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BonnieJawDrop By Jennifer L. Keefe, Esq.

On the heels of attending the Defeat Autism Now conference this month in Dallas, I received a call from a co-worker on her first day back from maternity leave. My friend had sold a baby swing to someone on Craig's List in Washington, DC over the weekeend, and the new mom asked my friend if she had any baby advice.

After some basic banter, my friend advised the new mom to delay her child's vaccines and space them out one at a time. The mother answered "I already knew that - everyone in my office told me to do that. They all follow a delayed and spaced out schedule." My friend responded, "Where do you work?" The new mom replied, "Oh, the CDC department that handles the vaccine schedule." The CDC employee then went on to explain that the "schedule" isn't really supposed to be a mandatory schedule but more of a "window" of when one can start a certain vaccine. And she emphasized that no one has studied the synergistic effect of all the combined vaccines at once, which is why they -- those moms at the CDC -- only allow one vaccine at a time.

My friend was absolutely flabbergasted when she learned this, and she called me, not only to tell me the horrendous story, but to thank me again "for saving [her] son's life." She had a brother on the spectrum growing up, graduated from an Ivy League school, and still had no clue that it would be a good idea to space out and delay her newborn's shots a few years ago based on her family's predisposition. I had given her a copy of Evidence of Harm when she was pregnant, and she has a healthy boy today. I told her not to thank me, but that it was her victory for becoming informed.

Which brought me full circle to what I overheard at the DAN! conference this weekend and have seen this week from the NVIC. When one of the doctors was asked in a Q&A session about how we, as parents, can try to get the vaccine schedule changed, he responded, "Good luck with that." Instead, he encouraged us parents to spread the word through our pediatricians and our parent internet networks. This does seem to be slowly working, at the very least for the moms working at the CDC.
And since so many people have been fed up waiting for the government to complete the basic, basic studies on vaccinated versus unvaccinated and combined effects of the shots, I was thrilled to hear that the NVIC has raised over $100,000 to launch an international fund raising campaign for scientific research to investigate health differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated children and identify those at risk for suffering vaccine injury.

Up until now, the fact that no one has ever bothered to do a study of the combined effects of vaccines speaks volumes. Indeed, one doesn't carelessly add components to an aircraft without determining if the plane will still fly. Passengers would be awfully upset if someone in seat 42A pressed the overhead light and the plane went into a deep dive.

But are more studies even necessary? The science is in. I agree with Jenny McCarthy's position that "[my son] is my science." Shouldn't this now be a matter of a criminal conspiracy? Racketeering? If the moms at the CDC know that 70 doses of 16 vaccines that doctors now give our children between the day of birth and age 18 is contributing to the unexplained chronic disease and disability epidemic that is harming far too many of our children, and that mass parents are relying on the schedule the CDC prints and are suffering serious damage, isn't that fraud of some form?

To borrow a line from one of my favorite autism advocates, it's hard to imagine how more surreal it can become.

Jennifer Keefe is a trial lawyer for a national law firm, multi year Texas Monthly Rising Star lawyer as nominated by her peers, co-founder of the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy, leader of Warrior Parents of Dallas, and most importantly, mother of a 7 year old son well on his road to recovery from an autism spectrum disorder.





I am livid. This speaks volumes. Usually "perks" at a job means you know the insider information to get your employer's product or service faster and/or cheaper, not how to avoid your employer's product/service longer.

It also demonstrates how hard it is for honest working folks to find an honest employer in a society that is being more and more corrupted by corporate/govt. collusions with no oversights.

Alexander Cornswalled

It's shocking how many people are sitting on damaging information about vaccines, but keep their mouths shut out of fear or apathy.

This youtube video has more detail on the testimony of one such source:


You can also read the transcript here:


this really hurts some more

OH...I just had a brain squishing epiphany...VACCINE SAFETY = KEEPING VACCINES SAAAAAFFFFFEEEE! from honesty, from scrutiny, and most importantly from blame!!! Of course!!! Our whole government "health" industry is working on vaccine safety! Why didn't I see this before?!? "Are vaccines safe? Of couse they are!" (Of course they are. Of course they are ... of course they are... just keep repeating of course they are infinity and they'll be safe!)


