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Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Reach Out to Disabled Redskin's Cheerleader

Click HERE to read the full story and how you can help at Fox 5.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - There are new developments in the story FOX 5 first brought you about a Redskins cheerleader left disabled by a seasonal flu shot.   Now, Desiree Jennings is adding a boost of star power to her cause.

An organization founded by actors (Generation Rescue*) Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey is so touched by Desiree's story that they have reached out to offer not only words of encouragement, but the organization's support.

Desiree Jennings' struggle is getting worldwide attention.

"It's been unreal," Jennings told FOX 5. "I didn't think anyone would even care about my story. People are sitting there crying and I can't understand why..."

* Our sponsor GR was co-founded by J.B. and Lisa Handley. Jenny and Jim joined forces with GR and have continued the fight for vaccine safety and vaccine injury advocacy.



Benedetta - I'm so sorry.

I have two nephews (husband's and mine) that go further and further into worse and worse ADHD/sensory disorders/OT problems every year (their parents love the flu shot). They were both lovely, healthy babies/toddlers/even three year olds. I have a third nephew - who seems immune to any damage.

Now, the two in question are now both addled with a host of problems and it's worse and worse every year.

I'm not as upset with my husband's brother and sister-in-law as they are confirmed Amanda Peets.

MY sister and her husband infuriate me. They semi-accept our story (vaccine damage, supplements, etc.), but will not apply it to their own son. He's turning into a nightmare - and he once was a joyous, healthy child.

But to have your own daughter, who experienced vaccine damage as a toddler - go ahead and receive all these shots?!?! I cannot even imagine your terror.

I'm so very, very sorry.


She got better though. Where did she go?

My daughter on mother's day afternoon carved herself up. She thought she had bot worms under the skin.

She had Kawasaki's at 2 years old from a DPT shot. It has been an on going thing for years. She developed depression when she was 14.

She went into nursing a couple of years back and had the three series of Hep B and I found out Sunday night she had the flu shot too.

She became very stiff after the Hep B and she had high SED rates and High C reactive protein. The rhuematologist did nothing for her.

This latest episode began after a very long work week, with a diarrhea, a fever, not being able to sleep.

We spent sunday night in the hospital room, she is home now with no dillusions but with severe leg aches, and crying.

I sure hope some one is out there with the answer of where this cheerleader went and what was her medical procedures.

Author Frank Martin DiMeglio

The vaccines are biologically active and unnatural and foreign to the body. They are causing biological disorder, damage, toxicity, and poisoning that involves and relates to feeling, thought, emotion, etc. Vaccines are making us increasingly unconscious and reactive in various and unpredictable ways. Autism is a disintegration and contraction of being, experience, and consciousness -- and of feeling, emotion, and thought. Thoughts and emotions are differentiated feelings.

Concerned Professional

If Dr. Hanson is poking a sleeping child with a needle- that is a child abuse and the parents need to file a complaint to the
College who had licenced Dr. Hanson.This is professional misconduct and abnormal behaviour from a professional.


I live in the Chicago area, and was listening to the Loop rock station on my way into work this morning. For those who are familiar, Jonathan Brandmeier who has been on the Loop for a long time and is considered a symbol of "Sweet home, Chicago" spent and entire segment making fun of Desiree Jennings. He accused her of faking her disease. He also had a guest doctor on and they were praising the "almighty" flu vaccine. This Dr. Hanson, also does a "great service" for betterhood of mankind by making housecalls and administering shots to young children while they sleep! Can you imagine a small child waking up to a needle in his body, without any warning?? Talk about a nightmare! See the link to the "Shot Fairy" as he calls himself. Maybe some of you would like to voice your opinions there as well.
I find it appalling that they would openly mock a disabled individual. Not to mention all the fear mongering they are inflicting on the listeners about the false benefits of vaccines.

