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Govt Official Talks Flu Pandemic & Vaccines on Huffington Post: Readers Balk

CBS News's Sharyl Attkisson Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield


CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson spoke with Dr. Andrew Wakefield of Thoughtful House about his work including a recent study comparing the developmental differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated animals. (Read the study and Mark Blaxill's analysis HERE.) You can view the two clips below. And HERE's link you. Thank you to Ms. Attkisson for her journalistic integrity and to CBS for allowing her to do her job so well.

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vote Sharyl Atkisson for CBS anchor !

Sharyl Atkisson has a black belt in journalistic integrity. Sharyl, if your reading, thank you for always, always, always taking the RIGHT side, even if it's not popular. Your interviews were outstanding and informative, as always.

(I've sent Sharyl's coverage of the Risperdal scam- causing boys to need boob jobs- to hundreds of autism parents, many who likely were unknowingly giving their sons these dangerous drugs, thanks to promotion from the AAP.)

Teresa Conrick

This was an informative and well done interview! I sent a thanks to CBS and asked for more of the same.

Dr. Wakefield explains the science and integrity of "why" this research needs to happen. Bravo!


according to her bio on the CBS site "Attkisson is a second-degree black belt in TaeKwonDo"

I'm not sure what "style" she practices, but this is from the International Taekwon-Do Federation web site:

"The philosophy of Taekwon-Do can be summed up by the last two phrases in the ITF Student Oath:

I shall be a champion of justice and freedom.

I shall build a better and peaceful world."

how cool is that?


I sent it to morning news? Is that right?

Danita D. Sorenson, Ph.D.

Finally, an example of journalistic integrity! THANK YOU, CBS and SHERYL ATKINSON, for doing your jobs and reporting FACTS based on review, study and research in place of relying on the pap PR blurbs most rely on. As a health professional and scientist, I applaud you.

Sandra Desorgher

Thank you CBS thank you Sharyl and THANK YOU Dr. Wakefield. Sandra Desorgher Psy.D

PJ Carroll

Here's what I posted - and I put it under CBS Evening News, as well. If these comments should go under a different category, can someone post that?

Thank you, CBS, for doing your job as a media outlet to report all sides of a story. The reporting of Sharyl Attkisson on all issues related to vaccines - including the unpleasant but very probable role they play in the current epidemic of autism - has been absolutely stellar.

The fact that she has actually read the studies that are frequently misinterpreted by less thorough journalists shows how dedicated she is to reporting the facts. Thank you for allowing your journalists to fully report the results of their investigations despite the pressure from your pharma sponsors to suppress critical information about their products.

The pressure to suppress the truth may also come from our government's own regulatory agencies, but when the truth is finally known by all, CBS will be able to take credit for revealing it first. And by doing so, more importantly, you will have saved countless families from living with the nightmare of vaccine-induced neurological disorders in their children.


Sharyl's statement says so much " ...the study, which I have read"

If only other members of the media, doctors, legislators would read the studies for themselves, where would we be?

Thank you Sharyl for reading the studies and reporting on them.

Craig Willoughby

Every, please go thank CBS for allowing Sharyl to do this interview. She and Dr. Wakefield did an excellent job.

On a side note, that muddled mob of medical miscreants known as the Oraccolytes are mounting a campaign to flood CBS with complaints. Let's all let CBS know just how much we all appreciate their story.

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