I cannot imagine what these people in the health care profession are thinking. Are they really that selfish that they wouldn't warn people...I guess so.

and going back to the lawsuit idea ... I think we parents have grounds to file charges of reckless endangerment against the CDC, AAP, AMA, HHS and Every Child by Two for promoting an untested vaccine schedule that could be very harmful for some kids.

They have provided no scientific evidence to support that it's safe to give a child 24+ shots by age two, not one culmulatve safety study and the fact that they don't even follow it themselves is very telling.

Terri Lewis


Those "in the know" are the ones who don't follow the vaccine schedule, even as they lead others into doing just that!

Even way back in 2004, there was a speech therapist and an OT to whom I spoke. . .I conveyed my shock and horror as I began to uncover some of the truth about mercury and vaccines.

It wasn't shocking news to them because they already knew and were following a "spaced out and delayed" schedule with their own children, just slightly younger than ours.



I don't doubt this for a minute.. I have a good friend whose daughter worked as an epidemiologist and is now training to be a Physicians Assistant. My friend told me that none of her daughters friends in the health care profession go by the CDC vaccine schedule. My response to her was "If they have concerns then they should go public and warn people"

It still makes my blood boil!

Mark Blaxill

Like so many stories that emerge from our collective experience--the quiet underside of the autism epidemic--the prevailing response of the unititiated is so often, "that can't be true" or "that person is lying" or "they just made that up." But underneath the effective MSM gag order on our issues and the propaganda barrage (now in high gear with swine flu) for every new vaccine, there is a large and growing unease that any responsible parent MUST feel. And there are good, responsible and skeptical parents everywhere, including the CDC. So despite the skepticism these kinds of reports engender among the intellectually compliant, there is no question that conversations like the one you described do occur. And we need to draw them out of the shadows. Thanks for helping to do that.

Jennifer Keefe

Thank you for everyone's interesting comments and overwhelming support.

To address the couple of people who doubted the story, I will first say that, as two officers of the court, my lawyer friend and I would never make something up or submit an article for publication without sound back-up. Our word is our bond. The meeting between my friend and the CDC employee happened IN PERSON, at her home, and lasted approximately 45 minutes. The CDC person even talked about the new primate study that was about to come out and her concerns about the Hep B. This was a documented transaction and we have the name, address and phone number of the employee from the check she wrote. To protect her identity so that her job would not be in jeopardy (for the sake of her child), we did not give excruciating details about exactly where to find her.

Nevertheless, I will respond that the people who summarily relied on the CDC website for where the "vaccine office" is have not done their homework. There are actually two addresses for the CDC in the DC area. If you search those addresses and CDC or "vaccine", there are many, many hits. The FDA adverse reaction office for pharma is located at the same address as one of the offices, and the other office is shared with the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC). At that address, the CDC specifically participates in congressional briefings on broad public health issues and specific CDC programs (like the vaccine schedule), discussions with scientific experts on programs of interest, and participation by agency leadership and scientific experts in local public health-related events (as shown by its website). Those clearly could involve vaccine schedule related activities.

In any event, I agree with those who think it is an unbelievable story; that is the whole point of the commentary - how surreal everything has become.

Jennifer Keefe


Thanks Lisa, I am sure as a substitute teacher in Virginia, you can see the problem.

NOTHING besides the vaccines could cause such a disaster in only 20 years.

The wealthy elite in ancient Rome had running water in lead pipes... pharma & the CDC uses mercury in vaccines.

Cynthia Cournoyer


Teachers are a valuable resource for real science. They are observers on the front lines. Enrollment statistics will be hard to cover up.

Regarding mercury: MMR never had mercury in the first place. Be assured, that whether or not there is still mercury in vaccines is only one issue and one ingredient. Other ingredients are dangerous also. And viruses, and hidden viruses, and what we are doing to artificially manipulate the immune system should not be diminished.

Thanks for all you do.

Casey Ohlsson

This is criminal...


I am a substitute teacher in Virginia. I'm looking for answers from someone in the know, because I can tell you first hand that the situation in our schools is not improving: the newest batch of children enrolling in schools here this past three years appear to be even more damaged (i.e. autism, ADD, LD, food allergies, asthma, Type 1 diabetes)than their predecessors. For example, I was at a school in an upper-class neighborhood last week, filling in for a third-grade teacher. There were 22 students in the class. Since they were third grade, they would have been born in 2001 or 2002. Of these, one had severe food allergies to the point that no food of any kind was permitted in the classroom. Another child had severe asthma and had to have an inhaler at her desk. A third child had Type 1 diabetes and had to go to the clinic for help every half hour. Next-door to my class was the special ed classroom, from which I could hear an autistic child literally screaming all day long. This was a single hallway in a single school, in an upper-crust neighborhood in Virginia.

