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Dr. Paul Offit, The Autism Expert. Doesn't See Patients with Autism?

Nowhere Offit Man Managing Editor's Note: This post includes a follow up to the lawsuit discussed in J.B. Handley's post titled, Columbia University Press and Dr. Paul Offit Sued for Autism's False Prophets. Pay special attention to the phone call J.B. made to schedule an appointment for a child with autism with Dr. Offit, author of a book about autism treatments. It seems Dr. Offit does not treat patients with autism. Odd, yes? Grab a cup of coffee and read on.  Don't get the photo? Click HERE. And, Ringo? Don't bother.

By J.B. Handley
Paul Offit wrote a book, Autism’s False Prophets, with the overt goal of repudiating the biomedical treatment movement for autism. Of course, the real goal of the book, and how it’s being used today, is to convince parents to keep on vaccinating.
As an inventor of the Rotateq (HERE) vaccine, a man who voted his own vaccine (HERE) onto the childhood schedule, and a multi-millionaire after his vaccine was sold to Merck, Offit has plenty of time on his hands to protect his legacy and the legacy of his peers.
The AAP has done a great job of getting Offit’s book out to their pediatric base, many of whom give the book to parents when they express concerns about vaccination. I have personal friends who have come home from their doctor with a copy of his book in hand.
The book is filled with factual errors and/or completely made-up information about a wide variety of our community’s most important players, including Dr. Andrew Wakefield, David Kirby, RFK JR., and Jenny McCarthy, to name just a few.
For a simple example of the book’s poorly-veiled intentions, consider the inside cover that includes a quote from a parent, Amy Pisani:
“Hearing all the rumors about vaccine side effects made me question the right thing to do. This book makes it clear that vaccines save lives, and they clearly do not cause autism.”
There are so many revealing things about this quote, which is literally the first thing you see on the cover’s inside flap. Firstly, Amy Pisani is the Executive Director of Every Child By Two, a vaccine advocacy organization funded by Wyeth, a vaccine maker. (HERE)  The book only describes her as “Amy Pisani, mother.” Not only is Ms. Pisani’s conflict hidden from the reader, but her actual quote is a complete fabrication. Ms. Pisani has been advocating vaccines for children for YEARS, everything in her quote is a lie -- she wasn’t questioning the right thing to do when Offit’s book came along. A liar with a conflict of interest -- how perfect! 

Biomedical doesn’t work?
In advocating for vaccines, Offit uses his book to take a sideswipe at an entire movement of scientists, doctors, and parents who are toiling away to recover children from autism. With roughly 1,000 worldwide doctors and more than 100,000 parents practicing biomedical treatments, it’s one hell of a sideswipe. Not only does he criticize the biomedical movement, he says it isn’t working to help kids:
“Instead of helping, these therapies can hurt those who are most vulnerable, and particularly in the case of autism, they undermine childhood vaccination programs that have saved millions of lives.”
I want to highlight this a little further, because it’s such an important point. Offit says, unequivocally, that our therapies do not help children with autism. Has your child improved through biomedical treatment? Offit says no way. Do you have a child who has recovered from autism? To Offit, it’s just coincidence. He lives in a world where recoveries from autism are of unknown origin and any adverse events created by vaccines are coincidence.
The lack of humanity, the lack of interest in recovering children, is this guy really a doctor? It would be like the Marlboro man shitting on a non-traditional treatment for lung cancer, because the treatment uses natural substances to pull tobacco tar out of people’s lungs. It’s horrible, repugnant, and so profoundly disrespectful of parents who ARE seeing recovery through biomedical treatment, I really don’t have the words to castigate Offit to the proper degree. In fact, it’s even worse than that. Offit and his comrades are actually rooting AGAINST recovery for our children, because if recovery from autism is actually possible through biomedical intervention, then autism is environmentally caused. And, if it’s environmentally caused, then the guy who will die known as “Mr. Vaccine” is in very deep kimchi, and his tombstone may actually end up reading, “Mr. Autism Epidemic Facilitator.”

Who wants that?
Making a sweeping statement -- that biomedical treatments don’t work – certainly means you better have done your homework. In fact, since the publication of his book, Offit is now routinely quoted in articles discussing alternative treatments for autism, and always as the naysayer. Given Offit’s developing “expertise”, I placed a phone call last week to his office in Philadelphia. While I knew the answer, it was still shocking to have the conversation, which went like this, with me (“JB”) talking to Offit’s assistant (“OA”):
JB: Hi, I have a child with autism, and I’d like to make an appointment to see Dr. Offit.
OA: He doesn’t see patients.
JB: My son, he has autism, he needs help. My understanding is Dr. Offit is an expert on autism, he wrote a book, I’d really like to see him.
OA: He doesn’t see patients in a clinical outpatient setting.
JB: Well, is there some other way for me to see him? Please, my son, he needs help, can’t Dr. Offit make an exception?
OA: He doesn’t see patients at all. I’m sorry.
Don’t believe me? Make your own call: 215-590-2549. Paul Offit, autism expert, doesn’t see any patients. Ever.
The 100,000 vaccine man
It was recently in Wired magazine, this quote from Paul Offit that a baby can handle 100,000 vaccines at one time:
Then, he came up with a rough estimate: a person [he said a baby] could handle 100,000 vaccines — or up to 10,000 vaccines at once. Currently the most vaccines children receive at any one time is five. He also published his findings in Pediatrics. Soon, the number was attached to Offit like a scarlet letter. “The 100,000 number makes me sound like a madman. Because that’s the image: 100,000 shots sticking out of you. It’s an awful image,” Offit says. “Many people — including people who are on my side — have criticized me for that. But I was naive. In that article, I was being asked the question and that is the answer to the question.”
Let me repeat: Offit says a baby can handle 100,000 vaccines simultaneously. As we all know, a vaccine is a pharmaceutical drug. Is there a doctor out there who would ever claim that a human being could simultaneously tolerate 100,000 aspirin or Tylenol or Ambien or Aleve or Viagra or Vioxx or any other drug manufactured anywhere on the planet? Of course not.
Not only is Offit’s comment insane, it’s also wildly dangerous and untrue. 100,000 vaccines given to a baby would cause immediate death, every single time. How profoundly disrespectful to the THOUSANDS of parents for whom ONE vaccine caused death for their child. ONE!!
Let’s look at the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program website for a moment, just to further highlight how crazy Offit’s comments really are (HERE). What does it tells us? It shows 11,970 claims of injury and 1,006 claims of death, in every case from ONE vaccine. Offit is saying a baby can handle 100,000 of something that has killed, at a bare minimum, more than 1,000 Americans (and note that for some reason this table doesn’t include Gardasil).
David Tayloe, the President of the AAP, recently posted this on a discussion board, “Just wanted to let members of this list know that the AAP is honoring
 Dr. Offit with it's President's award next week based on input from
 many of us in practice.”
The following email was sent to the AAP media relations department, I have yet to hear back:
“I have two questions for the AAP, would greatly appreciate a reply by end of day Thursday. 1. I heard a rumor that Paul Offit, M.D. recently received the President’s award from the AAP. Is this true? 2. Dr. Offit stated in Wired Magazine this month that a baby could safely receive 100,000 vaccines at one time. Does the AAP agree with Dr. Offit’s position, that 100,000 vaccines would be safely tolerated by a baby? Thank you for your prompt reply.”

