1 in 100: How the UK Government Arrived at the Adult Autism Figures
Autism and Genetics: What We’ve Got Here is a Failure to Replicate



How refreshing is Sharyl Attkisson??? And thank you, as always, David Kirby for continuing to speak the truth for our benefit! I LOVED this piece--and I love that David highlighted Insel's bait and switch with the vax v. unvax study---that was such a dirty little trick and it needs to be outed to the general public... I don't know how Insel sleeps at night---he should be ashamed of the damage he's doing to our children and our community.


Wow - loved it! Thanks David and Sharyl!


Outstanding job David! Thank you...and a big thanks to Sharyl as well.


Great job by Sheryl and David 2 very brave individuals.


Thank you again David, & Sharyl..

There is a lot riding on the success, (which would be failure) of the H1N1 and Seasonal flu shot program for 2009.

The Thimerosal content is once again beyond obscene for a toddler, and there will sadly be "Evidence of More Harm" with the 2009 program by 2010.

Thankfully a past VP invented the internet so there can be an exchange of information.


Beautiful! So, this makes me think that CBS may be at least a tiny bit impartial. Oh, please, let the news keep this up. Thank you everyone for all the hard work we are doing together?


Scandalous is a good word, exactly what it all is. Well done David Kirby.

Also, industrial farming of farm animals is morally wrong. An animal that gives its life for our benifit deserves respect.

Lack of Respect for a lot of things going on in America is in short supply. Not just for poor dumb animals but no respect for babies, for the future generations, for parents trying their best to do the right thing, no respect for the intelligence of the American peopel.

The whole thing is scanadalous indeed!

Kristin Kauffman - Warrior Mom Recovering Truman

David you are my Hero & thanks so much!! Please keep fighting the fight for us - the TRUTH will be known!!


My 2nd grader walked by while I was watching this video - she heard the word autism and said, "Autism, I know what that is." I about fell out of my chair, she and I have never discussed this. We've had general discussions out of necessity to help her understand a nonverbal kid and an extreme add/adhd kid both of whom were in her 1st grade class. I talked about imperfect brains in the context of imperfect eyes - she wears glasses but has a solid functioning brain. Her classmates have great functioning eyes but their brains are imperfect causing lack of speech and behavior issues. But Autism has not yet been spoken about until today. So I asked, what is autism? She replied, "it's a brain problem that causes people to do unusual things." How do you know about this I asked? My teacher read us a book, a long book about it to help us understand (a boy in her class). He does strange things a lot." Do you understand him better now? "Yes." "And mom, with a lot of work, autism gets better."

There you have it - it's so sad that there are so many autistic kids in schools today that students HAVE to be taught about autism because it is all around them. There was no autism in my high school of 1800 kids. At today's rate there'd be 30 or so kids in that same school and they'd be very hard to miss.

I'm thrilled though that the teacher and/or perhaps the parent chose a book for the class that accurately portrays autism as neurological problem and also that autistic kids can and do recover...wow!

katie kelley

I love you David! I wish I could speak like that! Great job!

Teresa Conrick

Great interview, DK ! Sheryl asked the right questions and your answers were so pertinent. Not surprising to see that Insel was a no show. I especially liked your comparison to growing up without 1:60 boys having autism and how 1:60 men in your current neighborhood do not exhibit autistic tendencies - including Aspergers - excellent job of including it as a disability and not some mild neurodiverse way of living.


Great job David.

To me this is a turning point. To actually hear a news station ask why we haven't studied vax vs. unvax is major.


Thank you so much David and thanks to Sharyl Attkisson. I agree with Jake that one of the highlights for me was stressing that Asperger syndrome isn't something you wouldn't notice. Wonderful job. I have no idea how anyone can speak so eloquently under the gun like that.


Loved how he replied back to her saying that it's not just one vaccine (MMR) and one ingredient (Thimerosal), but that 40 vaccines, are given.

Our twin boys received 40 vax's by the time they hit 48 months (yea I am still kicking myself). One twin started regressing around 34 months old - can't pin point which "one" vaccine did him in because they always gave SEVERAL vaccines at the same time, and in such a short time frame!

Like for instance, on the VERY day our Pediatrician told us the news about our son Cameron having ASD, was the very same day she proceeded giving our twins 8 vaccines each! (this before we even knew what Autism was) It was NOT necessary to give them ALL 8 vaccines in ONE day at 48 months. She could have spread out those same vaccines FROM AGES 4 TO 6 years old as shown in the Vax schedule, but instead she gave ALL 8 on August 13 2007(a date we will never forget).

Now our twins do not need another MANDATED vaccine shoved down their throats until they hit 11 years old! (They turned 6 yrs old July 31, 2009)

And she wonders why I don't bring the twins by for their yearly check ups anymore. Why? So she can drag me over the coals (again) over not allowing our twins the Flu Vax or why don't we put Cameron on Ritalin?

Forget about it. We're done!

Again, thank you David Kirby! I wish he had the opportunity to bring up TYLENOL and how parents (like us) are told by Pediatricians over and over to give this to our kids before, during, and after vaccines. But how Tylenol DEPLETES (much needed) Glutathione.


I guess Insell didn't want to be interviewed because he knows what he says is stupid. Our whole public Health is being revealed as complete idiots. Swine Flu is going to unhinge their whole program. I took my son to the barber shop this evening and all the talk was about how dangerous the swine flu shot is. I was in heaven!!!!


I particularly liked the fact that the interviewer didn't let Insel "off the hook" for failing to appear. She specifically commented on it and by implication cast him in a somewhat negative light imho.


Wouldn't it be great if this was the kind of thing that the TV news would do once in a while. It's time to get this message out of the internet and onto mainstream news.

Wonderfully done David.

Julie Obradovic

Pulitzer Prizes all around! Thank you!


beautiful David and Sharyl!!

claudine Liss

Excellent job David in getting out the truth!!!!

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