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NY State Health Commissioner Dr. Richard Daines is Not Taking an H1N1 Shot Himself.

Dr. Oz Promotes DAN! Style Dietary Intervention to Treat Inflammation in Autism

Measure head

In the clip below, Dr. Mehmet Oz discusses how brain inflammation contributes to autism. I would have liked to hear the interviewer ask, "What is causing the inflammation?" Dr. Oz said numbers are increasing and he suggests that parents, "...cut out dairy, cut out wheat, cut out foods that might be causing inflammation." He goes on to say, "There are wonderful clinicians who are part of a larger movement who look at nutrition... " (Those are DAN! practitioners.)  He doesn't seemed inclined to tell parents how to find these docs. So we will. Click HERE. Visit our sponsors ARI, TACA, SafeMinds,  National Autism Association, and Generation Rescue for more information.

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Kathy Falter

I believe the autism epidemic is sprouted by multiple chemical surges on our babies brains not limited tobut deffinitely including vaccines. Please view John Wargo PhD's works published out of including "Green Intelligence," "Our Children's Toxic Legacy", and "Risks from Lawn-Care Pesticides: Including Inadequate Packaging and Labeling" The last book can be viewed at Let's get smart and go green. Stop inundating our children's bodies with toxic chemicals. Also read Sandra Steingraber's "Living Downstream: An Ecologist's Personal Investigation of Cance and the Environment" 2nd edition. Thanks for listening to me: mom of two autism spectrum children and a third who is not getting vaccinated and not going into toxic lawn chemical yards.


All this about diet is all well and good, but what about the cause for this diet in the first place ? Let along the fact most of these kids have an eating disorder [so if you can get any thing down them is a plus] all the toxins in their body is the cause ,is what I believe. Dose anybody know anything about the clay detox ? I'm seriously thinking of trying this on my 3 yr old autistic son. Will be doing much more serching on this first. It can have side effects.


It's a big step for these children that a well regarded MD in the media is acknowledging the DAN! methodology. We are still a long way from steps. Unfotunately many children will suffer until then. Getting the word out is the best way to reach the masses and thanks to Dr Oz and Jenny thousands will/have been helped who otherwise would not have been.


Researchers at Johns Hopkins studied this and did find a link between brain inflammation and autism. Here's more info

Brain Inflammation Linked to Autism

Neuroglial Activation and
Neuroinflammation in the Brain of Patients
with Autism

Cheryl R

Does anyone have any statistics on brain inflammation - what percent of ASD kids are showing this? - Although our son has had abnormal EEG's he has never shown any signs of brain swelling - We have had an MRI - all was "normal" - We have also not had any luck with ANY dietary or supplement/vitamin interventions - we have always had a healthy diet. We have found some hep with Namenda - and Tenex - our son continues to improve with many therapies but we have not experienced a "cure" or anything even close to a "cure".


wait a minute. Why is the brain swelling???? He dodged that one. At least he talked about "recovery" in a sense but it really bothers me that since in the U.S. babies are vaccinated at birth(hep b),you cannot even look at any developmental outcome apart from confounding factors (vaccines). It would be very interesting to measure babys' head circumfereces up to the time when they get shots (which should be no bloody sooner than 2 months old, if that)Do they show normal brain growth (no swelling) up to the vaccines? THis should be standard practice if they were serious about looking at autism prevention. For any child who displayed an atypical rapid growth, well then maybe they don't get any more vaccinations. Oh yeah, that would piss off the pharmaceutical people.


All truth passes through 3 stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self evident.
I think we are rounding second base and heading to third on the truth that vaccines can trigger allergies and brain inflammation in certain children.

Kathy Blanco

But why didn't the brain prune and maturate? Therein lies the conundrum and the silence from the medical community, hmmm, lets think here...what could turn the brain to attack itself and cause inflammation, searching, searching, hmmm? Oh yeah, mercury/heavy metals, infections, toxins and brain took two seconds....

Leslie McElroy

I have a great fear that there will be yet another surge of autism seen in the next 2 years because of the H1N1 jabs in pregnant moms and infants, as well as GBS.

Dana Read

A healthy diet is essential for any child, typical or on the spectrum, to function, think and lead a healthy life. How to tailor it depends on the child. To argue whether diet can help is futile. Of course diet can help any and everybody. Food is fuel for your body period. If you put the wrong stuff in the gas tank, you and your children will pay the price.


