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A Quick Guide to the “Green Vaccines” Initiative

Stethoscope-globe By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

Okay, you’ve had time to digest the new direction I want to take our movement but let me go over the basics. (Please see our earlier posts, The Green Vaccines Initiative, Learn More and Kent's introduction to the Green Vaccines initiative.)

We’re not going to get anywhere with our current legal system because everything gets funneled into Vaccine Court.  We’re not going to get far with the current media because they’re so heavily funded by pharmaceutical drug ads.  We’re not going to get far with the medical community because they’re part of the machinery.

And don’t even get me started on the politicians.  On one hand you have pharma handing out millions of dollars to politicians, and on the other you have parents of children with autism who are slowly bankrupted by this disease.  Who do you think is going to have more money to “support” the politician of their choice?

And that brings me to the “Green Vaccines” initiative which simply seeks to do the same job the medical community should have been doing all these years.  We’re at the beginning of this process, but these are the ideas we want the political consultants to “poll-test” to determine support.  They told me specifically to go broad to see how people react to the various ideas. 

The time to winnow out ideas will come later.  Without recounting all the ideas at length, there were five general areas.

1.  Research/Testing – Oregon requests the federal government to return the records of the Vaccine Safety Data-Link from private industry and make them available to independent researchers, conduct a study of vaccinated and unvaccinated children, study the health effects of aluminum adjuvants, and other substances used in vaccines like hydrolyzed gelatin and sorbitol.

2.  Disclosure/Informed Consent – Comparison of Oregon schedules with that of the CDC and other first world countries and full disclosure of vaccine ingredients, as well as the level of safety testing on them.

3.  Banning – Thimerosal ban across the board, as well as the flu shot for pregnant women, multiple vaccinations at a single visit, a six month ban on vaccines for premature births, and three months for any infant.

4.  Changes to Existing Law – Adding a philosophical exemption for Oregon, reducing required vaccines, restriction of the Vaccine Act of 1986 to unavoidably unsafe components of vaccines, and additional rights of military personnel to choose alternative vaccination schedules.

5.  Consumer/Parental Choice – Giving parents the freedom to choose aluminum and formaldehyde free vaccines, a different vaccination schedule, a titer check before vaccination, as well as one for mitochondrial disorders which might be exacerbated by a vaccine, and the right to have multiple vaccines such as MMR split up into individual doses.

I know this is a tall order.  I've been told by a few long-time autism advocates that our community lacks the unity necessary to prevail in this effort.  We will squabble too much among ourselves.  The material support we need will never materialize. 

We will complain, we will bitch, but when an opportunity presents itself we will fail.

In the months leading up to this announcement I've spent a lot of time thinking about the necessary ingredients for a successful rebellion.  Reading books on our own American Revolution has given me some guidance on this question. 

First of all, while Congress was happy to declare independence and authorize an army, it just couldn't seem to find the money to pay for one.  Besides being a great military leader, George Washington was also one of the richest men in the country.  In addition to leading the army he paid for most of it.  After we prevailed the Congress never paid him back, even though he served two terms as President.  Fortunately, he was a shrewd businessman so despite all his losses he still died as the wealthiest of all the Founding Fathers.

Second, the only place we could reasonably expect to get the money we needed was France.  Benjamin Franklin led the delegation, but the other members of the delegation despised him so much they tried to get him recalled.  The money eventually came, and with French troops, and the French navy we were finally able to defeat the British.  Of course, after we won we didn't like to acknowledge how much the French really helped us.  That fact got airbrushed out of the official history.  And the French spent so much money supporting us it led to their own revolution a few years later with King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette getting the guillotine for their troubles. (Although we did later help them in two World Wars, a fact which they often seem to conveniently forget as well!)

Finally, at the very height of the war it was estimated that only about a third actively supported independence, a third supported the British, and the rest were indifferent.  That was the truth of our glorious revolution.

And so it is with these facts in mind I contemplate our own rebellion.  Do I expect there will be people who clamor for things to be done, yet not lend a hand?  I do.  Do I expect there will be back-biting and petty feuds which should never be indulged when given the seriousness of this effort?  I do.  And at the very height of conflict do I expect the majority of parents of children with autism to be indifferent to this battle?  I do.

And yet in spite of these obstacles I'm convinced we can prevail. 

I believe there are those among you reading this article who will rise to the occasion.  I have heard it in your comments.  From the mother who suggested so many organizations who might lend a hand.  From the lawyer who volunteered to take this idea to a group of high net-worth potential donors.  In the comments from those who suggested ideas I'd overlooked.  From the grandmother who told me that even though she was in dire financial straits helping her daughter with an autistic child she would give $10 a month to this effort.  From the parent who told me she'd pass this along to all of her Facebook friends, or the mother who told me that in lieu of Christmas presents she was asking her family and friends to donate to this cause.

I know I won't win over all of you.  I may not even get a majority.  But I will get enough of you.  It's said that fortune favors the bold.  This idea is bold.  And it can win.  The world is ours to change. I respectfully ask for your support.

You can donate by clicking HERE. When you get to the donation page for Generation Rescue, click that you want to make the donation in honor of somebody, then during Step 2 you can make a personal note at the final field to enter information, please place the word "Ballot" in the personal note section so your donation can be directed to this effort.