Way to go, AAP.

Dr. Offit, here’s my simple offer for you, since I know you and Bonnie are reading this right now:

Get 100 Gardasil shots (just approved by the FDA for boys) in one arm and 100 H1N1 shots – the ones from a multi-dose vial, please (loaded with Hg) --  in the other. If you’re still alive three months later, I’ll contribute $100,000 to Alison Singer’s autism organization, perhaps to let her move out of her basement. 200 shots is plenty for me, I’ll give you a break on the other 99,800.

By the way, Dr. Offit, in your own book you state, “Although vaccinations have probably saved more lives than any other medical intervention, they have come with a price – occasionally causing severe, even fatal, side effects.” I’m sure you’ll be just fine. If one vaccine won’t hurt you, 200 will be a breeze.

The lies, the lawsuit, the settlement

In my opinion, there are more than a dozen members of our community who could sue Paul Offit for libel and win based on the lies and mischaracterizations of them in his book, Autism’s False Prophets. But, I’ll just tell you about me.

Frankly, I was shocked to see my name in Paul Offit’s book. Of all the people to pick a fight with, I wouldn’t recommend starting with me. Moreover, when I actually read the passage Offit wrote about me, I was absolutely stunned. From earlier this year:
*     *
It was October 2005. Generation Rescue had only been up and running for about 5 months, and we had 125 brave souls who had put their names, locations, and emails on our website to serve as Rescue Angels to help other parents (today we have more than 800) on their journey through biomedical intervention.

On or around October 10th of that year, I heard from a Rescue Angel Mom who was extremely distraught. It turned out that someone, most likely a member of the "ND" community, had blended a post they had seen from her on a message board, her Rescue Angel information, and somehow figured out where she worked. This person had contacted the Rescue Angel's employer and told them something to the effect of, "Your employee is a volunteer of this organization, believes and says a lot of scary things about autism [like that it's triggered by vaccines and is treatable], and why is she allowed to say and do these things and work here?"

This Rescue Angel mom had just been through a meeting with her employer, which I believe was a public school, where she'd had to respond to this anonymous mudsling, and she was understandably very, very upset.

I, too, was irate. The thought that people were trying to impact the livelihoods of our Rescue Angels was incomprehensible, and I felt personally responsible for the plight of this Mom, having created the group that got her into this whole mess. Knowing that many of our enemies were avid readers of a public message board where we all congregated, I fired off a warning to the person responsible that read:

Dear N.D. folks monitoring this list:I have no respect for your "movement". You are now spending your time actively hassling our Rescue Angels. We are spending out time constructively engaging doctors to help our babies. If you don't like what we have to say, stop listening. We will bring the full resources of myself and Generation Rescue to stop this. We will sue you for libel and we will go after your homes and assets. My lawyers live to investigate and sue people like you. This will be your only warning. Sincerely, JB Handley

My message is still up there on the EOH message board, it's message #17717 and you can read it for yourself. Now, you may disagree with the message I wrote, you may disagree with its tone, and you may disagree with my reaction to the situation at hand. But, at least you know the circumstances that surrounded the decision I made, and that's what I really want you to know.

I really want you to know and understand what happened and why I wrote the note I wrote because once you do, you can see what a profoundly dishonest and manipulative liar Paul Offit really is.

You see, this post from EOH, or at least an excerpt from it, actually made it in to Paul Offit's book, that book that will remain nameless, but the one we all know the name of. Yup, a piece of my post from EOH, the one where I was trying to tell the person hassling one of our Rescue Angels at work to back the hell off, made Offit's book.

But, you wouldn't know that from what Offit wrote.

You see, Paul Offit has a passage using a portion of this post, but it's used for an entirely different reason. Rather than try to explain, I'm just going to share the passage from the book that will remain nameless, on page 145:

"SEIDEL WAS ALSO APPALLED BY THE GEIERS' AND JB HANDLEY'S constant promotion of chelation therapy as a cure for autism. In 2000, only a handful of children were chelated; by 2005, the number had purportedly climbed to more than 10,000 a year. On her Web site, Seidel pleaded with Handley to stop promoting a "therapy" that had never been shown to work and was potentially dangerous. Handley wrote back: "We are spending out time constructively engaging doctors to help our babies. If you don't like what we have to say, stop listening. We will bring the full resources of myself and Generation Rescue to stop this. We will sue you for libel and we will go after your homes and assets. My lawyers live to investigate and sue people like you. This will be your only warning."

Well, I'll be damned. A post I wrote on a public message board regarding someone hassling our Rescue Angels was now a response to Kathleen Seidel? A response that never actually took place in an exchange that Offit manufactured from thin air? I threatened to sue her for challenging me on the "promotion" of chelation therapy?

I'll be damned again.

