Call in at 2pm: Sebelius and Insel on Health of American Children
AlterNet's Joshua Holland on Swine Flu "Hysteria"

Autism Rate Now 1 in 100, Federal Government Says

Panic buttonIn a conference call, the government just confirmed that 1 in 100 American children has an autistic spectrum diagnosis. They're still saying they don't know why, or whether the increase is real. And HHS Secretary Sebelius showed where the government is still going wrong by talking about "more research in the genes underlying autism." The rest was bureaucratic blah-blah-blah. -- Dan Olmsted


monica silverio

I recently read that cnn made a statement that autism is at a epidemic level but they have no evidence of whatis causing this. duuuuuh.. The people that work there well sort of look like brainless or brainwashed. The people that know have to come forth , obama has to mandate the files be uncovered no immunity should be granted to any pharmaceutical company. either they come out of hiding or records get uncovered underground.. It will happen . i wouldnt want to be one of the pharmaceutical execs who know and then have to come out of hiding...monica...weve been to nice if it becomes a war let it . it will save these precious children . my son suffers its heartwrenching. sometimes i get so angry i cant tell you what i would like to do however many moms and dads who read this already know

Doctor Jay

I just read the 1:100 in an article from the Los Angeles Times, interesting how the first line of the article from the CDC states, "That could reflect better detection of the disorder, scientists say, and not necessarily an increase in the number of children affected."
What a bunch of worthless buffoons! What an absolute outrage...Why are we supplying these hacks and their worthless twins at the AAP with grant monies that they use for who knows what!? Since starting my journey about one year ago after my 5 year old son's Dx, I've never been so outraged at the level of incompetence by the medical professionals that we used to hold in high regard. Burn in hell CDC!!


When my son was diagnosed 16 years ago the stats were 1:2,500..with 1:4 being male..Why do the stats keep rising..because the government does not want to admit they are wrong and they have, and continue to posion our children that's why!!!!!!!!!!!..But let them walk a mile in our shoes and see how they feel and how much they could tolerate, and what they would do to change the laws etc......Our children are a special and precious commidity. We still continue to let our children live lives happy, and with dignity that there is still alot of ignorance out there...UNITED WE STAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


According to the CDC study, Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders --- Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, Six Sites, United States, 2000, New Jersey's rate was at 9.9 per 1,000 for ASD children aged 8 years, that's 1 in 100 9 years ago. In West Virginia the numbers were half of that, 4.5 per 1,000. Is it just me, isn't that a HUGE difference? What's up with that?

Bubba's Mom - Heidi

ASD - 1:100; you know the majority in the medical community continue to not understand this disease --- I am a mom of a 3yr boy with Autism and also a physician -- What I have learned about ASD and treatment options are things I had never learned in med school - in fact over the course of 4 yrs of school and 6 yrs of training after medical school - I knew nothing worth while about nutrition, zero about vitamins, supplements, probiotics etc........... there is host of diseases that we don't understand and we just accept it. Obviously I have changed as a person and doctor - I see the dramatic improvement in my child with introduction of GFCFSF diet, biomedical therapy and ABA. I have been discussing this with many of my colleagues as a general topic of conversation -- many become interested once they hear the science -- the only way things will change is if Autism is taught at the medical school level and as a lecture series in pediatric and medical residency programs -- this is unfortunately a prevalent disease now that parents, doctors, Speech, OT, PT, Nutritionists and homeopaths need to co-treat; I find each brings a very different but very important aspect to the table.

People are afraid of what they don't know.




And this is the same government that we're supposed to trust to "fix" healthcare? That we were assured was going to help solve the autism puzzle if we just gave them the chance to get in power & prove themselves?

How can they solve a problem when they can't even figure out the size or scope of it - or decide if it's really even a significant problem at all because we musn't disturb the herd?


Dan, Love the blah blah blah......

When Alec was dx in 2004 the rate was 1 in every 250.....5 years later we are looking at 1 in 100. Holy shit!

Is this real? Hmmmmm...... While the govt runs around with their research in fairy tale land....our kids are living a nightmare.

Wake the f--- up!

