Seasonal Flu Vaccine: Should Parents Go Dutch?
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Smashing Pumpkins and Propaganda: Billy Corgan Speaks Out

Smashing_Pumpkins_The_Zeitgeist Amanda Peet, Meet Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins.

Just days after Blink-182's Mark Hoppus penned his own medical missive, Billy Corgan has released a scathing 800-word communiqué about the H1N1 -- aka swine flu -- vaccine. In his blog-itorial, the Smashing Pumpkins' mastermind spoke out against both the virus and the "propaganda machine" that accompanies it.

"I do not trust those who make the vaccines, or the apparatus behind it all to push it on us thru fear," Corgan explained in his critique, which can be read in its entirety here. According to him, the virus is not yet an emergency and he believes it's ridiculous that "our American President Obama" has declared it so....



People who read corgan seriously need to be more skeptical, he's really not a 'great person' quite the opposite especially since his recommended reading is this tripe:
"Why Young Men Are Avoiding Marriage
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10.15.09 11:56 am

Why Young Men Are Avoiding Marriage

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" Why Young Men Are Avoiding Marriage

October 14, 2009
MarriageSign.jpg"Young women are dishonest, self-involved, slutty, manipulative, shallow, controlling, and gold-digging."

By Kay S. Hymowitz

Love in the Time of Darwinism

A report from the chaotic post-feminist dating scene, where only the strong survive (Abridged)

Earlier this year, I published an article in City Journal called "Child-Man in the Promised Land." The piece elicited a roaring flood of mailed and blogged responses, mostly from young men who didn't much care for its title (a reference to Claude Brown's 1965 novel Manchild in the Promised Land) or its thesis: that too many single young males (SYMs) were lingering in a hormonal limbo between adolescence and adulthood, shunning marriage and children, and whiling away their leisure hours with South Park reruns, marathon sessions of World of Warcraft, and Maxim lists of the ten best movie fart scenes.

It would be easy enough to hold up some of the callow ranting that the piece inspired as proof positive of the child-man's existence. But the truth is that my correspondents' objections gave me pause. Their argument, in effect, was that the SYM is putting off traditional markers of adulthood--one wife, two kids, three bathrooms--not because he's immature but because he's angry. He's angry because he thinks that young women are dishonest, self-involved, slutty, manipulative, shallow, controlling, and gold-digging. He's angry because he thinks that the culture disses all things male. He's angry because he thinks that marriage these days is a raw deal for men."

Seriously, one can get far better swine flu advice from all the plentiful droves of people talking about it. Corgan is not the only person on earth making this an issue.

He's obviously become very phil spector in his attitudes towards women and with calling them "sluts" during his tour just for doing what people do at rock concerts.


Yes, when the adults felt the pain of having the bull's eye pinned tothem, then we heard some noise. Self interest is the world's biggest lobby...


Yeah, Gatagorra, I'm hoping that more independent-minded musicians start realizing how eager their fellow Americans are to abridge their health care rights.

H1N1 has finally made the informed consent issue personal for many people who've realized with a shock that many of their fellow citizens are willing to use fear as coercion -- well-intentioned, or otherwise.



please go to and enter the fray with the Question: Are you getting the H1N1 shot?
THe critical thinking side needs our help


"The system works broken, because it is to the system’s advantage to do so. The system pretends to have a limp and a heart so you’ll think it is both listening to you and incapable of moving too fast."

As sad and disturbing as this fact is, I thought it was stated BRILLIANTLY.

THANK YOU, Billy Corgan, for having the courage to speak out!!! Quite refreshing considering so many celebrities are busy teaming up with Pharma to support mass-vaccination in under-priviledged countries as their way of giving back.

Isaacs Grandma

Billy Corgan Rocks! He made my day!


Lol, Nancy. Come to think of it, where the hell are the other major players with their political activism and politicized lyrics? Bono? Sting? Anyone? (crickets).


Good for him. I might elaborate on what he wrote to say that the *actions* one takes from blind fear can manifest the worst-- certainly true in the case of fear of disease being exploited to bamboozle American parents into holding their kids down for 36 vaccines by age two.

Though he didn't pose it as a legal argument, he's quite correct about the issue of medical rights for the individual-- my life, my death and my body doesn't belong to the state (ala Jacobinism and Naziism). Unfortunately, very few will attempt to defend individual rights when it comes to the health of children: parents can be charged for medical neglect for refusing "life saving" treatment for their child, so it becomes all the more important to argue on the basis of emerging science: the swine flu/regular flu vaccines are ineffective (all over Pubmed), contain poisons which may actually compromise the immune system (plenty of studies argue this including the recent Dartmouth mouse study of heavy metals and swine flu) and ironically increase risk from the diseases themselves (recent Canadian studies) along with inducing other health disasters (Guillain-Barre, etc.).


Pumpkins... Oct. 31... very timely.

Who's next, Eminem?


I loved what he said. I have seen enough information now that I question how this "swine flu" all started (man made a good possibility) and I too feel so angry that I would rather risk a bad illness than pay those bastards to prevent something they very likely engineered.

Kathy Blanco

On one of my groups, people have been stirring it up and saying that the year we started to vaccinate children against the flu virus, the flu started becoming deadly. If you check the CDC website, it reveals it right there before your eyes Hmm? So, you can get a persistent immune dysfunction from vaccines heh? mind blowing is that? And all that mercury must also not just create autism adhd and seizures, but also immune

And so it goes...all vaccines create NEW DISEASES and NEW EPIDEMICS...that's why I hate them so...and as such, we should too...the tide is changing...maybe we anti vaccine nuts and loons are not so crazy after all?

To All

Now if we can just get the taxpayers [who dislike very much the fact that "their" taxes are going to medicaid and food stamps] to realize that their hard-earned taxes are going to families of children who were knowingly and deliberately vaccine injured by pharmaceutical companies and pediatricians and gynecologists (gardasil) and politicians who have stood by and done nothing (except give lip service while accepting campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical companies) while medicaid and food stamps became part of the new norm for the 1.5 million plus families in the US since the very early 1990's. And that the above mentioned groups have REFUSED to stop even though we have begged them for decades to stop. We have to get to them and let them know this is still being done FOR PROFIT. They are lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical and insurance companies and all the clinicians who treat our children. And this CAN BE STOPPED if the toxins are removed from vaccines and the schedule drastically scaled back. We also have to remind them of the sheer numbers of young adults who will soon be receiving social security, young adults who have not paid any in because they were too disabled to work.

Approximately 1.5 million has been paid by medicaid for medical treatments, services and prescriptions drugs in our household alone. And we are just ONE of the vaccine injured households that were forced to turn to medicaid when I had to quit my job to take care of my medically-devastated-by-vaccines child.

It is one thing to know that your taxes are going to a noble cause, such as helping children but it takes on a whole new light when you know that the children were knowingly disabled for life so that people in the medical/pharmaceutical profession could increase their profits on the backs of those children for the duration of their forever altered lifetimes. I don't believe all the doctors who have enjoyed an increase in profits consented to this in the beginning but we sure don't see the numbers of them objecting to it now that we should.

We have to get to the moms of (as yet) unaffected vaccinated children and the taxpayers who oppose liberal spending. They need to know what their elected officials are doing and have not done. This is a perfect time now that Obama is in office. And that is a sad fact that is not lost on me. I never thought he could be bought but the writing was pretty much on the wall when the pharmaceutical companies pledged to back his health care plan.

deb in il

Yey for Billy Corgan!


Have LOVED Smashing Pumpkins for a long time - this was great to see.

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