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor of Age of Autism


CT teacher

Amen to the letter from the Natural Solutions Foundation. I was working on a comment myself, which expressed similar thoughts,but not so eloquently stated. This says it all. My thoughts exactly

Ralph Fucetola JD

Dear Counsel,

Your well-considered position on vaccine possibilities triggered an interesting discussion among the trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation, resulting in an "Open Letter to Kent Heckenlively" which we just published at http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4122

We invite a dialogue on these issues and thank you for the opportunity your statement gave us to refine the expression of our opposition to any form of vaccination.

Janet Sheehan

It might be a good idea to print some flyers or cards to hand out, or distribute all over the place as "advertising" for the Green Vaccines campaign...and the wonderful thing about that is people will then realize that vaccines are NOT green by any means, and question the ingredients. They may not even want them- especially for their children- after finding out!

So this initiative may prove to be a way to inform the public, as well as making darn sure the medical community will "first do no harm"- and more importantly realize that they CAN and WILL do harm by injecting toxic ingredients.

(I will never vaccinate again- children #5 and 6 are not immunized and have had only one visit to the doctor's in 7 years!!! So we'll pass, thank you...but for those that chose to immunize, this direction to go in will help tremendously I'm sure)

Mary McK

"parents of children with autism who are slowly bankrupted by this disease."

You definitely mis-spoke here. How about changing the word 'slowly' to 'quickly'. It takes a year....one year. That's quick in my opinion.



Great idea! My husband (a physician) did something similar last year. He made donations to ARI/DAN!, then sent Christmas cards to all peds/family practice docs in town that read something to the effect of: In the spirit of the season a generous donation has been made in your name to Autism Research Institute & Defeat Autism Now!


Thank you Kent. I just donated and forgot to put the word Ballot in the text line. Just a small donation so anyway, once I get back working I will donate more. I think the parental choice is very important to focus upon as a country based upon freedom. I support all of your work. Thank you. Let's Make it Matter.


I promise as soon as I get paid I am making a donation. I'm going to hit up the family at Christmas.


Kathy, I no longer think any vaccine is safe either. But five years ago, before what I call my personal 9-11 (i.e. autism) I thought vaccines were no big deal, about like popping an aspirin. We have to reach the general public; we have to start somewhere.

Kent Heckenlively

Peanut Gallery:

We don't want to do anything to doom the initiative. That's why phase 1 is the market research stage to determine voter attitudes on the various ideas. The ballot initiative which will eventually be presented to voters will be the result of the process.

Hope that answers your concerns.

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively


I donated $250. It's exciting to be a part of something big like this.

Schoolteacher in NYC

Just a voice from the peanut gallery, but I think the banning segment is a big problem and will possibly spell the doom of this initiative, however strongly we all feel that banning certain types of vaccination is a good idea.

If the AAP/CDC et. al. recommend a course of action, I think the initiative should not be trying to ban it. I think that would be a PR wipeout, with the media portraying the initiative as an attempt to pit the Oregon govt. against established science. Even vaccine skeptics may not want to vote for government contra science.

Everything that can be described as promoting choice, options and informed consent, which strikes me as most everything else in your initiative, is immune to this attack and I think can win the PR battle.


There are no green vaccines. I am convinced.

Kent Heckenlively

Even though I'm driving a car that's older than my 11 year-old autistic daughter I just made another $250 donation to this cause that I believe so deeply in.

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively


a bit about George Washington and the medicine of his time...

On December 14, 1799 the former president came down with a severe sore throat.

With the assistance of an overseer and three physicians, they let two pints of blood, and later the same afternoon decided to let a quart more.

They applied something called "blister" to his throat and also a dose of a mercury compound called calomel.

By 11 pm he had passed away. In many ways little has change with the wonders of modern medicine today...

Kathy Blanco

and finally
"Vaccines have become sacraments of our faith in biotechnology. Their efficacy and safety are widely seen as self-evident and needing no further proof." Others see a link between vaccinations and satanic rituals or witchcraft, where animals are sacrificed and their organs brewed in a hellish concoction of horrid substances: voodoo medicine by 21st century mad scientists. Sadly, our children are their unwilling subjects as society is slowly devoured by their insatiable appetite for human experimentation..."

Green a satanic ritual..ok..that's pretty picturesqe alright...but it's the truth...to say one concoction is harmful, and not the rest is scientific tom fullery.

Kathy Blanco

Sounds really interesting...but I have to say, I am in the camp that you can't make vaccine safe ever...however, I like kicking their ant bed...irritating them, putting doubts in parents mind...whatever we have to do, do it. However, I have seen kids dive into autism with one mercury free vaccine...that said...again..the less the better...and none, even better.


I have already happily donated and intend to donate again and again.

I strongly agree with your point about division among our group and that preventing progress. And I think this point is paramount to understand that at the end of the opinions will come a decision on direction THAT WE ALL NEED TO GET BEHIND 100%.

The medical world knows how to retain power - stay solid and consistent, and behind your leader. I hope we can all see the big picture and how getting behind this can achieve great things. And conversely how squabbling gets us nowhere.

Be in it to win it people.

L. Stuiber

Kent, I just donated and will encourage all my friends a relatives to do the same. My brother regularly donates to children's health charities that I think he can shift some or all to this cause.


If we donate in lieu of giving presents this Christmas, say I were to donate $25 or whatever in the name of someone I would have normally gifted with something else, it would be great if the person receiving the gift of the donation would get mailed something saying a gift was made in their name with some follow up newsletters.

Hummm, I might be tempted to make some donations in the name of some influential people who I don't or barely know just so they would get a mailer or two.

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