So, there it is folks. Offit made up a conversation that never took place and blended something I wrote on a public message board for an entirely different reason to serve his own purpose.
*     *
After a simple (and rebuffed) request asking him to change the above made-up passage, I filed a lawsuit (HERE) with the same request, hoping to get a better answer the second time around.
Medium_prezsheen There’s a great scene from an early 80s movie called the Dead Zone where Martin Sheen, playing an ambitious and morally compromised politician, is under sniper fire during a campaign rally. To protect himself, and while the network TV cameras are rolling, he grabs a small child and hides behind him. End of political career.
I’m not going to tell you that Paul Offit’s defense during my lawsuit and subsequent settlement negotiations reaches quite this same dramatic pitch, but it was the first thing I was reminded of when recently re-reading some letters from his lawyers.
Let’s get something straight: there is nothing about my victory in the lawsuit against Paul Offit that’s going to solve the autism epidemic or recover any of our kids. My victory is a small victory. But, you have to admit, it’s damn entertaining just the same.
Our settlement discussions, which went on for several months, were a hoot to witness. I knew from the beginning that I was right and that I could prove it. It took the other side several weeks of reviewing the supporting evidence my lawyers gave them to reach the same conclusion, at which point they knew they had a weak hand.
So, if you’re Paul Offit, what’s the best thing to do when you’ve been caught in a lie? You guessed it: blame someone else.
If you’ve seen Offit’s book, you know that he pays tribute to some of our most intractable critics for all their help in putting his manuscript together. Notable amongst them is Kathleen Seidel, the Church Lady who runs a website called Neurodiversity. I’ve really got nothing personal against Ms. Seidel and I’ve never met or talked to her. She’s always struck me as being rather brittle and shrill, but she’s certainly no Orac or any of the other particularly annoying characters residing in the dark world. And, she actually blogs under her own name.
Offit was clearly grateful for Ms. Seidel’s help in putting his book together. But, when he found himself in a wrangle over lies that he allowed to be printed, she was the first person he threw under the bus. Don’t take my word for it, check out this passage from a letter sent to my attorneys by Offit’s lawyers:
“Moreover, Dr. Offit has informed the Press [Columbia University Press] that the book had been sent for review to a long list of individuals, including Kathleen Seidel. Further, the Press had a high degree of confidence in Dr. Offit, a confidence enhanced by the initial review of Dr. Offit’s manuscript by an eminent scientist and former dean, and a review of his manuscript by Fred R. Volkmar, M.D., a leading autism expert at Yale University School of Medicine, Marie McCormick, Professor of Maternal and Child Health at Harvard School of Public Health, and Anne Gershon, MD, director of the division of Pediatric Disease at Columbia Presbyterian…
"Dr. Offit interviewed Ms. Seidel at some length. While Dr. Offit was writing the book, somebody sent him a copy of the Oct. 10, 2005 post from Handley directed ‘To the Nuero-Diverse Crowd Reading the List’ as a stand-alone document. At the time, he put it in his JB Handley file. When he went to write his book, he assumed that, given its salutation ‘To the Nuero-Diverse Crowd,’ the post was directed principally at Kathleen Seidel in response to her writings on Handley, Generation Rescue, and the Rescue Angels. Seidel created the neurodiversity website and she is strongly associated with that term. To Paul’s knowledge, no one else used that unusual term prior to Seidel…
"After Dr. Offit completed a draft of the manuscript, he sent it to Kathleen Seidel for her review. Although she made several other suggested changes regarding other portions of the manuscript she did not indicate that there were any errors regarding the language at issue or make any suggested changes to correct the language.”
Milli vanilli As Milli Vanilli once said, “Blame it on the rain!” Just don’t blame me.

Our case wasn’t a slam-dunk. We’d proven Offit had lied, that was easy. The higher hurdle was to prove Offit’s passage actually damaged me in any material way – that’s what you need to prove to win a false light claim. Was I worse off for it? Could I show that he had damaged my ability to hold down a job or anything else? My lawyers gave me 51/49 odds of winning in court. There was damage, but the other side would spend all their time challenging that position So, because I’d rather spend my time with my kids, I decided to settle, which Offit’s side (including Columbia University Press) was very eager to do.

The final terms of our settlement, reported here by AoA for the first time anywhere, include the following:

-     Offit will correct the passage in his book
-     Offit and Columbia University Press will each contribute $5,000 to one of Jenny McCarthy’s favorite autism charities at UCLA.
-     Offit will send me a personal letter expressing his regret for the lie he told. The letter isn’t everything I wanted, but, hey, I’ll take it. It reads:

“On page 145 of my book, Autism’s False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and The Search for a Cure, I may have conveyed the impression that J.B. Handley directed an internet posting, which was addressed to “Neurodiverse folks” on a public message board, as a response to Kathleen Seidel, and as a continuation of a prior exchange of posts between Mr. Handley and Ms. Seidel. After publication, Mr. Handley brought additional information to my attention confirming that, in fact, the post quoted in the book related to a different topic, and was intended to address individuals he believed may have been harassing members of Generation Rescue. I have agreed to make revisions to the text of the book in subsequent printings to address this issue. I regret any mistaken impression the original language may have created.”

Paul offit baby Paul Offit: Vaccine inventor. Vaccine profiteer. ACIP member who voted himself rich. A man reprimanded by Congress for doing so. Winner of the AAP President’s award. Avowed liar from his book, Autism’s False Prophet’s. The 100,000 vaccine man. The autism expert who won’t see patients. The man who has never seen a child recover from autism, and thinks vaccines are medicine’s greatest invention. Paul Offit, that’s one hell of a legacy.

On the one hand, I hope Offit takes me up on my offer, and gets those 200 vaccines. On the other hand, I hope he doesn’t. We’re always one gullible journalist away from another Gucci-loafer in the mouth moment -- he’s far more valuable to all of us alive.

The donations have been made, the book correction is under way, and you can read the letter, HERE. Offit loses, we all win.

J.B. Handley is Co-Founder of Generation Rescue.



Offit is not expert on autism -- true enough -
But he should be after all he is a ped and autism is one of the big main illnesses -- happening now more than polio.

AND he is co inventor of a vaccine and since vaccines do -- Oh yes the do cause autism - it does seem he might should read up on the subject -- show some interest other than shouting to the roof tops that vaccines don't cause austism.

And that is were we be ---- Vaccines caused autism in my son -- you were not there when it happened - but I sure was.


Now keep us all straight on the almost -- inventor or co-inventor
ect, ect. ect.

The co-inventor still voted to make this vaccine mandatory -- which he was able to get Some Money out of selling it to a pharma company.


I would just like to point out that Dr. Paul Offit is not an expert on Autism, nor has he ever claimed to be such. He's actually a paediatrician specializing in infectious diseases, and an expert on vaccines, immunology, and virology. Furthermore, he isn't the inventor of RotaTeq, he's the co-inventor of it, and it isn't even the only vaccine employed against rotavirus. As Wikipedia says, "RotaTeq is one of two vaccines currently used against rotavirus." If you're going to discredit someone, at least try to do it from a factual basis.


