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Why is IACC's Dr. Yvette Janvier “Offended” by Sick Autistic Children?

Bad-Smell-Ad Managing Editor's Note: Katie continues to write on the travesty that is the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee. Click HERE to read the Katie Wright category. If the name sounds familiar, it's that her Mom and Dad founded a large autism organization several years back. When the numbers were still 1 in 166. 

By Katie Wright

Nancy Wiseman and Lyn Redwood are parents of ASD children. They have both lived through the nightmare of dealing with an acutely ill autistic child. Nancy spoke eloquently about her daughter’s rages and how uncontrollable the child was because she  seriously ill. Wiseman discovered her daughter had PANDAS and bowel problems. Once this immune disorder was addressed and treated, Nancy’s daughter made incredible progress. Lyn spoke about all the ASD kids who are nonverbal and suffering horribly from both obstructed bowels or incessant diarrhea. Lyn and Nancy urged the committee to make addressing the issue of GI pain and treatment a top priority. Lyn emphasized that such research would be low tech and inexpensive compared to most ASD research, yet could tremendously improve a child’s quality of life.

In response Tom Insel said that his treatment committee did not talk about GI treatment and dietary intervention, nor is this a priority.

Insel has clearly decided, based on his years on non experience as a parent of a sick ASD child that dietary intervention research is not important, end of story, back to robot technology!

I expected that from Insel but what came next shocked me. IACC’s AAP fellow Dr. Yvette Janvier became angry about this GI discussion and said “the idea that autistic kids are sick offends me! I have been a developmental pediatrician for 20 years and have never seen an autistic child with immune problems or GI issue!”  Janvier went on to state that the committee “cannot focus on a very rare case” of immune or GI problems! Janvier was visibly angry.   

How frightening is this woman? Did I mention that Janvier is an AAP fellow? Did I mention that Janvier serves as a “public” member, of IACC? That’s right Janvier holds a seat that is meant for family members. Now, I find that incredibly offensive.

I have rarely heard such astounding arrogance. This exceptionally obnoxious and uninformed pediatrician has decided, for all of us, that our children do not have GI or autoimmune problems. Case closed.

I think those of us with sick children need to let IACC know how we feel about Dr. Janvier’s characterization of our kids.


Angry Parent

I am a parent of a 6 year old litle girl. Last year, Children's Specialized Hospital said my daughter scored just above Autistic Spectrum. From what I recently learned from our school district, Dr. Javier is NO LONGER allowed to diagnose children with this disorder because she diagnosis EVERYONE with it. Another doctor at the hospital gave us our daughter's diagnoses, but he too has the same reputation for setting up a mill for autistic disorders. I will be attending a town hall meeting in Toms River for assistance, and I have contacted the Ocean County Prosecutor's office for their input as well. This kind of behavior needs to be addressed right away, and if proven true there needes to be a consequence and compensation.

Laura Rodriguez

My son is 3 and has tremendous abdominal pain. He is seeking pressure all day in his abdomen. Sometimes his eyes have tears. He had failure to thrive when he was 2. I went to several specialists. Two pediatricians, one work up with a well know GI (who recommended 15mg of prevacid) two endocrinologists. They all sat down in front of me not knowing what to say. A couple of "is part of the autism"
Nobody mentioned that there was one doctor in this planet saying that there is a bowel disease. It is mounstrous. Criminal. I cry every day. He has the right to be relief. He has the right to feel better. He could have been better long time ago.
I agree with Dr. Buie. Let's step away from the cause and concentrate in the reality of the disease. It is so much easier to provide science for that. Let's just get the message out there; the bowel disease is real. The cause could take 15 years of discussion and science. The bowel disease could be recognize in a short term. We need to push for it. For all our kids who are in pain.
Laura mom of David with autism, GERD and some sort of inflammatory bowel disease


From "across the pond":- When did the medical profession's attitude change from, "Listen to the mother - the mother knows the child", to "You're the mother so you know nothing - I'm the doctor so I know everything"? Can anyone shed any light on this change of attitude? N.B. I acknowledge there are some doctors who listen respectfully and take notice of the mother's comments.


This saddens me but at the same time reinforces my gut reaction to our meeting with Dr. Janvier herself. She told us our son had the worst case of Regressive Autism she'd ever seen & was annoyed when she had to take her pumps off to chase our busy 2 year old who for the record has been plagued by GI issues since his vaccination injury. She was entirely non-commital about what we should do other than book therapies every day of the week with her hospital Children's Specialized Hospitals of New Jersey. Perhaps she forgot meeting our son or that he had severe GI issues!!!

Not only do I wish there was a way to recall this woman's seat...but how about her Medical license too? I would have to wonder if she were ever blessed with an Autistic child if they'd ever be a productive member of our community with her attitude or if that would all change once she started to realize yes, moms really do know their children best!!!!!!!!!!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Friends, Dr. Janvier may be telling the truth- She hasnt seen sick autistic kids because she does the magic medical sleight of hand in which one makes a diagnosis and quick as a wink sends the kid off to Never Never Land- That is -the Land of THERAPY AND SERVICES ! Good job done, doctor ! Thats what EARLY DIAGNOSIS AND INTERVENTION is all about.

Alisa Merlin

I can't believe I am reading the comments of such an uninformed "expert". I don't even have a child with autism but my friend does and I have to respond. Bowel problems are a major part of the syndrome. He is 10 and has to wear a diaper. Please lady, get a clue, do some research, learn to spell internet...

Terri Lewis

I nominate Elizabeth Hensley for comment of the week:

"I'm autistic. My gut is on fire. I am 52 years old.

We've been around a long time.

But so has wild measles. That does not get shot makers off the hook for using a live vaccine that artificially makes more of us."

Of course, it's been a big, big week in autism news. And I've noticed a lot of really good comments.

One at a time, people are starting to see. . .


Maybe she has sick bowels, too, and is thus offended... Just sayin. Bowels in general probably offend this lady. I mean, woman. Not sure she's a lady.


Boy this lady should not be in a white coat kinda glad she not in front of me i just might take my now 20 yr. austic sons diaper off & ask if austict.s kids have no gi problems then where did this come from * why does it happen every day & nite & all thru out the day at times more then 3 his dirrea isn,t as bad now as once was BUT now he has very hard time getting his bowels to move & if her answer might be well mam perhaps you don,t feed him propper foods my reply would be yes i certainley do so you come live with us for a mo. & just see what work it takes by using foods to either make his bowels move or to stop them at times.

Elizsbeth Hensley

I'm autistic. My gut is on fire. I am 52 years old.

We've been around a long time.

But so has wild measles. That does not get shot makers off the hook for using a live vaccine that artificially makes more of us.