Then yesterday I was at another school, and I talked to the special ed teacher for grades K-2. I asked her if things were getting better. She said, "no, they're getting worse." This year she has four new autistic kids. These children would have been born in 2003-2005.

I have done a lot of research on this issue, and I do firmly believe that in addition to the overall vaccine problem of "too many too soon" -- which persists to this day -- the mercury has been a major culprit in all of this. So I am profoundly confused as to why, if the mercury has been removed from all but the flu vaccines, we are not seeing any improvement in the health and well-being of our children.

I am honestly starting to wonder whether the drug companies actually removed the mercury!! Think about it. If mercury is the primary cause of all or most of these problems, you can bet your bottom dollar that the industry knows it. In which case, the last thing the want is a before-and-after snapshot of health and developmental outcomes with and without mercury exposure. They know they will be blamed for poisoning a whole generation of children. Think what this would do to their stocks. If the public learned the whole story, some of the execs. who were involved in the coverup might even lose their immunity shield and wind up being prosecuted for fraud.

I have been trying to think how they could manage to pull off something so devious as leaving the mercury in without tipping off government regulators, doctors or parents, and so far only one idea has come to mind: The drug companies were not required to remove the mercury from the vaccines they sell overseas in Asia and Africa. In fact, we know for certain that they have not removed the mercury from the products that they're shipping to these continents. How easy would it be, therefore, for the companies to purposely mix up the shipments, on a regular basis, so that some batches sold here in the U.S. are thimerosol-free, while others are not? Is anybody actually checking -- and I don't mean simply reading the labels, but actually testing the vials to see what they contain? I know this is wading into vast conspiracy territory, but when you consider what's it stake, I certainly wouldn't put it past any of these companies, which have already shown themselves in the past few years to be willing to lie about practically everything in order to make a buck.

If anyone has any information regarding whether and to what extent the vaccine shipments in this country are tested to ensure that the contents on the label match the contents in the vial, I would certainly love to hear about it.



yes, a class action suit! Great idea! sign me up.. how disingenuous and irresponsible can you get for an gov't agency to recommend a vaccine schedule that you wouldn't use yourself and even worse not tell anyone.

I've heard too about health professionals too (that they don't use the CDC schedule) and I really don't know how these people can sleep at night.

They have no science to back up the vaccine schedule so if we sued I think we'd stand a good chance of winning.

Concerned Professional

Yes,Natasha you are right. They had first class vaccine for the upper crust without the adjuvants. The sheeples received the second class vaccines with the toxic preservatives and adjuvants. Now people in Germany are complaining and demanding an explanation. Several Europian newspapers had confirmed these reports.Also the first H1N1 vaccine death had been reported in Hungary.64 year old female suddenly past away two days after vaccination with aluminum adjuvanted vaccine in Miskolc,Hungary. They are waiting for autopsy results.

this really hurts

OK, so would-be-doctors-in-training were essentially told they do not have to worry about studying vaccines or vaccine safety, just follow the CDC recommendations, it's all taken care of. When they manage to get out of medical school studying up on literature of vaccine adverse events doesn’t seem to often fit into their schedules.

The CDC is essentially not qualified to perform vaccine safety research (COI) since their funding is based on vaccine uptake (that clearly needs to be changed), and most of their decision makers either work for or want to work for industry, but they do have vaccine safety on their to-do-list (wasn't it something like #6 behind keeping public uptake of vaccines high, and keeping pharma happy, keeping pharma happy, keeping pharma happy, keeping pharma happy, and more keeping pharma happy?). I’m not sure how much is left in their vaccine-safety-budget-balance after paying someone to make sure it is included on that list and to keep the VSD safety locked out of public sight.

pHarmaceutical companies only have to briefly test their new vaccines against old ones or maybe against "placebos" containing some of the vaccines most active ingredients. These ingredients were never individually put through any "approval" process because they've been in use since before-the-dawn-(and-demise)-of “regulation.”