Nice sarcasm - but he holds himself up as an EXPERT in these areas. Writing a book on treatment - it would help if he treated kids.... with the actual disease. Or had ever even seen them. Therein lies the difference, SIR.


Wow, physicians in administrative positions don't see patients? And a pediatric infectious disease physician not seeing patients with neurological/psychiatric conditions?! What a searing expose, sir!


JB is inflammatory. All he does is push people away from his cause. He is like Bill O'Reilly but with vaccines. The nature of science is in objective, verifiable facts. Emotions, on the other hand, are subjective and cause people to be irrational. If JB, AoA, and GR cleaned up their language a bit, I think more people would listen.

Furthermore, I think we should give Dr. Offit credit for admitting his mistake and apologizing. I would like to see JB apologize for the times he has been mistaken and/or yelled at people.



Nice choice of plague as your example.

No vaccines for that. Erradicated by clean water.

JB Handley


Here's the deal:

1. Go to

2. Read

3. Come back, let me know if any of your feelings have changed.


Managing Editor for Myles

Myles, such a good idea to come into a blog full of parents of children with cognitive challenges and call one our contributors, "retarded." Sheer genius, really. Is there a vaccine for that kind of tin ear?

Kim, mother of three girls with autism and cognitive challenges, none of who are "retarded" because this is 2009, not 1899.

Myles Cady

Whats your deal? You damn retarded monkey! He is trying to say that if your kid is not vaccinatted they are more likely to die, not get autism. Yes, they have affects, but they aren't any connections to both of them. There's just too much information that states that shots won't give your child autism. If you want your kid to die thats fine. But, don't blame it on someone trying to save a nation from spreading the plague like it did during the midevil times.


ROFL...@ the expense of Offit and his lawyer. Thanks for the laugh JB and AofA!

Teresa Conrick-“anti-vaccine activist” is....gone

Looks like she changed it-- and pronto! That anti-vaccine comment was heading down the road of slander and defamation of character -- she knew it, too. Offit most likely had a big part in that wording. He loses again!

Handley v. Dr. Paul Offit and Columbia University Press
Dr. Paul Offit and Columbia University Press

Defended author and publisher of "Autism's False Prophets" in a false light action.


Not to be too silly but if you put Steinman's picture next to Offit's Picture they look the same......

Perhaps a conspiracy?


Ms. Steinman is listing her failure on her website? How pathetically amusing.

JB Handley

From: J.B. Handley
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 10:12 AM
To: '[email protected]'
Subject: Your profile page - "anti-vaccine activist"

Dear Ms. Steinman:

A link to your profile page was recently sent to me where I see myself described as an “anti-vaccine activist”. This is not a term that I have ever used to describe myself. In fact, it is a pejorative and inaccurate label that members of the other side of the debate, like Paul Offit, have affixed to me and other members of my community.

I reference the below link to Generation Rescue’s homepage:

This link, which summarizes my approach to vaccines, encourages parents to take greater care when vaccinating, consider alternative vaccine schedules (like ones in certain European countries), and do their own research. Nowhere does it, or have I ever said to anyone, “do not use any vaccines.”


If I advocated moderation, would I be “anti-alcohol”?

If I advocated using a wireless headset, would I be “anti-cell phone”?

If I advocated more airbags, would I be “anti-car”?

If I advocated three pilots in all cockpits, would I be “anti-airplane”?

It’s an absurd label, and perhaps one that you hadn’t fully considered. Perhaps you could change the sentence on your webpage, which currently reads:

“Defending author and publisher of Autism’s False Prophets in a false light action brought by an anti-vaccine activist”

To one of the following:

…brought by an autism activist.

…brought by the father of a vaccine-damaged child.

…brought by the father of a child with autism.

Thanks for your consideration,

Here's why

Michael: Because he wrote a book on the topic and routinely opines about the topic for reporters. He is pretending to be more than he is, and many of us find that offensive. And, how did he make the leap from vaccines to autism recovery, anyway? What does a methyl B12 shot have to do with rotavirus. It's just a veiled attempt to rescue the one thing he really cares about: 100,000 vaccines per child!


Paul Offit is a medical researcher. He does not see patients. Why is this so hard to grasp?

Some doctors see patients, some doctors go the research route. I personally haven't seen where he claims to be an autism expert. He simply did some research on so-called autism treatments and wrote a book. The fact he doesn't see patients with autism seems irrelevant to the information he provides in this book.


Defending author and publisher of "Autism's False Prophets" in a false light action brought by an anti-vaccine activist."

Calling JB an anti-vaccine activist !? - I can smell a 'false light action' lawsuit in that statement!


One last funny bit:

Here ( ) is the web-site of the lawyer who defended Offit against this lawsuit, and here is how she describes it:

"Handley v. Dr. Paul Offit and Columbia University Press
Dr. Paul Offit and Columbia University Press
Defending author and publisher of "Autism's False Prophets" in a false light action brought by an anti-vaccine activist."

I think her info needs an update. And odd, but I thought Mr. Handley was the parent of a child with autism? Not an anti-vaccine activist.

claudine Liss

Great Job!!!!
I would still like to see him receive 100,000 shots!
What an awful time in human history.
I am glad to be on YOUR SIDE, the side of TRUTH!
God Bless.

David Taylor

J.B.: Well done. Stick a fork in Offit's socially deviant ass. He's done. I was one of the original 125 RA's in 2005. Still am today. Throughout the time, your never-say-die courage and in-your-face style have kept me and Kristi revved.

Our son has recovered, thanks to you and heroes like you. Offit will truly get what's coming, have no doubt or fear.


Great work JB...

The vaccine industry makes the "too big to fail" banking industry look almost honest...

We are up against pharma, the news media, and the government, that are "way too big to provide the truth about anything..."


Yes! You can hear all your favorite tunes on one CD.

Just sing along to some of Offit's classics.. like..

Offit you know its true,
ooh ooh oooh you are through...


Blame it on Siedel,
She was falling falling,
Blame on Siedel with her laughable website..

and who can forget this one..

Ba, ba, ba, baba, ba, ba, baba, Baby,
Don't forget my number. (100,000)

The list of your favorite tunes just keeps going on and on. And just like Offit you can have yours for just one low price of $5,000 and your choice of charity.