I suspect Wilberforce who did for England with clever politicking and some horse racing tickets what it took a long and bloody "Civil" war in the US to do (freed the slaves) may have been one of us. (See the movie Amazing Grace) He needed to be alone with God a lot. He was full of social conscious and his gut was on fire. Sounds like me.

They recently released a study that concluded that "they did not find the live measles virus in the guts of children with autism and gut pains." But I read the whole study (advantage of being hyperlexic). The truth was in the last two paragraphs. The study was only 50 kids and they DID find the measles virus in the guts of two of those 50 kids. Multiply that by the general population of hurting folks like me and we are talking hundreds of thousands if not millions. Plus using a biopsy needle to find a virus in a gut is like using a needle to find a freckle on someone's face in the dark. It is all too easy for the needle to go between the freckles and not find one because they are so tiny and spaced apart. Viruses are even smaller and maybe even more spaced apart.

Karin MacDonald

My son, autistic, nonverbal, not sleeping through the night, still crapping his pants at almost 9 years of age IS ill and I have the lab work to prove it! He has N E V E R had normal bowels! I am sick and tired of these "smart" people claiming that GI issues play no part in autism! And yep, I would be one to volunteer one of my son's foul patties to be sent to anyone who has the nerve to continue denying any link between the two!? How much longer must we endure these ridiculous statements by those who are in charge of making things better?

Kathy Blanco

Am reminded of a quote from my sons favored movie quote, from my autistic sons favored movie, and probably mine..."Forgive me, El Guapo. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me?"

I think the something else, is the TRUTH...that truth that vaccines do and can cause autism/autistic enterocolitis. How inconvenient is that, if your a doctor? Iaotragenic is a four letter word to them...or a treasured secret. Let's also be honest, that the predisposition is Celiac family history, and autoimmunity...but nah, that question is never asked before you get jabbed...never...ever...

Christina Liberatore

I will stand up with my son and be counted. My son with ASD has diarrhea almost constantly.

Meg Naughton

What gives her the right to be offended about anything? I'm sick and tired of these people putting on a white coat and making the assumption that it makes them God. Get over yourself lady. I have never seen a kid with Autism that didn't have GI issues!!


of course a diaper mailing campaign could change her mind?! ;-)


I agree with Julie, Michael More is inquisitive when it comes to corruption but probably not sceptical and open enough to question current medical dogmas.

David Simon, the man behind *The Wire* and *Homicide* would be better able to depict the depths and darkness of this tragedy we humans have created for ourselves. Now how do we reach him?


Michael Moore??? Don't think it's a good idea. He preaches to his own audience and a polarizing character like him will not convince anyone who doesn't want to be convinced. As we all well know, the only ones who do care are those who have been touched by autism in some way... and some researchers.

We need to reach those who are really influential and have access... we need to participate in NIMH studies, find and support those very few doctors that help and heal our kids, and so on.

Robert Krakow

Thanks for this note about Yvette Janvier. She has shown us the true colors of the AAP. Just as the AAP and IACC have turned their backs on our sick kids we should turn our backs on the IACC. I opposed the Combating Autism Act because I believed that its IACC and other bureaucratic creations would function just as they have. They have functioned as an obstacle to the welfare of our children. Rather than enabling them we should disable them through political action.

It is enough already. We should turn our back on IACC. We should no longer participate in this charade. My son is ten years old now - he cannot speak and his GI problems persist despite improvement through various interventions. We can no longer tolerate the ignorance of individuals like Dr. Janvier.

I think we need to escalate and intensify our opposition to the sham that the IACC has become. That is not to say that the efforts of many parents at the IACC has not been meaningful. At this point, however, it is clear that the IACC is a dead end vehicle to obtain meaningful intervention for our sick children.

Robert J. Krakow

Heidi R

"Look, the Emperor has new clothes!!!"


People-we ARE making a difference!

A huge children s medical hospital in our area is having a clinicians conference later this month and guess who the guess speakers are!

Dr. Arthur Krigsman from thoughtful house in texas. Dr. Arthur Krigsman has extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of gastrointestinal pathology (now known as autistic enterocolitis) common in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and has detailed the symptomatology and endoscopic/histopathologic character of this disease in this unique, poorly understood group of children. His findings have been presented at scientific and lay meetings in the United States and Canada.

Dr. Liz Mumper (President and CEO of The RIMLAND Center) is an Associate Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics at the Edward Via Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine.

This is the same hospital whose pediatricians just two years ago were unable to recognize overt regression symptoms in our son even as we pointed them out, was unable to recognize or treat him for his severe gastrointestinal problems and would not honor our request for a referral to a gastrointesinolgist or a developmental pediatrician. Their actual advice was-lets wait six months and see..

We said screw that and made our own appts and started biomedical treatment within two months of our sons regression into silence and pain. I still have great anger towards them but look how the times they be changin!.

It is incredibly satisfying to look at our invitation and to know we played a small part in bringing them around.

It won't be long before idiotic goons posing as medical professionals like Janvier will join the other dinosaurs in extinction.

Nancy Naylor



HEY!!! Taximom!!
I think you are on to something....Michael Moore!!


my eye balls just jumped out and hit the screen.

i've never heard such gross neglect in an MD professional.
i've never heard a an autistic child NOT having GI issues.

honestly, I'm at a loss for words.
shaking my head with mouth agape
Yvette you have my sympathy - YOU truly ARE sick!


“the idea that autistic kids are sick offends me! I have been a developmental pediatrician for 20 years and have never seen an autistic child with immune problems or GI issue!” ~Dr. Janvier seems these doctors miss quite a bit. I mean aren't these the same doctors that say the autism increase is just better diagnosis? Obviously, Dr. J just missed all the ASD kids with GI/autoimmune issues.

Honestly, I'm not sure it is even worth the time to write an email to these pinheads.


IACC...aka...Ignorant Autism Community Consortium... How many children's minds will be enough for these people!!


Julie O, I think you hit it. It must be very hard for a pediatrician to face that they have been condemning children to a life of disability instead of healing. But it's like the "good Germans". How long can they keep saying "we didn't know"?

Then there are the creeps like Offit and Insel who know and don't care.

As for Michael Moore, I don't think he has the skeptical attitude toward medical "science" to take this on. I felt like he missed the point in "Sicko" ( that the medical system itself creates disease) and he didn't pick up on the fact that the Columbine boys were on psychoactive meds.

CT teacher

The medical profession has been making kids sick with their needles for more than 2's more like 7. My generation, born in the 40's, was the first to be mass vaccinated as children...smallpox and polio. We are the first generation to have suffered from autoimmune disease in large numbers. We got disordered immune systems from only a few shots! Then we pass this on to our offspring and in addition we give them more vaccines than we got. So, the damage increases exponentially, until we arrive at the current vaccine schedule and the health debacle we are faced with today. It's no coincidence that the leading cause of death among people my age is cancer. We were given the polio shots that were contaminated with SV40. The scientists knew it but went ahead and gave them to the kids anyway. They decided that they would look for a cure for cancer then. You see how well that's worked out. Vaccines are ruining our health!