The FDA did worry a little bit about appearing to be "asleep at the switch" over thimerosal, but I‘m still waiting to see any evidence there ever was or is now any switch. After all they don’t or can’t take the time to check current levels of thimerosal in vaccines, and nobody there is saying, for example "Um, wait a minute. You probably can't give vaccines A, B, and C together, because, you know, giving an infant 1000Xs current safety guidelines exposure to Al might be unsafe."

Who exactly considers vaccine safety part of their job description?

I guess parents are the ones left doing vaccine safety research, and they can’t afford to let someone else’s “expertise,” “intimidation,“ or propaganda override their judgments. I’m informed now, unvictoriously, but I’m glad your friend had you to warn her, and that she was able to hear.

Cynthia Cournoyer

I hope NVIC never studies vaccinated children unless compared to completely UNvaccinated children. There is no value to promoting vaccines in any form or any schedule. Infectious diseases haven't killed or maimed one in 91 in this century. Yet our population is sicker than ever. Why do you want to have anything to do with scheduling when to put poison into a baby? Change will come when there are no more customers. Period. Exercise your freedom.


I believe "They" all figure that since most states have a religious or philosophical exemption you don't HAVE to vaccinate at all, let alone on any recommended schedule. I don't believe most of the employees are being purposefully "negligent" in informing the rest of us out here....they figure we can look up ingredients, read a package insert, do some research first, and make our own decisions.

And we do - NOW.
Now that it is too late.

This is why our stories and the internet are such a threat.

The problem lies with the companies making the profits that essentially own the govt and the agencies that make the "recommendations", own the "doctor unions" of AAP, etc., own the medical journals and spin the ridiculous "safety" studies, and more or less own the media.

A secretary working for a govt agency has benefits she can't get elsewhere, and a decent wage, and this economy who is going to rock the boat? I suspect if one of those moms even tried to be a hero and sing the tale of truth she'd be crushed like a tiny little bug.

I don't think we can count on whistle blowers. It's up to us. And in the end, we will prevail - as they keep making more families with autistic children, we will outnumber them. When all is said and done, those who truly KNOW and cover it up and lie about it, and roll around in their money and say "1-2% of kid? So what - just winnowing out the weak" those few will burn in hell.


Jennifer,,, as I read your article, I was thinking to myself........ why isn't someone suing... Then I read you are a lawyer... why are you not opening up a class action for all the children in the US? We need you.

Dr. B

I'm not surprised at all. I follow Autism news after suffering toxic mold poisoning, which follows an eerily similar campaign of cover-ups and similar neuro-immune damage. I know a mold victim who is a health professional at the CDC. Some of her superiors are well aware of the truth of what mold will do to us. Human Resources prompted her to take medical leave and apply for worker's comp (exposure was at work), and yet the CDC's official stance is that it can only cause mild allergies. Those who have tried to expose the truth to the public have been fired. But I don't blame those in the know for staying on to work there. Hopefully they are waiting for the time when their input can make a difference.

As a veterinarian, I worked for a corporate clinic that promoted a controversial over-vaccination schedule. My choosing joblessness over working there would have helped no one. Working there, I had influence over every client who came my way. And I made sure they knew I did not agree with those recommendations. Not only did I prevent many over-vaccinations, but perhaps I taught a few people the tough lesson that the medical establishment is not to be trusted blindly. I could never take down my company or make them change their policies, but I can help spread the word about corporate medicine and the medical establishment as a whole.

Amy Becker Clark

It doesn't surprise me that moms working for the CDC space out their kids' vaccines because they know better than to follow the CDC-recommended schedule. What makes me(and my son) sick is the fact that pediatricians do not know 'that the "schedule" isn't really supposed to be a mandatory schedule but more ...of a "window" of when one can start a certain vaccine.' I think this quote is pure spin, designed to absolve the CDC of responsibility for a dangerous schedule. Because it certainly has NOT been communicated to pediatricians!


