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Dr. Kenneth Bock Presents Treatment for Autism, ADHD, Allergies and Asthma at U. Toronto

Dr. Bock Book Autism, ADHD, Allergies and Asthma, presented by Kenneth Bock, MD, FAAFP, FACN, CNS Co-Director, Rhinebeck Health Centre, New York. Friday, October 30 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm Admission: $20.00 Medical Sciences Building, JJR MacLeod Auditorium, 1 King’s College Circle (Queen’s Park Subway), University of Toronto. Seating is limited for this rare opportunity. Call 416 733-2117 to reserve your seat.

During the last two decades, the incidence of autism, ADHD, asthma, and allergies has skyrocketed. In this lecture, Dr Bock discusses his comprehensive Healing Program (See his book here) that targets all four of the 4-A epidemics. Dr Bock’s remarkable Healing Program is an innovative biomedical approach that has changed the lives of more than a thousand children. Drawn on medical research and based on years of clinical success, this program offers a safe, sensible solution that is individualized to each child to help remedy the root causes. Dr Bock also shares the dramatic true stories of parents and children that will inspire you to change the life of your own child. Presented by: Canadian Society for Orthomolecular Medicine.

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Autism = Immune system / External Enviro

ADHD = Allergies often Cohort

Asthma = 70% is "Allergic ASTHMA > Namely Astma is really Allergy MARCH which has been "Allowed" to migrate to Allergic Asthma.

Allergies = Allergy MARCH = Allergy Parents = Allergy INFANT / BIRTH > Eczema (FOD Allergy) > G.I. /Colic > Ear > Respiratory > Rhinitis > Allergic ASTHMA ( Achoo & Ouch ).

It is NEVER To LATE to STOP the Progression of your Child's ALLERGY MARCH / Disease.

Test / Identify / Treat / Neutralize > Your Child's ALLERGY MARCH.

TEST your Child for the presence / emergence of ALLERGY MARCH > FDA Approved / At-Home / finger or Heel Stick > $45.00 > AllergyMarchTopTen.com

Best Health = Wealth Regards,


Tracy Ruggiero

Loved the book, and how it presented such valuable information, but not the bedside manner of the Doctor or his office itself in person.


I recommend this book weekly and have given about 1/2 a dozen w/ my own notes to desperate parents, just to turn around and do it again. This should be a gift @ every baby shower only b/c it's too crazy to give as a wedding present. Thank you Dr. Bock and AoA.

Jake Crosby

I owe my college career to Dr. Bock.


GREAT book - highly recommend.

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