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Worry Please pop over and comment on Why We Worry About Vaccinations, Jim Moore’s Huffington Post piece about the Thoughtful House Hep B Study. If you missed Mark Blaxill's insightful analysis of the study which has been published by the journal Neurotoxicology, click HERE.

From the HuffPo post:

Even as doctors try to reassure the public, and TV news anchors get their swine flu shots on the morning news, there remains a great unease about vaccinations in the US. People hesitant to take the needle are marginalized as anti-vaccine nuts, regardless of the many justifiable reasons to distrust giant pharmaceutical producers and government regulators. Money can easily trump morality and the five drug companies contracted with the U.S. government to produce the H1N1 vaccines will be paid from $250 to $690 million each for mass production.

Profits are not evil, of course, and making money does not mean a company lacks principle. There are, however, causes for concern...


Tracy McDermott

Doctors and researchers who do not demand a safety-first agenda that is transparent and accountable will ultimately be responsible for the public's failure to vaccinate.

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jim-moore/why-we-worry-about-vaccin_b_306202.html


CT teacher

I don't believe any of us walks away from a vaccine without some kind of injury to our system. Some injuries are more subtle than other, however. Death and autism are the most extreme forms of vaccine injury and my heart goes out to all of you who have experienced it. I hate to see more people injured, especially children, but I agree that the coming swine flu debacle is going to tip the scales, as more people become enlightened about the dangers of vaccines. Kathy Blanco, I too, am a grandma, and I am in your anti-vaccine camp. We have lived long enough to reflect on health issues over several generations, including our own. We can see the generational illness and devastation wrought by this insane and unproven practice. Voodoo medicine and junk science!


I just read an article on aol.com's health section about the girl in Europe that died after gardasil (collapsed as they called it) and explained that it wasn't the shot that killed her but a tumor on her lungs or heart...just another coincidence with the timing of the shot and her "collapsing" dead. But, the most interesting thing was that they had a poll on whether you trust vaccines in general...check yes or no. Out of 73,000 voters 59% checked yes and 41% checked no!!!! I couldn't believe that. We are no longer the crazy parents...but actually almost half of 73,000 respondents have lost faith in the vaccine program. The tides are changing and I do believe that this mass swine flu vaccination might be all that it takes to tip the scales even more. I just hope and pray that innocent children (and adults) don't have to suffer much more for the truth to be accepted by all.

Kathy Blanco

Ever since I have been down the rabbit hole of the blue pill on why vaccines, and how, and what agenda they produce (let alone the damage they caused in my children),.. I know that my anti vaccine stance is not only correct, moral and scientific, it is my way of saying, go stick it because I don't believe you people anymore. If they can lie about VIOXX or side effects being minimal, when in fact they kill and maim, I have no more tolerance for them than ENRON, or SATAN. The injustice of it all is the most infuriating...because after your injured who is in your court, literally? No one. You are just a number, just another vaccine injury, and a damaged family.

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