I wish I could become an 'employee' of the CDC...gosh, I would get as much info as I possibly could, for as long as I could stomach it, and then be the biggest whistle blower in history!
It makes me sick to think of just how many people DO have *any* amount of info and just continue to go about their business, their work, collect their paychecks and the go on as though nothing is wrong?? Heck, its even WORSE when you think about anohter MOTHER working there who KNOWS all of this, first hand, doesnt 'practice the horror that the CDC does' but yet has NO PROBLEM taking a paycheck all the while sitting back and letting countless of others get injured, countless NEWBORNS, countless of preventable injuries and illnesses out there!!! How can ANYONE take a paycheck and then still 'joke' rather carelessly about how 'everyone there knows so they dont follow it' but yet they allow as many others to NOT know and get their lives ruined? AGGGGH! Makes me want to puke.

I hope the auther saved the email...I hope someone can look into this further...what an expose this would be!
Michael Moore, another GREAT lead for you...I certainly believe having someone as 'mainstream' as Michael Moore to tell the Autism and Vaccine story is probably one of the ONLY ways to reach some of the US who normally wouldnt 'bother' to learn about it, ya know?

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


I'm the parent of a teenager with autism and have spaced out or skipped his vaccines ever since he was diagnosed. We switched pediatricians over this and are very lucky to have found understanding, open-minded physicians.

Honestly, though, the purported source of this information leaves me scratching my head. The author talks about how the mom in DC works for "the CDC department that handles the vaccine schedule." That would be the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, which is located in Atlanta, not DC - see http://www.healthfinder.gov/orgs/HR2619.htm . Most of the CDC is in Atlanta. The CDC does have an office in DC, but it does not handle the vaccine schedule; it acts as a liaison between the CDC and the Washington policy community - see http://www.cdc.gov/washington/ .

Perhaps one of the editors or Ms. Keefe can clarify.


"I told her not to thank me, but that it was her victory for becoming informed."

That's exactly what some of the deniers can't get through their skulls, that we are only trying to help others through education.

Awesome quote. Can I borrow it sometime?


Thanks Jennifer for the article. Makes you wonder if our own doctors even vaccinate their kids.
The CDC lies and cover up can only last so long. We must keep pressure on them just like you are doing. Great job.


And meanwhile pediatricians refuse to treat children who do not follow the vaccination schedule, and the AAP advocates this!

It would be great if a whistleblower from inside the CDC or a pharma corp would come forward, but such a person would surely be sued, called crazy, persecuted, etc.

I feel like the gov't is never going to admit to vaccine dangers and it will be up to parents to simply start refusing. Unfortunately, in my part of the country people are still pretty oblivious about vaccines, unless there is an affected child in the family.

we shall overcome

"Flabbergasted" is the word, but this doesn't surprise me in the least. If anyone knows for sure about vaccine safety, real world vaccine safety, that would be the people at the CDC. They have all the data they need to study correlation between the vaccine schedule and autism, food allergies, asthma, diabetes... Anyone just faintly informed knows that the CDC vaccine brochures are filled with blatant lies. What we suspected and now can confirm is that the CDC employees don't live by their own rules.

Lenny Shafer, of the Shafer Autism Report, usually commends "CDC would-be whistleblowers" to speak out. We need an insider like the one that brought down big tobacco. If I worked at the CDC and I knew way more than my agency tells the general public (the US citizens, the people they are supposed to serve) I couldn't live with myself. Every single day these people keep their mouth shut ruins the lives of hundreds of newborn babies lining up to receive their welcome to this wretched world: a shot of unneeded, unsafe Hep-B vaccine, forced upon uninformed parents by people without a soul. There is no hell horrible enough for this souless bunch. There is no name in the dictionary for this infamy.


How did they state it in the "Pirates of the Caribbean"?

About the rules of being a pirate

Not really a set of rules but more like a set of guidelines.

These little secretaries that sit around on our dime should let the medical doctors know this!


Please Jennifer - Document this: the name, the address, the date, telephone call, get the records of the telephone call from the phone company (if you haven't already done so)... and of course keep them to yourself (for now). Simply to protect yourself. I could imagine them running a smear campaign on you.

And who on earth finds the visuals in the left corner of the posts? This one is PERFECT! And represents us all upon reading this.

Lisa @ TACA

We have received requests from help from all over at TACA. It always suprises me who is displayed on the caller ID and the questions they ask (i.e. what they already know.)

It is absolutely astounding what makes it to press and in final recommendations.

*Kim - good graphic again for the article!


"Flabbergasted." Perfect word.

My mouth is still hanging open.

