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CBS Determines That CDC Can Not Provide Accurate H1N1 Stats

Counting t shirt By Kim Stagliano

CBS News asks CDC for hard stats on H1N1 numbers: "Your office has stopped communicating with us...."   Is anyone at CDC counting actual H1N1 case numbers to back up the statements that we have a medical epidemic?  Read the full article at CBS News HERE.

...If you've been diagnosed "probable" or "presumed" 2009 H1N1 or "swine flu" in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn’t have H1N1 flu.

In fact, you probably didn’t have flu at all. That's according to state-by-state test results obtained in a three-month-long CBS News investigation.

The ramifications of this finding are important. According to the Center for Disease Control, CDC, and Britain's National Health Service, once you have H1N1 flu, you're immune from future outbreaks of the same virus. Those who think they've had H1N1 flu -- but haven't -- might mistakenly presume they're immune. As a result, they might skip taking a vaccine that could help them, and expose themselves to others with H1N1 flu under the mistaken belief they won't catch it. Parents might not keep sick children home from school, mistakenly believing they've already had H1N1 flu.

Here's what my children's school district sent home yesterday as part of a letter about H1N1 requesting hand washing, that students who are sick remain home for 3-5 days and to inform us they are stepping up disinfection within the school:

Since patient testing will not be routinely recommended for H1N1 (swine flu), we cannot accurately communicate specific school or class information regarding potential cases.  The school nurses will continue to work with the Health District if there is a sudden or unusual increase of illness in a school or classroom.

Why aren't doctors and hospitals testing every single case to make sure our citizens are protected and know whether or not they've contracted this virus? And is the insurance industry involved in this decision?

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism, mother of three daughters with autism and the author of All I Can Handle. I'm No Mother Teresa. due Fall 2010. She blogs at Kim Stagliano and for Huffington Post.



I love the illustration for this article! Maybe that should be AoA's next T-shirt give-away. The CDC-T!


Why doesn't this surprise me??

This H1N1 campaign is beginning to resemble a Three Stooges episode except it's not that funny...first all media frenzy, then we're left waiting and waiting for the vaccine to arrive but noone seems to knows why it's being delayed, now we're being told CDC can't provide accurate numbers... makes me wonder if they even know what's in the shot? Did they even bother to read the insert?
Helloo CDC... read the insert!!

Lets see what the next mix up is...

If the public didn't have confidence in the gov't before then than sure as s--t not going to have confidence now

Concerned Professional

They are confusing people.Infections will rise once they start immunizing with their live vaccines. How we will know if the illness or death caused by the vaccine if there is no follow up or no reporting to Vaers.Do we have enough Virologist to check the strains? Get three weeks of grocery,water,emergency supplies,meds- just in case you need to stay home for a while.


Let's hope more reporters at more news outlets have the chops to dig into this blockbuster story about how the CDC is failing the American public big time with H1N1.

Is everything we've read about it a complete hoax? Someone on CNBC called it "SwineFluK" - like Y2K - much ado about nothing.

Really hope these health agencies who are so deep in pharma's pockets are exposed huge over this fraud.


Hay you have given good information about H1N1.Taht news is really strange.People should really take care from this virus.Thank you very much for sharing this with us.


By not counting cases they can sell more vaccines.

According to the article, "the CDC advises those who were told they had H1N1 to get vaccinated unless they had lab confirmation." AND "Persons who are uncertain about how they were diagnosed should get the H1N1 vaccine."

Therefore they open the doors to give the vaccine to those who may already be immune. By not confirming positive cases, they can continue to vaccinate unnecessarily.


If H1N1 is so pandemic most in contact w/ it would be ill...

My husband's co-worker came to work last month obviously very ill, coughing sneezing and fever. His co-workers finally convinced him go home. He had already spent 2/3rds of the day in the office and was in many shared spaces. That weekend he went to the hospital because he was so ill. He was tested and told he had H1N1. Got meds was sent home and told to stay home for 12 days so he wouldn't infect others and his kids had to stay w/ a relative. He was better after 4 days. The office was "disinfected". No other employee there has had Swine Flu.

How contagious is it?


I know for a fact in Alabama and Georgia no H1N1 tests are being done. CDC has advised these states to track by symptoms or with a type A flu test. If it is positive for type A it is being counted as Swine Flu.