Get it NOW!!!!

Casey Ohlsson

Thanks for the lawsuit JB, I really can't explain how good it feels to know the truth is being spread. I really think we are making headway... I am a teacher and random other teachers are now coming up to me asking if they should vaccinate their babies. Obviously, we are making an impact.
Keep up the good work! Wait, the AWE INSPIRING work.


How much would it cost to flood every pediatrician's office with Dr Jepson's "Changing the Course of Autism" book?


That picture of Offit holding the baby makes me sick.

curt linderman sr

way to go J.B.! I certainly hope he takes you up on that offer!

Angela S.

Way to kick some Offit butt JD!! I wonder how Offit's sheep will spin this one?


Oops - sorry! Scratch that donation suggestion. Just re-read the last paragraph. Well, maybe next Offit libel suit settlement...


Thanks again. You have made my day. Paul Offit, "Thank you for smoking" man. I love that scene when aaron ekhart has his body covered in nicotine patches and hope paul will take the cash for the 200 shots.
My best to your family JB--


WaHooo! Just can't thank you enough! I met Offit when he pulled me into a hospital examination room, demanded to know why I had not vaccinated my child, told me it was Mothers like me who were killing babies, and then three years later when my son suffered a vaccine injury resulting in years of therapy, and leaving him with lifelong issues, I just want to say THANK YOU JB!! Justice is coming for all of us. Please keep the conversation going!

Janet Sheehan

Years ago, after my perfectly normal son regressed into autism after his MMR (he also has mercury poisoning), I went through a flurry of making phone calls. Dr. Offit and Kathleen were two of those calls. When I explained to them that I didn't need any scientific study to explain what I witnessed before my very eyes, I was met with a very long and very uncomfortable silence. I had hoped that I might have planted seeds of thought in them- as I did not speak angrily with them, but rather as a concerned, and heartbroken mom. I hope that somewhere behind the facade, they have a soul and a conscience. But maybe they don't.


From a librarian: How to get good books on autism and on vaccines into your local libraries--
1) Request the books you need via interlibrary loan. One or two or three requests for a certain category of book will wake up the collection development staff to a gap in the collection.

2) Go in with a list of books you think the library should have. If two or three people can go in together, even better. Make an appointment so you are sure you are talking to the right person, the one who makes book purchasing decisions.

3) Donate good books that you are done with and explain why the library needs to have these books in the collection. Ask them to pass along books they can't use to other parents in the community. This happened in my library and I was able to pass along about 20 books and add 4 excellent titles to our collection. We frequently fulfill interlibrary loan requests to other small libraries (and occasionally big ones) in my state.


Thanks J.B.. Never thought I'd see this in print.
Only this morning our private (neuro) school teacher gave a leave of absence. Wanna guess the reason? She's pregnant and can't find a vaccine without adjunctives.
This ain't Kansas is it?




I entered this fight almost the exact same time you did. You keep the fight in me fresh. Thank you so much my friend.


J.B. Handley --YOU ROCK!!! Thank you for all that you do for our kiddos and our community!


JB - did Offit already make his donations to Jenny's charities? Isn't Thoughtful House a non-profit that receives donations?...

Lisa Clark

JB, I think I love you!!! Thanks for providing the truth.


Two points:

1. At my local (small town) library, the vaccination section has two books, both by Offit, surely donated by Merck. Can Generation Rescue or some other bio-med organization start a campaign to get Jenny's, Bock's, Kirby's, etcs. books on the shelves of the small towns which desperately need this information? I'd be thrilled to volunteer to help with this effort.

2. This is the letter I wrote to Philadelphia Magazine after reading the 'advertorial' about Paul Offit:

To the Editor:

It seems that the only research done by Jason Fagone on the article about Paul Offit, MD ( in the June 2009 issue) was to read Offit's own book. One merely needs to read the inserts included with the vaccines to realize the extent of the damage that they can do to children. The insert on Merck's RotaTeq vaccine, invented by Dr. Offit, states, "In post-marketing experience, the following adverse events have been reported in infants who have received RotaTeq: Gastrointestinal disorders: Intussusception (including death); Hematochezia Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders: Urticaria; Infections and infestations: Kawasaki disease. Of course RotaTeq's precursor, RotaSheild, developed by Wyeth, was recalled due to causing infants to suffer from intussususception, twisting of the intestines.

Mr. Fagone's disparagement notwithstanding, critiques of the current vaccination schedule such as Jenny McCarthy and Robert Kennedy are doing parents a great service by encouraging them to not blindly adhere to the American Acadmeny of Pediatriacs schedule of 50 vaccinations by the time the child is six years old. They remind parents not to allow children who are ill to be vaccinated and not to play 'catch up,' by giving numerous vaccines at once, as occured with Hannah Poling, the child who became gravely ill after receiving her shots as conceded by the government in the Court of Federal Claims.

Had Mr. Fagone read other works about vaccination, ie, "Evidence of Harm" by David Kirby, Dr. Stephanie Cave's "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" or even "The Vaccination Book" by Dr. Robert Sears, the answer to the question in the title of the article, "Will This Doctor Hurt Your Baby?" would have been an unequivocal YES.

moon batchelder

a poem about big pharma's lobbies and lies...and autism...

there's something wrong!

logistical coincidence
so they'd have us believe
ridiculous to common sense
no matter what we grieve
they are immune nor bear the blame
and legally we have no claim
they are immune
they are immune
would they were not immune to shame

logistical coincidence
our children falling prey
still these proclaiming innocense
lest profits fall one day
this they hold dear, their bottom line
to rake in millions, their design
this they hold dear
this they hold dear
would conscience did their wealth define.

logistical coincidence
we know what we have seen
despite the rise in prevalence
autisms numbers mean
there's something wrong it gives us pause
whatever proves to be the cause
there's something wrong
there's something wrong
big pharma's lobbies making laws



Well done JB!! You made my day!

Now this surprised me:

"Dr. Offit stated in Wired Magazine this month that a baby could safely receive 100,000 vaccines at one time."

He's still saying this?? Even though he admits that doing so pisses off people on his own side? And even though 100,000 vaccines would so obviously end a human life? Makes me wonder if Dr. (Pr)Offit is having a break with reality. Come to think of it, I think he had one a long time ago.


Thanks JB!