The CDC underlings are too protective of their incomes and reputations to announce that the Emperor has no clothes....

Didn't the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. have a quote about evil flourishing when good men (and mommies) do nothing?


"Shouldn't this now be a matter of a criminal conspiracy? "

Ms. Keefe, I'm with you one hundred percent on that.

Schoolteacher in NYC

I think overall awareness is improving more than slowly. While I generally don't get in the other playgroup moms' business regarding vaccines, especially given our controversial choices for our own son, the subject does come up in conversation occasionally. I have NEVER had a friend who did anything other than delay and space out the vaccinations. Many wait as long as 2 years for the first round.

JB Handley

We need to start a drumbeat on this.

I want to hear the CDC tell me how their employees follow the vaccine schedule, or don't. Do they eat their own cooking or not?


Gatogorra@ "The Marie-Antionette-ish cultures at some of these "health" regulatory agencies is really exposing a caste system".

Check out the situation in Germany with the new swine flu vaccine - apparently one type was ordered for politicians and the military, and the other (presumably less safe or simply cheaper?) kind to be distributed amongst the plebs.


People who work at the CDC don't vaccinate at all. THEY KNOW.


Thank you, Jennifer---excellent post. And what a disgusting (though not entirely surprising) discovery...
I fantasize about the whistle-blowers coming forward. I initially thought *someone* from Simpsonwood would've been so disturbed after that meeting that they would've spoken up, or, hell, even better: brought charges!!! I don't understand how so many people---knowing what they know---can sit back and watch this happen. It's not going to go away, People!!! Maybe I'm naive or still to idealistic, but I just don't get it---especially the many that are NOT getting disgustingly rich off the deal---why and how are THEY staying silent???


There are many companies that have the initials of CDC. She could have also been lying. Who knows. If you have time and money check it out. It would be interesting to find out what they know but are not telling the general public.


The Marie-Antionette-ish cultures at some of these "health" regulatory agencies is really exposing a caste system. The way this character blathered on about intra-office vaccine habits makes it apparent that she's totally unaware that the same freedoms are discouraged for the rest of the country, that the MMR can't be broken up into individual shots, that children of families who don't comply to the CDC's "recommended schedule" are refused care by pediatricians, etc.

It's truly disgusting. On top of this, the NIH spends taxpayer money on a work-place mercury abatement and awareness program...while my local EPA won't even investigate my neighbor's house painter who left 9 times the legal amount of lead paint dust in the yard my children play in and while we all rot in a stew of mercury emissions, mercury in medicine, even in children's toys. What does anyone want to bet that NIH/NIMH employees also spread out vaccines for their kids?

What makes it so much more awful is that both the NIH and CDC have revolving employment doors between their agencies and pharma as well as having a flow of "research" dollars (payola) which has grown with the profits pharmaceutical companies have made from drugging the epidemic. The very employees enjoying higher awareness and greater medical freedom are also literally making their livings off the backs of our broken children.

"Let them have cake/alternative vaccine schedule" indeed. So I think, yes, we should storm the Bastille/sue for fraud and force disclosure of employees vaccination habits.


this is beyond disgusting.

Bob Moffitt

I pray the day will soon come when all those involved in the unfolding tragedy of our universal childhood vaccine policies are exposed.

Hopefully...some of THEM may eventually find themselves being tried in an international court for committing "crimes against humanity". I think that was the charge against some "civilians" during the Nuremberg Trial in post-war Germany.

As for the lower level employees, I would rather resign or retire from the CDC... if I had access to information or evidence .. that led me to even "suspect" the CDC was promoting vaccine policies .. that were not in the best interest of protecting the public's health.


Damn them straight to you-know-where . . .

The NERVE of these people - makes me SICK! And made my child SICK - literally!

Julie Obradovic

Ahhh, I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. Goes so well with my coffee.

Anyway, great post Jennifer.

Several years ago someone said to me that if we really wanted to find out what they knew, we would get the policy makers (of the vax schedule) under oath and ask them to explain precisely how they and their loved ones participate in the vaccination program and why.

Sounds like we just got our answer.

Hoping someone will truly follow up with this. Mr. Kirby? Mr. Olmsted? Hmmmmm????? Can we get an interview with this CDC employee and her fellow moms on staff?

Somebody's got some 'splainin' to do.

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