John Kirton

1 in 100? It's scary, it's terrible, it's the end of the world!! Naaaah, if you have children with Autism you just learn to deal with it.

However, friends don't come over any more, family avoid you, you're in foreclosure or going bankrupt. If you are so bold as to step out into the outside world you get the "look" or stares usually followed by unsolicited parenting advise.

You may not be able to hold down a regular job. You need a lot of time off. You had the hope that there was a government program, an agency or charitable organization that could help with SOMETHING.

Then 'how life really is' sets in.

After awhile you come to realize its all up to you. You stop feeling sorry for yourself. You stop caring about the mean people, uncaring family members or government indifference to your plight.

You come to accept your life with an Autistic child(ren). Then you learn to embrace it. To appreciate their innocence.

Sure the meltdowns, the poop, the constant messy home STILL aren't that much fun -- but you deal with it. You realize your blessings and find peace in your life.

1 in 100? It's still 6 in 6 for us.

michael framson

Inselbelius, "Your doing a heck of a job"

Louis Conte

In my junior year in College - 1981 - I tried to get an internship at a residential facility where a behaviorist was working with autistics. I was a Psych major. Autism was described as rare and caused by bad mothering. It took up 2 paragraphs in my abnormal psych text book. There was a picture in the text book of a baby monkey clinging to a wire and cloth "fake mother monkey." This was the theory of autism.

When I got to the facility with the other students, there were only 4 children with autism and I was the fifth intern. I was told that I would not be working with the autistics. "Juvenile Delinquents" were more my style.

The behaviorist said that autism was really rare and then he joked that he was really excited to have four in captivity.

In my sons' grade there are 8 children with autism in a school district of 1500 students. Two of them are my sons.

I ashamed of the way my government has handled autism. Today was just another chapter.

I often think of those four "captive autistics" in Rockland County in 1981 because I am no longer the fifth intern.

And I want justice.

Craig Evans

I think of the Somali community in MN. They've been at 1:26 births for almost a year now.

What will it take for America to wake up?

Alison MacNeil

I would love to see the incidence rate for all the scary childhood disease and syndromes and diseases lined up next to our new 1-100, juvenile diabetes, leukemia, down syndrome, chances of being born blind or deaf, CP, Cleft Palate, I'm probably leaving out some of the major ones. I'm curious what has a higher prevalence rate than Autism now? Is there anything as serious and life changing that occurs as or more frequently. What would it take to move this from an 'urgent situation' to EMERGENCY MEDICAL CRISIS for children. At what point is Autism considered a Pandemic?

Bob Moffitt

Kathy wrote:

"Do these people that manufacture this shit, cry over our children? NEVER, EVER. They try to work with us...they know we can't really say, we are anti vaccine, because that would make us zealoutrous, and non scientific."

My friend, there isn't a vaccine manufacturer .. or .. more importantly... a high public health official ..that does not KNOW ..with SCIENTIFIC CERTAINTY .. it is impossible to create a "one size fits all" vaccine.

So...the problem is NOT the vaccine is our public health explains WHY vaccine manufacturers are given "product liability" protections.

After all, unlike other regulatory agencies that oversee "safety" of manufactured products...such health agencies have "tasked" vaccine manufacturers with creating a "product" THEY BOTH know cause serious adverse reactions in SOME children.

The problem has ALWAYS been public health agencies who have relied upon a "product" they KNOW is unreliable..willingly sacrificing "some"... to protect the greater "herd".


How to RETWEET THIS! I follow AoA on Twitter, but wish there was a RETWEET this link on AoA.

As of August 2007, when we were given the ASD DX of our one twin son, Cameron, I just knew the numbers would be higher.. and today it's finally official: 1 in 100

D@mn that number is just too high to continue to ignore now.

Anyone want to bet on this?

"In a conference call, the government just confirmed that 1 in 100 American children has an autistic spectrum diagnosis."

It seems that the government should pat itself on its back for a job well done. Now, that's progress!! If it weren't for its efforts, why we'd still be at 1 in 10,000.

I am sure its trying hard for 1 in 50 next, what with the swine flu and the seasonal flu coinciding. Can't wait to see what that particular combo does to the autism rate.

