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Vaccine Injury Isn't Just for Babies: The Desiree Jennings Flu Shot Story

Des1 Managing Editor's Note: As part of their vaccine safety and injury outreach initiative, Generation Rescue brings us the story of Desiree Jennings. Click (HERE) to learn how you can get involved. A Dr. Vincour, from the U. of Maryland has called Ms. Jennings's symptoms, "psychogenic," which means originating in the mind, not in true physiological illness. In fact, they are going to use her case to teach students about crazy women who think a vaccine could injure them. Psychogenic is akin to the word, "hysteria" which comes from the Greek word, "hyster" for uterus. Hysteria is a female disease. Psychogenic too, in this case, according to the "experts."

My name is Desiree Jennings and I am twenty-five years old. I work full-time as a Marketing Communications Manager for a major Internet company. I am currently working to finish my bachelor's degree in Finance and Economics this fall and hope to continue on to a Masters in Economics in 2010.

In my spare time, I enjoy running and training for races from 5Ks to marathons. I also lead a local run club, training beginning runners for 5K and 10K races. I am training for the National Marathon in DC in March and recently became a member of the Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador team. That was the life that I used to know.

On August 23, 2009, I received a seasonal flu vaccine at a local grocery store that drastically, and potentially irreversibly, altered my future. In a matter of a few short weeks I lost the ability to walk, talk normally, and focus on more than one stimuli at a time. Whenever I eat I know, without fail, that my body will soon go into uncontrollable convulsions coupled with periods of blacking out. 

Each day is a battle to control the symptoms triggered by the flu vaccine and a reminder that my life will never be the same.  I set up this site to tell my story and warn people of the neurological side effects than can result from vaccinations; especially knowing that in the majority of cases, these stories are seldom heard outside of immediate families and friends. 

I hope everyone that reads my story will heed my warning and think very carefully, including watching my story, reading the information about vaccine side effects on this website, reading the vaccine package insert, considering the natural remedies for flu and H1N1 on this site, and seeking out consultations with the doctors found on this website, before making the decision to receive a vaccination.


Desiree Jennings


Concerned Professional

The "experts" (liars)always try to cover up their tracks.Denial is the only thing they have,everything is a coincidence. Believe the victim, do not believe big pharma and
the Psychiatric mad man who will blame the victim.She had suffered adverse effects at the wrong time,at the time of the winter flu shot orders. Top of that she is very beautiful and gets lot of attention. That is a big problem for pharma,because mercury,
aluminum,detrgent vaccines are "safe and effective".This video and the awareness she had created is going to reduce the$$$$ pie
pharma is dreaming about.

Concerned Professional

Thank you for sharing your story.I wish you health and strength Desiree.


In 1976 there was a swine flu vaccination program just like the one currently being pushed. 500 lawsuits were filed due to Guillain-Barre syndrome being a side effect. For smart people like the "boing" the symptoms are almost exactly like dystonia which Ms. Jennings has been diagnosed with. After 10 weeks the vaccination program was halted. Just this week in Britian the doctors are being told to watch out for symptoms of Guillain-Barre. Perhaps slow persons like "boing" will believe their trusty MSM instead of a single doctor of questionable repute.

Dee Courtwright

Please google about the deaths of young girls here in the US who got the Gardasil's discusting. Yes, deaths. Blame it on what you will, but one girl is still alive, diagnosed with a deadly disease, as she was once a 4.0 student, and wants to get the word out asap about the vac.
Spain actually pulled there Gardasil vaccines after only TWO girls went into seizures. Do they love their daughters more than we??
Think, think, think Pooh. Think.


Where can I see "Death by flu shot"?


Hello AOA followers,

Desiree's story is very true. A friend of our's who also has a child with Autism just met her yesterday at the same Doctor's office where she gets treatment. It is just a shame what happened to her.

I pray she has a safe and complete recovery.

God Bless you Desiree.


What a shame, what a beautiful and vivacious and obviously healthy young lady who was someone’s wife and daughter.

Vaccines are snake oil and I tell people that all of the time as a physician, and I mean everyday in my clinic or in the OR. People simply do not believe you because they have been programmed to trust the government. The government which has become fascist knows this and is in a conflicted relationship with several pharmaceutical companies to make money selling vaccines so they can pay for an AIDS vaccine which they will never successfully make. They simply are not smart enough, and most drug dealers are not that smart and these drug dealers are actually stupid, further when you are insane it lessens your chance for a successful outcome.

As you may or may not know Merck spent $500 million dollars a year for twenty years totaling 10 billion dollars trying to make a AIDS vaccine. After all of those years and money they determined that they finally had a vaccine that would work as it prevented the replication of the HTLV-III virus in the macaques(primates)they had been using in experiments. The vaccine was then used in Africans (blacks being used yet again)to test the efficacy of the vaccine and most if not all of the subjects came down with AIDS. Later when asked about what happened Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) replied that they determined that they had the wrong animal model.