Thank you JB for another great article further exposing Paul prOffit for the money-hungry and egotistical non-expert that he is.


Did you hear that Offit will also be revising his title for subsequent revisions? "Autism's False Prophets: An Autobiography".
There are so many reasons this lawsuit was a gift to our community, but I just keep coming back to the irony of someone whining about all of the deceitful and ignorant researchers, physicians, and parents pursuing medical treatment for their children winds up being successfully sued for his calculated lies.
The fact that he couldn't even bother, or find, a genuine testimonial outside of the vaccine promoter community reveals his pure disregard for truth and science or just how desperate he is to "win". The fact that the AAP is sinking to his level completely shows that this is more about team loyalty and winning than even considering their ethics code and the best interest of their indvidual patient.
I'm so loving that this person was held accountable. Just imagining him having to tell his inner circle "Oh, sorry I can't do lunch that day I'm being sued for lying in my book" enables me to finally enjoy this book.

Teresa Conrick

This was great! The message here is we are not tolerating any lies and nonsense from this person. The ND will minimize this but the truth is that Paul Offit is a loose cannon and getting more so as the stakes get higher in the autism vaccine saga. He will be his own downfall.

Way to go, J.B.

Freda (from Scotland)

JB - my heart goes out to you and for all the wonderful work you do. Have lovely friends in the UK with autistic children - they will bless you for standing up to this loathesome man. I also try to help young people in Scotland and England with regard to the dangers of Cervarix and am honoured to be part of the Gardasil girls - these mums who work so hard to get justice for their injured daughters and those daughters who have sadly died because of this evil vaccine. It is a fight that will be won. God bless you in all that you do.

Judy Brasher

Offit, the prophet for profit.


How about printing this article and handing it out to kids with treat-or-treat candy this year? Either that, or the awesome PhotoShop tuna vs. flu shot picture one of the posters here made... I have a color printer and am ready to go.


This is just too funny -- Dr. Offit is not a real autism doctor, he just plays one on TV.
Someone is going to have to explain how putting my son on an organic diet, minimizing preservatives, dyes, and processed foods, using anti-fungals, purified high potency vitamins (rather than gummy, dye filled cartoon characters), and epsom salt baths is "undermining the childhood vaccine program". It only improved his health and made all the (incredibly expensive) therapy more effective -- but what do I know, I'm only a 1st hand observer (with an advanced degree in engineering and statistics). Honestly, I don't know how people can take "Dr.100,000 Shots are OK" seriously.
BTW - the photo of Dr. Offit and the baby was from an article (ad) in Philadelphia Magazine.


God help the doctor that hands me that mans book! The fact that the AAP is carrying him around on their shoulders singing "hooray for Offit" is even more proof that they have no intention of ever helping our kids. You are absolutely right J.B., they are rooting against our children's health and well-being just to make themselves look better. Disgusting. I will never trust anything the AAP says again. I would trust what a thug on the street says more than I would trust an "official statement by the AAP".

But J.B.'s victory is a very bright spot in all of this. History will eventually reveal Offit for what he is: a man more concerned money, power and position than trying to learn even the most basic things about our kids. I bet his future grandkids will pretend not to be related to him.


Judging by Offit's whiny, agitated performance on Dateline, his ill-gotten millions haven't made him happy. He seems to see himself as the victim and terribly underappreciated. Offit can't leave the autism recovery movement alone because he knows damn well vaccines are causing the autism epidemic.

I'd like to see Offit take a lie detector test. Or better yet, publicly debate Andrew Wakefield, which he has been invited to do.

Denise Melton

Mr. Handley, thank you for speaking out and passing along the truth about this QUACK or should I say CRACK POT by the name of Offit. How can this man put so many lies in a book. It's a good thing we have people like you who will enlighten us to the truth. I can't wait to see the "good" Dr. after he receives all his shots. Please make sure some of them are Gardasil. I lost my only granddaughter to that killer.


"He doesn’t see patients in a clinical outpatient setting."

I'm probably being cynical, but this is a good thing. If he did "see" patients, he probably would not be able to really "see" them. Especially those that show damage that was not apparent in previous visits, and he would be sure to give them every vaccination on the “recommended” schedule.

I can't say I haven't been guilty of similar self-protecting blindness about choices I made, and it was (still is) painful to really look at what happened to my child, and maybe I only accepted this because current circumstances were untenable.

I don’t think we can make him see the whole picture, but I keeping hoping that those in positions like his will somehow be able to traverse that gulf and help undo this ...(I don‘t have a word for it)...


JB, thank you for doing this. What I mean by "doing this" is taking him and his publishers on for what they have said. Some would have let this go but NOT you. I like the fact that they've agreed to pay to one of Jenny's autism charities the grand total of 5000...should have been more, Much More. I think the principle of it is what matters. Offit paying for one of JENNY'S causes. Poetic justice?
Starting today, I will posting everywhere that the AAP endorces and backs (and AWARDS) a man that would stick a child with 10,000 or 100,000 vaccines. That has never touched a child with autism let alone treat them. I wonder if Insel would treat a child with autism...oh that's right...he won't even ride in the same elevator with an autistic child. I will post that Offit is donating 5000 to a charity of Jenny McCarthy's choice because he lied and if he'll lie about a simple statement in a book to make a profit then WHAT else would he lie about?
Did anyone send this to Amy Wallace from Wired Mag yet?


That was so well written. Thank you for adding a dose of sanity to this insane escapade.


Amazing. This guy damages children, tells lie after lie to make people think vaccines are safe and then attacks the means by which many disabled children are being healed and he is a medical doctor!!!!!!!!
Good job exposing him JB.


Bravo, J.B., and thanks.

