouragement those Pilgrims found on the shores of a new world.

Stephen Hopkins trip on the Mayflower was the second trip he made to the New World, after being shipwrecked in Bermuda he rebuilt and sailed to Jamestowne only to discover that only 50 of the 500 residents had survived the winter some resorted to feeding off of the dead and yet after he left he returned with his family. Shortly after arriving from the second trip winter hit hard, half of those that made it over on the Mayflower died, all but 3 or 4 were so sick they could barely do anything. That left the 3 or 4 to care for the rest, working around the clock in the freezing weather, burying the dead, holding the dying children in their arms, warming them with their own bodies, comforting them until they pass then moving on to the next task, equally as difficult. But they kept going, they never gave up, 50% of them survived. No one back home across the ocean really knew what hardships these pilgrims endured, in fact there was criticism that they were not being productive, that they neglected the King's rules and authority.

During that winter these people knew that they needed to depend on each other, that they would suffer and perhaps die trying to rescue every one of those that were struck with disease. No one was to be left behind.

But one thing these Pilgrims also knew was that God was going to follow all this with Spring, warm weather, fresh water, rich soil and an abundance of food, they knew that seasons change, that, in the words of your grandmother Mimi, that "this too shall pass" and it did, and another winter came and went. But I'm here, my son is here nearly 400 years later. Stephen Hopkins' blood survived all those winters because Spring did come, because winters do pass. Because that first winter a few people, more than likely women, rescued those needing rescue, carrying them water, cleaning their soiled clothing, feeding them food that they certainly would have thought that they needed themselves to survive. There was no ship on the horizon, no AAP, CDC, FDA to tell them why they were sick and what they could do to prevent hunger pains. They did it themselves with hope and faith that soon would come Spring and guess what, it did come. And from that experience they took precautions, they made allies with the native people, they learned how to survive, how to make the next winter and the one after that less deadly than the one before.

We are the Pilgrims of this new world, this age of autism. There is no ship on the horizon, there is only us. Some can sit and starve waiting for some agency or business concern, feeding off each other until there is no one left, some can criticize from across the ocean at things and conditions they never experienced. But you and I will warm each other and will hum songs in unison, a hymm of hope that one day this shall pass and our blood will survive to someday lead the world into a new place.

With respects to Mimi and her granddaughter our fellow Pilgrim I conclude this Sunday sermon with a song. :)


Jacey, thank you for sharing a little bit of Spring's bounty with us, we are all so very hungry for it and we are grateful for the hope you bring to not only your family but to ours.

Kathy Blanco

May you and your family enjoy the miracle that God gave you...though I don't enjoy the same, I still get a thrill when parents get it...and that parents are strong enough to tell their stories to all of us...and teach us how to do it. My children are older...they were not in that window of opportunity to heal, however, if I do something off of the routein of biomeds, they worsen, so we know this is connected. May the idiot reporters have the same experience as us, and find out we were right. (wishing no autism on anyone, but who can avoid it these days?)

Nora B.

Thank you for telling us your son's story with an incredible video.
As individual's in this battle we are warriors. Together we are an army.


I hate when tears drop on to my computer keyboard - thanks alot Jacey! Seriously, that was beautiful and breath-taking. I could truly see the spirit and strength of both your children (they must get it from Mom!).

I pray that people like Trine Tsouderos see this piece. Sometimes pictures are more powerful than words.


Alec is a cutie pie!! It was take a total idiot not to literally SEE the difference in that beautiful child.

I have similar pictures, although-- I didn't take hardly any pictures when he was in the grips of autism-- it was too painful.

But now.... how wonderful!

deb in il

Thank you, Jacey! The strongest ammunition in our fight is to show the outcome of our recovering/recovered children. Our kids are getting better when we follow this Mt. Everest climb. The mainstream doesn't have any way to the top - no shortcuts, no elevator, nothing to offer. So belt The Trib and all the naysayers with our stories about our healing children. Slowly we will get more soldiers on our side.


Just beautiful. Thank you.

I've been having a hard time since that story came out, and along with it the story of the boy with Asperger's that rode the subway for ELEVEN days without being found.

Because of stories like this one, because of people like you that have the ability to tell it, because our stories are true and real and hopeful, because of these things we will win out in the end no matter how many idiot reporters write stories because eventually no one will believe them.

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