TRANSLATION They spent 10 billion dollars over twenty years on the wrong monkey. This is stupidity on a entirely new level. Generally you figure out which monkeys to use in the first million dollars not the last of 10 billion dollars. Further if the vaccine animal model was wrong for an AIDS virus what made it right for all of the other vaccines they used it for and gave to our children and young adults like this poor girl? NEWS FLASH We should not be using these animal models as they probably in all likelihood are the wrong animal model. How many times have you heard someone say I got the flu shot and got the flu? What a trillion? DO NOT VACCINATE FOR ANYTHING EVER

With regard to this imbecile Boing. This guy is a lackey, a fecalcrat that will vomit up his stupidity all over the web as ordered to so just ignore him.

Unless you are a monkey or a boing (monkey is probably smarter) DO NOT VACCINATE

Autism Grandma


"Yeah. Vaccination screwed up my friend too. The day he got his flu jab, he got drunk, drove his car and had accident. Ever since he drunk drove and crashed his car, his life has been a constant battle. And he thinks he drunk drove because of?? you guessed right, the bloody flu vaccine! What a logical thing to say, right?

Oh yeah, the day my aunt got the flu jab, she got laid off her work. Surely this is all because of the dreadful flu jab.

Just how these people make connection between what is most likely two completely separate events is beyond me. Aren't people stupid......"

Posted by: Boing Boing | October 20, 2009 at 08:38 AM

Dear Boing Boing,

It seems by your total lack of logical reasoning and total lack of sympathy that the only solution for your problem is to experience these horrific vaccine reactions yourself, or to witness this happening in your own child. And since you are so insolent and sarcastic, your attitude reveals that you are lining up for the flu shots and so I just hope that you don't have any children which you will submit to this risky venture of Russian Roulette. All children rely upon their parents to educate themselves regarding their protection. Sadly, your present or future children do not have you to protect them from the potential damages caused by vaccines, which include documented delayed adverse reactions, of which Autism is just the tip of the iceberg.

Death by Flu Shot

the last flu shot I ever got caused me to get a flu-like illness that lasted 6 weeks, baffling multiple doctors and evading multiple antibiotics, steriods, and inhalers. When my body finaly stopped the racking "coughing till I turned purple in the face" episodes that scared the crap out of the doctors, I was left with a severe case of what has been known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My injuries were described in almost the exact detail of Stan Kurtz's neighbor in the documentary film by Stan made entitled "Death by Flu Shot".

Desiree, I am truly sorry they are jerking you around. Been there, done that. Hang in there.


I wonder how many would get vaccines if they understood if they had a bad reaction they would a very tiny chance of being compensated.The doctors and media are very careful to hide the risks and side effects of vaccines, that is why they do not refer to them as drugs being injected directly into your bloodstream with potential side effects that can be life altering.


She is very brave for speaking out, certain people are going to trash her. The old hysteria accusation-- psychiatrists used to say that about victims of molestation too.


I'm so sorry to hear about Desiree's story. It's just sick the way the government and the news media continue to push these flu vaccines like you can't live w/ out them.

My local health dept had Drive-thru Flu Shot Clinics last weekend and cars were lined up for blocks. In the newspaper (Frederick News Post) was a photo of the sign as you exited. It actually read


I guess thats if you are still able to do so!


Wait - Boing Boing - she must be doing it for the money - medical malpractice perhaps - but wait - she can't file against vaccine manufacturers - in the dark of night hidden in a homeland security bill - that right was taken away (something to hide perhaps)?


So doctors will admit that this poor woman did indeed have a horrible reaction to just one flu vaccine which has caused so much damage to her, but the claims made by us, as parents, that our children have had 30 plus vaccines with horrible reactions are just considered hogwash by the CDC, NIH, etc. I truly hope people like Offit, Snyderman and all the others rot in a very special hell someday.

Jan Rossetti(Charlie's Warrior Granny) YOUR IGNORANCE for real...or am I just experiencing a Psychogenic moment?? "Stupid IS as Stupid DOES" My "Friend" .....and THAT would be YOU, ! I bet you wear your baseball cap sideways, too! For future reference, I suggest you get educated on the topic, before making a complete fool out of yourself...AGAIN! OR...why don't you go get a flu shot and take a mega-dose of Tylenol!


My father psychogenically died from flu shots. Like Desiree, he lost his ability to walk, talk or eat. We are still psychogenically mourning his psychogenic death.

This is not to say there isn't hope for Desiree to make a recovery. My father didn't want to pursue alternative medical interventions, preferring to leave the money for treatment of my psychogenically vaccine-injured twins-- children so gifted in acting that they dramatized regressions after flu shots at age one. My father's act of generosity was psychogenically bittersweet.

Autistic Living

Y'know, those that have had an adverse reaction to the Gardasil shot were also very athletic.

Has anyone done any research on the adjuvants and adrenaline? Just a thought.

I wonder how many other folks who had adverse reactions to vaccines were also either athletic, or just had hyperactive adrenal glands?

Don't lend that question too much weight. I'm a few paragraphs short of clueless on the subject.


Boing Boing, you chose your name well! It's the sound of your little brain bouncing around in your head like a ping-pong ball!

