CBS News's Sharyl Attkisson Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield
NYT Reports Natural Immunity to H1N1 and Fewer Cases than Expected

Govt Official Talks Flu Pandemic & Vaccines on Huffington Post: Readers Balk

Pass Hop over to HuffPo to read this post "by" Rep. Adolphus Towns, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, titled, Are We Ready for a Flu Pandemic?  Rep. Towns is from the great state of New York, where healthcare workers are fighting a mandate requiring H1N1 vaccinations. What a coincidence.

Read and comment at HuffPo HERE.

With the height of the flu season quickly approaching and our children heading back into the classroom, I recently led a full Committee hearing to examine the Obama Administration's Flu Vaccine program. I wanted to hear from the individuals who are responsible for implementing the vaccine plan about its likely effectiveness in the event of an outbreak...



Vivian Vukojevich

If this is the flu season, why don't I know anyone who has the flu, either the seasonal flu or swine flu?
If so many people die each year from the flu, why have I never in my lifetime known anyone who has died of the flu? I am 65 (as of this month). I've never had a flu shot, and to my knowledge I don't get the flu, at least if I do, it must be mild because I'm not aware of it.
During the last flu season, my son (40 years old) got a flu shot, and the next week I when I called him, he said he and his wife were sick with the flu.
I'm not worried about the flu; I'm extremely worried about the risks of the vaccines.

david burd

"With the height of the flu season quickly approaching" - this line quoted from HuffPo is an outright lie and fabrication, this lie is further reinforced unwittingly by HuffPo.

It is established fact for the last countable decades, shown dramatically even in the CDC Annual Flu Graphs depicting like clockwork Flu cases just starting to rise in December, invariably peaking around early February, and fading through March.

For years, the U.S. Federal Govt. propaganda campaign has had the first week of December as National Flu Vaccination Week!? Why? Because there is NO FALL FLU SEASON. Year after year shown by our own Federal Govt decrees and graphs.

Repeat after me: "As shown unequivocally, the U.S. CDC has never documented a Fall Flu Season." "They have clearly documented a Winter Flu Season."

Why does flu happen in Winter: Abundant science studies link it to the lack of Vitamin D during all the dark, late Fall, Winter months. Simply take a Vitamin D supplement. DO NOT take a Flu Shot.

Stephen Becker

Vaccines are the greatest disaster in the history of state sponsored medicine. Vaccine damage, especially from the current schedule, is grave, for a lifetime, and practically irreversible. Children, armed forces personnel, and the vast army of the fooled and the uninformed are the victims. The medical costs are already out of control and far worse is yet to come as the youngest victims mature into their vaccine-induced pathologies. God help the United States of America.


Left this over at Huffpo:

Thank you Rep Towns for reminding me that I should be afraid of this virus. I've been so busy listening to my friend in Australia, where winter and flu season are coming to an end, telling me that the swine flu was actually LESS VIRULENT than seasonal flu. I've been so worried about the adjuvants (read:mercury) added to the vaccine that I forgot to worry about having to stay in bed for a week and having someone make me tea. I've been so worried about my son's autism (which is a lifelong affliction - not weeklong) and the CURRENT AUTISM EPIDEMIC that I forgot how inconvenient (and yes not fun to go through) the flu is. I've been so worried about the method of prevention and the overinflated panic associated with this disease that claimed 140 lives out of millions during Australia's flu season that I forgot to be scared like I was told to be. Sorry for not being a team player - but you could not pay me to subject anyone I love to the garbage you are pushing.

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