Concerned Professional

I think there are five different type of flue vaccines.One is the nose spray,the others are injections. I looked at the Glaxo H1N1 Vaccine ingredients.How can they say that these vaccines are"safe and effective"? It is loaded with: aluminum adjuvant,ASO3 adjuvant,Daronrix,disodium
phosphate(used in pesticides),formaldehyde,
octoxynol(toxic to rats)squalene,thimerosol,
Polysorbate80(detergent)vitamin E and salt.
This combination of chemicals,detergents,heavy metals and irritant salts can do a lot of damage to the immune system.These companies will make a fortune from the toxic vax sale.Please check out the article at Reuters:Companies
reap the swine flu windfall by Julie Steenhuysen ("Severe pandemic would result in total vaccine sales of $ 18 billion".These are horrific and shameful times.All the best to you
Desiree. (skeptical,get a a few shots and report back to us,OK.I know you work for pharma,get lost.)


Sceptical, what funny planet do you live on? Over on planet earth, there is plenty to read on mechanisms of vaccination induced dystonia.

Dystonia is often present in encephalitis/ encephalomyelitis, especially of mesencephalon… and encephalitis and brain lesions, including in mesencephalon, are very well known vaccination sequelae! Go figure.

Brain and spinal cord lesions in pigs inoculated with swine vesicular disease (UKG strain) virus and coxsackievirus B5.

Pigs inoculated intravenously with swine vesicular disease virus (UKG strain), those inoculated with coxsackievirus B5, and other pigs exposed by pen contact to the same viruses developed diffuse encephalomyelitis. Perivascular cuffing, with lymphocytes and formation of neuroglia cell foci, were most prominent in telencephalon, diencephalon, and MESENCEPHALON. Encephalitis was of mild to severe intensity. Severity of lesions was more extensive and severe in the pigs exposed to swine vesicular disease virus… (PMID: 128305)

… Secondary dystonia is well known subsequent to LESIONS of the basal ganglia or the thalamus. There is evidence that brainstem lesions may also be associated with dystonia, but little is known about pathoanatomical correlations…

Post-vaccination encephalomyelitis: literature review and illustrative case.
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is an inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system that is usually considered a monophasic disease. ADEM forms one of several categories of primary inflammatory demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system including multiple sclerosis, optic neuropathy, acute transverse myelitis, and neuromyelitis optica (Devic's disease). Post-infectious and post-immunisation encephalomyelitis make up about three-quarters of cases, where the timing of a febrile event is associated with the onset of neurological disease. Post-vaccination ADEM has been associated with several vaccines such as rabies, diphtheria-tetanus-polio, smallpox, measles, mumps, rubella, Japanese B encephalitis, pertussis, influenza, hepatitis B, and the Hog vaccine. We review ADEM with particular emphasis on vaccination as the precipitating factor. We performed a literature search using Medline (1976-2007) with search terms including "ADEM", "acute disseminated encephalomyelitis", "encephalomyelitis", "vaccination", and "immunisation". A patient presenting with bilateral optic neuropathies within 3 weeks of "inactivated" influenza vaccination followed by delayed onset of ADEM 3 months post-vaccination is described.
J Clin Neurosci. 2008 Dec;15(12):1315-22. Epub 2008 Oct 30.
PMID: 18976924

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis following vaccination against human papilloma virus Neurology. 2009 Jun 16;72(24):2132-3 PMID: 19528522

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis associated with tetanus vaccination Eur Neurol. 1999;41(4):231-2. PMID: 10343155

Biphasic demyelination of the nervous system following anti-rabies vaccination Neurol India. 2004 Mar;52(1):106-8

Further reading:


To Still Skeptical-
If you want to be funny about this, please don't post here. There is absolutely nothing funny about a person being disabled by a horrible, life threatening condition, whether due to a single flu vaccine, a couple of simultaneous vaccines, several simultaneous vaccines, or no vaccines at all. You need to learn some compassion. Good luck with that!

Still Skeptical

Okay, so they think it was the vaccine, but dystonia is pretty rare and not a known adverse event, so in the absence of a mechanism, I'm still skeptical. Maybe her implants leaked.

Sandy Waters

I wish they would reach out to me! I have to them and heard no answer?? Come on Jenny & Jim I'm special too!! Call me!!

Autism Grandma

I thank God for the night I saw Jenny on Larry King Live 2 years ago. It was just the month before that my grandson had been pushed over the cliff from his last batch of vaccines, and obviously I knew he was vaccine poisoned but it was Jenny that awakened me to the reality of autism. I had been praying for guidance, and when I turned on the TV and heard the word "Vaccination" I stopped cold in my tracks. Through Jenny God directed me towards the path of RECOVERY.