My friends Georgia pediatrician told her that the only way to get an actual H1N1 test done is to send it to CDC and they would only run tests on patients admitted to the hospital with very severe symptoms.

In Alabama our pediatrician told us the same and that all positive type A tests were assumed to be Swine Flu


I'm not a doctor or scientist, just a humble RN, but don't you have to use a pretty elaborate, expensive test to identify the DNA or RNA of a specific virus? Poymerase chain reaction or Western blot or something? And we are supposed to believe that pediatricians and primary care docs are doing these elaborate tests on everybody who shows up with a cold?

Thank god one network, CBS, is asking intelligent questions. A 60 Minutes story on the H1N1 farce, or better yet on vaccines in general is long overdue.

Kathy Blanco

Gatagoora, indeed, some antibioitcs do work on viruses, especially ones that rob the immune system, like stealth viruses. Seems as those kind of viruses depend on cytokines and chemokines, and antibioticss do that. My feeling is, if it is a manmade virus, then it would respond to antibiotics.

Which, makes me feel better, since our entire family is on them for lyme disease. So I think we are doing pretty good...along with VIT C and such...VIT D3 etc..


H1N1 is apparently unusual for a flu because it presents with a sore throat, so I think I had it. Fever, headache, chills, body aches, fatigue, raw tonsils, etc. By far not the sickest I've been, but just as we all learned it could, it starting turning to pneumonia very fast. I got antibiotics on the excuse of a sinus infection despite the negative strep test and was better in a few days. I'v never had a viral cough clear up that fast so I'm assuming I got the tell-tale secondary bacterial infection.

I wonder if it's the one situation where the new medical restraint in administering antibiotics might be unfortunate for some. We're definitelly against overusing them, avoid them in food and the kids haven't taken any in three years, but this was different.

My kids tend not to get respiratory infections since we have them juiced up on biomed-- instead they fight everything in the GI tract. The kids had a bit of a fever and the runs for four days just as I was getting sick (this has happened before when I had the flu in the past), so we think that was it for them as well.

If H1N1 has an affinity for metal toxic systems, then thank God for chelation. We don't know for sure but I'm wondering if our kids' lowered body burdens equate to better disease-fighting, at least for this "hyp-edemic".


Funny how nobody in my son's school got sick until they started givng flumist. Now, two weeks later a huge outbreak of flu and many absences attributed to "swine flu." There plan has succeeded. My son is sick from kids shedding their flumist all over school. Can we just ban all these vaccines already.


Wow, is CBS daring to pose questions?
I saw this this morning on CBS. I missed the 'full' version last night though:



Maybe this would be a good time for news agencies to look at how accurate the CDC is on all or any flu information in general.


in my region of the US H1N1 isn't being tested for unless person is admitted to hospital. So the statistics will appear H1N1 cases had high percentages of severe illness. I do not know if they are tracking suspected cases. There have also been groups of health workers made to take H1N1 flumist with significant proportions of adverse events among a given group. These adverse events are not being reported to VAERS.

Diane Farr

My kids just came home from public school with an "interest form" to see who will be participating in the free H1N1 vaccine after school program. It clearly states that, "If your child has had H1N1 (swine) flu, he/she still NEEDS the H1N1 vaccine. Funny how CBS broke the story today and thousands of us got the letter taday!


This does not surprise me at all. The hype for this flu and "vaccine shortage" is unbelievable.

In a local Maryland newspaper article in mid Sept the article stated that "there have been no cases of H1N1 reported at any of Frederick County's public schools", a system w/ 40,000 students that had been in session for nearly 4 weeks. It went on to say that "no further lab tests will be done (unless you are hospitalized) to determine if individuals have H1N1, if you have flu symptoms it will be assumed you have H1N1" They claimed labs were overrun w/ requests.

I guess if the CDC doesn't really count each real H1N1 case they won't have to justify the money wasted on another unneccessary vaccine and then they can hide under the "for the good of the public health" shield when the vaccine causes irreversible harm. Great plan!!


They will say at the end of the flu season "see our pig flu vaccine was a huge success see how few people were killed by the flu" and then pat each other on the back, The reality is there was no real threat to begin with.

