The Atlantic on Flu Vaccination
Judge Rules No Forced H1N1 Vax in NY: American Freedom At Work


Kathy Blanco

It's interesting, if not comical, that the police get twice the dose...of swine flu...get it, swine flu....??? I know, it's sick...

I don't wish that on don't get too's just an observation...

And, who knows, maybe this is not just the police, after all, we are told to trust THEM about everything in regards to our health, and don't worry, and just slip away into our societal comas, our autism and our cancers...just like they want...
SIGH....Maybe they expect us to have X ray vision, and look and see all the microbes that aren't suppose to be there, or the neurotoxins, etc...nah...that would be too implicating...

But, there's an idea...why arent' autism researchers grabbing a whole lot of swine flu vaccines, and testing them for what is REALLY in that would be a study I would fund...

Kevin D.

Simply put Hotez = ignorance.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Of course Dr. Peter Hotez thinks the mercury -laden flu vaccine is fine. When a policeman gets a thyroid problem due to mercury in his thyroid a year or two after the vaccine, no one will make the connection. When a policeman gets Alzheimers Disease due to the mercury in his brain, no one will make a connection. When a policeman gets a severe pneumonia a month or two after his flu vaccine due to mercury damaging his immune system, no one will make the connection
Friends, Im sure you will all agree that we need some kind of rehab for some doctors.


Just noticed this little tidbit ... Hotez holds two patents on hookworm vaccines ( I'm shocked! shocked! to see that he thinks all vaccines are safe for everyone, even at twice or three times the dose. I guess if my vast personal wealth depended on society's belief in vaccination as the best way to handle infectious diseases, I'd defend them to the death, too.

On a side note, I wonder if anyone is liable for the mis-dosing of the DC first responders. They didn't sign up for a clinical trial--they asked for a single dose of the H1N1 vaccine. Dennis Quaid was able to make a pretty big stink over his kids' overdosing ... let's see how much anyone cares about police in DC.


Peter Hotez is the new Paul Offit. This guy is around to give quotations any time anyone (1) worries that there are environmental factors causing autism or (2) questions the safety of a particular vaccine. See here:

It could be a drinking game, if it weren't so sickening... one shot of vodka for every "vaccines are awesome and don't cause autism" quotation from Offit, one swig of beer for every quotation from Hotez.


""When we're doing clinical testing to determine the safety of the influenza vaccine, human volunteers will often get twice the normal dose -- three times the normal dose. So we know this vaccine is safe in twice (or three times) the normal dose. This should not present any unusual problems at all," said Dr. Hotez, who is both a physician and a research Ph.D. "

And where are those volunteers now and did they know they were getting these super-sized shots?


Peter Hotez (who says autism is genetic) says DC's finest will be just fine. Hotez has a daughter with autism. How do these people betray their own children to work for pharma. Disgusting!!!!

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