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From ABC News: Three Cheers for Pleasant Valley High in Bettendorf, Iowa

Sparkle3%20copy By Kim Stagliano

I saw this on FaceBook and had to post it. Watch this VIDEO from ABC News about the Pleasant Valley High School cheerleading team in Iowa that has created a squad for girls with special needs, called the Sparkles. Read the story HERE.

To the young women on the team, thank you from a Mom of three girls with autism. As my 14 year old Mia would say, "Great job!"

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.


Concerned Professional

Seven stars for Pleasant Valley High. Thank you Sara Herr for your wonderful work and for all those special people who are involved in this project.There is hope for the future for our children. Inclusion and acceptance that is what our special needs children and adults need.Wonderful.


What a heartwarming story. The girls that coach are wonderful role models, caring and compassionate beyond their years. I'm so very proud of all involved. The values displayed give me great hope for the future. Hollywood should make a movie about this.


Cried when I watched this. There are some really beautiful souls out there that don't judge another soul on how fast it can read, or do math problems! I needed this one (met the new neighbors and maybe I am sensitive but I felt like they were judging my son) Boo on them! BUT Hurray Hurray for all these cheerleaders.

Teresa Conrick

How great this was! Want to pass it on to some other schools and start a whole new program.


Pleasant Valley High School Principle Mike Zimmer's email address is

[email protected]


Thanks Kim for sharing this. What a great story.


That was beautiful. Time for me to write a letter of thanks to the young woman who started the program.

How big can Bettendorf be that they have so many girls with autism? What's the number of boys?


Loved this story!! Iowa has done us proud!


Thanks so much for posting this great story!

Cathy Jameson

AWESOME! The young teens have the right idea and the right attitude. This was a wonderful story.

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