Anne McElroy Dachel

CBS can't get information from the CDC?
The CDC is still saying the H1N1 flu is a deadly pandemic, yet doctors aren't testing patients to see who exactly has it. They're making claims they can't back up.
CDC director Frieden, flanked by Kathleen Sebelius, HHS Sec. seemed a little uncomfortable responding to this. LOL....in 2007 the CDC finally released autism stats from studies done in 2000 and 2002.
I hope that CBS reporter isn't planning on waiting in Atlanta for the CDC to tell us what the flu numbers really are.

Jennifer Hutchinson

To quote Jim Carrey's question to the CDC during the June 2008 Green Our Vaccines rally in Washington, DC: "How stupid do you think we are?" If we had egos, we'd be insulted. What we do have is the truth and a love for our children that no one--our government, the CDC, the AAP, the media--can hold a candle to.


Hmmm.....First CDC says "Hey, States, quit testing for H1N1! Don't waste the resources. It really is an epidemic, take our word for it (wink wink, nudge nudge)." Then, after calling every sniffle, cough and sneeze "Presumed" or "Probable" H1N1, they recommend everyone get vaccinated since most people who had this "presumed" or "probable" H1N1 don't really know if they have immunity to it or not. I wonder if those in the CDC could turn around so we could see exactly who's hands from Big Pharma are up their rears making their mouths move.


Ah - so I get it. If you think you've had H1N1, based on clinical symptoms that the media/CDC etc have given out, you probably haven't - and you still need the vaccine anyway. Hmm. Methinks there is very low interest in this vaccine and they're trying to boost numbers of takers, otherwise this is a horrific waste of money. (Imgaine what that money could have achieved rather than lining the already very very deep pockets of Big Pharma). I don't know one single person that is taking this vaccine. I'm pretty certain that our household *has* already had H1N1, given that there aren't any other strains around right now, and that's what Drs seem to be telling people too.


It is my understanding that results do not come back from the CDC when a test is sent in for 3 weeks. That puts alot of perspective on how much we really know, doesn't it? Most doctors in our area aren't even testing to see if it's A or B (h1n1 is a strain of A)...how about this, a 4 year old dies 6 weeks after getting all kindergarten boosters and flu shot in one day. awaiting to see h1n1 results. what will the story be if the test comes back positive? "local child dies of h1n1", NOT "local child who was already immune compromised dealing with 8-9 diseases in her body PLUS the flu shot which has been shown to increase risk of h1n1 and mom works with mercury in her job dies of h1n1"

Nora B.

My daughter in Dental school most likely had H1N1. She got it from her friend who went in and was tested. Her boyfriend also had it. It was a headache, sore throat and fever and over in about three to four days. My daughter said it was by far NOT the sickest she has ever been.
My niece is a nurse and she worked in the unit with the H1N1 patients and she said that the most of the patients had and underlying condition. This is hype and the CDC is behind it.


I am somewhat confused as to what all the awards/badges are for on the CDC Doctor seen on tv.
Was she once a general somewhere?
Do you get a badge for losing data or avoiding a study ???

Why no badges of any kind on Dr. Nancy ?

For some reason, they are years behind on their Autism stats, lost all the vaccine data from the Simpsonwood meeting, and they cannot begin to figure out how to do a vac/ unvac study when pointed to a few hundred thousand unvaccinated individuals...

However than can very quickly find a new virus in 100 different countries...

Kathy Blanco

Recently, I was in ER for my son who had a cluster of seizures. The maskes in the ER were a scene out of OUTBREAK. While sitting there waiting, I asked the nurse if these were all swine flu cases, or, what was the number of cases who had swine flu. She said, it's all hysterics...not one, not one, had the swine flu. Assuming someone has the swine flu is idiocy at it's best. And, I would like to know where this "supposed" lab is, where they send swine flu samples? Funny how they don't disclose that? This would be important...is the lab CLIA certified, or is it sent to the CDC? I want to know? And, we all know that blood samples degredate on mail transport, and often turn a negative positive, or a positive negative...I just find this whole thing hysterical. All should read Betrands ways of influencing mass media...

Tracy Ruggiero

I am going to start off stating I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! When anyone asks my thoughts on Swine Flu I say to them if you really want to be informed check out the Age of Autism website. I get sick every morning watching Today show Dr Snyderman chastising those who choose not to get the H1N1 shot. How she can look in the camera and announce this shot as 100% safe, and those who dont get it as irresponsible is just outrageous to me. I guess thats why I love to keep informed by websites like this and the smart, dedicated professionals who really care about everyones future well being. Thank you!

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