Janet Presson R.N., M.Ed.

Dr. Janvier fits in nicely with Dr. David Tayloe's AAP. Remember when he stated on Larry King that his practice sees 100K children per year and has never filed a VAERS report? These arrogant, ignorant, selfish doctors are causing stunning harm to our precious children and DO NOT CARE AND WILL NEVER ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT. We as parents must NOT allow these people anywhere near our children!


"Johnson & JOhnson also = rhogam"

...and Tylenol.


I and a friend have been emailing Michael Moore for years. He has never one time responded to either of us. Not even a form email saying jack crap to us.
I don't know, maybe if we make it a large plan and hit him up with a ton of emails it may get his attention. It would be years before he would get another movie out though because he just released one a week ago.
Sorry for the downer guys but I don't see him doing much unless we ALL come at him as a united front.


Johnson & JOhnson also = rhogam

Jules Boise

@TaxiMom - Great idea !! I followed the link to Michael Moore and attached this article. I also told him I thought this should be the topic of his next movie : ) WONDERFUL !!

Tracy McDermott

Nice letter Kathy - I emailed one also, short and sweet, and three photos attached of the most disgusting stools I could find in my son's picture archives :)
I was cordial though, and apologized in advance if the photos offend her!


If she's affiliated with the Robert Wood Johnson folks, it all makes sense. Robert Wood Johnson = Johnson & JOhnson = Janssen = risperdal = eugenics. No GI issues in that equation.

Julie Obradovic

In all honesty, her comments prove precisely the reason why we are getting no where (or at least not as far as I would hope or like) with the mainstream medical community.


This issue is so emotional, for both sides admittedly, that the proverbial peeling away of the layers of it so that we can seriously deal in fact has just not happened.

Until the day can come that physicians with this kind of power can put aside their personal "offenses" about what may or may not cause Autism, like say maybe it's THEM with their beloved needles...this will be a hard battle fought. Denial and defensiveness serve no one, especially not our children.

Understandably the notion that they themselves did this to a generation (going on 2) of children is truly so unpalatable, so undesirable, so unthinkable and so horrific, they are willing to embrace the ridiculous as long as it takes that possibility away. But even they must realize just how ridiculous they are becoming. It HAS to gnaw at them whether they deny it or not.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. These are not stupid people. We are not stupid people. The difference is, all of us at one point had to look at the evidence, both physically and anecdotally, and come to the conclusion that YES, I DID THIS to my child. I didn't do it on purpose, God no. But I did this. I held her/him down. I chose this for them because of what THEY (the doctors) told me to do.

If anyone can understand the emotion that surrounds that moment, it's us. I vomitted. Anyone else?

Still, denying it or beating myself up over it (although the guilt still lives on) wasn't going to help my child. You can't change what you don't acknowledge.

It is time for them to stop lying to themselves. Smart people cannot possibly believe there is no increase in incidence, that it went up 50% in 2 years because 8 year olds in 2007 were being missed, and so forth. First they didn't diagnose, then they didn't do it correctly, and now they are over doing it.

They fight and fight not for what is best for our kids but for what is best for them. This being true shakes the foundation of modern medicine and those who provide it. It changes you forever as we can testify.

But the time has come to put our children's needs first. Please, Dr. Janvier, this isn't about any of us being offended, although if anyone should be it's us.

Put the emotion aside. Look at the facts.

Do you seriously believe the incidence rates rising in direct relation to the number of vaccines given, the timing of the onset, the symptoms themselves, the ratio of boys to girls, the physical issues that accompany the behaviors, and the anecdotal reports of parents of regression and recovery are truly nothing more than a big, fat, unfortunate cosmic coincidence? That they all have a convenient explanation?

Do you seriously believe 1 in 58 American males has Autism and always have?

Do you seriously believe the studying of 1 ingredient of over 50 and 1 vaccine of over 36, none of which have been studied cumulatively, (all of which were done by those who endorse, administer, manufacture and/or profit from vaccines) is enough to exonerate vaccines?

You can't. You're too smart for that.

Now please, stop offending both of us by pretending you're not.

Kathy Blanco

My letter for what it's worth..

Dear Doctor Janvier,

According to Age of Autism, ( ), you made some pretty saliscious remarks regarding our children which often have potentially life threatening, wasting syndromes via the gut. You observed, accordingly, there was none. May I tell you the woe/danger my children were put under? I will attach a photo to another email, and I want you to examine and look my child, who was wasting so badly, people asked if he had cancer. Numerous biopsies revealed hyperplasia, esphogeal disease/Gerd/celiac, and various markers including Measles gut virus epitopes, which are vaccine strains. Had I not paid attention to my continually wasting son, he would have perished by malnourshiment. Good doctors, though unbelieving at the time, thought my son to have AIDS, or some other casechia disease. NO, he had autism, induced by vaccination. He reacted badly to a DPT shot, which was eleven days after, with febrile convulsions and high pitch screaming. On further evaluation, the disposition was that my son had mitochondrial dysfunction (different from inherited), and that he was experiencing what we call in the autism community, starving brain syndrome. Some children I know have such huge bezoirs in their gut, they literally BUST. Large blockages are seen, diahrreah from hell that never stops, and constipation, so injurious to the gut, that the brain is starving literally to death for nutrients. Leter we even found out my entire family was lyme positive, which could also further make the gut a problematic organ. Oft times the behaviors of autism, are just symptoms of PAIN. They fall upon the floor and do tantrums, head butt, kick and pinch themselves, and put themselves over arm chairs to relieve the pain. Oft times that is agressive behavior. I don't know about you...but when my gut is bad or unwell, I am bad and feel unwell too, except in my instance, I can say, I am in pain. If you had no way to communicate that, what would you do?

Through special diets less wheat, milk, corn and soy, as well as paying attention to the quality of food, my son slowly started to gain weight. But had I not brung up this problem, he would have wasted to nothing. He had to go on antifungals, antibiotics, antivirals, probiotics, amino acids, etc, for these issues to be resolved in full. At times we will still experience some problems, due to diet infractions or imbalances of gut flora. Interestingly we had a huge regression after a dental surgery, which induced NO in the brain, and caused problems with encopresis. The wasting started again. I had to start all over again...with all the treatments I could think of to save my son.