Or maybe the sound of your hard little heart bouncing around in your chest!


they've said that about CFS patients and lo and behold they found a virus...

Watching Desiree Jennings it's obvious she has neuro damage.. her nervous system seems like it's been shocked by an adverse reaction to the vaccine..To say this is psychogenic is ridiculous.

People like Dr. Vincour just make themselves look bad when they make comments like that.


Poor thing has been poisoned. I guess she needs to go for a muscle biospy and see if her she now has acquired mitochondria disorder.

I just love how these doctors say it is all in your mind.

My husband was finally told that, and his reponse to his doctor was okay, great, so if it is all in my mind how do we fix that!
Which made his doctor squirm (but she was a good doctor, she has gone into research now) but she sent him down to Emory clinic for this mitochondria testing and there it was!


"psychogenic?" WTF!!! That Dr. Vincour and Dr. Insel really should not be practicing medicine. It really drives me crazy when people are in "people" oriented jobs yet they obviously don't like people. Vincour's behaviour is "liargenic."


Could they have said the word "rare" any more times during that news clip? It was starting to sound like a Ruth Chris Steakhouse during the dinner rush.
Re: boing boing's comment-just the usual shilliness.

Dana Read

Wow, so using "psychogenics", I will just will myself to be blonde, 5 ft 10, 120 pounds and stinkin' rich....This is the most absurd thing I have ever read. This brave woman had everything to live for, everything going for her, was diagnosed w/a DOCUMENTED vaccine injury and this quack is saying it's all in her head? Is should lose his license.

Kathy Blanco

Dr Vincour, like all psychologist are practicing voodoo medicine. I am sure this is not about attention getting, hysteria, or being a women...oh my GOSH! You can't fake dytonia dude. I'd like to see you try...go on...

It's obvious that seizures, gut problems, and related neurological problems happen all the time sir BY VACCINE INJURY...just look at the VAERS report, if not my kids reports. Do you wanna guess how many times I had to clean my sons behind? (because it has NOTHING to do with the neurological system...riiigghhht?) Because he couldn't make it to the bathroom...or, is he really choosing to lose his entire bowel content everyday as a huge explosion occurs in the distance? Oh, I guess that was a trick and a half? Boy is he good, he really loves waking up at four in the morning to do so...and has the nerve to have a seizure the next day. Boy does he have us wrapped around his finger!? And the nerve of that kid, to do that for twenty odd years? OMG, what a miserable kid...right?
(tongue in cheek, I love my kids so don't worry)

Plueez...Vincour, have a day and a night with would be begging to go home...oh the horror.....Wanna see what your really made of? I'd like you to see on a very personal level. Perhaps your the one who is hysterical? Or will be after staying with us?


People like Boing Boing just don't surprise me anymore. It's a sickness. The trolls have no sympathy for anyone, small babies or perfectly healthy, thriving 25 year old women. The DOCTORS are telling this young woman the flu shot caused this - still claiming it's rare, but it was still caused by this vaccination.

Don't worry though. She can't walk, talk, or eat, but at least she's not off of work for 2 days coughing with the deadly, deadly flu. What a tradeoff.

I guess there's no correlation between all the little girls that are dropping dead hours after getting a Gardisil vaccine too? I guess there's no correlation between the tens of THOUSANDS of parents who saw their child's health deteriorate after vaccinating them? All a coincidence!

This "it's all a coincidence" argument is really old. Guess what - nobody believes that.


John Stone

The warning exemplified by Boing Boing's comment to anyone reporting adverse vaccine reactions and their sequelae is that they will be subject to derision and bullying. This, of course, is how modern science is conducted, and we must be grateful to Boing Boing for showing how it is done.


Boing Boing-
NO ONE IS DISUPUTING THAT THAT WOMAN'S INJURY IS FROM THE FLU VACCINE. Dystonia is a known possible side effect. I guess you are just so smart, huh? Smarter than everyone else...

StagMom for Boing

Dear Boing Boing,

What a ridiculous comment. I let it through to showcase your inimitable style. Check out the VAERS some time and then decide if vaccine injury isn't very real. Again, the empathy from your camp simply makes my eyes well up.

Boing Boing

Yeah. Vaccination screwed up my friend too. The day he got his flu jab, he got drunk, drove his car and had accident. Ever since he drunk drove and crashed his car, his life has been a constant battle. And he thinks he drunk drove because of?? you guessed right, the bloody flu vaccine! What a logical thing to say, right?

Oh yeah, the day my aunt got the flu jab, she got laid off her work. Surely this is all because of the dreadful flu jab.

Just how these people make connection between what is most likely two completely separate events is beyond me. Aren't people stupid......


My son's psychogenicia has been going on for a couple of years now. Perhaps Dr. Vincour, from the U. of Maryland has a moment or two to meet with me so I can see if he has any techniques to break my son out of his hysteria, shock treatment? Drugs? How about a good old fashioned butt whipping?

By chance is his office down the hall from the Refrigerator Mom Clinic?

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