Kathy Blanco

Just the very image of Offit touching a child with autism makes my skin crawl...or a baby...but, you know? If he did, he may get the shocker of his life, to actually see the muscle wasting/flascid hands/gracile fingers, the distended belly, the dark circles under eyes, the seizures, the stimming/self injury, the NOISE of pain...oh my gosh...what a sight that would be? (if we were lucky, a trip to their bathroom to show them what actually comes out of our kids). And boy, would that wear his idea down that this is's all so evident that vaccines, immune disturbances, metabolic problems, food allergies/toxins, and gut distending blockages/bezoirs and inflammation, are a part of the autism picture. Any physician seeing that should cry. I have seen that...but, I doubt those crocodile tears would come in this man..more like the deer with headlights look, and or, my favorite stance of such phsycians, their backs turned away from you while as they madly and infuriatingly type into their "charts" on the time that happened, and so I took/shook the chair around and told them to stop what they are doing and look, just look at my son, does he look healthy to you? Whatever happened to observations and actual TOUCHING of children with autism or LISTENING TO MOTHERS? CREEP! A simple look down their throat (with the constant observation of large tonsils indicating infection), ears with wax and glue ear, chest, bones, feeling their blocked and backed up poopy. Touching their thyroid glands, etc. The excuse is always "oh, he's probably not going to let me do that"...right...nice one...grand excuse to not look and observe. And the other nice one...the look. the look of, oh god, it's one of those mothers that have a big binder, and a list of questions, god please take me out of here...look...just look Dr Offit...I have all sorts of questions why you deny the obvious...this "process" of autism, is a process...a process of one chink at a time of infection, inflammation, degredation of immune quality, metabolic problems etc. Your probably going to deny it, but boy, would I love to show my evidence.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

My doctor daughter emailed me to tell me that she had purchased a book for me- just so "I could see what the other side says" I knew it must be Offit's book, so I said, " No, give it back if you can : I already know what's in it." Then I reconsidered and said, "OK, you could keep it- It could have historical value " When Offit is in the dustbin of history, Id like for my daughter to see that book and remember how all the high IQ doctors in her NICU were conned. All those smart guys who believe that asthma is caused by being too clean; SIDS is a result of babies sleeping on their tummys; Prevnar vaccine prevents the ear infections ; and autism ? well I wont finish that line because the medical community's explanations seem to keep changing and evolving.Oh, wait, I almost forgot- Its NOT the vaccines


Seriously folks, let's every one of us print this out and send it to our child's pediatrician. They get their educational info on Autism from the AAP and Offit and none of that is the half of it. I'm tired of hitting this angle from the AAP level,let's go grass roots and start doing some of our own pediatrician educating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"I have agreed to make revisions to the text of the book in subsequent printings to address this issue."

Is the book selling SO WELL that there will be subsequent printings ???

What has been the net profit of the book so far, and is the publisher begging for more ??

Kelli Ann Davis  JB ROCKS

Ruckus Man -- You ROCK!!!!!

"Of all the people to pick a fight with, I wouldn’t recommend starting with me."

Yes indeed (as I've learned from personal experience ;-)

Ben's Mom

Great Work, as always JB! Now, if we could just get all the other folks who have been slandered, misquoted, misconstrued and out right lied about in this book to file law suits we could keep Offit and his publishers spending all the AAP money on lawyers for at least two or three years. Maybe that would keep them out of our hair for a while so we can get back to work recovering our children in peace.


Ha Ha! Thanks for making me laugh. Well done from start to finish.


I am so glad he had to acknowledge what he did. (Even though his excuse is lame.) But it must kind of creep you out to know he keeps a "file" on you! Once again you have done a great job!

Teresa Allen

Thank you for standing up for vaccine injured children! My 16 yr old daughter was injured by the Gardasil vaccine and has been sick every since. She was a healthy, happy, vibrant 16 year old teenager until she is sick almost every day of her life, in pain, numbness and tingling in both legs and left arm, headaches, pressure behind eyes, back pain, chest pain, rapid heartbeat,..the list goes on and on.

Moms of Gardasil girls are fighting this battle against Merck but it is like David and Goliath in the bible. It's just so refreshing to find someone like yourself that is standing up for what is right!

Oh and, by the way, that picture of Offit is SO CREEPY! The look in his eyes is scary and demonic...theres no way I would let him hold MY baby!


“Instead of helping, these therapies can hurt those who are most vulnerable, and particularly in the case of autism, they undermine childhood vaccination programs that have saved millions of lives.”

I don't understand. If our kids are not sick medically speaking, then why would he classify them as those "who are the most vulernable" when talking about the dangers of scary therapies, like diet change and vitamin D?


J.B. thanks once more for taking on the mob.


Wow! Great way to start the day! However, that Offit picture with the baby has made me feel queasy, as I picture him sticking that poor baby with 100,000 shots.

lethal conjecture

Thank you, JB. Aside from making Offit's publishers more hesitant to publish just anything from Offit in the future, you've also given us something to smile about in association with Offit's formerly groan-inducing industry PR manual (it's not a book).

Offit's going to be very frustrated trying to spin your 200 vaccine challenge into another supposed "death threat" when what you've offered is merely 5,000 times less than what he's proposed an infant could tolerate.

I suppose this is going to make Offit even more bent on revenge. Offit said that he's going to write another "book", this time on the "history" of the vaccine injury movement. Obviously it's Offit's "tit" for Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted's upcoming "tat" on the history of autism.

It always amazes me what an alacrity Offit has for keeping track of *everything* coming from our side. Funny. Reminds me of something I read in a criminology textbook on how many serial domestic batterers read women's magazines and brush up on feminist lit and child molesters may be experts in the latest children's games and popular music. Anyway, I assume Offit is planning to up the ante.

Who knows what he'll have up his sleeve this time-- a little investigative help from the DOJ? Good luck to him. If he's assuming that the personal histories of movement members are as filthy and "interesting" as his own and some of his colleagues', he's going to be disappointed or he'll have to keep making it up as he goes along. But then his publishers will crash into JB's lawsuit and the need for fact checking. Oh no.

Without page-turning broad attacks, Offit will have to carefully-- and boringly-- pose his lies within the framework of roundabout conjecture to avoid litigation. Sales will be bad, boxes donated to pediatricians same as last time.


The BEST part is that Offit had to contribute to Jenny's favorite charities! I think we should put out a press release saying this.
I can see the headline now
"In a surprising twist, Offit makes contribution to Jenny McCarthy's autism charity."
GOD, how I would love for Matt Lauer to ask Offit about THAT on TV. Watch the weasel squirm.


This is a very interesting quote from Offit's book: “Instead of helping, these therapies can hurt those who are most vulnerable, and particularly in the case of autism, they undermine childhood vaccination programs that have saved millions of lives.”

The therapies undermine vaccine programs?!? This is an outright acknowledgement of why biomedical therapies are not being investigated by mainstream medicine and governmental agencies.

The therapies must be summarily dismissed as hogwash in order to protect the vaccine program? Because by implication, if the biomedical therapies help that means the causes of autism are biomedical.