I would like to point to your attention, the comments on age of autism, so that you may reevaluate your position-possibly join forces with us to make sure your statements are scientifically valid. Have you actually TOUCHED a child with autism, biopsied their gut, find biomedical underpinnings of gut problems, are are you just assuming this is the case? If mothers don't say anything, is that the assumption? For years, my son didn't have any signs, till BOOM...then it was unmistakable. But inbetween that time, I had seen seizures, encephalopathies associated with that, refusal to eat, not sleeping because of GERD, and strange immune/metabolic tests that indicated my son was severely infected by SOMETHING.

I ask for some kind of reason on your part, and your hospital to reevaluate the position that this is not connected to autism. Notwithstanding...if my son didn't have autism, you would be alarmed even of his wasting as a neurotypical we have to throw out the diagnosis of autism in order for our kids to have any concern to anyone? This is a multisystemic disorder. AIDS patients experienced a lot of predjudice in their diagnosis for years, and I am afraid we are no better. These children deserve whole body holistic view points, not narrow minded ones. May you reevaluate your position on this, with scientific reasoning, that of the HPA axis, Blood Brain Barrier, and the immune system which lies within the gut do matter in relationship to the CNS.


Kathy Blanco

. “An observant parent’s evidence may be disproved but should never be ignored” —Lancet 1:688, 1951, Anonymous


It's time to call CPS and the cops! I fail to understand why, at this point in time, there is not some legal footwork going against these doctors of ignorance and arrogance. Are there not any smart lawyers out there supporting us? Or are they only for the rich and famous? The standards of care need to change to include an entire medical workup for metals, food intolerances, GI difuction, and vitamin defecienceis. It is child abuse to neglect this. And any ABA therapist out there who is still using allergen laced food for treats should be arrested unless a kid has previously tested negative for such treats. I witnessed a kid in a classroom today with a "supposed behave mod specialist" give the kid pretzels for obeying her commands, and 5 minutes later he was on the ground having tantrums which he was admonished for and physically lifted out of classroom for. It's child abuse.



yes! I Love this idea!!! Here's Michael Moores contact page:


So, "Dr." Janvier works at Children's Specialized Hospital at 94 Stevens Rd., Toms River, NJ 08755. 888-244-5373 ext. 3900.(From the website, I kid you not: "Parking is available in the lot at the entrance and also in the back of the building (next to the funeral parlor).")

The President and CEO of Children's Specialized Hospital is Amy B. Mansue. Her email address is [email protected]. According to her statement on the website, her hospital staff is "committed to providing expert and loving treatment." Their five values (actually six but who's counting) are: Teamwork, Collaboration, Compassion, Excellence, Fun and Innovation. I'm working up a letter right now to ask her how her employee's words and actions exhibit any one of those.

Next on the list is Philip Salerno III, President and chief development officer for the CSH Foundation. Some of their big donors recently include PSE&G, the NY Giants, and L'Oreal USA. Maybe a boycott would get their attention. Also, Rebecca Mazzarella seems to be a PR flack there. [email protected]

The hospital is an affiliate of the Robert Wood Johnson Health System. They are located at 120 Albany St., Ste. 360, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 888-795-4611, fax 732-418-8058. The CEO is Andrew Greene. His number is 732-418-8055.

I'm just dying to know, does Dr. Janvier's view reflect the views of Children's Specialized and the Robert Wood Johnson Health System? Do they believe that autistic children should not be evaluated and treated for GI issues?

Please consider that the AAP's own paper on treatment of autism says the following:
"Gastrointestinal Problems
The relationship between gastrointestinal problems and ASDs is unclear, because most studies have not examined representative groups of children with ASDs compared with appropriate controls.105,106 Surveys published in the gastroenterology literature have stated that gastrointestinal problems, such as chronic constipation or diarrhea, occur in 46% to 85% of children with ASDs.107–109 Lower rates in the range of 17% to 24% have been reported in other population-based studies,110–112 and a nested case-control study in the United Kingdom found that only 9% of children with ASDs and the same percentage of controls had a history of gastrointestinal complaints.113 However, in a recent cross-sectional study that used structured interviews and matched control groups, a lifetime history of gastrointestinal symptoms (including abnormal stool pattern, frequent constipation, frequent vomiting, and frequent abdominal pain) was elicited in 70% of the children with ASDs, compared with 42% of the children with other developmental disabilities (P = .03) and 28% of the children without developmental disabilities (P < .001).114

In children with ASDs undergoing endoscopy, who may or may not be representative of the general population of children with ASDs, high rates of lymphoid nodular hyperplasia and, often, histologically subtle esophagitis, gastritis, duodenitis, and colitis have been described, and preliminary evidence suggests that some immunohistochemical features may be unique to inflammation associated with ASDs.105,115,116 The existing literature does not support routine specialized gastroenterological testing for asymptomatic children with ASDs.105 However, if a child with an ASD presents with symptoms such as chronic or recurrent abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation, it is reasonable to evaluate the gastrointestinal tract. Occult gastrointestinal discomfort also should be considered in a child who presents with a change in behavior, such as outbursts of aggression or self-injury. Radiographic evidence of constipation has been found to be more common in children with ASDs than in controls with abdominal pain (36% vs 10%),117 and effective management may provide global benefit."

Since Dr. Janvier is clearly mistaken, then would they please ask her to revise her statement and her opposition to GI/autism research, or ask her to relinquish her position on the IACC so that she may instead free the position for someone who knows which way is up? She can use the extra time to brush up on the current literature. I'm sure her patients will be grateful.


Given the high percentage of autistic kids with celiac disease, apparently, she doesn't believe celiac disease exists? Or is she offended by that, too?

Is there ANY way we can get this into the mainstream press?

I still think that Michael Moore might be interested in making this his next film topic...does anyone know how to contact him?

Anne Dachel

Dr. Janvier is typical of the AAP. I'm sure that's why she's on the IACC. In an article today the AAP announced they don't accept the new autism rate of one in every 100 children.
In the story, American Academy of Pediatrics questions autism data

we read, "In a response to the study posted on their website, the AAP says the statistic, 1 in 91 children, is off base because of the way the study was done. The more valid statistic, 1 in 150 children, was taken from the 2002 Autism and Development Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network."

It seems incredible that the AAP is saying that considering they published the survey results in their journal Pediatrics.

When things get to be too hard to ignore, the AAP and the IACC deny. There's no link between vaccines and autism. There's no known cause or cure--except that some kids inexplicably recover on their own. There's no real increase, just better diagnosing. And when the diagnosing gets so good that there's a fifty percent increase in autism in just a couple of years, the AAP denies the new rate. Anything to cover up this health care disaster. It makes perfect sense to pretend that autistic kids don't have GI problems either. And I'm sure there aren't more with seizure disorders either.

The AAP, IACC and the likes of Drs. Janvier and Insel would be a pathetic joke if they weren't so dangerous.