Now this wonderful Desiree is suffering so horribly just like our autism kids as a direct result of a vaccine, and she is speaking out about the CHILDREN. I hope that for her sake she can experience recovery, and for the sake of others she can then speak about not only the CAUSE but the RECOVERY.

To Jenny and Desiree, YOU GO GIRLS!!! And to those amazing dedicated DAN doctors, YOU GO GUYS and GIRLS!!!!

Sue M.

"Where is the evidence that this was caused by the vaccine"?

Did you even bother to read the article or do you just not trust the doctors at Fairfax Inova and Johns Hopkins? I thought that we were the ones who didn't trust doctors.... :)

"Now, both Fairfax Inova and Johns Hopkins say Desiree suffers from a rare neurological disorder as a result of the flu shot. The condition is called dystonia, and it affects every aspect of her ability to function".


Where is the evidence that this was caused by the vaccine?


"Me, just now (and right now): Uncontrollable weeping and it brought me right back. To me, wailing, I mean wailing, while holding/rocking my then just over 2 year old and wailing, "COME BACK, COME BACK!" While he echoed, slowly, with no inflection, while staring into space, "c o m e b a c k, c o m e b a c k." "

God how the pain still swells when we think back to that day when we first knew.


I wish Desiree all the best. I, too, had tears in my eyes when she talked about this happening to little children...


As disappointed as I was in seeing that FOX had gotten the GR Founders info incorrect, I was delighted to see them pick up this story and run with it.

I agree with Libby. There exist a lot of unsung heroes in our community, lest we forget.

Thank you GR, Jenny, Jim, and AoA for reaching out to Ms. Jennings. You shine!


IF anyone dose talk to her. WE took our son to the Mayo Clinic after our son fell ill from the FLU VACCINE with Gullian Barr.

All they could say is,yes its the result of the vaccine, but we don't want to get involved,with a Lawsuit


Part 1 -
Oh my goodness, I was not prepared for my reaction to this.

When she said, "...but not a little child who hasn't had a chance to live their life and can't speak. So, I want to speak, because I can and they can't. And, I want to help them too..."

Me, just now (and right now): Uncontrollable weeping and it brought me right back. To me, wailing, I mean wailing, while holding/rocking my then just over 2 year old and wailing, "COME BACK, COME BACK!" While he echoed, slowly, with no inflection, while staring into space, "c o m e b a c k, c o m e b a c k."

JB, Jenny, Jim, whoever, whichever docs, who cares which yahoo group/board/whatever. Please, do whatever you can to get her back (or at least as best you can). Stuff your personalities/egos, come together quickly and heal this woman.

She CAN speak for our children, she WILL speak for our children, she IS OUR CHILD.


Part 2 -
We all know that Jenny & Jim are not the founders/creators of our universe. I am quite sure that Jenny & Jim know this too. I am so thankful that Jenny has the fame, drive, cash and, most importantly, the personality (she doesn't give a hoot about whatever anyone says about her) to be out there in a big way.

It is because of Jenny that people in my book club, at the coffee house, the school line, you name it, ask me about the biomed and what do I think. Because of Jenny, our voice is OUT THERE.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful for everyone that has come before me me to light the way, I am sure we all are (and that is why most of us are addicted to helping the next parent). I am so thankful for ALL OF YOU. No matter which diet (or not), which chelation method (or not), which supplement(s) (or not), which protocol, Yasko, Patricia Kane, NIDS, DAN, which DAN, who DAN, I don't care DAN. I love all of you.

But, Jenny is a different can of worms. She's famous and doesn't give a hoot. She is NOTHING like the other famous ASD parents that have come before her (and I'm not blaming them for their different levels of being out there - or not). It takes a rare personality to say stick it you know where, and have the repercussions bounce off like they are teflon (or should I say, cast iron :) ).

Our voice (outside of our universe) was a whisper compared to now. Even though Generation Rescue rocked before, it is a giant earthquake now. Though, I do miss those NYT full page ads.