Schweet!!! This made my day. Thanks for sticking up for yourself -- and thereby the rest of us. Now, if everyone that this Nowhere Man lied about would step forward and do the same maybe he'd crawl back into his hole.

One thing I don't understand: "This Rescue Angel mom had just been through a meeting with her employer, which I believe was a public school, where she'd had to respond to this anonymous mudsling, and she was understandably very, very upset." I don't understand why the employer would respond at all to this kind of mudslinging? After she met with them I hope they provided information about where the lies originated from. They ought to be sued as well. If even just to scare them a little.


Thank you as always, JB. You are great. I'd love to see Offit get those vaccines. By the way, that picture of Offit holding the baby is so creepy.

Kent Heckenlively


The King of Ruckus strikes again! Thanks for all you do for our community.

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively

Tracy McDermott

Rosemary.. I just want to say I am so sorry that your daughter had an adverse reaction to the Gardisal vaccine. It is disgusting that VAERS statistics are understated because the AAP refuses to report the truth.
I hear over and over again that what I saw happen to my son at his one year "well visit" didn't happen. It is a jab of another kind every time I see someone like Offit in the media portraying my situation as a wild and crazy lie - talk about disbelief!
The Gardisal girls (and now boys) will undoubtedly make their mark in this controversy, and that makes me very sad. It shouldn't have to be that way. If my son had not spiraled into Autism after his 12 month vaccinations, I probably would be considering Gardisal for my twelve year old daughter (and god forbid my fifteen year old son). The information just isn't readily available to make an informed choice if you trust the AAP, an establishment that is meant to protect and do no harm. This is why we must all continue to advocate for safer vaccines. I will not stop telling my Ty's story until the last child has their health restored. We are making a difference, each of our comment's, whether online or in a grocery store line, are being heard. People may look at us funny, relatives may be reserved of comment all together, but trust the truth... it will set us free!


For once in history it was not personal damages but damages to all society, to children of a parent that actually read the book handed to her by her baby's doctor.

I guess the law does not recognize that kind of lie?

J.B. Handley I am so impressed with you!!!!
But then I have been so impressed with Mark Baxill, John Stone, Kim the Stag, Dan Olmsted, Ginger,----the names just keep going on and on and on.

It is sad that so many people have been affected, but it is wonderful to have such passionate people standing up, raising their voices, pens, and passions!

Maybe just maybe after four decades something will give way to real progress.


Hey JB, I have another suggestion for settlement: That Dr. Offit has to send the settlement letter to every pediatrician's towhich the APP sent his book. My son's pediatricians office, who was the last bastion in my city for people who wanted their child on a delayed vaccination schedule, sent letters to parents say if they did not agree to comply with the APP schedule they would have to leave the practice. When we called to ask why Dr. Offit's book was cited as a reason. Perhaps those peds would like to know what a propaganda piece this book was meant to be.

JB, can you post a copy of the settlement letter so we can all stuff it in an envelope and sent it to our children's pediatrician office?


Paul Offit- "Toom Tabard" in the world of autism and treasurer of the truth in published works.

I guess the alliance with Offit didn't turn out quite that well for the ND crowd.


Offit: Please take up JB's offer. Its only 200 vaxes and think about all the new profit the $100K will generate from Singers vaccine propaganda organization.


Even bloodthirsty lions known not to mess with a black rhino.

Well done JB Handley, congrats!

Bob Moffitt

JB writes of a Rescue Angel that had been annonymously attacked by someone who contacted her employer and told them:

"Your employee is a volunteer of this organization, believes and says a lot of scary things about autism [like that it's triggered by vaccines and is treatable], and why is she allowed to say and do these things and work here?"

Unfortunately, Merck reportedly engaged has in the very same "personal destruction" tactic to silence their drawing up a doctor hit list.,25197,25272600-2702,00.html

Apparently, a class action suit against Merck in Austrialia revealed email correspondence meant to "neutralize" or "discredit" some doctors. It is also alleged the company used intimidation tactics against critical researchers, including dropping hints it would stop funding to institutions and claims it interfered with academic appointments.

A Merck employee is reported to have written: "We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live,"

When the message threatens...destroy the messenger.

Sargent L. Goodchild, Jr

It gives me serious pause to think the AAP would want to align themselves with Paul (get) Offit by giving him an award. He should have written a book about making money, not autism.

CT teacher

I really needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks JB. Your tenacity is amazing. Keep it up.


I agree Jeanne- what a way to start the day!

Awesome JB.


Cathy Jameson

J.B., way to go! What an awesome article. That Pauly prOffit, grrr, what a liar, liar pants on fire! He doesn't stand a chance with the crowd you've got root for you. Thanks for speaking up.

Tanners Dad

I loved the post until the last line, J.B. I just wish the "Win" would be more impactful & Sebelius would live up to the Urgency" Word she used a month ago. Why does winning have to continue to be so painful. I am sorry but I am tired.


What a way to start the day! This takes a gloomy Monday morning and makes it feel MUCH better! Woot!

Rosemary Mathis, North Carolina

I can promise you that a baby would die from 1,000 shots of Gardasil. Many strong, athletic teenagers have died from 1 shot. My 13 year old daughter was injured by Gardasil and completely disabled for the past year. Merck got it right when they used the slogan "One Less" for Gardasil. Because of Gardasil, my daughter was "One Less". She was "One Less Student", "One Less Active Child", "One Less in every aspect of her life". Take it from a mother who has spent the past year sitting by my child's bedside wondering if she would die in her sleep. INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE. DO NOT trust your doctor to make this decision. If you want to understand Merck's role in the medical community, investigate some of their former wonderdrugs such as VIOXX and then marvel at how many people died from it before it was pulled off the market. The CDC AND FDA need to do their job and get this off the market before more children are harmed. The public is not aware of VAERS and the #'s are grossly understated. I have had to tell my child's doctors about VAERS and make them file reports or she would not be one of the current statistics in VAERS. Even then, her information has not been entered correctly so I know that VAERS is not what it should be. Please do not let this happen to your child. There is NO WAY that I will get my son vaccinated with Gardasil and he is 18. These people need to get their facts straight before they recommend these vaccines. They are harming our American children.

Cindy Keenan

What a great read to start my day! Congrats, JB, and many thanks for all you do on behalf of our children.

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