Anne Dachel

Roger Kulp

If you follow my posts here,and at other blogs,you know I do not just have regressive autism,and all the other garbage that goes with it like apraxia,a history of developmental delay,yadda yadda yadda.I also have all sorts of lifelong medical problems. The GI disease,and lifelong failure to thrive,the chronic infections,and immune problems,the whole nine yards.

Although I am much older,I have been just as sick as any of your children,and I have never been able to get any diagnoses for my medical problems.

In the last couple of months,I have begun to see an outstanding DAN! doctor,who sometimes posts on this site:

And have finally gotten a lot of the tests I have been begging my other doctors to do for years,but they refused to do.I was found not to have mitochondrial problems,but one thing that was found,was megaloblastic anemia.Not just low MB12 levels,but very serious anemia.

In doing some research on the web,I found this type of anemia,is common not only in autism,but in any serious GI disease where there is longterm malabsorption.This means cystic fibrosis,Crohn's disease,cirrhosis of the liver,or alcoholic pancreatitis.That sort of stuff.

I think most people here would agree that GI disease in autism can be just as severe as any of these.

One disease that this type of anemia is also associated with is Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency.So I typed this into Google with autism,and struck gold right away.

This is something everybody reading this needs to see,but here's a few key points:

> Toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke, air pollutants, oxidizing chemicals, and oxidizing agents released by activated neutrophils, all inactivate a critical portion of the alpha-1-antitrypsin molecule.

> If autistic children express low levels of alpha-1-antitrypsin,they may be more susceptible to proteolytic damage caused excess digestive enzymes released from white blood cells during inflammation or infection.

>Three of the 23 affected individuals who answered the related questions had respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) (p In inflammatory conditions, AAT levels are normally elevated. In this study, however, the results demonstrate low alpha-1-antitrypsin serum levels, which are probably due to genetic factors and not excess protein loss in stool. This might contradict the theory that autistic patients have inflammatory bowel disease because if there was chronic inflammation due to enterocolitis,the alpha-1-antitrypsin level should be elevated. However,there is evidence that increased inflammation is associated with AAT deficiency,such as GI inflammation in patients with ulcerative colitis, associated with the PiZ carriers,and neutrophil associated inflammation seen in the lungs of AAT deficient patients.

> Our study also suggests an association between autistic children with regressive disease and AAT deficiency. This suggests that, besides genetic predisposition, environmental factors may be influencing levels of serum AAT in these individuals.

>Our observation, however, that some non-autistic siblings inherit AAT deficiency, and parents of autistic children who also have low levels of serum AAT,suggests that AAT deficiency alone is not a causative agent for ASD,but may make a subset of autistics susceptible to inflammatory disease.

I say this is one of the most important studies about autism of our time,and it's looking more and more like this is what I have.This study came out in March,and was completely ignored.

So if this is the case,in some of us,it is GI disease,it's just not bowel disease.

It's liver disease.


Here is Dr. Janvier's contact information:

Yvette Janvier, M.D.
Medical Director - Toms River
Neurodevelopmental/Behavioral Pediatrician
94 Stevens Road
Toms River, NJ 08755

Phone: 732-914-1100 ext 3736
e-mail: [email protected]

Teresa Conrick

Don't feel bad, Katie for reporting this incident. It is better to know how inappropriate, uninformed, and unstable some of these IACC people are. This woman may have never seen a child with GI issues and autism- because she did not want to SEE the issues. It is easier to say the child has "autism" and that is the reason for all of the behaviors, including biting, head bashing, screaming, crying, and catatonia-

yes - catatonia. See the behaviors and think GI/brain inflammation - and be sickened that so many in the medical field have ignored the true nature of autism posturing, grimacing and then they call it "purposeless agitation"...

I have witnessed tics, compulsions, and self-injury in my daughter. This is illness-induced (vaccine-immune) and relates to dysbiotic and pathogenic bacteria - (STREP, CLOSTRIDIA, et al).
Dr. Janvier is another part of the problem. She is ignorant, arrogant and needs to be corrected and most likely "fired" from her IACC position. See how autism and catatonia are combined to then rationalize this treatment. People like Janvier are allowing this thought process and living in a denial of reality - the children are SICK and have been historically misdiagnosed, mistreated, and abuses have been done. What she is doing is continuing this practice, which is looking barbaric right now.

The Journal of ECT:
March 2009 - Volume 25 - Issue 1 - pp 19-22
doi: 10.1097/YCT.0b013e3181957363
Catatonia and Autism: A Historical Review, With Implications for Electroconvulsive Therapy
Dhossche, Dirk M. MD, PhD; Reti, Irving M. MBBS; Wachtel, Lee E. MD
AbstractCurrent autism research is historically separated from catatonia and other childhood psychotic disorders, although catatonia and autism share several common symptoms (mutism, echolalia, stereotypic speech and repetitive behaviors, posturing, grimacing, rigidity, mannerisms, and purposeless agitation). Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) effectively treats catatonia and catatonia-related conditions of intractable compulsions, tics, and self-injury in people with autism. We assess the incidence of catatonic symptoms in autism, examine emerging ECT indications in people with autism and related developmental disorders, and encourage ethical debate and legal-administrative action to assure equal access to ECT for people with autism.


Alison - that was a FANTASTIC letter - very well done.

Theresa Cedillo

Katie - Thank you for posting this. Janvier is clearly the offensive one here. She needs to step out of her private universe and take a good look at the population of autistic children who are sick and in pain. And, why can't her committee focus on a "very rare" case of GI or immune problems. Don't these kids count? Even if it is "rare" shouldn't someone be looking into it. As an appointed member of the IACC and member of the AAP, her behavior is not only offensive, it's shameful.

alison macneil

This is the letter I just mailed to Dr. Janvier;

Dear Dr. Janvier;

I was absolutely stunned to read your comments at a recent IACC meeting that in 20 years of practicing pediatric medicine you have never seen an Autistic child with G.I. issues.

I want you to know that I have a 4.5 yr old son with a diganosis of PDD-NOS who has had three times a day explosive diahhrea for three years. He had a colonoscopy and endoscopy which revealed LNH-Lymphoid Nodular Hyperplasia, inflammation in his small intestine. He has chronic clostridia and yeast, a bloated belly, dark circles under his eyes. He presses his tummy against the ends of our coach for comfort and had one diaper rash so severe that the blister left a permanent scar.

My son takes Pentasa, Ultrase and VSL#3 for his GI issues. He is followed by Dr. Buie at MGH in Boston. Dr. Buie specializes in treating GI issues in autistic kids. It took us 1.5 yrs to get off the wait list to get an appointment with him. He is so busy, his practice frequently has to close to new patients. His waiting room is full of Autistic children.

My son is verbal. I asked him recently if his belly hurt....his answer to me "always".

My son also has Absence Seizures, Inflammation in his brain, Mitochondrial dysfunction and toxic mercury, lead and aluminum levels.