Benedetta Stilwell

Oh, Teresa Conrick always right on the mark!

The British Isles 1:66 and no hurry, so what's the bid deal of the 1:100 in the states?

Jack R.

Okay, so let me get this straight.

1 in 100 is perhaps the autism rate as it has been all along.

But with the kids born in 1994 we were only able to detect 1 in 150 (because doctors weren't as bright as they'd become two years later presumably). So, of the 3 million or so American kids born that year 10,000 of them really have ASD but just aren't diagnosed.

And these poor serviceless kids are just 15 years old. In school. My God, we should be helping them now. We should be looking for them.

Or maybe they aren't there, because the autism rate really did rise after HepB at birth?


Ahh, I remember the good old days in 2000 when my son was 2 and the rate was 1 in 500. I also remember the Child Find (special Ed) rep evaluating my son and the look of horror on her face because she had NEVER seen a child act like mine. She was around 50 and been in her job over 20 years. In all fairness, there was a handful of kids in my county but she had never seen them. Now, there is a handful in EVERY school. She's all too aware now. My heart breaks for all the families suffering with autism.

Harry H.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Kathy Blanco

oh, ok, how many decades with the same diagnosis criteria do they need? OMgosh, what is wrong with these people?...well, we all know what wrongs they have done, collusion, lying, holding back facts. Now, the question is, is anyone scared yet? Does anyone give a rats behind? Nah...we are just too concilliatory and quiet...and we still think that vaccines have worth...good go...that's why we are here...if only we held back our concilliatory tone decades ago and sued their bloody asses in one big fat class action law suit, then with boycott in huge numbers in tow, would we have today the same amount of children going like lambs to the slaughter? I don't know? But I think I know. I think that as long as we say we like vaccines and say they are important/lifesaving or even necessary (heard that one recently), the program of disgusting monumental holocaust like event of children dying and being maimed will continue. I for one, am sick of that concilliatory non emotional tone we put out in the hemisphere...I feel like crying, and I feel like screaming to my neighbors, why are you trusting your white coats anymore? Do they cry over my children? Hardly, ever. Do these people that manufacture this shit, cry over our children? NEVER, EVER. They try to work with us...they know we can't really say, we are anti vaccine, because that would make us zealoutrous, and non scientific. I hardly think that a green vaccine is scientific? Or slow schedules? I have seen one vaccine damage a child. What more do we need people? BOYCOTT them, tell others to do the same, with that same education you know of, and watch them pee their pants...this is what they are MOST afraid of. Not concillatory language. No holes barred...bring down this wall of delusion.

Jake Crosby

Kathleen Sebelius is garbage, we should have killed her HHS nomination months ago.

Jack R.

I wonder how good doctors can get at diagnosing autism. Are they finally good at it, or is there still room for improvement?

Perhaps with the advent of video conferencing in rural Colorado we'll see the rate increase to 1 in 94.

Do doctors sit around saying, "well, I was pretty good at diagnosing autism in 2002, much better than in the 80s when I missed 97% of them, but I was still missing 1/3 of them. But that next year I worked really hard and got a lot more aware and then just two years later I was able to diagnose them all. At least I think so. Although maybe I'm even better at it now."


I listened and tried to ask a question but they "ran out of time" before I could. Gee what a surprise that nobody wants to hear from "autism parent". I wanted to find out if any of the huge WINDFALL of extra research dollars they were getting from Obama was going to go to vaccine/autism research, the ONLY objective specifically spelled out in the CAA and the one which Insel so studiously avoids. It's so galling that there's a bunch of extra money that's going to go everywhere BUT where it needs to go in order to stem the tide. They probably even think it's funny, like George Bush looking under the podium at the correspondent's dinner for the missing WMD.

Teresa Conrick

If it's a major autism announcement- it must be Friday afternoon.....and how convenient - David Letterman's news is obviously much more worthy of the media blitz...

Bob Moffitt

It is amazing how "coincidental" the timing for announcing "bad news" always seems to occur on a Friday....not early morning..but...always....afternoon.

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