Looks like this Autism Recovery Movement is gaining momentum. Whew, maybe, just maybe there is hope in turning the tide in this epidemic.


This is great that he is speaking out. Just wonder why a few weeks ago, DR Oz had the flu vaccine given live on his show?He then offered everyone at the show could have a Free Vaccine provided by Walgreens.
And he was encouraging everyone to get the H1N1 Vaccine?


Chalk one up for our side! YAY!!

quiet in the south

I think we have Mrs Lisa Oz to thank for a lot of her husband's opinions. If you have ever heard her on his Oprah radio show she is not a proponent for vaccines and he has stated that Lisa and his children will NOT be getting these vaccines.
What ever happened to jenny mccarthy doing a show with Oprah? also what about last months Oprah magazine that slammed Jenny?


Annette, I think Dr. Oz's statement will probably compell more parents to seek DAN doctors most importantly. I think the enthusiasts will outnumber the naysayers. I disagree with you that there are enough Jenny McCarthys out there. I'd like to order a few million more.


I meant predinsone, that is a cortisone or steriod - something strong that stops an allergric (inflammation) reaction.


The last Vasculitis Foundation newsletter from the month of Sept/Oct 2009 finally had diet suggestions for inflammation. Low glycemic diets, no sugar, white flour, or white potatoes.

23 years ago the ped measured my son's head constantly. Never did it for my daughter. I know that they knew a lot more about this than they were telling me.

I bet they did know all along that he had inflammation. One of the turning points for my son, was the year that my husband cleaned out a fence row, came in and took a shower with my son. My son ended up with poison ivy all summer long. It is an oil and trace amounts can cause long lasting problems if only a tiny bit is on the clothes from laundry. You can remove it completely if you use bleach and then rinse it off till the soapy feeling is all gone. That is how I finally got rid of it.

But that is the summer that my son had steriods three times. He had a packet, were it is slowly increased and then decreased. preindison. He did really well that summer, started talking a lot, and not so sick.

Sounds like to me there should be more treatments of this kind.

Martin Matthews

Annette... I respectfully disagree with your contention that the sound recommendation to consider food/diet influence on autism be caveated with "it might not matter for you." Nutrition intervention for autism comprises the use of multiple dietary strategies, there is no single "autism diet." In recent research funded by Autism Speaks, 82% of parents reported “definite improvement” in their child's skills (considering multiple diets).

I suspect that Hippocrates (who said "let food be thy medicine") would argue that it is biochemically impossible to not somehow benefit when one goes from NOT paying attention to food intake (Standard American Diet) TO paying attention (nutrition centered healing diet).

Lastly, Jenny McCarthy has never said nor implied (that I've ever heard or read) that diet "cures" autism. She rightfully contends that it is always worth trying, and worth getting your hopes up. To be sure, results vary and not everyone responds - however, I don't believe it's ever NOT worth trying - for only when we get our hopes up, do we try - and only when we try do we discover what is possible. I've never met someone who said it wasn't worth trying, or who'd deter others from trying (regardless of their own results.


This video by Dr. Oz is truly astounding to me. I'm seeing a "mainstream" doctor recommending DAN practices, even though mainstream medicine still looks down upon DAN practitioners. I've been seeing more and more of the mainstream medical practitioners putting their toe in the water, so to speak, of alternative medicine without giving credit to DAN. I half-expect the CDC to come out really soon stating that perhaps no baby or toddler should get more than one shot per doctor visit, but, of course, never mention that it's because of an increased risk of autism. They'll just say it's a precautionary measure. Pretty soon the Surgeon General will be saying that all autistic children should get screened for allergies. Incredible.



Not sure why you believe JMC says "diet is a cure for autism." I've read all her books, seen her speak twice and watched probably every interview she has ever done, and she goes out of her way not to use the word "cure" and say "recovered" instead. I'm guessing you probably do know that though.

There are going to be naysayers no matter what. The parent that tries mb-12 injections and doesn't see immediate, overnight success who turns into a biomed naysayer was a biomed naysayer prior to trying the intervention. There are people who believe everything will fail, and so, everything fails. This is the "if it didn't work for my kid it can't work for any kid!" mentality, and it's inaccurate at best.

Point is, it's going to happen regardless of how Dr. Oz words his advice, just like it doesn't matter how many times JMC says RECOVERY instead of CURE, some people hear what they want.