For all of the autistic children with severe gut pain, who sat in your office, and you misdiagnosed their non-verbal attempts to communicate their pain to owe it to them to EDUCATE YOURSELF about the physical illness of Autism.

The parents of Autistic children everywhere are sounding a battle cry that gets louder every single day. The IACC has been useless. Tom Insel's leadership has been an ineffective disgrace. I will be so pleased to see both of you go on to other things.

Alison MacNeil

K Dunham

"I have been a developmental pediatrician for 20 years and have never seen an autistic child with immune problems or GI issue!”

Then she's obviously a) never seen a child with ASD or b) she's only played a doctor on TV.

Next time my son does his duty I'll scoop it out and send it to her for proper analyzation. Then perhaps she'll know what it's truly like to be offended.


Ready to spit nails here. Please provide addresses. I will send the test results showing zero good bacteria in his gut and high levels of pathogens before starting biomed. I can also send the paperwork from the same year, when he was first diagnosed, wherein the evaluating PhD actually did note our comments about his bowel problems as a possible cause of behavioral issues. At the time, he was three and would go up to 10 days with no poop, then we'd have an hour or so of crying on the toilet while we tried to figure out how to help him push out a poop bigger than his arm. Maybe just for fun I'll also enclose photos and the plumbers' bills and a coupon for prune juice, which is what our ignorant pediatrician recommended for treatment. (Watered down of course, because the AAP is against giving kids too much sugar.) Sheesh. SHE'S offended?! Not yet she's not. Not by any stretch. But maybe if enough of us complain we can help give her a lot of time off to think about what it means to be offended by a corrupt, ignorant, incurious and incompassionate medical community.

Kelli Ann Davis


This is the same lady who said Jenny McCarthy wasn't being "fair" when speaking about recovery almost two years ago at an IACC meeting in DC!

I confronted her in the cafeteria line after she made the remark (she was right behind me and someone else had come up to "congratulate her" for making her statement during the morning session) and told her she was wayyy off the mark!

Her “fair” remark stemmed from the fact that parents of older children (who she had been treating for YEARS) were asking her if maybe they had “missed something” in all those years that could have helped their children! I told her it was ludicrous to deny the success of recovery for some children just because others may have “missed out” on earlier intervention and/or certain interventions weren’t working for them!

Crazy – but absolutely true story.

Bottom Line: Looking at her past track record, it doesn’t surprise me in the least she made these more recent statements.



Erik, those people are evil and corrupted beyond correction.

You guys better use the time and energy writing to members of Congress. Demand immediate sacking of the whole IACC, and appointment of people with no professional ties (including family members, as is the case of Insel) with pharma.

Also demand from Congress that IACC majority is made up of doctors and researchers who are experienced and genuinely interested in TREATING autism.

Expose these crooks for what they are, it is your money that is paying their wages.


Sara, our son had 'soft' signs of autism right from the start, and he also had various GI issues from the first day of his life. A one-day old baby exibiting psychosomatic behaviours *without medical cause*. He wasn't really in pain, you know, he was only pretending, 'cos of his autism. So much for that idiot theory. Needless to say his 2,3 and 4 month vaccines made his GI issues progressively worse.

And this so called Doctor Janvier actually makes a living practising medicine. Criminal.

A Mom

"I am guessing we should contact our Congressional reps..."

No. This is too profitable for them, too.

We should let the taxpayers know what is going on. Especially the taxpayers who oppose liberal spending. Especially now that there is a Democrat in the White House. (Sorry Mr. Obama, you had your chance.)

If "they" only knew how much taxpayer money is received by pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies and physicians and children's hospitals for our kids' meds and hospitalizations, and tests, and EEGs, and MRIs and surgeries to implant devices meant to control seizures, and sedation, and follow up visits. And then to think how some of it can be helped with diet.

And to know this could all be prevented. Could all have been avoided... Could be stopped. Pleas and appeals have been made for it to stop for decades.

Billions paid by taxpayers for these man-made epidemics of autism, seizures, diabetes, asthma...

The pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies and elected officials do not care. But the taxpayers opposed to paying for Medicaid and food stamps certainly do. And just think about the Medicare and the social security that is about to be paid out - to people who haven't paid in any because they are disabled from vaccines!

Those people - the people in between us and those profiting from the suffering of our children and our families - are the key, if ever there was one.


Although I think Dr. Javier is arrogant and narrow-minded, I am guessing that she is not lying. I, myself hear about terrible GI issues on AoA and the national autism forums I subscribe to - but locally, I rarely meet a child with these problems - my son is also not one of them. It would be interesting to know if these are the children who also regress into autism, as opposed to having signs from birth - and on top of that, if these are the children who also have the potential to recover (or as the recent survey indicated, lose their diagnosis).

This is such an important subset to be looking at - it may reveal answers for all ASD types. Shame on Dr. Javier!


As Kim pointed out, all that typical developmental pediatricians do-- besides making money for and from the burgeoning autism screening industry by using their preferred "tools"-- is prescribe psych drugs to children. So of course Janvier would be "offended" to be told GI disorders are common in autism. If this is so, then she's probably guilty of criminal practices because the children to whom she's been routinely prescribing "mood stabilizers", some antidepressants and antipsychotics for years were at a considerably elevated risk of death from bowel obstruction, one of the known side effects of these classes of drugs-- a risk which doctors like Janvier flout all the time:

The study on Clozaril can be extended to all antipsychotics and atypicals.

Now about those screening tools...My kids were just evaluated by PhDs (we passed on the chance to have them seen by a developmental ped) and I had to fill out skeins of paper work. One of the screening documents I had to fill out had a list of the weirdest questions which were like word traps inciting me to report that all of my kids' legitimate medical conditions were psychosomatic. The questions read, "Does your child vomit *without medical cause*?"; "Does your child exhibit bowel pain *without medical cause*?". The questions went on and on like this an included every single pain symptom most biomed parents recognize as part and parcel of ripped up guts, mercury poisoning and the rest of the medical horrors that makes up autism. But parents who weren't biomed could have easily been tricked into answering the questions positively, thinking that the questions meant that the medical cause was "unknown" and that the screening would end in their being directed to places where medical cause could be uncovered. Mostly I think the questions were meant to trap that set of parents who have the emotional need to deny that these symptoms could signify serious medical conditions and would prefer to think of them as psychosomatic: the questions were literally TELLING parents that the symptoms were psychosomatic and were especially trap-like since there was no alternative set of questions asking parents to report symptoms that HAD medical causes. To be frank, I didn't even know that "psychosomatic complaints" (faking pain and illness) was a symptom of autism. Wouldn't that take a lot of imagination?