So, thank you JB Handley, thank you for stuffing your ego and putting their names on top of Generation Rescue. You are selfless. I mean it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And, you certainly know a great deal about marketing. And like you said, "sloppy journalism." But, truth be said, I don't even think it was sloppy. I think it was deliberate, as they know marketing too and have a short tape to air.

Okay, I'm not weeping anymore. I'm typing like a mad woman. Sorry for being so long. I really do love all of you.

Heidi R

It never ceases to amaze me when someone who has been thru a trauma exhibits the outstanding human ability to still want to help others. Her statement regarding how this is worse in children than in herself brought tears to my eyes. Thanks GR for reaching out to her!


And dont worry the CDC still wants you to know the flu shot is safe. Was it safe for Desiree?? I am confused. Safe if you are not injured by it?

Bob Moffitt

I am having a hard time ignoring the (deliberate?) carelessness of public health officials when "speaking" about the "safety" of flu vaccines.

Especially....the H1N1 vaccine.

When Public health Officials vouch for the "safety" the H1N1 vaccine...they are NOT speaking about ONE vaccine.

They are speaking about a "few" different vaccines...each one made by different manufacturers...containing different ingredients.


German "experts" have recommended different H1N1 vaccines be given their military the H1N1 vaccines recommended for their civilian population.

Why is that?

I don't know..but..while I do appreciate German "experts" have taken the time and made the effort to diminish the risk to their military personnel...I would be very troubled if I were an ordinary civilian in their country.

In any least Germany "experts" made an HONEST admission there are more risks associated with "some" vaccines than others.


This story touches my heart! I pray for healing for Desiree!


Thanks JB, Jenny and Jim for doing what people should do, help others. This is giving the autism community a warm glow and people are sure to notice.
Even though I have Oracnophobia, I still try to reach out to them(just not too often). It's what we should do as human beings.
Again, thanks for a feel good story.


I just want to thank Erik Nanstiel for posting that fantastic site/story! I am speechless after watching Stephanie Arnold talk about her experience.


Horrible. Hard to believe some "doctor" could say this is a psychological problem. Wonder what Offitt says.

Craig Willoughby

Bless her heart! I hope she does better, and thank you Jenny and Jim for reaching out to her.

It always saddens me, though, whenever someone joins our little "army" in this manner. My thoughts and prayers go out to Desiree.


I assume this vaccine was hazardous waste grade/ and had the high quality, mercury neurotoxin, 25,000 ppb, Thimerosal preservative in it??


Sometimes I say the wrong things and even though I mean well I still need to think before I post. I just want to say that Jenny and Jim have really done great things for Generation Rescue and I think that they have done a great job in making Autism more known to the public. Even though the media may get it wrong it still should not make me lose focus on what is important.


Thanks, Jenny & Jim, for helping Desiree. It's so sad to watch her speech affects and damaged gait; unlike with toddlers, no one will be saying she'll "grow out of it." I hope that she is able to recover.

Unfortunately I heard on a TV report last night (Inside Edition?) that she's getting help from Minnesota's Mayo Clinic. The Mayo has done nothing for our state's vaccine-injured children -- except create more of them.

Although the Mayo's Dr. Gregory Poland's recent "Vaccinomics" and "Adversomics" medical journal articles offer some hope that someone there is feeling a little guilty about creating collateral damage. And maybe feeling inclined toward promoting treatment and prevention?

JB Handley

That's just sloppy journalism, which we're all used to. No one on our side is revising history. The important point is that Jenny has reached out to help this poor woman!!

JB Handley

Erik Nanstiel

I've been trying to get Ms. Jennings in touch with Stephanie Arnold, who went through a similar, 7-year ordeal after being vaccinated in college for meningitis. The results were identical, if not worse, than Miss Jennings. It was Mary Megson, MD's protocol that helped Miss Arnold recover... and I think she can offer Miss Jennings a lot of hope by her example.

Here is Stephanie Arnold's interview with FAIR Autism Media.



I know we can't control what the media says, but ....Jenny and Jim founded GR?

I am so appreciative that they have been so outspoken and brought national attention to ASD and its treatments. However, if it wasn't for the parents who have worked tirelessly helping other parents and advocating for kids and adults with ASD, groups like GR, TACA, NAA, etc wouldn't have been around to help Jenny when she needed it. I hope these parents are not forgotten.

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