I only wish that when someone with credibility like Dr. Oz makes such recommendations that he point out this is not necessarily something that will help everyone. We have enough Jenny McCarthys out there telling everyone that diet is a cure, when it's not for everyone. For Dr. Oz to point out that it's worth trying, that it could make a difference is excellent, but we need to be cautious. Anyone who finds out it won't work for their child - and there are many for whom the dietary approach does not work - will be a denigrating voice, a naysayer if you will, that bites at the good Dr.'s credibility and does not help people believe such efforts in the future.

Martin Matthews

I'm delighted to hear Dr. Oz acknowledge the efficacy of nutritional intervention for autism - people listen to him, and they will investigate what says. Autism's greatest secret is the reality that food choices can affect the health and healing of children. The more that respected Dr. Oz's lend credibility to this fundamental notion, the more parents will listen, inquire, and take action - that means healthier and happier children (and, of course, parents).

I'm writing from the Dallas Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) Conference, where as I type, a roomful of healthcare professionals (MDs, RNs, Nutritionists, Dietitians, etc.) are attending a two-day intensive training in nutritional intervention for autism. They'll play a crucial role in the recovery equation while inspiring hope and healing for children and entire families. Indeed, more awareness and education is occurring - and much more is needed. Kudos to DAN! for leading this charge.

Thanks for paying attention Dr. Oz, you're helping America to understand why Nourishing Hope for Autism was named this year's "Most Progressive Health Book."

Now, let's get on Oprah. A few minutes there, and immediately millions of children will benefit as parents learn that they can help their children through food choices. Amazing!


From "across the pond":- Would someone (maybe with medical training?) please explain to me the difference, if any, between the old-fashioned "brain inflammation" found in severe cases of childhood infectious illnesses and the "encephalitis" mentioned as a secondary adverse vaccination reaction in Merck's Material Safety Data Sheet for the MMR 2? N.B. Please google "Merck MMR vaccine" to find the MSDS on Merck's website.

Carol Hoernlein

I think Dr. Oz took a great career risk by pointing to diet and that was pretty brave. I have met him, and can tell you, he is definitely most concerned about the health of these children rather than protecting some old theory. He cannot just go out there, hit every point you want him to, and then become a huge target because, like they did to Dr. Wakefield, they will quickly work to silence him altogether. Considering the short amount of time he had, he did us all a solid.

Now, that he has linked autism to inflammation - it isn't that far of a leap for us to link VACCINES to severe INFLAMMATION.

New Dr. Oz fan

I'm very impressed with Dr. Oz. That is one of the most educated explanations of what autism really is that I've ever heard in the mass media. Puts everyone on the IACC to shame for not being at least as educated as Dr. Oz.
BTW, I first saw Dr. Oz just this week... it was on the TV at the nail salon and he was doing a show on how a man's penis is the dipstick to his overall health... i.e. an unhealthy man has an unhealthy sex life. Very informative!

Teresa Conrick

OK - A good start Dr. Oz!

He is carefully avoiding a cause for the lack of pruning in the brain but his connection to diet and inflammation is helpful.

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. ..."


Jessica, thank you for choosing the verbiage in your second paragraph. My thoughts exactly.

It's difficult to feel grateful for TV crumbs and grovel for these guys, knowing that every missed media opportunity means that countless children continue to suffer.

Amy in Idaho

This is great! Even though he's not coming right out and saying what we all know to be true, he's saying it in a way that American viewers will listen and digest. Not everyone will hear the message when it's shouted in its naked glory. Sometimes it needs to be dressed up in pretty ribbons before the message will be accepted. Sometimes the messenger makes all the difference. Fingers crossed that Dr. Oz doesn't abandon/avoid the topic like so many others.


I'm sort of glad that at least one TV doc is aiming parents in that direction, however sneakily. I can think of a few Fox watchers in our area who are going to be looking at us differently now. Some of them might even get a clue about why their kids are still in diapers, etc.


Perhaps Dr. Oz could give Dr. Janvier a call. It's evident to him our children are sick. Dr. Janvier, you are epically unaware. And Thank You Mrs. Oz for being educated enough to not vaccinate your kids with the H1N1 vaccine.


That's about as good as we are going to get from Dr. Oz. "Doctors who are part of a larger movement" certainly seems to imply he's talking about DAN doctors, but his unwillingness to say that on the air is disheartening. Calling autism "brain inflammation" is a step in the right direction, I think. It's calling it a MEDICAL condition that has treatment at the very least.

Good job Dr. Oz. Maybe next interview you can grow a set and actually say the words.

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