It was completely sickening and I understood perfectly what the purpose of it was: aside from a brainwashing technique to get caregivers in lock step with the party line, the information on these screening questionaires would then be made available to industry researchers who were intent on finding "no GI disorders", etc., among children with autism. I'm quite sure that if one followed the money on how these screening questionaires were generated, you'd find J&J and Eli Lilly, etc., at the heart of it.

Autism screening is a huge, growing industry these days and is deeply entrenched with drug industry interests. I hope someone investigates this. From that perspective and from the usual understanding that the AAP defends vaccines out of hand, Dr. Janvier's behavior makes perfect sense.

Erik Nanstiel

Katie, do you have access to the personal mailing addresses of all insurgents on the committee?? Can we inundate them with snail mail?

Kathy Blanco

Boy, has it been a week, I agree Kim. Yesterday I receied a rather nasty facebook message from somone I knew years ago, who had a child with ADHD. She invited me to go to one of her feingold meetings, to see the diet would help my son. I remember her being kindly, and helpful. THEN, I get this email telling me the only thing I focus on is the damage, and see the beauty in my child. I do already, don't need to be reminded of that. I then proceeded to tell her the hell our family has been through, with all the medical denials that my son AND daughter were sick, systemically. This wasn't just autism, this was a multisystemic disorder, from the cellular level (mitochonria), to the function of organs. My kids have thyroid disease, they had gut problems, seizures, you name it, they had it, even lyme disease. I couldn't believe this once kindly person suddenly felt compelled to email me her version of my truths. In like fashion, is this not what all these "experts" are doing? Like pulling a mote out of our eyes, when they have a hanging tree branch in theirs? What's wrong with people these days, do we ruffle their feathers a little too much, remind them how cruel the world actually is? Do we remind people that their loyalty to white coats are misaligned? Do we reverberate truths they don't want to hear? Do they live life around our toilets, do they hold my son during a seizure? Do they give a RATS behind about me, and make BROAD generalizations? ALWAYS. So is it any wonder, that we can suddenly become heretics, zealouts, when it comes to our children? Is is any wonder that we are as loud and proud as we are even though we are atold it's our faults and move on with our lives? What kind of intense love do we have for our children, that we would sacrifice our own lives for theirs? PLUEEZ...I want people to just listen...listen to that so hard?


This approximately $60 million collaborative effort, the largest in NIH history to support ASD research, will result in studies that address a wide range of topics, including ASD measurement, identification of biological indicators, genetic and environmental risk factors, and ASD intervention and treatment.

This from the "Director's Corner", Insel's page, at NIMH's website! What a liar!


This woman is either uninformed and ignorant, intentionally obtuse or a liar. I don't think i know a child with autism who does not have bowel and or immune problems.

I would love to send her a diaper full of my child's poop. No formed stools...ever. But hey if the good doctor says that's okay, well then it must be so.

She is a puppet for the AAP who is held in a stranglehold by the pharmaceutical companies.

I wish they (committee members) were required to spend a week shadowing 3 children with autism before being appointed.

Oh how their opinions would change!!!

No Bowel problems....what a joke!

Deb O.

I am offended by the cavalier attitude of Janvier and others like her!

Our health care system will change when we finally are able to knock physicians like Janvier off their high horses.

Our children will receive better, more thorough care from doctors who are humble, caring, accountable to their patients and not blinded to what is directly in front of them by their allegiance to some entity which lines their pockets and feeds their arrogance.


So, got a FAX number? Let's just campaign a little "test result proof" that way - I'm game to flip through my binders and find a really good screwed up immune and GI test (hell, I have no life, I flip through them all the time anyway for light reading, lol). Maybe one day of being bombarded by a few thousand real time results would highlight how OFFENDED we are as a community!

Laura C

Wow, her ignorance is astounding. Maybe she should do a google search of "cytokines and autism"? Or, she could read even the AAP's treatment statement acknowledging kids with autism could have GI disease and should be evaluated.
So, if a parent describes concerns that may indicate underlying GI or immunological issues for their child with ASD to her and she dismisses them without an appropriate referral- is that medical mal?
President Obama, please remove these ignorant folks from the IACC, Insel needs to go. They have failed us, our children and will continue to waste all our time. We can give you the names of some great physicians who actually have a clue to ASD.

Shannon Johnson

My son with autism has had many labs, scopes and blood tests that confirm bowel/GI disease. It offends me that I have to argue with medical bullies like Dr. Janvier to prove that autism and GI issues are not mutually exclusive simply because that is not what she wants to hear. I wonder how many of her patients in her practice could actually "tell" her they were in pain because they could not speak. I wonder if she ever asked a parent about their child's bowel habits. I wonder if she ever noticed the circles under their eyes or paid attention to the fact that they were not gaining weight, or were tired or weak? I wonder if she prescribed Ritlin or Risperdal for symptoms like mood swings or outbursts, or biting or rocking.....symptoms that should be red flags for pain, not mental illness.... Her audacity offends me.... To whom should I address my letter of concerns?

Jennifer Hutchinson

I really don't even know how to respond to Dr. Janvier's comment. I am so sick and tired of the ignorance and the lies. I just returned from the National Vaccine Information Center conference in Reston, Virginia, and I thank God that there are so many intelligent, compassionate people out there who just get it.


How do these ignorant,angry and useless people get these positions? That this woman is taking a seat that is meant for a family member is repulsive. I also am going to be writing some letters. This has got to stop! No GI problems..hmmmm...I guess the almost constant diarrhea my daughter had was a figment of my imagination. I guess going GFCF didn't really help her gut since she apparently never had gut issues in the first place. Thanks for clearing that up! I feel bad for the kids with autism that this woman treated..or I should say "looked at" because obviously she never "treated" them. The fact that Insel has said they will not look at GI issues or dietary intervention is nothing short of neglect. These people have no intention of helping our kids and are totally useless.

Bob Moffitt

Katie wrote:

"I think those of us with sick children need to let IACC know how we feel about Dr. Janvier’s characterization of our kids."

Apparently, Dr. Janvier represents the majority opinion on Insell's "treatment committee" which he proudly declared "did not talk about GI treatment and dietary intervention".

So, I think it may be a waste of time writing to express our outrage at Dr. Janvier's characterization of our kids....because...the the problem is much bigger than Dr. Janvier, Dr. Insell or his "treatment committee"....the problem is and has always been... the IACC itself.

Jenna Smith

After several ridiculous visits with developmental peds, I have added this profession as one my children should be considering--major six figure salary, completely undeserved respect, no marketing concerns (too few of them, too many sick kids so guaranteed patient base often with extremely long wait lists), low office overhead (almost none of them in NJ take insurance so your whole office can be run by minimum wage workers), and best of all? You don't have to actually know anything or do anything. I can't even find one who can regurgitate my son's history back to me correctly. What a world.

Katie Wright

I am sorry to have to share this insanity. The last thing I want to do is make parents feel like they want to tear their hair out first thing in the morning. However, Janvier said all of the above. I rewound the video because I was certian I had mis-heard Janvier's statements- but no she indeed was "offended" by the mere idea that doctors could possibly be missing GI or autoimmune symptoms in ASD kids and she INSISTED, vehemently, that she had NEVER seen an ASD child w/ these issues. And yes, she said that ASD kids are the healthiest she has ever known.

Rather than expressing concern or merely interest in this significant sub group of ASD kids, Janvier became angry. How dare anyone assert that she or any other pediatrician could be uninformed. How Janvier became the victim in all of this I would like to know.

I am guessing we should contact our Congressional reps and tell them that we are the ones "offended" by the hostile and ignorant remarks of an unelected bureaucrat who belittles our children's pain and basically calls our families liars.


This is just another example of egos getting in the way of helping the kids.

Dr. Janvier says the idea that autistic kids are sick "offends her"? well, as shocking as it may seem to her, this is not about her and it really doesn't matter whether she's offended...what does matter is the kids and helping the kids...and oh, keeping an open mind in which case parents may want to bring a crowbar (ie: the medical evidence)to the next IACC meeting.

If she's a developmental ped then she probably never had to screen for GI issues because that's not what developmental peds do so no wonder.


Thank God we have the brains to fire and move on ... for our children's health. The only way anyone will actually say hmmmm maybe there is something to biomedical treatment, is if we could turn back the clock do nothing and see the lack of progress our kids make - then turn the clock back again, do biomedical treatment and show the amazing progress and the return to health for so many. Problem is, they'd still say they outgrew autism. I'm angry and just feel like saying go hell to all those holding so many kids back from health and continuing to injure kids whether they are doing it knowingly for profits or because they are just plain ignorant. Someday, the world will look back and say holy shit they weren't crazy internet parents.


“the idea that autistic kids are sick offends me! I have been a developmental pediatrician for 20 years and have never seen an autistic child with immune problems or GI issue!”


Dr. Janvier, you madam, are an ignorant ass. You say you have not seen an autistic child with GI issues, but I bet what you HAVE seen are autistic kids who throw temper tantrums and/or engage in self-injury.

You see, doc, our kids can't tell you, "MY TUMMY HURTS" so they create other ways of letting us know they are in pain.

Unfortunately, dolts such as yourselves are too dumb to figure out that these kids are hurting themselves for a reason! You assume that the reason is a chemical imbalance that needs the attention of a psychiatrist, when in fact, what that child very likely needs is the attention of a gastroenterologist.

My goodness, the burns so bad!

Diane Farr

Damn, my memories of the developmental pediatrician office is the smell of skanky diahrea either from my child or the one that had their schedulued visit before us. Oh, and that goes for speech and occupational therapies as well.

katie kelley

How do we start a petition to have persons removed from the IACC? If we have thousands of parents signatures stating our kids DO have GI problems and she is holding a place meant for a parent? We could put it on FB. This lady needs to go!

Stagmom still without enough coffee

We had a similar experience at the first ped I ever fired. Last year. His colleague (a ped) ordered an EEG for one of my kids. they never gave me the results. I ended up having to call the hospital for any info. At a sick visit (bumped head followed by vomiting, so I was concerned) we saw the head of the practice. I share with him that I hadn't gotten the EEG results and was disturbed by that - I was polite but pointed. His answer? "You didn't get an EEG through THIS office. I'm a ped and I've never ordered an EEG!" He didn't bother to check her file for the info, just told me I was wrong. Call me crazy, but glue and electrodes on the head ARE an EEG, aren't they? I sure as sh*t didn't order the test myself.... I fired him last year after they turned Bella away for a sick visit because she had gone onto CT Medicaid after Mark lost his job. They would NOT see her. A patient of 3 years, sick in their office. Trumbull Pediatrics - their wallpaper is a series of flu shot posters. Our new ped? She had only a breastfeeding post on her wall. Not a pharma ad in sight. There ARE good docs - we found one. There are schmucks too. Like Janvier and David Bonheim.


Exactly, Kim! My child saw a developmental pediatrician once to get an official diagnosis. She clearly had no interest in seeing us again and the feeling was mutual. She was ZERO help. I wonder how often Dr Janvier sees all these kids she claims to have such extensive experience treating.

Stagmom without enough coffee

Here's my version: I am a gynecologist and I have NEVER seen a patient with brain cancer. Therefore, women do not GET brain cancer.

Dr. Janvier, most of us learn early the developmental pediatricians are only marginally useful to get a diagnosis - once diagnosed, your quiver is devoid of treatment arrows. "Go to early intervention, get speech and OT and try these drugs," are hardly groundbreaking medical suggestions. Following diagnosis, then parents begin to connect their kids real medical conditions to what you call "Autism" and likely seek out a medical specialist.

I have three kids on the spectrum - our ped HAD a dev. ped. on staff - I never bothered to see her. Haven't seen one since Rita Penoscha at CHOP in 1998. She was terrific. My daughter had global developmental delay. That means she can't speak in Europe, Asia and America...

alison macneil

OK, now I've had it. After cleaning up three years of three times a day explosive diahhrea directly following the MMR. This makes me crazy. Could A of A give us the appropriate address. I need to write a very personal letter to Dr. Janvier.


"I have been a developmental pediatrician for 20 years and have never seen an autistic child with immune problems or GI issue."

Yes, and YOU are the reason our kids suffer - you and your "seeing" problem - you and most every other mainstream doctor. You're all blind fools. You've got your heads so far up your asses you can't see sh*t.

I'll be drafting a letter today. It's maddening, the ignorance.

Thank you Katie for your continued service to our kids and our community.


Either she's lying, or word is out that she's a crappy developmental pediatrician and parents of kids with autism and GI problems aren't going to her. Either way she's an idiot.


It is offensive to me that she would so rudely and quickly dimiss the experiences of actual parents "in the trenches."

My child is not autistic but did suffer from bowel issues. Strangely enough, when these were resolved so were other issues that we noticed for years. In fact, these problems were what lead me to the autism forums (was determined to help my child) to begin with.

As it turns out, this child very likely has celiac disease - surprise surprise - an autoimmune disorder possibly triggered by over-vaccination (my opinion).

When will our leaders and their agents recognize the damage that we are inflicting on a generation of children? These caustic responses do not lend much hope to parents who have WITNESSED their children improve dramatically!

The problem is - if there is an actual solution - that means there is likely a causative factor, a point our government cannot afford to acknowledge.

Harold L Doherty

Dr. Janvier holds a seat meant for PUBLIC or FAMILY members?

That is amazing. The IACC does not even know how to stack the deck without being obvious about it.

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